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  1. Jan 01 Nagel, Tom Eric Jost Photo of beautiful slope flying site at Hahnenmoos Pass Switzerland.

  2. Jan 01 Hackett, Doug Manager of Cowboy Village in Jackson Hole, WY offers RCSD readers a 10 0iscount and free breakfast for staying at his resort. Two places to fly.

  3. Jan 01 Neve, Nick A crew member was killed when a stake hit him in the head during launching accident. A pulley was being pulled up wind when the stake pulled up.

  4. Jan 01 Neve, Nick [cont.] Staked pulleys must be checked frequently to determine that they are still secure. Similar situations with highstarts and winches.

  5. Jan 01 Slates, Jerry Jerry offers instructions for sanding wings without damage to the cores. Long sanding blocks and techniques keep you from messing up your model.

  6. Jan 01 Kuhlman, B^2 Basics of control surfaces, location, size, exponential vs linear response Elevon function, adverse yaw, swept forward-sweep and normal-sweep

  7. Jan 01 Savoie, Steve Aileron and flap pushrod exit fairings are described. Viking models offers 'Fenders' offer protection to the servos and aerodynamic improvements.

  8. Jan 01 Gradwell, Scott Scott describes a hatch installation in the RnR SB-X/C sailplane to get better access to equipment.

  9. Jan 01 Nagel, Tom; Jost, Erich A member of TMSS travels to Switzerland and reports on his visit to an old slope soaring site at Hamnenmoos Pass at 6,000' ASL. Nice photos

  10. Jan 01 Register, David A discussion of Parasitic Drag and contributions from different sources: stabilizer, fuselage, stab airfoil selection, wetted area, linkage & hinge.

  11. Jan 01 Murray, Lee Comparison of full size and model sailplane needs for thermal information. SkewT plots and Ground Temperature Adjusted Lapse Rate Plots are discussed.

  12. Jan 01 Murray, Lee [cont.] The resources on the Internet provide the data needed to predict thermal performance. Adjusted plots allow instant estimate of trigger temp.

  13. Feb 01 Garwood, David Alden Ship launches a DAW foamy I-26 over Wilson Lake in Russell Co. KS. Photo taken during the Midwest Slope Challenge in May, 2000

  14. Feb 01 Slates, Judy The RCSD web page now carries the feature article from each current issue. The whole issue makes a large file. Judy asks for feedback on PDF version.

  15. Feb 01 Slates, Jerry The adjustable tow hook can be mounted inside the fuselage to provide a proper tuning of towhook position to get the best launches.

  16. Feb 01 McKee, Jeff Mississippi Valley Soaring Association (MVSA) of the St. Louis, St. Charles MO area flies off a Sod Farm. E-mail contact addresses given.

  17. Feb 01 Kukral, Ron An invitation to Soaring Vendors to participate in the NATS with a free table for their merchandise.

  18. Feb 01 Blacksten, Raul Advertisement for Martin Simon's latest book "Sailplanes Vol 1,1920-1945" Price ($49 + 3 S&H)and ordering information given.

  19. Feb 01 Kuhlman, B^2 Bill shows the nuts and bolts of the Blackbird project with details of how the parts were cut from plans and assembled. Balsa model looks very nice

  20. Feb 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] the photos are better than common to most building manuals. Radio installation is explained. An adjustable towhook is used.

  21. Feb 01 Nagel, Tom H. A great day of soaring was described in this humorous article.

  22. Feb 01 Stahl, Gordy Oleg Golovidov, a designer of excellent composite models, built a HLG model that Gordy evaluates. Model wins the BASS and CASA HLG contests. Very

  23. Feb 01 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] stable in roll so that it thermals tight. Pod & Boom construction Price is $290 from T&G Hobbies.

  24. Feb 01 Savoie, Steve Steve describes a process for using Rohacel R-51 foam in high strength laminations.

  25. Feb 01 Wilson, Edwin Pt 2 of Slegers Molded Condor review. Ed lists his modifications which have the test of years of experience. Mounting servos, radio, tow-hook

  26. Feb 01 En-Huei, Joe Landing in cross-winds is more difficult with models than full size craft. Prepare before entering landing pattern. Decouple ailerons and rudder.

  27. Feb 01 En-Huei, Joe Landing in cross-winds is more difficult with models than full size craft. Prepare before entering landing pattern. Decouple ailerons and rudder

  28. Feb 01 En-Huei, Joe [cont.] fly faster and with more altitude to handle the higher rate of decent. Two methods used - side slip or crab. Definitions given.

  29. Feb 01 En-Huei, Joe [cont.] Crab - Wings are level and yaw controlled by rudder Side Slip -Use ailerons for slip, elevator and rudder for direction & Speed

  30. Feb 01 Ciurpita, Greg; Murray, Lee Greg provides TCL script programs to bring thermal trigger information to the soaring enthusiast almost instantly. The program gets lapse rate data

  31. Feb 01 Ciurpita, Greg; Murray, Lee [cont.] from http://weather.noaa//weather/current/weater station here.html or other appropriate site. Instructions to modify program are given.

  32. Feb 01 Gradwell, Scott Scott recommends modifications to the RnR SB-XC. Wing Fillet construction. A pull-pull rudder gives better control but requires some changes.

  33. Mar 01 Nankivil, Mark 1/4 scale Mosquito by Andrew Jamison in flight at Oc-Tow-Berfest 2000. Model was built by Dale King. Back Cover is Robin Lehman's Rodel Fox.

  34. Mar 01 Slates, Jerry The 3 Ch. Hitec single stick radio can be modified to benefits to modelers The changes are listed in

  35. Mar 01 Slates, Jerry Jerry gives us a helpful list of items to carry with you when you go out of town for a flying on vacation or at an event. A box with the list of items

  36. Mar 01 Slates, Jerry [cont.] that you might need, e.g. charger, extension cord, repair kit, stopwatch, folding chair, sunglasses, suncreen, map, AMA card.

  37. Mar 01 Slates, Jerry [cont.] Pack you plane with soft things around it to protect it when the load shifts. Things for your repair kit are included.

  38. Mar 01 Kuhlman, B^2 Selection of flying wing sections is the topic. Slightly positive pitching moment airfoils are desired for rectangular planforms known as planks.

  39. Mar 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] planforms with sweep work best using twist between the root and tip sections. Joe Harrison wrote a spreadsheet available from the RCSD site

  40. Mar 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] for computing how much twist is needed given the pitching moments of the airfoils. EH sections + MH60, MH61, MH46 & MH49 discussed.

  41. Mar 01 Savoie, Steve X-4 Bantam fuselage construction project was restarted. 3M-77 bonds had failed. Epoxy used to attach formers to foam. Music wire used to align

  42. Mar 01 Savoie, Steve [cont.] the formers. Holes in the former allow acetone to remove the Styrofoam in the future.

  43. Mar 01 Stahl, Gordy Paul Trist of Aero Environment supplies soaring specific parts and models. Paul now has light weight stabs for various models. Specs given.

  44. Mar 01 Nankivil, Mark and George, Pete The Great Oc-Tow-Berfest 2000 held near St. Louis is covered with lots of photos that also appear in RCSD website.

  45. Mar 01 Jost, Eric & Nagel, Tom A hard sided golf case by SKB model 2SKB-4816W provides a great case for models you want to travel with. One case holds 3 models. Good Idea!

  46. Mar 01 En-Hui, Joe Swing Plus, an ARF from Germany, offers a good flying model. A Speed 600 swings a 12*10 prop. Climbs at 45 deg. Model is a good choice for training

  47. Mar 01 Gradwell, Scott XC flying in England. Truck body modifications for XC flying that holds boat seats, a cup and the variometer on a post. Mounting on plywood.

  48. Apr 01 Volz, Michael R&R Synergy 5 is shown flying at Fresno slope as Gordy does Dynamic Soaring.

  49. Apr 01 Slates, Judy Martin Simons' latest book Sailplanes, Volume 1, 1920-1945 is now published and available from Vintage Glider Club Sales in England. The book is

  50. Apr 01 Slates, Judy [cont.] available in two versions, English and German. Plans are for the book to be sold through

  51. Apr 01 Slates, Judy New rules are being considered and discussed. See the AMA and RCSD web sites for more information.

  52. Apr 01 Slates, Jerry Spoilers 101 pt 1. covers the size and placement of spoilers. They create turbulence that can interfere with the H. stabilizer.

  53. Apr 01 Kuhklman, B^2 Penumbra series notes. Constructed over pink foam with vacuum bag skins. All use Panknin spar system. Diagrams of 5 versions with lots of data.

  54. Apr 01 Kuhklman, B^2 [cont.] Stability values projected by Panknin are accurate in practice. References given.

  55. Apr 01 Register, David David has perhaps the first windows version of a performance program that he is willing to share. The order of calculations are given and how he

  56. Apr 01 Register, David [cont.] produced the data including interpolating between data points of lift and corresponding drag. An example is given. The contribution of

  57. Apr 01 Register, David [cont.] parasitic, induced and profile drag are compared by lift coef. of the wing of each of two compared designs. Very instructive.

  58. Apr 01 Stahl, Gordy Receivers have sometime been too big, too glitchy. New FMA models are becoming smarter in that it discerns between noise and the signal.

  59. May 01 Freund, David On the Wing Columnist has his Oblique wing design on the cover. Story in Bill Kuhlman's column.

  60. May 01 Slates, Judy Due to some family medical problems the normal flow of issues has slid somewhat. The expectation is that it will catch up.

  61. May 01 Slates, Jerry Spoilers 101 Part 2 talks about the installation of spoilers with dial cord actuation from servo inside the fuselage.

  62. May 01 Slates, Jerry [cont.] Servo sizes have decreased is size dramatically. Jerry shows servos from 1960 to present day. Small servos in wing allow positive action.

  63. May 01 Kuhlman, B^2 The PN11 design was covered in 1992. David's Obique model lacks the flight defects of pitch changes with turns. Features of the design are discussed.

  64. May 01 Blacksten, Raul Martin Simon's Sailplanes, 1920-1945 is perhaps the best book on the topic of vintage sailplanes. 3 view drawings and color photographs are excellent.

  65. May 01 Blacksten, Raul [cont.] Martin's earlier work The World's Vintage Sailplanes 1908-1945 has been out since 1986 and is considered the Vintage Sailplane bible.

  66. May 01 Register, David A look at the design requirements for a HLG. Ideas for cutting weight in the fuselage listing weights of the components. Wing and tailplane are

  67. May 01 Register, David [cont.] related to the area. Pink foam with .75 oz glass cloth with reinforced LE and CF spar. V-tail used to minimize damage during landings.

  68. May 01 Register, David [cont.] Table of AR vs weight for 1.5M wing. Comparisons are made on model polars for different wings and ARs. MA409 airfoil looks very good.

  69. May 01 Register, David [cont.] Thin sections have abrupt stalls. ARs in the range of 8-10 look good. Theoretical Launch Heights computed. Comparisons made.

  70. May 01 Gradwell, Scott Scott's father restored a Ke-6E vintage sailplane. What features were found and what was done differently. A new Ventus 2b was ordered.

  71. May 01 Morris, Pancho The Texas National Tournament had cows in the middle of the winch line area. Great picture showing the cows. Cows are the lawn mowing equipment.

  72. May 01 Nankivil, Mark Icare Koleos Electric 1.8 M ARF electric sailplane is reviewed with speed 400 motor. Leading edge is D-tube. Wing tips are molded. Mounting

  73. May 01 Nankivil, Mark [cont.] Mark is very satisfied with the performance. available from Icare or Tim McDonough at Elec. Flight Products.

  74. Jun 01 Lindgren, Clifford Cover photo of Scott Hewitt's JW Flying Wing. JW stands for Joe Wurts

  75. Jun 01 Slates, Jerry Tow hook position should be roughly set using the CG position on the wing & projecting 30 deg forward to the fuselage bottom. Fine tune advice.

  76. Jun 01 Stahl, Gordy Dynamic Soaring (DS) is explained. Energy is added to a model when flying a circular path into and out of high velocity air on the front of a slope

  77. Jun 01 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] The practice was developed by Joe Wurts and is the subject of the "Lift Ticket" video.

  78. Jun 01 Kuhlman, B^2 Blackbird 2M Project Pt 4 - Fiberglassing the fuselage was done with 3 adn 1.5 oz. cloth and polyester resin. This is a lower cost option.

  79. Jun 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Heavy cloth goes on bottom side up front and small strips are used on fin. Sand and fill before painting.

  80. Jun 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Choose light colors on top and dark on bottom. Zynolyte Gray primer is compatible with many paint types & fast filling and sands well.

  81. Jun 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Auto paint suppliers can match paint color to covering. Acrylic enamels can take heat and solvents.

  82. Jun 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Radio installation described and instructions for a cautious first glide. New airfoil works better than former.

  83. Jun 01 Gradwell, Scott Scott's last column details the Montague XC Challenge of June. Lift was good on course. Mike Gervais flew 6 hr & went 66 miles for a 100k pin.

  84. Jun 01 Hewett, Scott Foamies have made steady progress since Anabats. The JW by Bowman's hobbies is reviewed and praised my many fliers as the best slope foamy developed.

  85. Jun 01 Hewett, Scott [cont.] Airfoil designed by Joe Wurts for task of dynamic soaring. Flutter on foamies is common at high speeds. The JW is designed for speed.

  86. Jun 01 Stahl, Gordy Shuffleboard landing pattern at Mid-South presents problems if you don't line up as if it was a runway and land like it is a circle.

  87. Jun 01 Regiser, Dave Summary of MA409 and S6063 study of former article. Planform optimization showed 8-12 AR to be about right. Variable camber considered.

  88. Jun 01 Regiser, Dave [cont.] calculations on launch height & flight time with aspect ratio and weight. Flaperons may provide benefits beyond this analysis.

  89. Jun 01 Murray, Lee Information on wind direction and speed can be obtained from weather maps. Web sites listed. How to read weather charts.

  90. Jul 01 Bechtel, Peter Pete launches his delta wing model at the bowl on the Big Island of Hawaii Cover Photo

  91. Jul 01 Slates, Judy Viking Models is closing & not taking orders as of Aug 9th. RCSD is Moving to northern CA to allow Jerry to retire and fly more. Equipment listed

  92. Jul 01 Coffee, Arron Letter suggests on-line version of RCSD w/ color photos.

  93. Jul 01 Slates, Jerry A properly built model flies better. Adjust the symmetry of the wings and horizontal tail relative to the fuselage. Check wings for equal weight.

  94. Jul 01 Slates, Jerry An old Bonner servo is shown next to the faster and much smaller JR-341 servo.

  95. Jul 01 Kuhl, Bill The Secret by Oleg Golovidov is compared to other HLG models. Bill finds it turns tighter and climbs in lighter lift than other models.

  96. Jul 01 Kuhlman, B^2 Dave Jones' R-2 model is reviewed. This is part of a multi-part project to build and fly an updated version. Changes planned for airfoil and fuselage.

  97. Jul 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] other changes slated for hinges, dihedral vs polyhedral. Ailerons to be added in new design.

  98. Jul 01 Bechtel, Peter New design by Bob Lawhead has plug-in wings, 50" span and MH64 airfoil.

  99. Jul 01 Register, David Large advertisement for Tulsoar's 20th annual Last Fling of Summer Soaring Contest

  100. Jul 01 Stahl, Gordy RC Soaring Exchange plays a key roll in Gordy's travels. Dinners, a friend to soar with, a place to repair a model. Guidelines for exchange given.

  101. Jul 01 Register, Dave DLG = Discus Launched Glider. The launch method is not easy to learn. Equipment must be specialized. A list of experiments and conclusions as

  102. Jul 01 Register, Dave [cont.] well as a good technical analysis of what is needed. A math model of a launch is given.

  103. Jul 01 Stahl, Gordy David Hauch developed a way to winch launch models alone w/o the ability to hold the model in his hand while building tension. Device is described

  104. Jul 01 Miller, Jerry A design of a retriever is described by the author and Sal Peluso of Torrey Pines Guls. It is a semi-automatic retrieving system. CAD drawings are

  105. Jul 01 Miller, Jerry [cont.] agailable at a cost. A switch on the device needs to be activated Pines Gulls. It is a semi-automatic retrieving system. CAD drawings are

  106. Aug 01 Kuhlman, B^2 Taborca 3 by Jochen Haas is shown flying across a slope. Wing and designer are covered in Bill's column

  107. Aug 01 Slates, Judy Daryl Perkins wing World Championship again. Congratulations! Cover photos are now available on the RCSD web page.

  108. Aug 01 Slates, Jerry Photo of Jerry's 30 year old Cirrus kit. It sold for $35.95 with a 3 piece wing and a 3 piece plastic fuselage.

  109. Aug 01 Slates, Jerry Instructions on using modern voltmeters to test batteries. Instructions for making connections between packs and volt meters.

  110. Aug 01 Kuhlman, B^2 Jochen Haas has a web page with an Excel spreadsheet for designing flying wings. Jachen was a FS flying friend of Dr. Eppler. These fling wings are

  111. Aug 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] the result of piqued interest in fling wings because of activity in Germany. Photos and descriptions of his models. Models

  112. Aug 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] shown include Horten III, Horten Ho IX

  113. Aug 01 Nagel, Tom The discus launch will be way HLG winners will be launching their models. Tom visits a primitive weapons exposition at Slate Ridge St. Memorial in OH

  114. Aug 01 Nagel, Tom [cont] Spears and darts are launched with a lever known as an Atlatl which allows a major amplification of energy. Could be used for HLG

  115. Aug 01 Nankivil, Mark Report on St. Genevieve Springs 2001 meet in Missouri, 1 Hr S of St. Louis Electric ducted fans discussed, Lots of photos & comments on performance.

  116. Aug 01 Nankivil, Mark Multiples Twin Jet is reviewed. Airframe is molded EPP foam w/ a hard balsa spine holding molded parts together. The foam parts fit well and

  117. Aug 01 Nankivil, Mark [cont.] were joined together with ProBond urethane glue. Cooling vents added. 40 oz. total weight. Model is durable and repairs quickly.

  118. Aug 01 Savoie, Steve After a move to main Steve is flyinat at Clark's cove in Harpswell, MA. DownEast Soaring Club uses this site. Slope is 20' high at low tide.

  119. Aug 01 Register, Dave UNL, HLG, 2M classes in this contest is advertised. A trophy given to overall champion.

  120. Aug 01 Slates, J^2 Hangar 9's Perfect Peak Tx/Rx charging system is ideal for fast field charging. Works fine with Ni-Cd or NiMH packs of 4 & 8 cells. Dual Power

  121. Sep 01 Murray, Lee Photo of full scale Grob 103 sailplane flown by RC modeler on a dream vacation adventure over Warner Springs / Sky Sailing Sailplane port.

  122. Sep 01 Kuhlman, B^2 New e-mail and web page addresses for the Kuhlmans and RCSD page: //

  123. Sep 01 Slated, Jerry Instructions for the beginner. Find a club and an instructor. Comments on looking for lift and avoiding flights through down air.

  124. Sep 01 Willoghby, Dale Dale tells of his trying for an altitude record in Germany with a Cirrus. They used a full size aircraft to keep an eye on the model, but even so

  125. Sep 01 Willoghby, Dale [cont.] the model went out of sight of the ground based pilot and went down. It was not found again. He met Johannan Graupner and visited.

  126. Sep 01 Kuhlman, B^2 Part 2 of Dave Jones' R-2 article. The original airfoil was modified from a 6% airfoil to a thicker one what could use thinner sheeting. Parts were

  127. Sep 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] cut and assembled on ceiling tile and glass plates. The wing plan was changed from a flat center with poly tips, to a dihedral design.

  128. Sep 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Ailerons were used for control along with elevators. The construction is detailed to the point where the radio is installed.

  129. Sep 01 Murray, Lee On the occasion of an anniversary and a trip to Southern CA, the author & wife purchased a package deal with Warner Springs Ranch and Sky Sailing for

  130. Sep 01 Murray, Lee [cont.] a weekend stay and sailplane ride. Special arrangements were made for Lee and his wife to fly at the same time in 2 separate gliders.

  131. Sep 01 Murray, Lee [cont.] The experience resulted in great pictures, a great weekend treat and great soaring. Tips on photographing such adventures.

  132. Sep 01 Stahl, Gordy and Smith, Brian Brian Smith of TN provided photos and details of his device used to launch sailplanes without having to hold the model. Release is flat and takes

  133. Sep 01 Stahl, Gordy and Smith, Brian [cont.] place at the same force each time based on the size and number of rubber bands. Diagram supplied.

  134. Sep 01 Register, Dave An Excel spreadsheet is described for scoring contests. Features for auto sorting, doing man-on-man events are described and cell formulas are shown.

  135. Oct 01 Stahl, Gordy Edgar Vera is shown holding his winning sailplane from Visalia 2001 contest. Cover photo

  136. Oct 01 Slates, J^2 They are now settled in their Santa Rosa California house. Plenty of problems including illness and broken equipment have had an impact on RCSD.

  137. Oct 01 Slates, Jerry Instructions for those who would time for someone at a contest. Things you can do to help your pilot before and during the flight.

