CrrcSim Design

These notes describe Crrc Sim

Main Code

Kinematic Model

The Kinematic Model describes the equations of motion the govern the orientation, movement and position of an aircraft. They are describe by:
McFarland, Richard E.: A Standard Kinematic Model for Flight Simulation at NASA-Ames, NASA CR-2497, January 1975

The following structure chart describes the functional calling hierarchy of the kinematic model code. Ls_toplevel_init() is called to initialize the system, and ls_update() is called during each iteration.

There are four control inputs set within crrc_main.c, and then copied into four corresponding variables used within the kinematic model code.

Module Variable
crrc_main.c aileron_input elevator_input rudder_input throttle_input
ls_update() Lat_Control Long_Control Rudder_Pedal Throttle_pct