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Wing Analysis Design Description

These note provide a roadmap to the Wing Analysis program, using structure charts and a simple list functions by file and class.

The program is composed of functions that perform analysis, and those that display the results. Figure-1 shows the calling hierarchy of the analysis functions. It indicates that the Screen class calls Screen.parseArea() to process the input configuration parameters, Planform.params() to update some parameters and actually perform the vortex matrix method analysis, and finally, WingCanvas.updateScreen() which identifies what to display, and to repaint the screen. Vlm.calcVlm() goes on to call subfunctions that support the vortex lattice method analysis.

Figure 1 - Structure chart of calculation functions

WingCanvas.updateScreen() is called with a screen identifying what is to be displayed. The chart in figure-2 identifies the valid strings and what the cause to be invoked. Draw and MAC actually call Planform methods which draw the planform and other graphical information. The remaining display cases primarily the analysis results which are simple x-y plots drawn with the WingCanvas.drawVector().

Figure 2 - Structure chart of display functions

The following lists identify the classes defined in each file, and the methods (functions) defined for each class. These include the constructor methods having the same name as the class.