  138. Oct 01 Slates, Jerry [cont.] Get the score card and frequency pin. Voice MARK when the plane comes off tow. Guide pilot to landing spot. Keep pilot informed of time.

  139. Oct 01 Register, Dave Discus Launch Gliders have special requirements to achieve good results. Requirements are not trivial. Strength, Rudder Area, Gyro Stability.

  140. Oct 01 Kuhlman, B^2 R-2 Construction, Part 3 discussed the fuselage construction. Special arrangement for uniform elevators movement - only one rod and horn.

  141. Oct 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Fin and Rudder construction is discussed. Nice photos of a good looking wing.

  142. Oct 01 Nagel, Tom Tom tells story of a local restaurant owner, Steve Warren, who was a hang glider pilot. They fly at Richmond Dale slope 1 hr. S. of Columbus near

  143. Oct 01 Nagel, Tom [cont.] Chillicothe. The slope owned by Mead Paper Co. has an area cleared of trees. H. gliders can gain 5,000 ft. on a good day. Fly RC there also.

  144. Oct 01 Nagel, Tom [cont.] Directions are given. Safety instructions given for flying with hang gliders.

  145. Oct 01 Stahl, Gordt=y What is in a servo. The motor is the most important part. Theory about why servos buzz. Digital servos have more holding power but use more power.

  146. Oct 01 Stahl, Gordt=y [cont.] Buzzing servos won't last long. Multiples Servos are recommended as improved technology for servos.

  147. Oct 01 Stahl, Gordy Results and comments about Visalia 2001.

  148. Oct 01 Willoughby Hobbies 5 minute epoxy glue kit is new offering for modelers. Order from Willoughby Hobbies, 31 SE Thompson Ave #14, Winston, OR 97496

  149. Nov 01 Nankivil, Mark Picture of Bob Harold's 4M span DFS Reiher from Bob Sealy Kit taken at Oc-Tow-Berfest 2001

  150. Nov 01 Slates, Judy Greg Smith starts his column on slope soaring in RCSD.

  151. Nov 01 Slates, Jerry California clubs welcome Jerry back to the area and encourage him to join them. Comments about the Davenport ISR 2002 slope race.

  152. Nov 01 Sanford, Fred A large Holstein cow marks the location of slope near New Salem, ND about 30 miles west of Bismark on I94 (Exit 127) Inexpensive motel listed.

  153. Nov 01 Kuhlman, B^2 Larry Haig's Minibat was a low cost fast building kit. After 55 models were sold, production was curtailed for safety reasons. The construction

  154. Nov 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] is not that different from a model's. Foam wings with FG skins. Swep on wing is greater than Pioneer II and Monarch. Wing extensions

  155. Nov 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] were made available which aided performance significantly. The Liebeck airfoil did not live up to computer projections. Other

  156. Nov 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] problems with drooped LE caused limits on speed. RN tolerance was poor with 30" chord. Alternate airfoils are discussed.

  157. Nov 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] The full size model was dangerous but models can be built and flown successfully. A request given for someone to build a scale model.

  158. Nov 01 Smith, Greg First column by Greg talks about his web site and the activities of the Midwest slope soaring community. 90 Slope sites in 35 states are listed.

  159. Nov 01 Smith, Greg [cont.] on the site that he maintains. Greg will be covering significant events around the country.

  160. Nov 01 Stahl, Gordy & Maize, Dennis An end to his day job gets Denny full time production of HLG and DLG models under the Pole Car Aeroplane Works name. check out

  161. Nov 01 Woebkenberg, Ryan Chinook from Thermal-Gromit Works is launched as a DSL model. it is small and comes as a complete kit with covering and magic markers for decoration.

  162. Nov 01 Woebkenberg, Ryan [cont.] Weight is only 5 oz. from a foam, balsa and covering. Instruction book is complete and includes diagrams. Added tips given on construction.

  163. Nov 01 Woebkenberg, Ryan [cont.] The kit is a delta wing model and may not have the problems related to launching a normal configuration DLG model.- ljm

  164. Dec 01 Smith, Allen 1982 Photo of Greg Smith at Coyote Hills Regional Park with a Rich Spicer Nova.

  165. Dec 01 Brown, John Webmaster at gor southern California Soaring Clubs asks that clubs update their links and others not on the list to provide those links.

  166. Dec 01 Slates, Jerry A description of a rescue mission off Bailey's Island in Maine under cold and nasty conditions. Steve Savoie retrieves an EPP foamy from water.

  167. Dec 01 Grammer, Les In returning from a distant thermal a flier misjudged the distance to a tree line and gets a Psyko stuck high in a tree. The funy story folows.

  168. Dec 01 Kuhlman, B^2 Suchi RE is an electric powered tailless model for a speed 400 motor. Uses a Rieger AR2411577 section. The section has too much camber and the

  169. Dec 01 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] pitching moment. The wing loading is slightly low. Target 9-12 oz/sq ft. and 9% thickness in the wing.

  170. Dec 01 Smith, Greg Slope soaring is becoming more popular. In Wisconsin bluffs of lake MI and Big-M in Platteville are good flying sites. Greg lists good flying sites

  171. Dec 01 Smith, Greg [cont.] around the country. Mirko Bodul and Russ Whitford and their activities are highlighted.

  172. Dec 01 Stahl, Gordy & Edgar Vera The story of Visalia winner Edgar Vera is told through a question and answer session. He started with combat foamies and ended up high tech.

  173. Dec 01 Stahl, Gordy & Edgar Vera [cont.] Edgar is partial to models by Fred Sage ( Timing for good fliers was part of his training. Observe what winners do.

  174. Dec 01 Murray, Lee Lee gives examples of explaining a good day of soaring and also in predicting good soaring using free Soarcast Software from SSA and

  175. Dec 01 Murray, Lee [cont.] Atmospheric sounding data from the ROAB Database.

  176. Dec 01 Murray, Lee Comments are made about the Highlander foamy by MAD Aircraft Design. Club purchased kits were built in several formats and compared.

  177. Jan 02 Smith, Greg Cover Page is that of Dave Hauch's Vindicator by Brian McLean making a slow pass over Mt. Baldy on southern shore of Lake Michigan.

  178. Jan 02 Stahl, Gordy BC6 On Board Battery Monitor by YNT Design tests for valid trx signal, missing pulses in received signal, lost model alarm, and V readout.

  179. Jan 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] BC6 sells for $44.95 e-mail at phone 716-377-4894

  180. Jan 02 Kuhl, Bill Taboo by Oleg Golovidov is a discus launch sailplane. A rudder-elevator model that competes with full house models. Instructions are good and can

  181. Jan 02 Kuhl, Bill [cont.] be seen at Joints need to be strong to survive DLG. Mark Drela's airfoil makes a great difference in L/D.

  182. Jan 02 Smith, Greg Account with pictures of slope soaring field trip in Kansas in March. Weather was rough but group seemed to have a good time. List of links.

  183. Jan 02 Savoie, Steve Steve works in a shop in Richmond Main making models for Maine Composites. He makes subassemblies and panels for a 6 passenger seaplane the Centaur.

  184. Jan 02 Savoie, Steve [cont.] Parts are designed in UK and e-mailed to main for fabrication. short wing holds sponsons but provide ground effect lift & other functions

  185. Jan 02 Savoie, Steve [cont.] such as getting into the plane. Wing folds pack so it can be stored at a boat dock and allowing passengers to board more easily.

  186. Jan 02 Register, Dave Dave explains how an Excel Spreadsheet makes record scoring of contests a snap. Macros for scoring man-on-man, scoring and ranking. Can get

  187. Jan 02 Register, Dave [cont.] a copy of the software from Dave.

  188. Feb 02 Brown, Tracy Cover photo of Greg Smith and his 2 1/2 year old daughter watching Dad's SH-50 make a close pass at Big Bay Park, Whitefish Bay, WI.

  189. Feb 02 Slates, Jerry Comments about Los Banos 9th Annual Scale Fly-In which is 1.5 hours drive south of San Francisco Bay, off Highway 5 and 152. Jerry is glad to be

  190. Feb 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] back in CA where he can pick up slope soaring again. Large scale models shown ASH-25, ETA, TG-3, K-6

  191. Feb 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Plank vs. swept wings are discussed. Which is best depends on the kind of flying being done and the skill of the builder. Swept wings have more

  192. Feb 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] twisting and bending loads. Winglets may not be helpful on a swept wing design. Swept wings must have part of the wing not contributing lift

  193. Feb 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] so efficiency of w plank may allow higher wing loads but reflex of the TE has to be judicial to minimize drag. Up elevator adds much drag.

  194. Feb 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Aileron Control on swept wings gets complicated. For Thermal Dur. Planks have several advantages. Example of plank - Dave Jones Blackbird

  195. Feb 02 Stahl, Gordy Snowboard cases make great carrying cases for models. Sportube double snowboard tube provides all the space needed + wheels. It expands!

  196. Feb 02 Savoie, Steve The DAW Mustang has a cloroplast tail that is known to fracture at low temperatures. A modified design with carbon fiber rods added to tail.

  197. Feb 02 Savoie, Steve [cont.] The rods fit into the corrugated holes in the plastic tail. The tail has to be laid out with the corrugtion running parallel to fin LE.

  198. Feb 02 Register, Dave History of low-speed, low RN research touches on many individuals including Eppler, Somers, McReady, Selig, Donovan, Drela. Tom Clarkson has helped

  199. Feb 02 Register, Dave [cont.] make the code available and usable to modelers. An actual and theoretical CL/AOA polar is shown and discussed for S6063 used for DLG.

  200. Feb 02 Register, Dave [cont.] X-Foil code used. The problems with bubble control is discussed. theoretical CL/AOA polar is shown and discussed for S6063 used for DLG.

  201. Feb 02 Smith, Greg Wizard Compact 2 by Milan Janek in Slovakia is an ARF. 100" is small enough for local hills, large enough for larger ones. It is built tough for the

  202. Feb 02 Smith, Greg [cont.] had landings at slope sites. Airfoil is SD2030 and is suited for F3F.

  203. Feb 02 Smith, Greg The Gulp was evaluated for dynamic soaring without fear of messing up a glass ship. Get the Gulp from Steve Drake at

  204. Mar 02 Kuhlman, B^2 On the cover Bill Kuhlman holds his David Jones R-2 and a modified Raven which have been the subjects of his series on flying wings.

  205. Mar 02 Slates, J^2 RCSD Subscriptins can now be paid for with Pay Pal on the RCSD page.

  206. Mar 02 Slates, Jerry Jerry discusses what his workbench should look like. 8' long by 24-26" deep and 42" in high to permit him to sit on a 30" high bar stool.

  207. Mar 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] A small drawer is needed for small tools, an AC Power strip is accessed from the ceiling. Tools can be bolded down to "T" nuts in bench.

  208. Mar 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Part 4 of series on Dave Jones R-2. Fiberglassing 6 oz cloth on the bottom of center section for landing abuse with lighter cloth other places for

  209. Mar 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] a good finish. Zynolyte spray-mate gray primes gives a fast fill and easy sanding. A formula for getting the best contrasts is discussed.

  210. Mar 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] The radio installation is discussed including ball links. Flight is like a floater. Wing loading is only 6 oz/sq ft.

  211. Mar 02 Enete, David A description of making a battery for the Airtronics Stylus transmitter. The 3x3x2 arrangement accommodates a small circuit board. The Upgrade

  212. Mar 02 Enete, David [cont.] was from 700 to 1650 ma batteries. E.H. Yost batteries were used. See Mr. NiCad on the web.

  213. Mar 02 Murray, Lee The update to the RCSD Index is discussed 1984-2001 is available in a Zip File containing text files which can be searched by a word processor.

  214. Mar 02 Murray, Lee [cont.] examples of what the data looks like and its value are given.

  215. Mar 02 Slates, Judy Comments on the value of the RCSD index are made. Reprints are available

  216. Mar 02 Stahl, Gordy Hinge tape gets nasty and needs to be replaced. Remove the goo with citrus oil. De-Solv-it comes in a 12 oz. spray from Wal-Mart.

  217. Mar 02 Garwood, David The AMA rule against intentional collisions is discussed. If enacted fliers might have to leave AMA or do without protection.

  218. Mar 02 Garton, Mike A proposal for foamy combat rules is discussed which seems to protect both AMA and the fliers sport.

  219. Apr 02 Garwood, Dave Cover photo shows Joe Hosey's DAW KA-6E over Wilson Lake, KS during the Midwest Slope Challenge.

  220. Apr 02 Segers, Roger Roger writes from Belgium asking for information about the open RES class Club members expressed interest in the event w/ focus on low cost models

  221. Apr 02 Slates, Jerry Jery recounts his involvement with fiberglass going back to 1954 where he made fiberglass parts for customized old cars. He later branched

  222. Apr 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] to FG work on wooden boats and Viking Models which he ran for 25 years. With attention to safety he remains in good health.

  223. Apr 02 Nankivil, Mark & Bruce Abell Bruce and Mark describe work benches they find most helpful. 8'l x 20"w x 24" high. Protects back from bending over. Pegboard on the back

  224. Apr 02 Nankivil, Mark & Bruce Abell [cont.] supports tools, power strip needed for various tools. Lower shelves hold foam cores and panels. A cable over bench facilitates light placement.

  225. Apr 02 Cox, Paul The Majestic gets enthusiastic remarks. Kit was built as directed + carbon fiber spar caps. 9 oz, needed in nose indicates improvements could be made.

  226. Apr 02 Cox, Paul [cont.] Plane flew well and turns well. V-tail needs mixing Trx. or on-board mixer. 2 servos needed for spoilers.

  227. Apr 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Part I of series on wing twist. Bill's interest goes back to the MARCS Soaring Symposium of 1989 when Dr. Panknin presented an article on the

  228. Apr 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] design of swept wings models. Topics discussed include wing lift distribution, adverse yaw & wing warping vs ailerons.

  229. Apr 02 Blinde, Loren This is an extensive coverage of the Midwest slope challenge 2002 w/ lots of photos. 50 foamy combat contestants were in the largest event.

  230. Apr 02 Blinde, Loren [cont.] The Radio Control Combat Association (RCCA) has the AMA Exec. Com. re-evaluating the proposed ban on intentional collisions.

  231. Apr 02 Stahl, Gordy Gordy argues that manufacturer CG specs are always too conservative. Moving the CG back results in models that are more controllable.

  232. Apr 02 Nagel, Tom Tom tells of his adventure at a Methodist Church camp in Ohio where he flew small electrics in spaces too small for anything else. His Tiger

  233. Apr 02 Nagel, Tom [cont.] moth attracted attention from young and old. Tom recommends checking out the Lakeside Association.

  234. May 02 Smith, Greg Cover photo is of Hal from Oregon and his ASW-27 at Eagle Butte, WA Story Follows on Page 7.

  235. May 02 Slates, Judy Problems with computer equipment and software have caused delays in the publishing schedule of RCSD.

  236. May 02 Kuhlman, B^2 FMA Direct M5 receiver is a micro 5 channel receiver only 1.3" long x 0.8" wide and 0.7" high. Weighs only 0.3 oz. Uses surface mount technology.

  237. May 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] There are 2 different frequency shifts. Servo plugs are compatible with old Airtronics equipment only with a change in the plug.

  238. May 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Official Specifications are shown. M5 is not a range-limited receiver. List is $70 + Xtals at $13. FMA Direct 301-668-7619

  239. May 02 Slates, Jerry Jerry describes making a cardboard painting booth, an overspray shield to keep paint off the important things in the shop.

  240. May 02 Smith, Greg Greg makes a giant swing across the country and visits several places where he slope soars with friends and other enthusiasts along with way.

  241. May 02 Smith, Greg [cont.] Stops included Eagle Butte, WA; Chandler Butte, WA; Chamberlain, SD Comments about who flew with him and the models he and other flew.

  242. May 02 Smith, Greg [cont.] Internet links to slope soaring pages and resources.

  243. May 02 Kuhl, Bill Techniques for good discus launching is covered. 1. Keep whole arm and wrist rigid. 2. Get your whole body to turn in a coordinated manner.

  244. May 02 Kuhl, Bill [cont.] 3. Release the plane without imparting too much of a yawing motion. 4. Get the model to go almost vertical right after launch.

  245. May 02 Kuhl, Bill [cont.] Grip the wing peg without wrapping fingers around peg. Have tight control links between surfaces and survos. Getting the most from RCSE.

  246. May 02 Stahl, Gordy NCFM offers the EPP model the Bluto. It is great on the slopes and can be flown on smaller ones. See on the web.

  247. May 02 Gullett, Joe The Moth by Derrick Choice of North Country Flying Machines is making a PPE Foamy flying wing. It uses much less tape and has a CF spar tube.

  248. May 02 Gullett, Joe [cont.] It has a 48" span and weighs 14-22 oz. Uses an Aluminum joiner. Takes about 5-6 hours to complete.

  249. May 02 Gullett, Joe Plasti-Coat can be applied for EPP foam to create a smooth and colorful surface. coat the surface and let it set. Surface is mar resistant.

  250. May 02 Kuhl, Bill Bill gives us an introduction to the hobby of RC Model Sailplanes using a Web presentation at

  251. May 02 Kuhl, Bill [cont.] a MS Power Point presentation is offered that can be used by others in making presentations to interested people.

  252. May 02 Murray, Lee A review of weather conditions that took place during the Appleton, WI sailplane contest of 2002. Lift started bad but became good at a point.

  253. May 02 Murray, Lee [cont.] Information is provided on how to get the data Lee uses to support the theory of a cold air front coming through during the contest.

  254. May 02 Uncle Sydney's Gosip Column 15 Column talks about the teams likely to come to the 2002 F3J competition in Finland.

  255. May 02 Simons, Martin Martin comes out with another photo and drawing book titled Sailplanes, 1945-1965. Book sells for $65 US + $4 for S&H.

  256. Jun 02 Chovan, Joseph Photo of Caravelle VI at S. CA PSS Festival in May 2002. Back cover photo of AG Intruder owned by Dave Garwood.

  257. Jun 02 Slates, Judy & Garwood, Dave Status of LSF Recommendation that foamy combat be allowed in AMA rules.

  258. Jun 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Lift and stall distribution for swept wings of various shapes Part II is explored. This offers some excellent insight into wing selection.

  259. Jun 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Swept wings cause a pitching up at higher angles of attack making stalls deeper. Swept back wings stalls at the tip - Swept forward at root.

  260. Jun 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] with swept back wings washout maintains a constant angle of attack across the span.

  261. Jun 02 Slates, Jerry Art Frost sends in a letter describing how he built a Jantar Glider from a Viking Model FG Fuselage. The wing is foam and obechi, made in 4

  262. Jun 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] sections with different X-sections. Weight is 12.5 lbs with a wing loading: 19 oz/sq ft. Cockpit build based on photos from factory.

  263. Jun 02 Chovan, Joseph Inland Slope Rebels 5th. Annual Spring PSS festival is covered. PSS = Power Scale Soaring. Models don't have power but originals did. WWII

  264. Jun 02 Chovan, Joseph [cont.] fighter models are good models to use when fitted with slope soaring wings used for models. The wind comes up each day at Cajon as

  265. Jun 02 Chovan, Joseph [cont.] the desert heats up and pulls cooler air from the coast through the passes in the mountain range. Two hills at Cajon accommodate small

  266. Jun 02 Chovan, Joseph [cont.] fast models on one hill while slower models with a better landing zone on the higher hill. Dave Garwood Photos.

  267. Jun 02 Stahl, Gordy A comparison is made to a teeter totter where the nose of the model is the heavy kid on the teeter totter. When the model goes faster, the liter kid

  268. Jun 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] becomes heavier puling up the nose. The elevator should be able to adjust the AOA without big effects on the airspeed. A nose heavy model

  269. Jun 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] will only be in balance at one speed. Now you can understand why the dive test works. - ljm

  270. Jun 02 Cox, Paul Humorous story of Gordy's Discus Launching Seminar.

  271. Jul 02 Garwood, Dave Photo of Dan Simpson's Sukhoi SU-35 Frogfoot tank killer build from Carl Mass Molded FG Fuse and balsa sheeted foam wings.

  272. Jul 02 Register, Dave Omen and Omega-E Electric Sailplanes from NW Sailplane Products are tested. Omen: polyhedral w/ ailerons & V-tail, speed 400 w/ gear, 11*8 prop, 500 ma

  273. Jul 02 Register, Dave [cont.] 8 cell battery pack. Omega-E is similar but dihedral wing. Uses 4.4:1 planetary gear. Small electrics allow smaller fields to be used.

  274. Jul 02 Nagel, Tom Tom modifies the popular Chrysalis HLG into a Park Flier. 5 steps given to make the conversion. Uses small recycled GWS Pico Stick parts.

  275. Jul 02 Nagel, Tom [cont.] The conversion is reversible. to make the conversion. Uses small recycled GWS Pico Stick parts.

  276. Jul 02 Murray, Lee Comments and photos from 2002 AMA/LSF Nats in Muncie, IN. Topics include Full Size ASW-27, Rocket Launched Gliders, Landing Rules, Transmitter brands

  277. Jul 02 Murray, Lee [cont.] Electric. Good looking models. Much information about rocket launched sailplanes.

  278. Jul 02 Dean, Glen A description of the 2002 F3B Team Selection Finals. Comments about teamwork, flying smoothly, knowing limits, attention to details. The

  279. Jul 02 Dean, Glen [cont.] hot planes seen there and their owners. Great photos.

  280. Jul 02 Ciurpita, Greg Bending moments are the topic of this technical article. Loading on wing spars, sheer webs as a function of wing shape.

  281. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy Joedy provides an extensive description of how he used moth and butterfly patterns of nature to airbrush patterns onto Mylar bagging skins for

  282. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] bagged wings of hand launched gliders. The airbrush need not be expensive or the user requiring special skills. The directions given

  283. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] will enable the average modeler to achieve good results. Inspired by Don Stackhouse's Monarch, Joedy went on to develop skills detailed in

  284. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] the article. Painting and Finishing Scale Models by Paul Boyer provided the information to begin the project. Testors Model 9174 Aztec

  285. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] airbrush is available at Wal-Mart for $40. Single stage - fixed ratio of paint to air. Dual stage allows the adjustment of air and paint

  286. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] Use low pressure for fine lines, high P for large areas. Advantages for internal and external mixing. External mix easier to clean.

  287. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] Propellant can be purchased where guns are sold, however a compressor makes sense. Pasche sells small compressors for this use.

  288. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] Beware of condensed moisture if the air is moist. Acrylic paint works well for this application. Oil based paints will require special

  289. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] thinner while acrylics often only need water cleanup. Take care of nozzles to insure good results. Acrylics release from Mylars easier.

  290. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] Patterns of butterflies and moths obtained from Eyewitness Handbooks "Butterflies & Moths" by David Carter (Dorling Kindersler, Inc.)

  291. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] Solid colors on bottom of wing recommended. Best pattern thought to be of Fiery Campylotes Moth. Details given for selecting the portion

  292. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] of the natural pattern and adding extra lines for best appearance. Details on transferring design to wing Mylars. Thinning of paint is

  293. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] critical. The consistency of milk is recommended. If thinned too much, the paint will not wet the waxed Mylars. The order of painting

  294. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] is recommended as Black, Yellow, Red. Uniform density of paint is suggested and ways to check this are given. Premix paint before job.

  295. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] Use care when handling painted Mylars because they scratch easily. Hints on how to deal with goofs are given.

  296. Aug 02 Drulia, Joedy [cont.] Designs not yet produced on wings are shown. Guidelines for use are given. Commercial uses are not authorized.

  297. Aug 02 Stahl, Gordy Gordy explains the technology of servos and differences between brands. when servos stall, brushes get hot. Amplifiers fail when the polarity

  298. Aug 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] is reversed. 5 cell packs cause extra load on components. Motors are likely to wear out with use. Gear pins can bend and cause centering

  299. Aug 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] problems or binding.

  300. Sep 02 Slates, Judy RCSD made a quick recovery to being current with recent mailing of Aug and September issues. Special thanks given to writers and supporters.

  301. Sep 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Swept Wings Pt. 3 Reducing Yaw tendencies with aileron deflection. Swept wings w/o twist have an increased AOA at the tip relative to root.

  302. Sep 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Wash-in is one important way to deal with it. Vectors involved with powered aircraft are discussed. Induced thrust can be caused by a

  303. Sep 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] winglet. A turn with a rectangular wing requires rudder input w/o aileron differential. Swept wings turn well because of induced thrust.

  304. Sep 02 Nagel, Tom A family reunion in NW Iowa brought the family to the Big M and Pikes Peak Park. Tom's attempt to soar the U2 met with disappointment but no damage.

  305. Sep 02 Lanssen, Sydney The F3J World Championship in Finland is covered in a long article. Arend Borst from Canada beat out Joe Wurts by 0.7 points out of 3,000 to clinch

  306. Sep 02 Lanssen, Sydney [cont.] the victory. Speared landings were required to avoid sliding out of the landing spot. Alex Hoekstra records his twister can do 10 min. in

  307. Sep 02 Lanssen, Sydney [cont.] still air w/ a good launch. Europeans are happy with tight contests and no margin for error. Changes might be: Shorter tow lines (100-75m)

  308. Sep 02 Lanssen, Sydney [cont.] Longer tasks (up to 15 minutes) based on conditions or Bonus tasks such as a distance to be achieved during the flight. Interesting comments

  309. Sep 02 Lanssen, Sydney [cont.] about the British team and philosophy. Banquet plans didn't go well. Team Japan flew HLG models. Joe Wurts' model flew with TX on ground.

  310. Sep 02 Lanssen, Sydney [cont.] This was done with less drama while pilots looked over the area for better conditions.

  311. Sep 02 Slates, Jerry Martin Simons' Sailplanes 1945-1965 is a 272 page hard cover showing 3 view drawings and photos (some in color) with historical tidbits.

  312. Sep 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] Part 2 focused on Laminar flow, smooth skinned sailplanes. By 1948 no Amer. mfgr. produced sailplane had a L/D >30:1. Johnson & Ross

  313. Sep 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] designed the RJ-5 which achieved a 40:1 ratio. Part 3 deals with fiberglass ships. This is a good source for scale builders.

  314. Sep 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] The book is available from Raul Blacksten, P.O. Box 307, Maywood, CA 90270 on the web for $65+4 for S&H

  315. Sep 02 Smith, Gred French Prodij 60" Slope Racer is reviewed. Launches from catapults or bungee chord. Top of wing is molded, the bottom is V.bagged. Fuse is

  316. Sep 02 Smith, Gred [cont.] F/G layup with a wing pylon. Nose cone slips on. Tail is a balsa lamination with F/G cloth between for a hinge. Greg found a problem

  317. Sep 02 Smith, Gred [cont.] with a blue 3M painters tape and the 3M Silicone II where the caulk didn't cure. Plane flies very fast and accelerates quickly in a dive.

  318. Sep 02 Smith, Gred [cont.] Using flaps to camber wing helps the model with speed range. Model only costs $215.

  319. Oct 02 Zika, Gene Cover has Gene's cartoon of a happy modeler on Christmas day.

  320. Oct 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Bill and Bunny K announce the end of the B^2 Streamlines Specialty Books for aircraft modelers effective December 2002.

  321. Oct 02 Register, David Dave complied recommendations for Christmas gifts for 2002 from the RCSD staff.

  322. Oct 02 Kuhlman, B^2 The Weasel 36" & Mini Weasel 24" have EPP construction and can be flown electric. $50 and $35 each

  323. Oct 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Micro-Mark tools have a line of tools the right size for what we do. Solingen Razor plane is great for trimming balsa and

  324. Oct 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] leading edge stock. Sells for $9.5 and 5.90 for spare blades

  325. Oct 02 Kuhlman B^2 has Hitec and Futaba receivers and servos. Everyone can use more servos and receivers.

  326. Oct 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Harry Volk's Cirrus Aviation Plan Service can provide plans from $3 and will take charge cards (403) 646-1188

  327. Oct 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Winch Doctor Provides Real Balls end caps for Ford LS starters at $250. Turn arounds at $80, drums for $250 and whole winches for $950

  328. Oct 02 Nankivil, Mark Martin Simons books on full size sailplanes make good gifts Sailplanes 1920-1945 and Sailplanes 1945-1965 are currently available.

  329. Oct 02 Nankivil, Mark Milan sailplane from Manta-Ray by Cavazos Sailplane Designs is a 76" EPP flying wing. BD-5 Electric kit uses foam wing.

  330. Oct 02 Nankivil, Mark Radio Carbon Arts' Endless Lift 3 Secrets of Thermal Soaring is recommended go to for details.

  331. Oct 02 Garwood, Dave Hangar-9 Auto Peak Charger AC/DC, 1 or 4 amp option for $40. Focus III transmitter, Elevon or V-Tail option for $75 dry/AM or $85 FM w/NiCads.

  332. Oct 02 Garwood, Dave [cont.] Feather Receiver is great indoors but not suited for outdoors with friends

  333. Oct 02 Garwood, Dave [cont.] FMS R/C Flight Simulator has free downloads for the program and models. http//

  334. Oct 02 Stahl, Gordy Highlander recommended for new students. Electron 400 from NE Sailplane @$150 + Speed 400 system @$95

  335. Oct 02 Nagels, Tom Gifts Ideas: Cycanoacrylate assortment, pack from Blenderm medical tape for hinges, dispenser of #11 Exacto blades, 3M 77 spray adhesive, Dremel tools

  336. Oct 02 Register, Dave FMA Direct and Hitec RC make great receivers for your multi plane Trx A pizo gyro is perfect for DLG gliders.

  337. Oct 02 Register, Dave Old Buzzard Goes Flying video from Taylor Collins at Soaring Stuff provides great thermalling instruction. $25 from

  338. Oct 02 Register, Dave Chuck Andersons Model Designer v8.0 is great for making your own. at $54.

  339. Oct 02 Register, Dave Skegs, Skids and other stuff comes from A disc sander or belt sander from Micro-Mark, scrollsanders, postal scales

  340. Oct 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Bill describes flying at Howe Farm, an 83 acre plot in Kitsap Co. WA. While flying there his flying wing was joined by a Swainson's Hawk.

  341. Oct 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Numerous cries from the hawk during which time they jointly enjoyed the thermals which made the trip an unforgettable experience.

  342. Oct 02 Stahl, Gordy Gordy attended the Dortmund RC Show in Germany. His interest was in ELV Altimeter. There were 4 models costing as much as $500 with a woman's

  343. Oct 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] voice. There is a $300 model that has a hand held digital display receiver. Varios help fix the illusion of the model climbing as it flies

  344. Oct 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] away. 430 MHz FCC type accepted. Features: Altitude to 500 or 1000 Meters, Battery Voltage, Max Altitude. Timer, Beeper for 1 min.

  345. Oct 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] intervals. Resolution is 12 meter. There is an audible alarm when model goes through a preset altitude. 3 tones climb, steady, sink

  346. Oct 02 Cox, Paul Slope hunting in the hills of Kentucky. Paul and Ellis go through an adventure as they try to locate a treeless slope.

  347. Oct 02 Lenssen, Sydney Uncle Sydney's Gossip Column from the British Model Flying Association F3J statistics on flight landing scores. 100 point scores more common than

  348. Oct 02 Lenssen, Sydney [cont.] 95 point scores. Only 80 of 684 flights were under 6 minutes. Comments on Spearing Contests. Lenssen reports that lift was too easy

  349. Oct 02 Lenssen, Sydney [cont.] to find. Ideas on how to improve contests. 2 timers for flyoffs. Two mandantory circles over the launch spot during the 10 minute flight.

  350. Oct 02 Lenssen, Sydney [cont.] DLG seems to be the most exciting area of modeling growth.

  351. Nov 02 Bauer, Phil Cover cartoon shows inatentaive fliers walking over an active winch line

  352. Nov 02 Kuhlman, B^2 Second announcement that B^2 Streamlines discontinues the sales of soaring books.

  353. Nov 02 Register, David Dave Revisits the issue of wing size & performance optimum A/R of about 10. 50 second flights from DLGs are not uncommon. New DLGs usually

  354. Nov 02 Register, David [cont.] have thinner airfoils and lower camber. Gyros are required The optimum in design criteria have shifted. Drella AG12 is compared

  355. Nov 02 Register, David [cont.] to SA7035. Laminar flow airfoils on wind turbines were found to lose efficiency due to bug strikes. AG-12 better suited for slow flight

  356. Nov 02 Register, David [cont.] when using low aspect ratio wings. Good article!

  357. Nov 02 Stahl, Gordy Older polyhedral kits were designed by free flight experts. They were designed to fly well at one speed and resist changes in speed and attitude.

  358. Nov 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] Full house models are more accepting to the input of the pilot for speed, and bank angle when the CG is back where the model doesn't have to

  359. Nov 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] keep the nose up with up elevator or decolage in the tail. This results in lower drag and higher performance.

  360. Nov 02 Nagel, Tom & Dumas, Kurt Things to know when traveling to a foreign country or by air domestically. Nomad Sailplanes "MP" is a 55" that can fit into a box 22x5x7 when the tail

  361. Nov 02 Nagel, Tom & Dumas, Kurt [cont.] is removed. The center section can be left out for sloping and fits into a normal suitcase. This is a BIG advantage. Flying with

  362. Nov 02 Nagel, Tom & Dumas, Kurt [cont.] the center section provided good performance at HLG Golf event The short span flies very well. Description of how it comes apart.

  363. Nov 02 Stahl, Gordy A comparison between flying wet power models and gliders. Soaring is about building and hunting ... for good air. The hunt separates us from

  364. Nov 02 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] other variation of RC modeling.

  365. Nov 02 Ciurpita, Greg A review of center of pressure concept that was used early in aviation. Moment arms must be balanced for stable flight. An understanding of the

  366. Nov 02 Ciurpita, Greg [cont.] concept leads to better trimming and pitch stability. Diagrams and good explanation of the concept.

  367. Dec 02 Garwood, Dave Evan Blackstone is shown launching his TG-3 foamy at Lake Wilson, KS during the Midwest Slope Challenge - 1999

  368. Dec 02 Slates, Judy The Wing Is The Thing (TWITT) club history is presented. The club originated in 1986 at Gillespie Field. El Cajon. CA with founders Bob Fronius,

  369. Dec 02 Slates, Judy [cont.] Marc dePiolenc, Richard Miller and Hernan Posnansky. It now has 140 members worldwide. In 1989 it became part of Hunsaker Foundation.

  370. Dec 02 Slates, Judy [cont.] Membership is $20/yr in the US and $30/yr elsewhere. The web page is

  371. Dec 02 Slates, Jerry Jerry talks about the attributes of an ideal workshop as well as the minimum requirements. A 10x10' room having a 6x8' table or work bench, good

  372. Dec 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] lighting provided by a 4' x 2 tube fluorescent light is needed. ideas on hot to create the space you need. Replace guest bed with a

  373. Dec 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] sleeper sofa, dresser with a plastic storage box, donate the old fridge for a tax write-off. The essential small tools are model knife,

  374. Dec 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] razor saw, small clamps, T-pins, masking tape, long nose pliers, and sand paper. Other nice tools include wire cutters, tweezers, Dremel T.

  375. Dec 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] Monokote iron, pencil sharpener, large tape dispenser, power tools drill press grinder, band saw, scroll saw, table saw and bench vice.

  376. Dec 02 Slates, Jerry [cont.] The flexibility to re-arrange and have shelving makes the shop a place you want to spend your time.

  377. Dec 02 Kuhlman, B^2 The R2 and Blackbird designs have been updated with rudders and servos moved into the wing. The improvements improve control. Flaps are planned.

  378. Dec 02 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Plans for the changes are to appear in RCSD. Also comments on the 60 acre Harrier Field used by the Seattle Area Soaring Society in King Co.

  379. Dec 02 Bauer, Phil Scale vs Dork Landings are discussed in a light style. Advocates for scale landings include modelers who build and fly scale. They don't want to risk

  380. Dec 02 Bauer, Phil [cont.] damaging a model and spend much more time building than flying. Dork landings is the last phase of a contest flight. The steps include:

  381. Dec 02 Bauer, Phil [cont.] timing, alignment, down wind leg, crowing, flapping and stopping. The skeg is just a way to maximize your score.

  382. Dec 02 Smith, Greg Katie's Mongo Transmitter Mitt keeps your hands warm and transmitter dry Is made of rip-stop nylon & fleece lining

  383. Dec 02 Smith, Greg Other winter gear is recommended: A foamy glider is less damage prone, Snow skiing goggles, Baklava hear sock with face hole keeps face warm.

  384. Dec 02 Smith, Greg [cont.] Plan on your glider sliding much further on snow and ice. Don't forget your mittens.

  385. Dec 02 Register, Dave Continuation of articles: Work to this point indicates an A/R of 10 with an 8 oz loading. Although DLG models need to be heavier for strength

  386. Dec 02 Register, Dave [cont.] and control functions. AG12 airfoil is the good for DLG class. 4 A/Rs are evaluated with 2 airfoils (SD7035 & AR12) for 2 ch models with

  387. Dec 02 Register, Dave [cont.] A/R of 10 should match up well in competition with a 6 ch. A/R model using AG-12 airfoil.

  388. Dec 02 Murray, Lee Cold Front soaring conditions can cause alterations of projections for thermal lift and crate lift conditions depending on several factors.

  389. Dec 02 Murray, Lee [cont.] With moist air cloud formations will indicate what is happening.

  390. Dec 02 Stahl, Gordy Photo on back cover of Gordy's Synergy 5.

  391. Jan 03 Kuhlman, B^2 The Golden Retriever design described in this issue is shown on the cover page with Dick McDonald launching.

  392. Jan 03 Slates, Judy Contributors and others are being inundated with span in their e-mail. Request given to those who have solutions to the spam problem.

  393. Jan 03 Slates, Judy Vintage Sailplane Association goals and relationship with the National Soaring Museum is discussed. The VSA maintains the exhibits.

  394. Jan 03 Slates, Judy [cont.] The Classic Division glider is at least 25 years old but is not categorized as a vintage sailplane. Vintage sailplanes have been out of

  395. Jan 03 Slates, Judy [cont.] production since 1958. Self help is available from the Classic Division of the VSA, 1709 Baron Court, Daytona Beach Fl 32124.

  396. Jan 03 Slates, Judy VSA National Rally is set for Aug 23-Sept 1 in Tecachapi, CA The Midwest 7th Midwest Vintage/Classic SP Regatta t-7-15, 2003 in

  397. Jan 03 Slates, Judy [cont.] Wabash Valley Soaring Society near Lawrenceville, IL

  398. Jan 03 Cox, Paul Paul Recounts a number of humorous reasons why he has not completed his ACME AGF-9000 glider.

  399. Jan 03 Simons, Martin Comments on the Technology of Walter & Reimar Horton who first made tailless Aircraft in 1934. They don't deserve credit for reflexed profiles which

  400. Jan 03 Simons, Martin [cont.] eliminated the downward pitching moments at the expense of some efficiency. Wing flutter was a problem with swept back wings which twisted

  401. Jan 03 Simons, Martin [cont.] with speed or high lift. Drag caused by tip vortices is larger than all other sources combined at high lift, slow flight. A semi-ellipse lift

  402. Jan 03 Simons, Martin [cont.] distribution results in the least induced drag penalty. Hortons went for a bell shaped lift distribution. The predicted L/D was never

  403. Jan 03 Simons, Martin [cont.] achieved because of washout which increased wing loading at high speed. Adverse yaw produced by the tip vortex of the lifting wing.

  404. Jan 03 McDonald, Dick The Golden Retriever activated by a heal switch on the winch foot switch assembly. When first activated, the bale moves out of the way & retrieving

  405. Jan 03 McDonald, Dick [cont.] begins. When flying alone it is recommended to stop retrieving when the winch line is being pulled along the ground. Parts & diagram.

  406. Jan 03 Nagel, Tom & Woodyard, Ronnie A small light winch is described using a Hobbico 40 starter motor. An Aluminum spool from a fly fishing reel, #40 monofilament line, a gutter

  407. Jan 03 Nagel, Tom & Woodyard, Ronnie [cont.] spike with a welded ring is used for the turn around. Works with HLG models to 2M models.

  408. Jan 03 Register, Dave Good article on recargible batteries about inspection and maintenance. Using weak or questionable batteries is a bad risk. Same with connectors

  409. Jan 03 Register, Dave [cont.] any broken wires or bad connections are easy to replace.

  410. Jan 03 Eder, Stefan Translated from German, the article talks about setting the CG and Angle of incidence (AOI). Advice from the 1st flight to final trimming. The dive

  411. Jan 03 Eder, Stefan [cont.] testis a rough approach but mush better than the mfgr's suggestion. Porpoising, Turning, Spiral Behavior are discussed. If using a computer

  412. Jan 03 Eder, Stefan [cont.] radio don't mix from the beginning but adjust separately then mix. Normal aileron differential is 3:1 or 2:1. Alternate R&L turns at 45 deg.

  413. Jan 03 Eder, Stefan [cont.] Look for skidding. Limits for up elevator, aileron deflection for F3J should not be aerobatic. Trimming for V-tail (Very Important).

  414. Jan 03 Eder, Stefan [cont.] Minimize up ailerons with full crow flaps to retain directional control.

  415. Feb 03 Richter R/C Weasel and Mini Weasel from Richter R/C are shown on the cover.

  416. Feb 03 Slates, Judy ESL gives awards for the most improved since the previous season. Classes are Sportsman and Expert. ESL Schedule is available on RCSD web site.

  417. Feb 03 Midwest Slope Challenge May 15-18 are the dates for this years event. Thursday is a fun fly day. 2 foamy classes. Lucas Inn is Headquarters at Lake Wilson, KS

  418. Feb 03 Bauer, Phil Reasons why skegs are used or hated and by whom. Skeg lovers are devotees of the American thermal duration contest. Opponents are purists and

  419. Feb 03 Bauer, Phil [cont.] those that think they are unsafe.

  420. Feb 03 Register, Dave Using the airfoil AG12, the wing planform (A/R=9) is optimized for 3 assumptions of ellipse, elliptical + Twist, & Ellipse, Twist & Reynolds No.

  421. Feb 03 Register, Dave [cont.] The design of the planform must include some consideration for the wing and actual lift distribution at the minimum sink rate condition.

  422. Feb 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Michael Richter's Weasel (36") and Mini-Weasel (24") are reviewed. These are very responsive and stable fliers. Great trainers and good to keep

  423. Feb 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] in your car. The radio equipment for small equipment requirements are listed. Instructions are downloaded from the Internet. The models

  424. Feb 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] can be discus launched or flown at the slope.

  425. Feb 03 Stahl, Gordy Gordy talks about his experience in finishing a 48" moth EPP Foamy. Toluene thinned goop is used to create a tough surface. The steps include sand to

  426. Feb 03 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] shape, fill with spackle, paint, coat, 3M77 spray. tape for strength coat, paint, coat. Other details are given.

  427. Feb 03 Register, Dave Dave says his power Duck flexible antenna works w/o an issue for 7 years. A new Futaba 9chf transmitter needed a Power Duck from George Voss

  428. Feb 03 Register, Dave [cont.] Instructions are given with the Power Duck.

  429. Feb 03 Stahl, Gordy Photo on back cover of Bruce Davidson DS?ing a 3M Pike at Frankford KY site. Model was going near 100 mph with a 17 mph wind.

  430. Mar 03 Garwood, Dave Lou Garwood's Hobby Horn Sensor is shown on the cover being launched from a hill in Rotterdam, NY. Model is a Balsa & Ply RES model good for training.

  431. Mar 03 Weston, Richard and Slates, Jud A Jan 03 article discussed the problem of spam. When you have an e-mail address associated with a web page, use an image of the address vs. text.

  432. Mar 03 Slates, J^2 The Seattle Area Soaring Sociaty has a very useful site with links to a number of useful articles for computer TRX mixing, trimming models

  433. Mar 03 Slates, J^2 [cont.] winch and retriever maintenance, construction tips, glossary & more. Another section related to the SASS's fight with the county is described.

  434. Mar 03 Knight, Sherman King Co. WA plans to develop part of a 60 acre site for a sewage water treatment plant. The rest of the site is going to a pay for use plan.

  435. Mar 03 Knight, Sherman [cont.] The new plan would leave the single user out of the site with deep pocket clubs getting use of the land.

  436. Mar 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Part 3A of the series continues with the analysis of the wing twist and aerodynamic twist as it impacts lift and drag vectors.

  437. Mar 03 Lenssen, Sydney Compendium of Uncle Sydney's Gosip Columns tracing the rise and fall of the stake ban. The ban resulted from the death of a 16 yr old towing person

  438. Mar 03 Lenssen, Sydney [cont.] in April 2000. Part of the 2 man launch. Alternatives included: 1 man tow, winches, no pulleys, stakes with 2 back up stakes. Two man

  439. Mar 03 Lenssen, Sydney [cont.] launches started about 10 yrs ago to accommodate heavier models. other accidents with stakes have occurred. w/o a change models will be

  440. Mar 03 Lenssen, Sydney [cont.] heavier and more expensive. The present situation is to require sand bags as an anchor vs a steak. F3J scores depend on high and fast

  441. Mar 03 Lenssen, Sydney [cont.] launches vs soaring and landing skills. To be successful you need light high strength wings. Rules need rewriting - too many local rules.

  442. Mar 03 JR Aerotow The first JR Aerotowing event will be held in June 13-15, 2003 in Piatt Co. Airport in Monticello, IL. Contestants will not have to dismantle their

  443. Mar 03 JR Aerotow [cont.] models during the event. The site is very open. The runway is 750 x 120 ft.

  444. Apr 03 Garwood, David Jeff Fukushima is shown at the PSS Festival in Cajon Summit, CA in 1999. He is holding his F-18 Hornet which he sells at Vortech Models

  445. Apr 03 Blevins, Tom The first Midsummer's Night Workshop will emphasize flying and sharing of building ideas. Held on MD Eastern Shore.

  446. Apr 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Article deals with the construction of the third Blackbird (XC.3) and the 8th Blackbird to come off Bill building board. Model was designed by Dave

  447. Apr 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Jones. Span is 105" and 2300 sq in, wt = 162 oz. The model is sheeted with balsa. Using thinner balsa will get wing loading down to 9

  448. Apr 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] oz/sq ft. Model with have functioning rudder and flaps on the bottom. Airfoil will be BW050209. Details of fitting the radio into

  449. Apr 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] the fuselage and other details are given.

  450. Apr 03 Stahl, Gordy Title: Balance affects landings. A well balanced model will fly slower, turn better and indicate thermals better than the point shown on the plan.

  451. Apr 03 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] Experience with the CG is the best way to go. Find what is best for you.

  452. Apr 03 Nagel, Tom A Robart F-117 toy glider is modified to RC Version for sloping. While not a great flier it is pretty cool. Instruction are given for the change.

  453. Apr 03 Murray, Lee The Valley Aero Modelers Silent Flight Group met at Fran LeClercq's house in March. The home has been tailored to meet his modeling interests.

  454. Apr 03 Register, Dave Most models today include some prefabrication and it is common for your model to have an accident damaging the light fuselage. This article

  455. Apr 03 Register, Dave [cont.] describes how to go about fixing a fiberglass fuselage. Take out the motor, battery and radio. Align the fuselage parts. CA them together.

  456. Apr 03 Register, Dave [cont.] Patch the inside of the fuse with .75 to 1.5 oz cloth. Then go to the outside and replace the missing epoxy with glass balloon filled

  457. Apr 03 Register, Dave [cont.] epoxy that is thick enough not to droop while it cures. West System epoxy is preferred. If you have to bridge gaps use glass cloth.

  458. Apr 03 Register, Dave [cont.] Using peel ply can help with the finishing. Wet sand & prime to find the pinholes. How to repair a tail boom from outside surface.

  459. Apr 03 Kuhl, Bill Bill gives great advise on becoming a better thermal soaring pilot. Areas include attitude, flying in all weather, practice flying smooth,

  460. Apr 03 Kuhl, Bill [cont.] knowing the signs of lift, getting instructions from experts. Sources of training videos are given.

  461. Apr 03 Stahl, Gordy Ten Tips That You Have Found Lift. Look for signs from birds, dist devils, dark clouds, trees moving, Known where the solar absorbers are. Notice how

  462. Apr 03 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] other planes are flying as they fly by. Notice wind speed. Don't follow other's mistakes if they found sink. Recognize what your model is

  463. Apr 03 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] telling you. If you find lift on launch, kite model don't stand on it. Core the lift. Use your radio's capability. Fly with model balanced

  464. May 03 Brusig, Doug Cover photo shows Bill Kuhlman holding his 107" span Blackbird XC. Photo taken at 60 Acre site in Washington.

  465. May 03 Slates, Judy Seattle Area Soaring Society has had some success in delaying the constn. of a sewage disposal plant on the 60 Acre site according to Sherman Knight.

  466. May 03 Slates, Judy N32 records F3B(Glider) 1.9 KM, David Hall USA F5-S Electric/rechargeable 6.2K Gary Fogel USA, F1-N Indoor Glider Duration 1m 23s Jim Buxton USA

  467. May 03 Slates, Judy History of Baltimore Area Soaring Society. 60 members formed in 1980. Home Page is a good source of information.

  468. May 03 Kuhl, Bill Bill provides some valuable tips on slope soaring from eyes of a novice. Where to stand, hot to avoid mid-airs, where to fly, what to avoid.

  469. May 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Completion of the Blackbird XC-3 details shown on flap construction, cast lead weights, radio gear installation, Covering with 25' Ultracoat rolls.

  470. May 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] 35 sq feet were needed. Balancing was done w/ the Panknin spreadsheet. Area is 2300 sq in. Just below FAI limits. 3 view shown.

  471. May 03 Arrington, Robert A. Wings from RC Pilot I, Fuselage from LS-6 were combined. He describes how to fit parts together.

  472. May 03 Nankivil, Mark & George. Pete The Oc-Tow-Berfest 2002 was a smashing success. 180 tows from 20 pilots from 12 states. Gold metals awarded for pilots choice, best tow plane,

  473. May 03 Nankivil, Mark & George. Pete [cont.] best vintage sailplane, best modern sailplane. Many photos

  474. May 03 Register, David Hobby Lobby's whisper uses SD7037 wing with hollow core molded construction V-tail is 120 deg. Compl. hardware and close to Schuemann ellipse planform.

  475. May 03 Register, David [cont.] The model needs modifications in several areas to make a quality TD model. Remount flaps, servo can location, servohorn mounts. Good Review

  476. May 03 Nankivil, Mark Photo on back cover is of Walt Torgenson's 1/4 scale Airworld Slingsby Kirby Kite which won the Best Vintage Sailplane at Oc-Tow-Berfest 2002

  477. Jun 03 Smith, Greg Cover shows 2 ODR Cobras over Lake Wilson during Midwest Slope Challenge 2003

  478. Jun 03 Slates, Judy RCSD web page shares color photos corresponding to events and articles in RCSD. In invitation to share your experiences with RCSD.

  479. Jun 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Pt 4 of a series the interrelationship between lift distribution, aileron configuration, adverse yaw & proverse yaw. Also how the bell shaped lift

  480. Jun 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] distribution can be utilized to minimize induced drag. Ailerons or flaperons need to be placed outboard to fight adverse yaw. Klingberg Wing

  481. Jun 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] had excessive Roll-Yaw coupling. Any elevon-roll movement over a minimum level was a problem. Michael Allen (Embry Riddle) makes a K.W.

  482. Jun 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] modification with elliptical lift distribution w/o a problem. Internet link regarding elliptical wings and drag, etc.

  483. Jun 03 Blinde, Loren Coverage of 2003 Midwest Slope Challenge with photos and notes by Dave Garwood, Joe Chovan and Greg Smith

  484. Jun 03 Blinde, Loren [cont.] 4 days of bad weather and one exceptionally good day. Wed Electrics and thermal gliders flew at Airport Hill. Thu-Official Fun Fly day with

  485. Jun 03 Blinde, Loren [cont.] some rain in late morning. Friday - Combat was a rainout George Voss has been the organizer and MC at the airport. Many Photos

  486. Jun 03 Stahl, Gordy Polk Hobbies has an 8 channel RX Seeker II w/o xtals. The RX finds the TX signal and synthesizes a match for the frequency. There is a sequence of

  487. Jun 03 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] pushing a button, turning on the RX power w/ TX on. Works w/ any FM transmitter on 72 MHz of any Mfgr. With Spectrum module you can avoid

  488. Jun 03 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] being on the same channel as another modeler at the field. RX is 2.25" x 1.5" x 0.75"

  489. Jun 03 Garwood, Dave Mike Bailey's large scale EPP-Foam MDM Fox at Lake Wilson Midwest Slope Challenge - 2003

  490. Jul 03 Garwood, David Cover shows B-29 designed and built by Carl Maas Jr. Seen and flown at PSS Festival 2003

  491. Jul 03 Thompson, D'Anne First 4 team places and individual places held by Americans. Team finish: Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Austria.... Links to reports and photos

  492. Jul 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Details offered of Maynard Hill's world record flight across the Atlantic. AMA's Dave Brown landed model in Ireland.

  493. Jul 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Changes were made after the last article. Flight performance is as good as a trainer. Details revisited. BW 05 02 09 Airfoil used for Raven was

  494. Jul 03 Kuhlman, B^2 was digitized from the plan by Greg Payne's Foil V1.2 program. Coordinates given in article. This airfoil has proven to be good on many models

  495. Jul 03 Mullen, Jack Coverage of the Inland Slope Rebels 6th annual Spring PSS Festival held May 23-25 at Southern CA's Cajon Summit. Photos by Author and

  496. Jul 03 Mullen, Jack [cont.] Dave Garwood. The source of the reliable wind is described. Winning Models and builders are briefly identified.

  497. Jul 03 Smith, Greg and Whitford, Russ Bernoulli's Principal is described and related to air flow on a soaring slope. Rotors and dead spots are predictable on airfoils at high angles

  498. Jul 03 Smith, Greg and Whitford, Russ [cont.] of attack and on a slope. Dead spots are a good place to stand when flying on cold days. The rotor allows planes to climb higher than

  499. Jul 03 Smith, Greg and Whitford, Russ [cont.] they otherwise would over the peak of the slope. When flying on a 70' slope on L. Mich. a 10-15 mph wind works better than 25 mph wind

  500. Jul 03 Smith, Greg and Whitford, Russ [cont.] because the rotor does not exist at the higher wind speed.

  501. Jul 03 Garwood, David "Air Rage" Mustang Reno Racer is shown on back cover. Design Moved from FG to EPP foam.

  502. Aug 03 Garwood, David Cover photo is from Elmira 1999 Aero Tow event

  503. Aug 03 Glass, Mike LSF is the special interest group of AMA representing the soaring interests They guide R/C soaring and the NATS specifically. Officers nominations

  504. Aug 03 Glass, Mike [cont.] are Tom Kallevag - Pres, Martin Doney - VP, Larry Jolly - Treas Jim Deck - Secretary (incumbent). To remain active members need to

  505. Aug 03 Glass, Mike [cont.] contact the LSF every 2 years with updated information.

  506. Aug 03 Lange, Rense An essay titled "Model Sailplane Competition - From Awarding Points to Measuring Performance Skills" A statistical performance scaling technique

  507. Aug 03 Lange, Rense [cont.] is discussed as a way to more objectively rank contestants. variability at the top and bottom of the score sheet becomes greatest.

  508. Aug 03 Register, David Denny Maize's XP3 Kit is Reviewed. Kevlar Pod and CF boom, composite foam core wing. Uses Drella Airfoil. Care in choosing equipment and glues is

  509. Aug 03 Register, David [cont.] recommended. Flight performance is excellent. Many tips and comments on the construction.

  510. Aug 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Instructions for changing servo direction are given. When servos were Larger, connections to the hardware were switched. With smaller equipment

  511. Aug 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] cutting wires and switching polarity on pot and motor works better. Servo reversing harnesses and modules are available on the market.

  512. Aug 03 Garwood, David Photo of a vintage sailplane under tow at Elmira 1997 Aero Tow Event.

  513. Sep 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Cover photo of Alyssa Wulick's House of Balsa 2 x 6 all wood glider model after being constructed. She is only 7 years old.

  514. Sep 03 Kriesel, Mike Mike reports that upper Michigan Dunes are now off limits for slope soaring according to Grand Sable Dunes Park Management. Greg Smith Responds that

  515. Sep 03 Kriesel, Mike [cont.] Sleeping Bear Dunes can be flown when you sign in at the ranger station. Chuck Young says that there are dunes near Houghton, MI on the

  516. Sep 03 Kriesel, Mike [cont.] Keweenaw Peninsula facing Northwest to Lake Superior. Cliffs are 50 to 100' high.

  517. Sep 03 Steve - Steve had a Windstar AFR which he felt flew like a dog. Gordy Stahl's articles on trimming and CG got him to remove 2 oz. of lead from the nose.

  518. Sep 03 Steve - [cont.] Now he is quite happy with the model's performance. articles on trimming and CG got him to remove 2 oz. of lead from the nose.

  519. Sep 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Alyssa Wulick wanted to build another model and chose Dieter Paff's PN9. Bill suggested changes and renamed the model the Diva. Changes are discussed

  520. Sep 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] including a new fuselage, fin & rudder. Wing is triple taper. elevator is back enough to be effective and ailerons are closer to CG

  521. Sep 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] so they don't change pitch. AF is BW 05 02 09, Orders for the plans are requested.

  522. Sep 03 Murray, Lee & Weiler, Emil Experience of a TD Flier on his first real slope flying trip to South Dak. Emil Weiler's log of the trip is humorous and exciting.

  523. Sep 03 Wulick, Alyssa 7 Year old Alyssa of Gig Harbor WA built a 2x6 HOB model with 6' WS. Her dad shortened the nose by 1". Also the wing tip panels were changed

  524. Sep 03 Wulick, Alyssa [cont.] to a straight trailing edge. Other mods were made by her dad. She describes good building practices and 3 piece wing and aileron control.

  525. Sep 03 Stahl, Gordy Gordy Presents Logic of how CG affects launching, attitude & stalling indirectly. Tow hook position is very important. A well trimmed model

  526. Sep 03 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] with good tow hook position will load the winch & produce speed without flaps. Gordy doesn't buy any warnings about neutral CG.

  527. Sep 03 Register, David Comparison between 2M Whisper and Starling Pro by www. Jim Frickey's bal link attaching tool allows easy removal and installation

  528. Sep 03 Register, David [cont.] of ball links. Timers have responsibilities to keep an eye on the model and be situationally aware for the pilot. Dangerous incident reported

  529. Sep 03 Register, David Update on changes to XP3 DLG design. Servo selection information Battery Pack Selection. Polecat Aero Produces the XP3.

  530. Sep 03 Murray, Lee Back Cover photo of Bill Kuhl flying his wing off a slope in South Dakota.

  531. Oct 03 Garwood, Dave The CR Aircraft Renegade is shown on the front page of RCSD. Photo was taken at the Lake Wilson, KS, Midwest Slope Challenge

  532. Oct 03 Bacus, Jim Jim has an on-line report of the US F3J team selection event with photos on his web page

  533. Oct 03 Nation, Paul Paul has posted photos of the SOSS Aero Tow Event at Montague on his web page: and ...two.html

  534. Oct 03 Kuhlman, Bill As a follow up to the article on the House of Balsa 2x6 the address of HOB is given: 10101 YUCCA ROAD, ADELANTO, CA 62301 (760-246-6462)

  535. Oct 03 Kuhnlan, B^2 Twist distribution for swept wings Part 5 continues with a discussion of how to minimize middle effect where the lift is reduced in the middle

  536. Oct 03 Kuhnlan, B^2 [cont.] of the wing as a consequence of twist. Early attempts to describe the problem by Horten, Schrenk and Multhopp were not very satisfactory.

  537. Oct 03 Kuhnlan, B^2 [cont.] Calculations of sweep angles by Irv Culver and Walter Panknin are discussed and equations shown.

  538. Oct 03 Garwood, Paula Paula lists the uses for things found in husband Dave's shop. White Glue goop, CA, heat shrink tubing, Dremel tool, scroll saw, mini plane, etc.

  539. Oct 03 Smith, Greg Slope soaring offers more time to learn to control a model than TD. The Weasel from Richter RC is a good model for all skill levels.

  540. Oct 03 Smith, Greg [cont.] A kit review appeared earlier in RCSD. It is a 36" span foamy and one that gives lots of fun.

  541. Oct 03 Stahl, Gordy Gordy shares his experience with modern CF fuselages that shield RF because of the conductive nature of carbon. He demonstrates a way to route the

  542. Oct 03 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] antenna out of the fuselage to the fin post. His talking altimeter from Picalario tells him when his signal is too weak. Testing method

  543. Oct 03 Frank, Sandy Only 10-120f AMA members vote and many of these are not mailed separately and are destroyed. He states his platform for Dist VIII VP.

  544. Oct 03 Register, Dave Photo from The Last Fling contest sponsored by Tulsa RC Soaring Club.

  545. Nov 03 Berg-Sonne, Anker Photos of Phil Barnes' Mantis are shown on front and back covers of RCSD An article on the history of the Mantis to be in December issue.

  546. Nov 03 Posthuma, Calvin The West Michigan Soaring Society of Grand Rapids has linked their site to RCSD. The site is worth a visit

  547. Nov 03 Kuhlman, B^2 In his trans-Atlantic flight Maynard Hill set 2 world records for sub-F3A. Distance in a straight line: 3,030 km and Duration: 38h, 52m, 19s

  548. Nov 03 Stahl, Gordy Gordy explains why proper CG settings should be done at flying airspeed. Gordy proposes flying inverted and seeing if -elevator is needed.

  549. Nov 03 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] a heavy nose will provide security of self recovery but not without a drag penalty that will hurt you when flying slow.

  550. Nov 03 Register, Dave Dave repairs a sloppy rear wing alignment pin situation and provides a method to fix it and also to establish one on a new model. A template is

  551. Nov 03 Register, Dave [cont.] made from the wing root and transferred to the fuselage where the alignment pin can be precisely located.

  552. Nov 03 Murray, Lee Strong thermals were found over tree lines which suggests that threes can be sources of thermals under certain conditions. Greg Ciurpita points out

  553. Nov 03 Murray, Lee [cont.] that Wunderground Weather makes available weather reports from very numerous private sources on the internet. This could be helpful

  554. Nov 03 Murray, Lee [cont.] to slope soaring and thermal soaring fliers who want to know what conditions at the field really are.

  555. Nov 03 Slates, Jerry Jerry provides some valuable information to help you plan a flying vacation in CA. Contacts for two clubs are given and driving information

  556. Nov 03 Slates, Jerry [cont.] to various points of interest between fields. The two clubs are SVSS and Clear Lake Modelers which is a club flying wet & electric models.

  557. Nov 03 Drella, Mark Great design article with equations and constants for designing wings to withstand launch loads based on foam and composite materials.

  558. Nov 03 Ciurpita, Gregory 3 kinds of planforms are compared in Lift and Drag by spanwise position The popular airfoil SD7037 is used in the example. Great learning article.

  559. Dec 03 Kuhlman, B^2 Jochen Haas' Toborca flying wing is shown being launched on a slope in Germany.

  560. Dec 03 Seawright, Gary The Houston Hawks have a new web page domain name: They have a free 30 consecutive day training program using an Aspire.

  561. Dec 03 Seawright, Gary [cont.] Three instructors are listed and people can apply for the training.

  562. Dec 03 Slates, Jerry & Judy RCSD suspends paid advertisement after the Dec 03 issue.

  563. Dec 03 Kuhlman, B^2 The RTF Toborca by Jochen Haas was covered in the 8-2001 issue. The design parameters are available on spreadsheets in Excel and Appleworks. The

  564. Dec 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] design uses 6 flaps to achieve all axis control. A JR 10X and 8103 can be programmed to control the various controls. The model is imported

  565. Dec 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] by John Derstine - Endless Mountain Models (

  566. Dec 03 Kuhlman, B^2 The Golden Are of Soaring by Alvin Sugar covers the development of RC gliders. There is some basic teaching of model aerodynamics but continues

  567. Dec 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] to cover the universe of limited launch models and contests. Al is a long term proponent of inexpensive models that can be flown in

  568. Dec 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] contests where forces are limited and the skill of the contestant becomes more important than how much launch force can be used. The

  569. Dec 03 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] book can be downloaded in PDF form for $7.50 or purchased on 3.5" disc for $15. evaluate at

  570. Dec 03 Register, David; Various RCSD contributors make suggestions for gift ideas for modelers. The ideas are too numerous to list separately.

  571. Dec 03 Berg-Sonne, Anker The history of the development of the Mantis line of sailplanes was not short or simple. The original designer was Tom Kiesling of Charles River

  572. Dec 03 Berg-Sonne, Anker [cont.] Radio Controllers and Eastern Soaring League. Friends and fellow club members participated in the development with different wings, planforms

  573. Dec 03 Berg-Sonne, Anker [cont.] and building methods. Heavy models were replace with lighter ones Phil Barns, Terry Lukenbach, Mark Drella, Jason Werner all participated.

  574. Jan 84 Decker, R., The 1983 World Champion & his sailplane are discussed w/ 3 view drawing. Continued on page 3

  575. Jan 84 Gray, Jim Introduction to Editor Jim Gray and RCSD

  576. Jan 84 Gray, Jim F3B - CIAM Report dealing with rules changes Australia is selected for 1985 competition

  577. Jan 84 Stokely, Herk Soartech #2 is available. Subjects listed Strength of Balsa, Lat. Dir. Stab, V-tails, Design, The System RC Sailplane

  578. Jan 84 Swenson, Ross "Metrik" kit is reviewed with modifications suggested

  579. Jan 84 Cheney, Bob A clothes dryer pulley (cast aluminum) is suggested for a Winch turn-around. Someone else suggested using a front bicycle wheel not just the axle.

  580. Feb 84 Costlow, Red To plots airfoil data, first plot 20" chord, photograph & print to size.

  581. Feb 84 Costlow, Red Aid the clearing of CA dispenser tip using Vaseline. Aids the removal of hardened CA on the outside.

  582. Feb 84 Gray, Jim The future direction of the hobby is speculated.

  583. Feb 84 Anderson, Roy A plan for a flat adjustable building board is shown and discussed.

  584. Feb 84 Carr Peter A description of preparation and execution of LSF Level 5 slope task given.

  585. Feb 84 Haycroft, George The construction of a Grob powered sailplane from various parts is given. Parts from several planes are used.

  586. Feb 84 Gray, Jim "Antares" sailplane by S. Christensen shown in 3 View and discussed. A Top Flight model

  587. Feb 84 Baron, Charles Methods for making stressed skin wings including shell designs

  588. Feb 84 Blakeslee, Byron, Design considerations for winch line turn-arounds are discussed.

  589. Mar 84 Sealy, Bob "Olympic 650" one design contest is described.

  590. Mar 84 Stokely, Herk The F3B program program is discussed.

  591. Mar 84 Granger, Ed A Novathon (odd min. peaks) triathalon scoring program is listed.

  592. Mar 84 LSF Thirty level V members are listed. Addrs: LSF Box 647, Mundelein, IL 60060

  593. Mar 84 Metze, Scott The airfoil shapes of 15 Jack Chambers airfoils are shown.

  594. Mar 84 Thermalist, The The strength of wing rods can be calculated from size and hardness.

  595. Mar 84 Gray, Jim Use welding connectors for quick disconnect safety feature.

  596. Apr 84 Gray, Jim Dodgson "Windsong" is shown in 3 view and discussed.

  597. Apr 84 Sealy, Bob Dodgson "Windsong" (Unl.) sailplane kit is reviewed.

  598. Apr 84 Bonnell Rich Ben Thomas electrostatic autopilot used by Bonnell and J. Gunsallas

  599. Apr 84 Walbank, Sean "Puffin" flying wing & "Gryphon" V-tail designs are described.

  600. Apr 84 Watt, Coulter The plans for a foam core stabilizer are illustrated.

  601. Apr 84 Abell, Bruce The construction of a foam core wing is discussed.

  602. Apr 84 Murray, Lee The design features for the "Dynasoar" X-Country sailplane are discussed.

  603. May 84 Gray, Jim Sean Walbank's "Zephros" HLG sailplane design shown in and discussed.

  604. May 84 Spear, Charlie Considerations for selecting a sailplane or sailplane kit

  605. May 84 Rosner, Kurt Letter commenting on electric and gas motor powered sailplanes

  606. May 84 Murray, Lee A three view of "Dynasoar" X-country discussed in April issue.

  607. May 84 Watt, Coulter, "Hauff Twist" wingeron control mechanism is shown.

  608. May 84 Nicks, O.W., Effect of Wing Tip Shape on Climb Performance of Gliders

  609. May 84 Dodgson, Bob The designer takes issue with published review of "Windsong".

  610. Jun 84 Gray, Jim "Samun" 3 view drawing

  611. Jun 84 Drury, Rick German & French aerodynamic terms translated

  612. Jun 84 MacKay, Robert Construction of molded foam parts are described using 2 part urethane foam

  613. Jun 84 Gutman, Meyer Flaperon linkage and hinges are illustrated suitable for F3B competition

  614. Jun 84 Simons, Martin Quarter scale "Kirby Kite"

  615. Jun 84 Abell, Bruce FG/Epoxy molding repair instructions are given

  616. Jun 84 Witt, Elbert et al. Warps are removed using hot towels

  617. Jul 84 Abell, Peter "Petre III" 2M sailplane is shown in 3 view and discussed at length

  618. Jul 84 Folkening, Dale Instructions on drawing the airfoil from coordinates

  619. Jul 84 Arana, Jerry Stop aileron flutter using a "U" shaped paper clip

  620. Jul 84 Johnson, Dave Instructions for ironing skins on foam wings

  621. Jul 84 Montreal S.C., The Instructions for designing winglets given

  622. Jul 84 Watt, Coulter A spar construction for foam wings illustrated

  623. Jul 84 Gray, Jim Ham radio network for Sailplaners at 4 p.m. EST on 21.407 MHz

  624. Jul 84 Abell, Bruce Correction to 6/84 article

  625. Jul 84 McQueen, Ian L. Various engines recommended for launching

  626. Jul 84 Granger, Ed Triathalon Scoring program for HP 15C calculator

  627. Aug 84 Willard, Kent "Bounty Hunter" F3B model drawing and design by Don Chancey

  628. Aug 84 Murray, Lee Light aluminum pushrods are described

  629. Aug 84 Lightfoot, John Pushrod ends are illustrated

  630. Aug 84 Drury, Rich German to English aerodynamic terms translated

  631. Aug 84 Searcy, Marshall Central Valley RCSC laurels highlighted

  632. Aug 84 Abell, Bruce Making plywood bulkheads for FG fuselages

  633. Aug 84 Watt, Coulter Layout of straight foam wing parts for multi-tasking ship

  634. Aug 84 Beckett, Tony Unusual method of using Obeeche wood for wing skins

  635. Aug 84 O'Leary, Stephen "Zephyros" hand launch glider wing options discussed

  636. Aug 84 Beckett, Tony Documentation of conditions producing excellent thermal activity

  637. Aug 84 Timberlake, Dan A x-country course layout is described.

  638. Aug 84 Abell, Bruce Improvements to Sagitta 900 and 600 are proposed

  639. Aug 84 Spackman, Glen Video cassette exchange proposed

  640. Sep 84 Gray, Jim DFS Meise "Olympia" full size is shown in 3 view drawing

  641. Sep 84 Fraser, David Airfoil plotting service is described.

  642. Sep 84 Blanchard, Woody E-211 compared to Quabeck airfoils by R. Eppler. E-212 recommended for normal flying

  643. Sep 84 Stokely, Herk Use up to 15 deg flaps for launches & thermalling. Reflex for fast flight.

  644. Sep 84 Broggini, Don Instructions on trimming sailplanes for best flight performance

  645. Sep 84 Troy, Jeff Use of friskit masking paper described for use in placing trim on Monokote.

  646. Sep 84 Bates, Ken; et al Applying Monokote for a show finish

  647. Sep 84 Thornburg, Dave Helpful techniques for thermal soaring are given.

  648. Sep 84 Sealy, Bob Vertical blade spoiler design is illustrated

  649. Oct 84 Clarke, John Fire Hawk multitask sailplane shown in three views.

  650. Oct 84 Gray, Jim 84 NATS Soaring Event review and NSS's roll in it.

  651. Oct 84 Stokely, Herk Comments are made about the '84 F3B team selection finals.

  652. Oct 84 Siren, Jim Preparation for & use of automotive acrylic lacquer for finishing Instructions for sanding, priming, painting, and polishing

  653. Oct 84 Gray, Jim Features of Scott's Models Tempest are discussed.

  654. Oct 84 Murray, Lee A simple design for a winch is illustrated.

  655. Oct 84 Edberg, Don Quantum 83 sailplane is shown in 3 views with some details.

  656. Oct 84 Johnson, Dave Good advice is given for landing sailplanes in contests. Fly close to self at 30 sec; go out & turn for landing; count up by 5 s.

  657. Nov 84 Gray, Jim 2 Horten's Wings shown in 3 view

  658. Nov 84 Adams, Chris A carbon fiber fin post design for "T" tails is illustrated

  659. Nov 84 Champine, Bob "Gemini" by Ed Slobod is recommended

  660. Nov 84 Trim, John A one meter RC Glider class proposed as a challenge

  661. Nov 84 DeNoble, Ray A method is shown for producing sharp trailing edges with less work

  662. Nov 84 Shaw, Stan A strategy for finding thermals at contests is given

  663. Nov 84 Watt, Coulter Scarf joints for good strength are illustrated

  664. Nov 84 Bonnell, Rich '84 Florida X-Country Invitational results

  665. Nov 84 Murphy, Jeff CG position, horiz. tail volume coeff. defined & related to stability

  666. Nov 84 Caso, Rob A micro balloon/epoxy mixture fills balsa grain giving smooth surface

  667. Dec 84 Champine, Bob "Red Bird" 4 meter sailplane 3-view design & const. details given

  668. Dec 84 Benson, John 72" Tempest sailplane reviewed

  669. Dec 84 Gray, Jim Airborne (tele) metering systems. List of people developing. Micro videos

  670. Dec 84 Gray, Jim List of sources given

  671. Dec 84 Anderson, Chuck Features of C-64 dot matrix printer airfoil plotting program listed

  672. Dec 84 Troy, Jeff Instructions on fiberglassing an airframe

  673. Dec 84 Mid-Pacific Soaring Society Method of using CA to join foam parts

  674. Dec 84 Gray, Jim List of RCSD subscribers

  675. Walbank, Sean "Phase 6" kit is reviewed, 60" WS sheeted foam cores, E205, 10 Oz.

  676. Jan 85 Cook, Bob "Wizard" slope ship is illustrated in 3 view and discussed

  677. Jan 85 Troy, Jeff A spoiler return system is shown and discussed

  678. Jan 85 Troy, Jeff Comments on '84 Nats and thoughts on upcoming '85 Nats

  679. Jan 85 Tyrie, Jim An Aluminum plate wing joiner & hold down mechanism is illustrated. Mechanism directly couples wing & tow hook.

  680. Jan 85 Webb, Kevin '85 Western U. S. Soaring Championship announced

  681. Jan 85 Fraser, David Article on trimming and finding thermals

  682. Jan 85 Watt, Coulter Fuselage jig is illustrated and described

  683. Jan 85 Gillburg, George Comments of variety of subjects

  684. Jan 85 Typod, Don Comments on the Nov '84 article on trimming

  685. Jan 85 Mackey, Bob Wingeron sailplanes commented on. Spacer, Xingu, Xingu 100 & Xica

  686. Feb 85 Gray, Jim "Flipper" HLG is shown in 3-view & kit is evaluated

  687. Feb 85 Marsden, Eric Making notches for stringers in bulkheads w/o damaging wood

  688. Feb 85 Lupperger, John Guidelines for building & flying hand launch gliders

  689. Feb 85 Webb, Neil Rules for contests proposed

  690. Feb 85 Murray, Lee Selig's S3010 airfoil plots shown

  691. Feb 85 Gray, Jim A partial list of models being marketed is given

  692. Feb 85 Moskal, Steve A bibliography of reference materials on scale sailplanes

  693. Feb 85 Knight, Gerry A review of the 1/4 scale ASK-18 with photos

  694. Mar 85 Rondeau, Bob Hybrid "Saquila" built from mixed parts, 3 view drawing shown

  695. Mar 85 Gray, Jim Carl Goldberg dies leaving legacy of contributions

  696. Mar 86 Smiley, Clark Instructions on using glass cloth to strengthen improve appearance of fuse.

  697. Mar 85 Stokely, Herk Herk provides theoretical basis for Nov 84 article on trimming

  698. Mar 86 Fritz, Mike Using Monokote (bottom) and Coverite (top) gave exceptionally low sink rate Test performed on Sagitta 600

  699. Mar 85 Chernoff, Max The Neutral Point is predicted from other more identifiable parameters

  700. Mar 85 Lightfoot, John Compare trim with normal and inverted flight for best CG position

  701. Mar 85 Brock, Jim Wingeron sweep changes not a problem based on >38 hrs. of flight. Servo torque may be a problem at high speed.

  702. Mar 85 Stuhr, Ken Wingeron sweep change with rotation is not a problem based on tests

  703. Mar 85 Holley, Dwight A design for top and bottom air brakes are illustrated by Coulter Watt

  704. Mar 85 Benson, John J.'s experience in flying marginal slope lift with sundry models is shared

  705. Apr 85 Pfefferkorn, Dieter Three view drawing of "Tele-F" model flown by R. Decker is shown

  706. Apr 85 Walbank, Sean Three concepts of variable wing geometry are discussed. The three are: Oblique, Fowler wing, and Telescoping

  707. Apr 85 Lennon, Andy Aerodynamics of pitch stability are explained clearly

  708. Apr 85 Larsen, Orla 18% more efficiency noted with an NACA airfoil on a wind generator

  709. Apr 85 Moore, Bud A bridle design sent in & discussed (not shown)

  710. Apr 85 Holland, Mike The location of good sites for 4 and 8 hr. LSF tasks discussed Phone (602) 337-2907 or (602) 282-1290

  711. Apr 85 Deck, Jim Ideas for a "pick your max time" contest

  712. Apr 85 Dietrich, Jack Aspect ratio discussed. Low A/R useful in wind & for small sailplanes

  713. Apr 85 Gray, Jim '85 WRAM show coverage

  714. Apr 85 Cheney, Bob Diagram, photos & description of controlled torque winch "Dagwood" Design by Murray Douglas

  715. Apr 85 Champine, Bob A chute pattern for winch is shown, instructions given

  716. May 85 Martin, Bob "Pussycat" 2M sailplane shown in 3-view

  717. May 85 Savage, Gerry Rechargeable lithium cells will offer higher power to weight efficiencies.

  718. May 85 Moore, Bud Diagram of towing bridle discussed in April issue

  719. May 85 Riggle, Jim Landing into a safety net is proposed to eliminate landing damage.

  720. May 85 Landreth, Dean Glendura, Ca. ridge site of LSF slope achievements & records. 714-629-8001

  721. May 85 Kahn, Raja Despite higher RN low aspect wings have lower performance.

  722. May 85 Decker, Jack The performance of low aspect ratio HLG sailplane is discussed. Plan is shown on page 8

  723. May 85 Carr, Peter Dwight Holley "Gobbler" is evaluated. Flight evaluation & kit modification

  724. May 85 Chernoff, Max Wing failures, causes and solutions discussed

  725. May 85 Murray, Lee A method of testing Nicad batteries is discussed

  726. May 85 Sawyer, Ty A simple way to hold wings against fuselage & remove them easily is shown.

  727. May 85 Rondeau, Bob Making clear canopy from balsa plug. Latch ideas also given

  728. Jun 85 Cook, Bob "Zinger" Hand Launch Glider discussed & shown in 3-view

  729. Jun 85 Holland, Chuck Extending the Oly II Std. class sailplane to 119" produces great perform.

  730. Jun 85 Schug, Peter A computer program w/artificial intelligence is theorized for automatic control w/specific tasks in mind.

  731. Jun 85 Bame, Mike Making wing cut-outs on round FG fuselages is shown

  732. Jun 85 Watson, Stan Points to consider when creating designs or modifications are given.

  733. Jun 85 Rondeau, Bob Flap/elevator & aileron/rudder mixing schemes are illustrated as used with Dodgson sailplanes.

  734. Jun 85 Champine, Bob Comments of Dodgson's "Camano"

  735. Jun 85 Champine, Bob Winch features: knife switch (safety), launch chute (RCSD), mounted foot switch & others. Photos

  736. Jun 85 Wright, Nic Summary of hill types & sailplane performance given

  737. Jun 85 Barry, Pat Linear motion transfer device overlooked as effective control device

  738. Jul 85 Marske, Jim "Monarch 'C'" sailplane shown in 3-view with specifications

  739. Jul 85 Custer, Wayne Preparing prefinished FG skins & applying them to foam cores

  740. Jul 85 Ferris, Jeff "Antares" Std. class sailplane evaluated. Fuselage strengthening recommended.

  741. Jul 85 DeNoble, Ray Method is shown for mounting monokote hinges

  742. Jul 85 Gray, Jim List of 34 Level V pilots shown

  743. Jul 85 Harden, Kale Summary of '83 World Championships held in York, England

  744. Jul 85 Champine, Bob Low cost turn-around of excellent design is illustrated & discussed

  745. Jul 85 Parsons, Dan Box oven for faster curing of epoxy resins is illustrated.

  746. Aug 85 Smiley, Clark & Jim Tyrie "Puffin" 2M sailplane is shown in 3-view and discussed.

  747. Aug 85 Cash, Jack A canopy hold down device is illustrated.

  748. Aug 85 Bonnell, Rich "No skid landings" achieved using inexpensive parts

  749. Aug 85 Simons, Martin Clark Y & E-211 compared; Girsberger & E-180 compared

  750. Aug 85 Chernoff, Max Aileron displacement angle as fctn. of aileron control horn length.

  751. Aug 85 Simmonds, Ken Ideas for strengthening wood fuselages are given.

  752. Aug 85 Murray, Lee An inexpensive method of testing nicads is proposed.

  753. Aug 85 O'Leary, Stephen Disagrees w/ Chernoff regarding flutter & divergent bending of model wings

  754. Aug 85 Sawyer, Ty "Alure" 2M sailplane mods are proposed to improve stability & performance

  755. Sep 85 Rondeau, Bob Dodgson's "Pivot" 60" sailplane shown in 3-view & discussed

  756. Sep 85 Tyrie, Jim Tips are given on making various construction guides. T.E. holes, aileron p/r exits, T/E sanding block & coupled spoilers/flaps

  757. Sep 85 Sawyer, Ty Kodak disk camera photos on '85 Nats site

  758. Sep 85 Gray, Jim Standings for thermal soaring at '85 Nats & comments

  759. Sep 85 Benson, John Flaps on slope gliders; comp. of slopes on bodies of water & inland slopes

  760. Oct 85 Rondeau, Bob "BLP" 2M sailplane shown in 3-view & discussion (p. 16)

  761. Oct 85 Murray, Lee Airtronics "Cumic" Std. class sailplane design & construction reviewed

  762. Oct 85 Bodul, Mirko List of slope ships seen in France

  763. Oct 85 Gunn, Ian Postal soaring contest proposed. Securing public land for flying sites

  764. Oct 85 Custer, Wayne Bonding skins to foam cores using epoxy applied in a pattern

  765. Oct 85 Abell, Bruce Discussion & photos of "Windjammer" original 2M electric

  766. Oct 85 Hampson, Craig "Rine/Oxford" 2M sailplane w/ option of English or German features

  767. Nov 85 Sawyer, Ty Jolly's "Flinger" HLG sailplane. 3-view and kit evaluation

  768. Nov 85 Gray, Jim Postal costs & problems with sending publications abroad

  769. Nov 85 Abell, Bruce LB-3 Airfoil discussed

  770. Nov 85 Martin, Bob Std. class version of "Pussycat" to be produced

  771. Nov 85 Gray, Jim Workbench from Workshop Concepts evaluated

  772. Nov 85 Raymond, Ron One time vinyl spackling found to be excellent filler

  773. Nov 85 Gray, Jim New fence type super spoilers from R/C Design & Dev. are announced.

  774. Nov 85 Currington, Ernest Eval. of theoretical perf. shows larger-lower loaded plane is prob. best

  775. Dec 85 Rondeau, Bob Helmut Lelke's "Heidi" electrostatically autopiloted 2M sailplane Interview w/Helmut

  776. Dec 85 Hampton, Craig Photo of "Oxford" 2M sailplane covered in V2, #10, p. 14

  777. Dec 85 Gracey, Bob "El Primero" HLG & "Stepp Two" 2M sailplane evaluated

  778. Dec 85 Abell, Bruce Important considerations for trailing edges

  779. Dec 85 Smith, J. Lee The Aerotow launch method is discussed (see V3, #3, p. 7)

  780. Dec 85 Sawyer, Ty A charging jack & method of turning on radio is illustrated.

  781. Dec 85 Rondeau, Bob "BLP" design is discussed in more detail (see V2, #10, p.0 & 16)

  782. Dec 85 Adams, Chris Multiple mixing in ship using an Ace transmitter w/modifications

  783. Oct 85 McLeod, Dan Winter flying notes

  784. Jan 86 Gray, Jim "Samun" Unl. class sailplane shown in 3-view & discussed (p. 7)

  785. Jan 86 Harden, Kale Results of International Postal Contest

  786. Jan 86 Currington, Ernest Flying at a speed greater than for minimum sink avoids probable stalls

  787. Jan 86 Metcalf, Howard Jet models appear on slopes of England. Specs of F-4

  788. Jan 86 Gray, Jim Hi Johnson business now with Superwings & Viking Models

  789. Jan 86 Carter, Ron "Touche'" Slope Soarer design is shown & discussed

  790. Jan 86 White, Clyde More on "Cumic" Sailplane construction

  791. Jan 86 Rondeau, Bob Continuation of "Heidi" article (V2, #12). Covers wing construction.

  792. Jan 86 Hallett, Richard Knots for winch lines & other uses

  793. Jan 86 Sawyer, Ty A recessed tow hook is illustrated

  794. Feb 86 Bird, Phil & Lowe, Al "LB-3" shown in 3-view drawing

  795. Feb 86 Gray, Jim Instructions for using RCSD decals

  796. Feb 86 Lober, Carl A unique towhook release action using flaps on "Antares"

  797. Feb 86 Jackson, Eric "Pteron" 2M sailplane plans & instructions available.

  798. Feb 86 Currington, Ernest Cures for wobble in H. stab. When cutting tapered parts, cut largest first. When you mis-cut a part it will work for a smaller part in the series.

  799. Feb 86 Beckett, Tony Further specifications for jack used w/Ty Sawyer's system (V2, #12)

  800. Feb 86 O'Brien, Oz Lithium batteries are volatile during charging. More info. needed.

  801. Feb 86 Spear, Charlie Article on converting the Davey "Prophet 941" to electric w/excel. results.

  802. Feb 86 Currington, Ernest 120# test Kevlar line is 1/2 the diameter of 80# test nylon line.

  803. Feb 86 Lober, Carl 1800'+ slope & contest in Cumberland, MD. For more info. contact Don Clark P.O. Box 117, Kensington, Md.

  804. Feb 86 Rondeau, Bob "BLP" modifications w/polyhedral wing (2M)

  805. Feb 86 Beckett, Tony Interglide '86 planned for Swalecliffe near Whitstable, Kent, England

  806. Mar 86 Gray, Jim "Hy-Bird" Sailplane shown in 3-view & discussed

  807. Mar 86 Fraser, David Comparison of Eppler 205 with NACA 2512

  808. Mar 86 Rondeau, Bob A combination fuselage holder & balancing stand is illustrated

  809. Mar 86 Abell, Bruce Bulkhead positioning in FG fuse. shown & discussed. Towhook design shown.

  810. Mar 86 Smith, J. Lee How to use the help of a power flier in aerotow launching

  811. Mar 86 Scidmore, Al Summary of '85 National Sailplane Symposium

  812. Mar 86 Slobod, Ed SFVSF postal x-country competition announced

  813. Mar 86 Currington, Ernest Sources of drag discussed

  814. Mar 86 Benson, John Slope flying the "Pivot" by Dodgson Designs

  815. Mar 86 Rondeau, Bob A double hinged rudder design used on BLP 2M design.

  816. Apr 86 Parker, Eric "Super Metisse" UNL Sailplane shown in 3-view & discussed

  817. Apr 86 Gray, Jim Projections for '86

  818. Apr 86 Tinker, Neil How to plot airfoil coordinates w/accuracy. Also comments on F3B.

  819. Apr 86 Breunig, Cal Sauk City, Wi. club calls for members.

  820. Apr 86 Webb, Kevin Announcing the '86 western US R/C Soaring championships

  821. Apr 86 Simons, Martin Super light "Martindale" HLG discussed

  822. Apr 86 Thomas, Ben Electrostatic pilot system options discussed

  823. Apr 86 Lightfoot, John 1st International X-Country race results w/photos.

  824. Apr 86 Abell, Bruce General rules proposed for this specific (2M) class

  825. Apr 86 Reed, Mike Selig 54233-13G-84 compared to Clark Y

  826. Apr 86 Sawyer, Ty, 3 illustrations of gapless hinges

  827. Apr 86 Fraser, David Part 1 of 2 on stability & tuck

  828. May 86 Cotton, Fred Pagliano's "Allure 79" F3B sailplane is shown in 3-view & discussed

  829. May 86 Gray, Jim AMA insurance changes

  830. May 86 Simons, Martin Issue taken w/induced drag formula (V3, #3, p. 14)

  831. May 86 Duino, John Selecting spars for wings

  832. May 86 Murray, Lee High start rubber examined for force vs. stretch after release

  833. May 86 Murray, Lee New program for flying wings announced.

  834. May 86 Lightfoot, John 1st International X-Country Race, Pt. 2

  835. May 86 Fraser, David Pt. 2 of stability & sailplane tuck

  836. May 86 Beckett, Catherine Poem

  837. May 86 Dees, Gene Skip Schow becomes president of LSF

  838. May 86 Metcalf, Howard F4 Phantom power scale model discussed

  839. May 86 Gray, Jim RCSD book on thermal soaring announced

  840. Jun 86 Benson, John "Shark" low-slope aerobatic sailplane is shown in 3-views and discussed, p6.

  841. Jun 86 Riggle, Jim References are given for making a wind speed indicator.

  842. Jun 86 Carr, Pete

  843. Jun 86 Marsden, Eric Fine tip pens are available for making scale markings on models.

  844. Jun 86 Blanchard, Stewart Extensive instructions for the construction of foam core wings

  845. Jun 86 Miller, Dick Comments on Aerotowing gives a summary of important factors for launching with a power plane.

  846. Jun 86 Gray, Jim E211 and HQ 1.5/9 airfoils are recommended for stated purposes.

  847. Jun 86 Gray, Jim A photo-contest is announced with winners shown in RCSD in Dec, '86 issue

  848. Jun 86 Sawyer, Ty, Nor-Ray foam wing cutter is evaluated and modifications are recommended.

  849. Jun 86 Gray, Jim Two new sailplanes unlimited sailplanes are announced from Metcalf Models

  850. Jun 86 Keyes, Charlie Construction and finishing recommendations are given White paint and the use of a UV absorber are listed.

  851. Jul 86 Sawyer, Ty Control scheme for aileron & flap servos controling flaperons & winglet Winglet rudder is coupled to flaperon

  852. Jul 86 Finch, Harry H. Metcalfe Models Phantom F4 Slope Glider is reviewed Construction is foam, obeeche sheeted

  853. Jul 86 Eberbach, Dieter Experiences of flying at high altitude in S. Africa. Several sailplanes mentioned in article.

  854. Jul 86 Boulouse, Elliott Town board of Morgantown, Pa. puts Elliot out of the building business. Complaint states that he conducts business in residential area.

  855. Jul 86 Houk, David Recommendations for two vendors. Futaba S133 back ordered 6 months. Lee Murray (laser cut airfoils and software) and Ron Carter (spoilers)

  856. Jul 86 Carr, Peter Pen pall for Lin Houng-Wen of Republic of China is requested

  857. Jul 86 Abell, Bruce Corrections to proposed Australian 2-M contest rules & new airfoil descr.

  858. Jul 86 Gale, Ferdinando Fuselages are too long. 3 M.A.C. is sufficient. Crocco's method used.

  859. Jul 86 Sasson, Jack Death of a New Sagitta or the Written Word as Paychotherapy

  860. Aug 86 S.O.A.R. Dan Pruss passes away leaving legacy of achievements and model to follow.

  861. Aug 86 Maynard Hill A description of how electrostatic autopilots achieve level flight

  862. Aug 86 Gray, Jim Comments on the flying Bob Dodgson's "Windsong" kit with autopilot.

  863. Aug 86 Jackson, Eric "Windsong" modifications for a stronger wing are recommended.

  864. Aug 86 Andrew, David A balsa stripper design is shown in good detail.

  865. Aug 86 Gracey, Bob, "Prophet" 2M sailplane kit and flight performance is discussed.

  866. Sep 86 Gray, Jim NATS winners, 1st to 5th, are listed for 1986. Winning sailplanes listed Paul Carlson with 100" Prodigy is shown on cover.

  867. Sep 86 Murray, Lee "Prodigy" 2M sailplane kit is reviewed with construction notes. Kit is by Off the Ground Models. Designer is Paul Carlson.

  868. Sep 86 Moss, Steve "Prodigy" 2M sailplane by Paul Carlson - Off the Ground Models is reviewed. Off The Ground Models, Inc. 606C W. Anthony Dr., Urbana IL 61801

  869. Sep 86 Gressman, Tom Comments are made about the winning sailplanes at the 86 NATS Prodigy-Carlson, Skyjack-Hamilton, Scooter-Kincaid

  870. Sep 86 Pentland, Geoff Photos of vintage sailplane models are shown. Book on subject announced. Kookaburra Technical Publications Pty Ltd.

  871. Sep 86 Metcalf, Clive & Howard Additional comments and price of Phantom scale model (see July 86 RCSD). F.W. TA-152 is also mentioned

  872. Sep 86 Morton, Jeff Features of "Accipiter CCT" 2M design with tipperons & flaps are discussed.

  873. Sep 86 Rondeau, Bob "BLP" design by Rondeau is flight tested and extensive comments given.

  874. Sep 86 Jorrey, F.F. An airfoil plotting guide is shown for plotting airfoils.

  875. Oct 86 Gray, Jim Schweizer Aircraft Corp. 2-33 Sailplane shown in three view

  876. Oct 86 Richardson, Pete Pete describes his interest and experience with R/C soaring and aeronautics. Pete is a mechanical/composite enngineer at McDonnell Helicopter Co.

  877. Oct 86 Gray, Jim 86 AMA Soaring NATS award winners are listed

  878. Oct 86 Stoops, Matt Construction of the "Poquito Primero" by Buzz Waltz R/C Designs is covered. Article is brief.

  879. Oct 86 Mohs, Carl Agenda for the 3rd. Annual National Sailplane Symposium is listed. Madison Area Radio Control Society is the sponsor.

  880. Oct 86 Murray, Lee Information on using Kevlar is offered by Dupont. Address given.

  881. Oct 86 Morris, Pancho The use of a "Low Start" is described for launching HLG sailplanes

  882. Oct 86 Rondeau An adjustable tow hook design is illustrated which is more aerodynamic. Nothing made to date is mentioned.

  883. Oct 86 Abell, Bruce Coordinates for a B.A. 24 airfoil are given. Airfoil has been tested.

  884. Oct 86 Watson, Stan H. strength wing blades of spring steel are described and offered for sale.

  885. Oct 86 Crowley, Dick Valuable general instructions on building your first sailplane are given.

  886. Oct 86 Buzzard, The Old Instructions on doing simple aerobatics are given in humorous article.

  887. Oct 86 Chernoff, Max Max proposes that tail moments are too short for good pitch stability.

  888. Oct 86 Anderson, Chuck The use of "Z" bend pushrods and keepers is recommended for tight control.

  889. Nov 86 Kincaid, Leon "Scooter" unl. sailplane which won Unl Class and Hi Johnson Trophy is shown.

  890. Nov 86 Rondeau, Bob Bob tells of his experience in flying a Schweizer 2-33 for the first time.

  891. Nov 86 Olsen, Ozzie A good source of Sitka spruce is Posey Mfg. Co. .25" x 60"+ available P.O. Box 418, Hoquiam, WA 98550

  892. Nov 86 Gray, Jim Superwings out of business, Aerospace Composite Prod. has new address. Dept. "S" P.O. Box 16621, Irvine, CA 92714

  893. Nov 86 Gray, Jim "Accipiter CCT" tipperon-controlled sailplane kit ARF is introduced. See Calif. Soaring Products add on page 1.

  894. Nov 86 Murray, Lee RCSD data base is announced and published in part as a hard copy. Continuing updates available.

  895. Nov 86 Gray, Jim A new building board of light construction is easy to use and store Country Hobby Supplies, RR#1, Dundas, Ontario, Canada L9H 5E1

  896. Nov 86 Finch, Harry Polycarbonate (Lexan) is used for sheeting foam cores instead of balsa. Available w/ one shiny side and one dull side. 10 mils see plast. suply.

  897. Nov 86 Slates, Jerry Jerry requests information about sites for use of others in his catalog.

  898. Nov 86 Murray, Lee Servo with cam is mounted on Kodak pocket camera two sided tape. #64 rubber bands hold camera on side of any model for aerial photography.

  899. Nov 86 Jackson, Eric Flight performance of "Sunrise 66" is rated very high by Eric. 66.75" span 443 sq. inches. 11-13 oz. Cost is $34. Kit by Performance Designs

  900. Nov 86 Cherry, H.H. Plans and airfoil coordinates are available. Other information given. Ed. adds comments about about H.H. and flying wings.

  901. Nov 86 Currington, E & Sarskas, S A few ideas on how to rig switches for operation from outside fuse. String is used to pull switch to either position.

  902. Nov 86 Wagner, Gary Custom 2M design with concentric hinges at all hinge lines.

  903. Nov 86 Lightfoot, John Wing spars were made with F/G epoxy w/o balsa or spruce for most of span. Design was for XC purposes. Wing was strong and survived crash.

  904. Dec 86 Dvorak, John Brad Smith's Aermacchi scale jet slope soarer is shown in winning photo.

  905. Dec 86 Eberbach, Dieter News about flying sailplanes in South Africa. Dieter's address is 49 Highveld Rd., Kempton Park 1620, South Africa

  906. Dec 86 Dodgson, Bob New Address for Dodgson Designs: 21230 Damson Rd., Bothell, WA 98021

  907. Dec 86 Porter, Jim Jim responds to Ty Sawyer's idea using a plug/jack for On/Off & Chg. funct. Radio Shack part #274-1656 jack & 274-1567 plug specified.

  908. Dec 86 Jackson, Eric Eric says what's going on in Portland WA, Petron aileron ship is shown. Eric also talks about WA state X-country contest and other things

  909. Dec 86 Troy, Jeff Jeff discusses experience on being part of the MARCS Sailplane Symposium.

  910. Dec 86 Typond, Don Details of launching on top of a power plane are given & shown in photos.

  911. Dec 86 Abell, Bruce Tail moments and their importance are discussed in some detail.

  912. Dec 86 O'Brein, Ozzie Fabric for wing coverings is discussed with problems & benefits highlighted

  913. Dec 86 Banks, Gordon A new R/C magazine "R/C Report" is introduced. P.O. Box 1706, Huntsville, AL 35807 Ph: 205-539-3031

  914. Dec 86 Murray, et. al. Highlights of the USA F3B Team Selection Finals shown in photos & discussed Finishers: Steve Work, Rich Spicer, Steve Lewis, Larry Jolly (alternate)

  915. Dec 86 Champine, Bob Winch design is discussed along with line specs. Spars & T.E mods are shown Training edges of spruce & plastic, Cap spar:.0625"spruce/CF/.0625"spruce

  916. Dec 86 Gray, Jim Pushrod exit fairings are made with FG layups on balsa plug

  917. Dec 86 Murray, Lee Sources from RCSD are listed by alphabetically by key words Data base is available

  918. Dec 86 GDS&HS Hawk, Falcon & Accipiter silhouettes are shown

  919. Dec 86 Rondeau, Bob The design of a good balsa & spruce wing is illustrated

  920. Jan 87 Kincaid, Leon Leon's Mini-Scoot HLG design is shown and discussed

  921. Jan 87 Haley, W & S "Silver Ghost IV" winner of British Nats is shown in 2 views and discussed. 100" version wins '86 Radioglide contest.

  922. Jan 87 Murray, Lee M.A.R.C.S. 1986 Soaring Symposium is highlighted. Some details shared. Symposium Proceedings will be available from the MARCS club.

  923. Jan 87 Pettigrew, Bill Airtronics "Cumic" is reviewed and flight performance evaluated. Five ideas for weight reduction are offered.

  924. Jan 87 Jackson, Eric "Sunrise 66" kit is reviewed and a glowing report of performance is given. Good comments about flying technique are given.

  925. Jan 87 Teseo, Robert Author describes a low odor way to apply F/G epoxy to a fuselage in 1.5 Hr. Use Robart 007 spray attach cloth. Brush thinned epoxy. Apply epoxy filler.

  926. Jan 87 Smith, J. Lee Author has 1.5 hr. video on aero-towing & distributes for Sailpl. Internat. $12 VHS or Beta tape Phone (204) 663-3787 15 Ravenhill Rd Winnipeg R2K 3K4

  927. Jan 87 Sawyer, Ty A clean design for T-tail is illustrated and described using ball joint. Looks ideal for foam/balsa construction.

  928. Jan 87 Champine, Bob A "Stretched Gemini" is described with S4233 airfoil having low sink rate. Other modifications are described and illustrated.

  929. Jan 87 Murray, Lee The RCSD Data Base of REFERENCES and SOURCES is offered for Appleworks. Other databases programs may be used if obtained through modems.

  930. Jan 87 Currington, E.G. A humorous description of a very simple design is given.

  931. Jan 87 Hallett, Rick A low cost simple winch design is given. A coat-hanger resister is shown. Use of monofilament beyond the wind-in section. Pulley flanges used - drum

  932. Jan 87 Gray, Jim Back issue availability is laid out for RCSD in first 3 years.

  933. Feb 87 Gray, Jim Jim's experience in becoming sensitized to building materials is discussed. The use of good ventilation and other preventative measures are recommended

  934. Feb 87 Riggle, Jim Photos of PASS slope soaring activities in Pacific N.W.

  935. Feb 87 DeMattei, Bob The 21st Annual International Slope Race is announced for May 2 & 3. Davenport California Site, Phone: 408-732-3009 home or 415-723-2950 work

  936. Feb 87 Moore, E.B. Results of "Tangerine" sailplane contest are listed. Contest is held right after Thanksgiving in Florida.

  937. Feb 87 Kincaid, Leon Leon gives his design considerations for a hand launched glider.

  938. Feb 87 Edmonds, R.J. (Dick) The Selig 3021 is evaluated with Algebra 2.5 M design w/ excellent results. Ideal airfoil for thermal sailplanes with low wing loadings

  939. Feb 87 Gray, Jim The "Accipiter CCT" 2M sailplane kit is reviewed by Jim. Construction comments only. Flight performance will come later.

  940. Feb 87 Holland, Chuck Complaint is made that AMA doesn't give appropriate attention to soaring.

  941. Feb 87 Gray, Jim A scale autotowing launch is proposed for development using an RC Car.

  942. Feb 87 Gray, Jim Jim makes one good sailplane form two wrecks and the result is excellent. Hy-Bird II is born.

  943. Feb 87 Abell, Bruce Photo's of Bruce's designs are shown. Scimitar, Windbreaker, Windsong

  944. Mar 87 Gray, Jim Jim outlines efforts to promote scale competitions and activities SOAR club is active in the development of scale

  945. Mar 87 Charlesworth, Cliff Scale Soaring activities at White Sheet Radio Flying Club Information on ASK13, Grunau Baby 26, Ka-3, Hunter 17, & LO-100

  946. Mar 87 Moskal, Steve The Schweizer I-26 history given. Reason's for its scale model also given. Colors and insignia placement are given

  947. Mar 87 Eisenbeiss, Duane LK-10A documentation is given

  948. Mar 87 Hiner, Jack Jack tells of his construction of the LK-10 scale sailplane. Slide docummentaton of N58085 from Duane Eisenbeiss.

  949. Mar 87 Gray, Jim Bop Cartwright and his Capstan T-49b sailplane model are shown & discussed Model was flown in 76 NATS

  950. Mar 87 Watkins, John G. 1/4 Scale Kirby Kite, Avai 40P and AS-K13 are shown. Construction Features are given for the Kirby Kite model.

  951. Mar 87 Gray, Jim The World's Vintage Sailplanes 1908-45 by Kookaburra Technical Publns. Ltd. P.O. Box 648, Dondenong 3175, Victoria, Australia. $72 Australian ($48 US)

  952. Mar 87 Gray, Jim Modell Bauplane Catalog 1987-88 by Flug + Modell Technik Postfach 1128, 7570 Baden-Baden, W. Germany Price: 9DM ($4.50 US)

  953. Mar 87 Gray, Jim Aliante-Sailplanes by F. Gale, Via Marconi 10, 28042 Baveno NO, Italy Reference book of sailplanes with specifications for 24 sailplanes

  954. Mar 87 SOAR The SOAR Scale Uprising to be held Aug 1 & 2, 1987 CD J Slater & S Moskal 30 S. Kensington Ave, Lagrange IL 60525

  955. Apr 87 Williams, Dave Synergy II is shown in 3 views and technical data given in text 3 of four on US team are using Syneryg IIs

  956. Apr 87 Williams, Dave News of the World F3b Championship U.S. Soaring Team Mark Allen and Steve Work are working with Selig on new airfoil.

  957. Apr 87 Gray, Jim Canadian NATS 7-22&24, 87 Dash for Cash (Ontario) 7-16&17 *FAI License* F3H coming of age and was dream of Dan Pruss

  958. Apr 87 Weirich, Mike Photos and communications from Elkhart IN

  959. Apr 87 Thomas, John E. Iowa Soaring Society put on the 3rd. Building & Soaring Seminar. Speakers: G. Frank, P. Carlson, T. Edmonds, E. Haris, P. Waters

  960. Apr 87 Ayotte, Francois An inexpensive airfoil plotting program for IBM PCs and DMPs, many features $25 F. write: Ayotte, 6217 Robert Blvd., St. Leonard, QC H1P 1N2, Canada

  961. Apr 87 Selig, Michael Plan for testing airfoils is given w/ request for construction of airfoils ClkY,E193,E205,E214,FX6-100,HQ1.5/9&2.5/9,MB253515,S2027,S3002,S3021,S4061

  962. Apr 87 Acker, David Dave is now source of foam wing cores for Jerry Slates and H. Johnson 415-462-0672 Write to: 850 Concord St. Pleasanton, CA 94566

  963. Apr 87 Gray, Jim How to handle prints being sent in for publication. SASE for responses. Back issues available

  964. Apr 87 Fritz, Mike Modifications for XC-Sagittas and other models are discussed. Good ideas are listed.

  965. Apr 87 Sawyer, Ty Prodigy with wingeron control was built and evaluated. Diagrams & Photos

  966. Apr 87 Finch, Harry A new column introduced about slope soaring on the west coast.

  967. May 87 Gray, Jim Jim tells the public about his moving to the S.W. USA

  968. May 87 Rondeau, Bob "Algebra" 2.5M sailplane is shown in 3 view drawing 8.4-14.4 Oz/Ft^2 - Aileron Vers 10.5 - 16.5 Oz/Ft^2 Rudder Version

  969. May 87 Sealy, Bob A three view drawing of Bob's Constellation design is shown and discussed. 167" span, 1705 sq in, S4061 Airfoil, 71" length, 11.6-14.2 Oz/Sq Ft.

  970. May 87 Thomas, Jim Jim gives specific recommendations to those with sensitivity to glues/paint Masks offer no protection from vapors. Resporators recommended

  971. May 87 Currington, Ernie Specific values for working Horiz. Tail Volume Coeff. and another index gvn Volume coeff. = Stab area * Moment Arm/(Wing Area * Avg. W. Chord) avg=0.41

  972. May 87 Penton, D.N. Issue is taken with Andy Lennon's comments on stability in April 85 issue. When N.P. and C.G. become equal, this should be called Neutral Instability.

  973. May 87 Fraser, David Dave explains stability trade offs of moment arm, areas, static margin. Also the effect speed has on control sensitivity.

  974. May 87 Moore, Bud Bud sends photos of a canard design sailplane with other news from Florida.

  975. May 87 Murray, Lee Photos sent of model whose design appeared in Apr & May of 84. Model to attempt altitude record.

  976. May 87 Trapnell, Ben Bobcat by Bob Martin is given good marks for flying ability for beginners. Bob appreciates the Prodigy reviews given earlier.

  977. May 87 Kookabura Publns Martin Simon's Book Vintage Sailplanes only costs $40 not $48 Geoff Pentland, Mrg.

  978. May 87 McQueen, Ian Printed balsa models circa 30's & 40's to be reissued from Canada Eash Built Models, 15 Ontario St., Grimsby, Ontario, L3M, 3GH, Canada

  979. May 87 Jackson, Eric "Pivot" kit and flight performance are rated high. Tips given. Good article by Eric.

  980. May 87 Finch, Harry Light weight and convenience offered by Radio Shack switching phone jack. Remove plug and turns on radio. With plug in you may charge.

  981. May 87 Halleck, Al A flying wing design is shown and is described. 64" span

  982. May 87 Jackson, Eric Many tips on techniques for launching and flying are given.

  983. May 87 Moore, Kenneth A design for an inexpensive Ford long shaft starter motor winch are given. Uses PVC pipe.

  984. Jun 87 Able, Bruce Forward sweep design with BA25 airfoil is shown in 3 view and discussed. Larger spans are planned with flaps and ailerons.

  985. Jun 87 Loudon, Steve Large sailplanes well suited for windy Mid-West conditions. Cumic+, Meteor Large sailplanes fly well in wind.

  986. Jun 87 Gray, Jim F3H to become a recognized event in AMA rule book (Prediction)

  987. Jun 87 Harvey, Mike "I.S. Garth" Sailplane has heavy fuselage but can be ordered w/o coloring. Good launches require 10+ MPH wind.

  988. Jun 87 Smith, Brian SPLATS (spoilers-flaps) placed between spar and TE give good control. 15" long by 1.25" wide located on bottom between spar and TE.

  989. Jun 87 Slates, Jerry Hardened Drill Rod for W Joiners avail. from Blue Ridge Machinery & Tool P.O. Bopx 536, Hurricane, WV 25526 800-872-6500 or 562-3538 local

  990. Jun 87 Currington, E.G. Good information is given on preforming wood and advantage of scarf joints.

  991. Jun 87 Como, Bart Bart instructs how to use hair spray on carbon fiber tow for handling Use wax paper under tow to aid relocation to surface requiring fibers.

  992. Jun 87 Gray, Jim Sources for Building Boards, Foam Cores, Sagitta 900, Contest Scoring Contest scoring program is an overlay to Lotus 1.2.3.

  993. Jun 87 Thomas, Jim Servo control system for Windsong using Airtronics 7SP radio is shown Two servo's needed for Ailerons.

  994. Jun 87 Slates, Jerry Landing points system which is closer to real world condition w/ full scale Down wind leg, turn, fly thourgh gate and land in patterned area.

  995. Jun 87 Beckett, Tony "Kastaway" kit by Bridi is reviewed and shown. Good in light wind. Turbulated wing (59") gives strength. Fuse of 3/32 balsa. Wt=15 Oz

  996. Jun 87 Pettigrew, Bill Cumic II kit is reviewed and changes noted for weight reduction.

  997. Jun 87 Benson, John Cal. Slope Designs "S. of Savage" features & flight performance are reviewed. Abrupt stalls are due to tapered wings and flying it too slow.

  998. Jun 87 Finch, Harry Vacuum forming techniques and equipment are described.

  999. Jun 87 Sawyer, Ti Tail boom breaks ended with epoxy, carbon fiber and glass cloth (+3 oz). A glass fuse is available.

  1000. Jun 87 Rondeau, Bob An all wood blade spoiler is shown in drawing. Looks good & light

  1001. Jul 87 Smith, Frank "Minimoa" full size is shown in photo & 3 view with specifications.

  1002. Jul 87 Gray, Jim Move to Arizona announced. Double issue planned for Aug-Sept. Post office to be announced.

  1003. Jul 87 Finch, Harry Part 2 of 5 part article construction. Home Vacuum Forming 5-87 is Pt 1. How to form a conope or similar part is described in this section.

  1004. Jul 87 Finch, Harry A proposal and one example of an electric ducted fan scale jet are given. An F86 jet flys in slope lift and fan is turned on when needed.

  1005. Jul 87 Slates, Jerry Update on the first F3B team and practice at San Jose, CA.

  1006. Jul 87 Williams, Dave A summary of the second practice session in Albuquerque, NM. CNN coverage was given as well as a 10 min spot on local TV.

  1007. Jul 87 Rondeau, Bob Gull winged ornithoid is shown in sketch as a mind exercise.

  1008. Jul 87 Chan, Steve ASW20 Glas Flugel model is shown as is Wurts's slope racer good photos.

  1009. Jul 87 Stoner, Arlie LJMP "Comet" is reviewed and given a strong recommendation. HQ2/9 112" Two spars and sheeted center section, Kevlar Fuse, Faster than Sagitta XC

  1010. Jul 87 Puppo, John The airfoil polar is described and related to sailplane design. Good for beginners.

  1011. Oct 87 Astech Models A 2 view drawing and specifications for "Mistral" polyhedral design A new kit from Canada

  1012. Aug 87 Reed, Mike & Mass, Carl Three View drawing and description of slope soaring aerobatic design

  1013. Oct 87 Work, Steve 87 world championship results are reviewed. Austria 1st USA 7th Reinhard Liese W. Germany 1st, Steve Work 18th, Steve Lewis, 28th.

  1014. Oct 87 Gray, Jim, MARCS Soaring Symposium, GDS&HS dual meet & Mid Columbia RCSS Fun Fly GDS&HS = Greater Detroit Soaring & Hiking Society

  1015. Oct 87 Eberhart, Dieter Dieter tells of his good experience with ASW-22 model and other activities. Activities include participation in the postal contests.

  1016. Oct 87 Wiebalck, Rainar High Sky Thermal Mixer II is reviewed with letter by Cliff Oliver Device works by causing the airplane to circle when it is rising.

  1017. Oct 87 Oldenburg, Ed Two ways to minimize tip stalls are covered: Nose Droop and + Tip Camber Diagram on how to use Noose Droop and more tip camber are given.

  1018. Oct 87 Morris, Pancho Changes in "Poquito Primero" for lighter wt., stronger fuse, & imp. control Wood in wing & tail downsized, fuse laminated with 1/64 ply & carbon tow.

  1019. Oct 87 Kaluf, William C. Aero-towing experiences with details on setup are given. - Good experiences Small spoilers & or canopy breaks are used for landing.

  1020. Oct 87 Border, Rich "Manic Monday" design of foam/balsa flapped wings with E214 airfoil. Flying performance is good. 38-40 oz. Unusual cable hold down.

  1021. Oct 87 Gray, Jim The flying performance of the "Algebra" design by Sean Bannister is covered.

  1022. Oct 87 Finch, Harry "Slope Scene" asks readers for information on solpe sites

  1023. Nov 87 Gray, Jim Jim comments on the roll F3B plays in the development of improved sailplane

  1024. Nov 87 Gray, Jim Jim gets settled in new AZ home and talks about getting aerotowed

  1025. Nov 87 Troy, Jeff Jeff reports on the 87 AMA NATS soaring event

  1026. Nov 87 Reed, Mike Mike talks about his fine models and has submitted photos.

  1027. Nov 87 Currington, E. G. Cardboard boxes used for holding models and parts also sink rate in turns. Table given for sink rate increase vs diameter of turn.

  1028. Nov 87 Simpier, Bernard K. Airtronics & Futaba responds to question about 91 guidelines and conversion Prices listed and instructions for getting transmitters retuned &/or upgrad

  1029. Nov 87 Underwood, Bob Frequently asked questions on new 72 MHz frequencies (channels) answered

  1030. Nov 87 Trapnell, Ben A report on the Texas Dash (Aug 22-34) is given. $500 prize to J. Wurts. E374 used on Wurts airplane. Cliff Oliver has LJM Assoc. S/P Des. Model

  1031. Nov 87 Scott, Tomas The Orlando Buzzards announce the 13th Annual Tangerine Soaring Chmps. Nov 27, 28, 29

  1032. Nov 87 Devlin, Ed Advice on developing your color scheme to enhance the beauty of a model. Good article. Original and useful.

  1033. Nov 87 Finch, Harry History of R/C slope soaring given. Locations and names given.

  1034. Nov 87 Shaw, Stan 132" span "Mistral" by ASTECH is discussed. E392 is used, $130 Canadian

  1035. Nov 87 Yates, Richard Light weight tailplane designs given.

  1036. Dec 87 Juschkus, Ray Eastern Soaring League comments on recent scale contest (with photos). PR Officer: Ray J. 7 Evergreen Ave., New Hyde Park, NY 11040 (516)352-0387

  1037. Dec 87 Porter, Jim RC Report reprint of sources for info. about RC soaring.

  1038. Dec 87 Raymond, Ron Power Scale Soaring Assoc. NL is discussed. Many 50's jets with foam const 52, Mountway, Waverton, Chester, England CH3 7QF

  1039. Dec 87 Keith, Russell Flight Line winch is shown and described

  1040. Dec 87 Entwhistle, Vaugn Questions & answers about RC Soaring to put into publications.

  1041. Dec 87 Abell, Bruce Experiment shows + sweep better than -. High point of AF moved root to tip. Airfoil coordinates given in article.

  1042. Dec 87 Slates, Jerry Jerry provides photos taken in Germany of world F3B competition.

  1043. Dec 87 Blanchard, Stuart Calypso 8 sailplane design is shown and source is given. B.A.R.C. 17 Hepley Road, Poynton, Nr. Stockport, Cheshire, England

  1044. Gray, Jim Status report on RCSD and explanation of the second Scale Issue.

  1045. Cartwright, Bob The story of Bob's T53 Slingsby is given. Swept forward wing.

  1046. Watkins, John Some information about the construction of Kirby Kite I is given. John's address is is given but is too long for this space.

  1047. Watkins, John "Crested Wren" model is shown and described. Vintage Glider Club mentioned Watkins is from England.

  1048. McGown, Ray Photos of Jantar and SB-10 are shown. Very Nice!

  1049. Smith, Frank Info. and photos: Moatzagotl, Minimoa, Grob 109, Grunau Baby II, ASW-22 SG-38 "Schulgleitter" Frank is from Australia

  1050. Smiley, Everett Hobby Lobby provides scale planes, but documentation is needed. Jim Gray offers information on how to get documentation.

  1051. Hiner, Jack Jack adds information about the LK-10 Flat Top. SOAR scale activities also

  1052. Gray, Jim Sources of scale documentation given.

  1053. Moore, Bud, Photos:CG-4A Cargo Glider and TG-3, ASK-13, Hunter H-17, LO 100

  1054. Raymond, Ron Information about the activities of the Power Scale Soaring Assoc. + photos

  1055. Finch, Harry Information about the International Slope Race at Davenport CA. Interesting photos!

  1056. Finch, Harry Continuation of article on vacuum forming with good details.

  1057. Rondeau, Bob "Algebra 3M" is reviewed and good details are shown & described. Sheeted foam with with nice F/G fuse.

  1058. Smiley, Clark Use epoxy on both sides of balsa sheet covering foam core, paint with soln. of dope & epoxy add 0.6 oz glass cloth and continue with dope then paint.

  1059. Jan 88 Gray, Jim Jim comments about the importance of F3b developemnts to thermal soaring.

  1060. Jan 88 Stevens, John Design of light weight model shown 4.72 oz/ft^2, 14 oz total, S2031 60" span, 427 sq inches

  1061. Jan 88 Love, Keith Paper tubes are great for holding stuff. Pay 'N' Pak has cheap sanding tools Diagram of paper tube rack shown. Tools are similar to Permagrit

  1062. Jan 88 Mulligan Friction free hinge construction is described. Causes of friction given. Gapless feature described. Use of piano wire to align hinges are given.

  1063. Jan 88 Mulligan, Don Technique for creating thin trailing edges with lower drag is given Sanding technique tapers balsa sheeting. 1/64" plywood gives sharp edge

  1064. Jan 88 Rondeau, Bob Full size wing saddles aid construction of all kinds of wing constructions. Diagarams and instructions given.

  1065. Jan 88 Devlin, Ed Accititer CCT is evaluated in its different configurations. Advanced Kit Photos are very good. E214, 2M, 723 in^2, 56 oz. 1.5 ft/sec sink, L/D=16

  1066. Jan 88 Riggle, Jim Slope sites in Oregon, Washington, and California are given w/ maps. Goodnoe Hills, McKinley Ridge, Hebo, Cscade Head, Cyote Hills, Richland

  1067. Jan 88 Gray, Jim Indexone cardboard slope soaring airplane is described

  1068. Jan 88 Keith, Russell Flight Line Systems winches are described in more detail. Constant Tension

  1069. Jan 88 Seaborg, Walt The proceedings of the MARCS Sailplane Symposium are offered.

  1070. Feb 88 Slates, Jerry Multiplex Ka-6E soars a ridge in California

  1071. Feb 88 Gray, Jim The problems & variety of Slope soaring activities are discussed.

  1072. Feb 88 Harden, Kale Kale comments on his new 3.5 meter Discus and shows photo. Kale also runs postal contests. Kale lives in Florida

  1073. Feb 88 Devlin, Ed Ed's sailplane has 9% thick Girsberger #15 upper/#12A lower airfoil. Fuselage has low drag nose. Airfoil plot is shown.

  1074. Feb 88 Knight, Gerry Winch was built from a design shown in June 86 Model Builder. Looks Good! Winch uses Ford Long Shaft Starter w/ end bearing. Opt. cart holds battery.

  1075. Feb 88 Sandroini, Hugo Hugo wins SULA's Modeler of the Month award for detailed Mini Nimbus. Photos of detailed cockpit and model are shown. Very Nice

  1076. Feb 88 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny An update on their flying wing experiences. Bill is active in design Bills address: P.O. Box 975 Olalla, WA 98359-0975

  1077. Feb 88 Levin, Earl South Bay Soaring Society has 3 F3B contests/yr. Lewis and Spicer members F3B contests are rare in US. More competition is needed to make it go.

  1078. Feb 88 Muligan, Don A retractible tow hook design is illustrated and discussed. Rondeau Illustration of spring to reteract mechanism

  1079. Feb 88 Douglas, Ian Illustrated mechanical mixing for Flaps/Ailerons/Rudder/Spoilers Compound linkage is used in Trigonometry '77 by Ian Douglas

  1080. Feb 88 MATS The size of wing rods needed for given size model is shown (span * Lbs) 3/32=25.4 1/8=58 5/32=109 3/16=181 7/32=275 1/4=392 17/64=461

  1081. Feb 88 Gray, Jim Comments on Central Arizona Modelers shown & products in show. Photo of Jim and Peggy or Paggy(?)

  1082. Feb 88 Voss, George Allure by Balsa USA is reviewed in construction and flight.

  1083. Feb 88 Byers, Wil A fun fly is planned for May 27-29 in Richland, WA Directions Given

  1084. Mar 88 Morris, Pancho Humorous article about the hiden intelligence of objects & gremlins. Good!

  1085. Mar 88 Murray, Lee Photos of The Great Race taken in Plainfield IL SOAR Club Sponsors Held June 13 87

  1086. Mar 88 Trapnell, Ben Response to High Start editorial about the value of F3b to thermal soaring F3b Said to be limited to professionals nor the common flyer.

  1087. Mar 88 Gray, Jim A one class world wide RC Thermal Soaring event is suggested. An RC event would foster the development of sailplanes to best match rules.

  1088. Mar 88 Mulligan, Don Response to High Start edit.on F3B Problems with F3B ships in TD events. F3B ships are too heavy, winches need to be specialized, fuses. too small

  1089. Mar 88 Foster, Mark Video tape of scale slope soaring is described. Cost = $20 Mark Foster, 326 Oneonta Drive, S. Pasadena, CA 91030

  1090. Mar 88 Hulme, Alan Covering foam with paper and white glue makes surface strong also painted. Wet paper, apply 50 0lue, dry, sand, steel wool, prine, paint

  1091. Mar 88 Mulligan, Don Sierra Vista Model Av. Club is having a power/launch soaring event. Don is CD (602) 458-7677 also Lou Crane (602) 459-0546

  1092. Mar 88 Carlson, Paul 123" Quasoar model prototype is shown. New product of Off the Ground Models Fiberglass Fuse, Foam Core Wing - Balsa Sheeted

  1093. Mar 88 Winiecki, Don Response to HS article on F3b. F3B ships can handle X-Country abuses. Design features suggested: Polyhedral, Variable Camber, Sharp LE

  1094. Mar 88 Morton, Jeff Tefalis CCT design with tiperons is shown and described. E214 Airfoil Calsoar P.O. Box 367, Topanga, CA 90290

  1095. Mar 88 Selig, Michael & Donovan, John An update of the plans for wind tunnel testing at Princeton.

  1096. Mar 88 Werner, Reinhard Eureka Flying wing design is shown and discussed. 3.5M span

  1097. Mar 88 Carmichael, Asher 3/8 or 1/4" glass or 2 counter tops are excellent building boards. Spray adhesive use listed.

  1098. Mar 88 Gray, Jim Flug und Modelltechnik is a magazine with many articles and plans. Published by Verlag fur Technik und Handwerk, 7570 Baden-Baden W.Germany

  1099. Mar 88 Murray, Lee RCSD databases for 1987 are published. References and Sources Appleworks discs and bulletin board listings available (414) 731-4848

  1100. Apr 88 Chan, Steve Photo of slope soaring over Pacific Ocean

  1101. Apr 88 Gray, Jim Advertising and mail problems and options are discussed as well as advice to subscribers who don't get their issues.

  1102. Apr 88 Martin, Jim Jim shares his experience with electric sailplanes

  1103. Apr 88 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Ways to avoid loss of control at low speeds is reviewed. Washout, Drooping LE, Turbulators, Fences, blowing or removing air on wings.

  1104. Apr 88 Nankivil, Mark F3E World Championships for pylon racing, scale & aerobatics in St.Louis Parks College, Cahokia, IL August 17-20, 1988

  1105. Apr 88 Kincaid, Leon Leon Displays his Scooter's airfoil section which is very close to E214

  1106. Apr 88 Gibbs, Chip Chip shows some ideas for design. Cumic wing with Sealy fuse works well. Chip is looking for other sailplane flyers in Missippi

  1107. Apr 88 Phoenix MAC Newsletter Rohacell is discussed, its properties shown and the source listed. Comes in 4 x 8' sheets. Cryo Industries, 25 Executive Blvd, Orange CT 06477

  1108. Apr 88 Michaelis, Harley Airtronics Sailplane transmitter set-up is discussed in some detail. The model of the radio was not given

  1109. Apr 88 Klassen, Doug A humorous story is told about the love of soaring and living in the desert.

  1110. Apr 88 M.Columbia RCSS A Fun Fly and Soaring Social is announced with an adgenda. May 26 88

  1111. Apr 88 Border, Rich Humorous story about being prepared for contests. - Good!

  1112. Apr 88 Carmichael, Asher Inexpensive 1/16" piano wire serve as tension or compression clamps.

  1113. Apr 88 Dvorak, john Cut an I Beam in 2 and use each side to compress wing while bonding skins. The beam weighs about 500+ lbs. Is ripped down sheer web.

  1114. Apr 88 Hiner, Jack The 88 Scale Uprising will be Sept 10 & 11, 88 Application included

  1115. Apr 88 Beckett, Tony Sweeping back the wing allows weight reduction. Brillig2 design is shown. UNL design is shown with some detail. Foam wings, 9-13 oz/ft^2

  1116. Apr 88 CASA Newsletter A diagram on how to hook up a retriever is shown.

  1117. May 88 Wyss, John Eclipse multitask sailplane is shown in 3 views. HQ2.5/9 airfoil 1220 Sq in, 128" span, 14.2 AR, 118-166 Oz, 13.9-19.6 Oz/Ft^2

  1118. May 88 Gray, Jim AMA scratches 89 F3B finals in Va. Beach without consulting F3B flyers. Bad PR example. Problem of launch rules sited as the problem.

  1119. May 88 Blakeslee, Byron A new Newsletter by Randy Reynolds for F3B is available from AMA for $5/Yr. Write Micheline Madison at AMA HQ.

  1120. May 88 BARCS World Interglide '88 announced for England with social barbecue planned. Contact Sam Hitchman, 7 Verney Close, Lighthorne, Warwickshire, CV35-0AC

  1121. May 88 Murray, Lee MaxSoar and PC-Soar are 2 new programs for Macintosh and IBM computers. Polars and several popular designs are on the main disc.

  1122. May 88 Porter, Jim The National Soaring Skills Symposium is announced for Blakesburg, IA May 28 and 29 are the dates for 1988.

  1123. May 88 Gray, Jim Aerodynamic Design of Radioguided Sailplanes by Ferdinando Gale' is reviewed Italian & English text by an engineering consultant for full size aircraft.

  1124. May 88 Abell, Bruce The Bruce Mitchell Memorial Award is given to Ian Avery in Australia. Award is for contributions to the sport.

  1125. May 88 Harvey, Mike Photo of English soaring club and comments about activities

  1126. May 88 Anderson, Bill 3M #77 spray adhesive should be used outside because of sticky overspray. Used on Fiberglass and for cutting out parts.

  1127. May 88 Heintz, Herman Herman flies a large model and is looking for an electronic altimeter He is shown with a gull wing model.

  1128. May 88 Abell, Bruce 3 new airfoils printed BA25R14 (14%), BA25R12 (12%), & BA25R8 (8%) Coordinates not available at this time.

  1129. May 88 Kincaid, Leon KME-214U or K3311 & K3312 airfoils shown w/ 9.5" chords & also coordinates. Leons winning airfoils similar to E214 and S2091

  1130. May 88 Jackson, Eric Eric shows a discus like hand launch glider which reportedly flies well. Eric says this flies better than the Sunrise.

  1131. May 88 Gray, Jim American Sailplane Design has a 38" HLG canard design - fast and aerobatic Wingloading = 9.4 oz/ft.

  1132. May 88 Devlin, Ed Ed recommends Krylon or Sig Skybright 1 part epoxy paint. Good Instructions Remove tape after 10 min. Dry overnight. Prime/ file holes/ sand/ paint

  1133. May 88 McCann, Tim Dragon's teeth stop model from sliding through spot. $2.95 McCann Tool and Electronics, P.O.Box 8155, Stockton, CA 95208

  1134. May 88 Williame, Jim The NASA LE droop tested and working well on E205 airfoil.

  1135. Jun 88 Sealy, Bob Ultima High Tech Thermal Duration Glider Design Shown in 3 views From Sealy's Quality Fiberglass 129" span, Polyhedral

  1136. Jun 88 Henwood, Bernard Contests formats are discussed as practiced in different contries. An international thermal duration format should be developed.

  1137. Jun 88 Gray, Jim Michael Selig to be a future contributer to RCSD. Princeton tests underway Additional models needed for testing.

  1138. Jun 88 Jenkins, Wesley An electric powerpod design is shown for launching with Astro .05 motor. The system shown was marginal on 120" span model. 8 cells used.

  1139. Jun 88 Bateson, Peter 1/8" Balsa/Kevlar-Polyester Resin/1/32" Plywood lamination is used as sides. Very strong fuselages are obtained.

  1140. Jun 88 Houk, David Good Products: Graupner Hinge Tape, H/L Wing Joiners, Safe-T-Poxy The Wing Joiner looks interesting.

  1141. Jun 88 Spackman, Glen Soaring trends in New Zealand are reviewed. 8 min max w/ man-on-man replacing conventional 6 min max, 1 hour rounds.

  1142. Jun 88 Devlin, Ed Finishing with cloth & dope is described in good detail to give fine finish Fiberglass cloth is used over balsa. Dope and baby powder used as filler.

  1143. Jun 88 Morrey, Eric Geodetic wing construction gives lightweight but strong wings Computer program using HP computer was created. Provoker model shown.

  1144. Jun 88 Carmichael, Asher A sanding block is shown to allow the user to inset 1/64" ply into balsa. Windsong flaps require this for stiffness.

  1145. Jun 88 Pikes Peak SS A system for running two selanoids on a winch with test lights. A test button shows status of selanoids.

  1146. Jun 88 Edmonds, Dick Algebra 4M is unveiled. Design uses S3021 or E392 A/R = 20:1 151" span

  1147. Jun 88 Murray, Lee RCSD Databases are available free from Bear's Cave BBS as text files. (414) 727-1605

  1148. Jun 88 Murray, Lee A powerstat is used to control the rate of charging of winches. A light timer controls the charging of radio and winch.

  1149. Jun 88 Keer, Lenny The construction of a good turn-around is shown in some detail. Uses materials and tools which can be obtained by the average person.

  1150. Jun 88 William, Jim Good results experienced with NASA leading edge droop on 2M ship.

  1151. Jul 88 Gray, Jim RCSD subscription price going up due to postage costs

  1152. Jul 88 Spackman & Elliott Schumann wing platform discussed as used on Tarantula and Epsilon. Straight trailing edge minimizes tip stalls. Used on Discus FS sailplane

  1153. Jul 88 Gray, Jim 5 wing profiles are compared. Strange leading edge gives high Cl & low Cd. Roughened LE or turbulator wire improves performance of some airfoils.

  1154. Jul 88 Hawley, Dale A. Eastwing FF model by Jetco has retractible .049 power. 76" span Use for RC $10 price

  1155. Jul 88 Horne, Doug Barbed hooks from fishing fly shop can be used for ends on dial chords CA glue holds hooks in. Diagram shows system.

  1156. Jul 88 Carmichael, Asher An sanding bar is held at perp. to building brd for sanding LE and sheeting. "C" clamp holds T bar back against block and the buildling board.

  1157. Jul 88 Rondeau, Bob A new Dodgson flap-aileron reflex trim is described and shown in diagrams. Very complex!

  1158. Jul 88 Hickman, Mike Mike suggests that the best thermalling models do not have low wing loading Mike argues that agressive flying, covering lots of ground, pays off.

  1159. Jul 88 Angevine, Wayne Wayne takes issue with M. Higgins and gives negatives to heavy models. Sink rate, damage when crashed, stall speed, landing speed, & launch height

  1160. Jul 88 Currington, Ernie Ernie takes issue with M. Hickman and says light but strong. Add weight when needed at CG for penetration.

  1161. Jul 88 Champine, Bob Stretch Gemini is shown and discussed. E392 will be used in a new model. Bob is working on his second progression to level V.

  1162. Jul 88 Gray, Jim Standard Gauge Wire Chart is shown with decimal equivalents and weights Should be handy for design work.

  1163. Jul 88 Paryz, Roman A repair of a pod and boom fuselage is described as well as wing parts. A good article for the first repair of glass fuselages.

  1164. Aug 88 Palenthorpe, Tony Bill Kuhlman and large F.wing at Richland OR slope. Article follows Continued on page 7.

  1165. Aug 88 Gray, Jim MARCS Symposium, Flying Wing Developments, Princeton Wind Tunnel News

  1166. Aug 88 Roseberry, W.A. Directions to slopes in Arizona w/ descriptions given + photos of activity. Geier Flying Wing, F-20 Soarer, Shot of hill

  1167. Aug 88 Palmer, Rick Talk of Arizona activity. Piano hinge air brakes are described - no diag. Ref. to Kit Planes article on leading edge droop. Articles to follow.

  1168. Aug 88 Kuhlman, Bill 88 National Mid Columbia RC Soarig Scale Fun Fly and Soaring Social Richmond slope looks ideal 40 deg, 1 mile long.

  1169. Aug 88 Trapnell, Ben Big Wing by Carl Boddie of Houston TX reviewed and flown. Foam constrn. Inj. foam with plastic leading edge. Flat glide! ARF too! 40 oz $45

  1170. Aug 88 Wurtz, Joe Joe sets a new FAI, & US record of 140 miles Decaired and Undeclaired Future story to follow.

  1171. Aug 88 Klassen, Doug ASW-20 kit by American Sailplane Designs for $275 is very nice and large Much room is provided inside fuselage

  1172. Aug 88 Klassen, Doug Cases for soaring gear by Matrix are shown. Size selection is large Transmitter cases to wings and other sizes as well.

  1173. Aug 88 Kincaid, Leon Stabilizer hord bearing shown and trailing edge construction methods shown Good ideas from a champion.

  1174. Aug 88 Voss, George George has ideas on spars with improved strength. Looks controversial George wants to put the strength members vertical.

  1175. Sep 88 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny SB-13 Flying wing is shown in 4 fiews and discussed in article (p2) An organization for the development of flying wings is indicated.

  1176. Sep 88 Gray, Jim Specifications given for winches motors and batteries - no flywheels. Standards are hard to measure. Lighter sailplanes are being developed.

  1177. Sep 88 Simons, Martin Evander 60" span sailplane is described and problems listed

  1178. Sep 88 Eberbach, Dieter Cortina kit from Multiplex is reviewed. It's fast but stable.

  1179. Sep 88 Gray, Jim Altimeter development status. A company at Toledo Show had telemetry eq. One of four functions were displayed on the ground. Details unknown.

  1180. Sep 88 Becket, Thomas The Percentage Slot method of scoring is discussed. Resembles Man on Man Each round is divided up into slots and scores are based on longest flight.

  1181. Sep 88 Champine, Bob Bob used his car parked in sun to cure FG fuse. Also current drain of radio. Two new receivers took 8.5 & 22 mA.

  1182. Sep 88 Champine, Bob Reynolds Number vs flight speed & chord and Cl vs flight speed & W. loading Chart were ploted and displayed.

  1183. Sep 88 Donovan, John & Selig, Michael Progress W/ Princeton wind tunnel discussed. Comparisons of polars given E205, E387, S3021 polars included

  1184. Sep 88 Darling, Dave (?) Apathy from AMA re: soaring activity may empower NSS to sponsor US contests CIAM and NAA being asked to sanction NSS to represent soaring enthusiasts.

  1185. Sep 88 Gray, Jim Sources for RCSD database, soaring videos, RCSD decals, cables, etc given LJM associates database covers all issues of RCSD.

  1186. Sep 88 Dodgson, Bob Bob takes issue with statements made about Lovesong and Windsong designs Bob looks at the whole design and discourages kit changes being promoted.

  1187. Sep 88 Trapnell, Ben A modification to Ace sniffler is proposed to eliminate effect of elevator. A dapened venturi tube ignores pulling up of the nose by pilot.

  1188. Sep 88 Smith, Keith Wax paper pulled over a fiberglass repair leavs a smooth surface.

  1189. Sep 88 Taylor, Gerald R. Wing leading edges and wingtips were investigated. Qualitative results. Drooped LE = >sink rate, Schuman platform =
  1190. Oct 88 Stevens, John Elimator 30 a 30" S3021 HLG w/ aileron control. 3 Views + article Doesn't fly inverted well and rolls very fast (twitchy).

  1191. Oct 88 Beckett, Tony More information about the Eliminator 30 HLG, contrasted to Stevens article Tony is slope soaring. A big difference from thernalling.

  1192. Oct 88 Ratliff, Bob Ben appreciates articles on F. Wings and J.Gray adds several good comments Strength of launching device = 3 lbs., Correct CG is very important

  1193. Oct 88 Lightfoot Sagitta stabilizer wire is glued to fin and modification is made to collet No flutter resulted in 24 sec. speed run.

  1194. Oct 88 Murray, Lee Dry weather brings excellent soaring to Anderson Sod Farm. Thermals seen. Telemaster 40 thermalled 9 minutes with engine off.

  1195. Oct 88 Kotch, Stan Brilliant E electric sailplane evaluated and given good marks. 102" span Other kits for sale for $138.56 from Stan

  1196. Oct 88 Berry, John 3.5M kit and Futaba PCM 1024A Radio are reviewed. Not for beginners A wide speed range is evident. Also excellent performance.

  1197. Oct 88 Carmichael, Asher Canopy construction is reviewed. Foam is used as a base for FG/Epoxy skin. Foam can be removed if needed. Good illustrations and article.

  1198. Oct 88 Cheney, Bob Altimiter ideas are presented. Transmit digital signal to ground. Ideas might get people to thinking and building.

  1199. Oct 88 Jackson, Eric Orbiter design is winning all in Portland area. Article to follow. Eric is a good flyer which may have something to do with Orbiter's success

  1200. Oct 88 Klassen, Doug Index One at only $30 is a steal. Cardboard covered foam wings. Simple!

  1201. Oct 88 Murray, Lee Walter Panknin makes a model which looks like a Dragon Fly w/ unusual parts Picture shown.

  1202. Oct 88 Gray, Jim High Performance Wings provides materials for vacuum bagging and also wings 17902 NE 156th. St., Woodinville, WA 98072

  1203. Oct 88 Gray, Jim Slope Soaring News announced. 2601 E. 19th St. #29, Signal Hill, CA 90804 Call Charley at (213) 494-3712 $15.95/yr. (12 issues)

  1204. Oct 88 Gray, Jim 89 F3B team = Larry Jolly, Seth Dawson, Rich Spicer, Gene Engelgau (alt) Decided Sept 17-18 88

  1205. Nov 88 Jackson, Eric 60" span Orbiter 60 HLG is sown in 2 views and discussed on page 2. Winning design from PASS club in Oregon

  1206. Nov 88 Wilson, Edwin Quasoar 120" sailplane from Off the Ground models compared to Windsong. Kit is foam cores, FG fuse and planking.

  1207. Nov 88 Gray, Jim Three new highstarts are available from C&D Enterprises for 2M, Std, & Unl. Kits are complete and high quality.

  1208. Nov 88 Stevens, John A simple but effective tow hook is shown made from wood and .125 music wire. Hole is drilled at forward angle, attached with epoxy & heated when removed

  1209. Nov 88 Kincaid, Leon Kincaid's K3311 airfoil used on Scooter) is similar to E214 airfoil Comparisons shown on plots.

  1210. Nov 88 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Flying wing technology discussed. TE requirements, Selig airfoils, etc. S5010 and S5020 coordinates shown.

  1211. Nov 88 Stevens, Peter A l5 hour flight in the quest for a new record (33 hours) is documented. Good reference material for level V LSF task

  1212. Nov 88 Klassen, Doug PC-Soar by LJM Associates is reviewed and given good marks for capabilities Klassen a computer novice experienced some problems using the new program.

  1213. Dec 88 Spicer, R. Synergy III is shown in 3 views on the cover & discussed on page 11 Smaller, lighter design for smaller winches 13.25 oz/in^2, 120" span

  1214. Dec 88 Yates, Richard A tailplane pivot bearing for low wear is described. Like Prodigy's A one view drawing shows control horn bearing also on brass tube/bearing

  1215. Dec 88 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Airfoils EMX07, ELINA & PHOENIX from Germany are with coordinates. 3 deg of twist recommended with 10 deg of wing sweep.

  1216. Dec 88 Caso, Rob Instructions for painting insignias onto a model using an airbrush Instructions are specific and useful.

  1217. Dec 88 Simons, Martin Martin takes issue with spar design of G. Voss (Aug 88). + Flying wing Martin things F3B flying wings are a possiblity for speed and distance.

  1218. Dec 88 Moore, Kenneth Sig Riser 100 reviewed. Good speed range; recommended for 1st to 3rd model Fuselage formers were reinforced with triangle stock.

  1219. Dec 88 Hohensee, John High vs low wing loading Prodigy analyzed by MaxSoar software (Macintosh) Flying in wind very often gives advantage to higher wing loadings.

  1220. Dec 88 Clark, Gary Ding Duck Cartoon from Australia makes first appearance in RCSD.

  1221. Dec 88 Connell, Martin Spar of lightest weight favors strongest members at maximum separation. Issue taken with George Voss article in Aug 88 issue.

  1222. Dec 88 Thomas, Kevin Kevin analyzes strength of various spar configurations, Very Good! Sheer webs glued to one side of the spar offer very good performanc.

  1223. Dec 88 Neitzke, Steve More comments on Dave Darlings views on NSS VS AMA for representing soaring

  1224. Dec 88 Gibbs, Chip Algebra 3M sailplane built and flown with success. Thermal Navigator used Two wings provided: S3021 or E394 wing length can vary from 2 to 4M

  1225. Dec 88 Darnell, D.O. A scratch built transmitter used for sailplanes. Special features used Contact Darnell for support in getting encoded ROM for sailplane Tx mixing.

  1226. Dec 88 Como, Bart Multiplex Flamingo built w/ mods. and flown with Airtronics 7SP radio. Hinge tape recommended from Hisco Prod. 4318 Centergate, San Ant. TX

  1227. Dec 88 Darnell, D.O. Response to Dave Darlings comments about AMA in Sept issue, p14.

  1228. Dec 88 Blakeslee, Byron Comments on the F3B team selection finals are made.

  1229. Jan 89 Reed, Mike Slopar with 52" span and S3021 airfoil is shown in 4 views and reviewed p10 Low wing model with no dihedral.

  1230. Jan 89 Gray, Jim RCSD reaches 1000 subscriptions, Jim Gray announces retirement on July 1 AMA supported as the best alternative we have for repersentation.

  1231. Jan 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Comments on downsized Blackbird HLGs and large flying wings

  1232. Jan 89 Bayard, Bob Wood boxes .75 * 1" w/ all parallel grain are stronger than X-grain top/bot Confirmed but without numbers quoted. 70 0mprovement claimed.

  1233. Jan 89 Lahde, R. & Bayard, R. Adhesive joints of carbon fiber preform to spruce, balsa, and CF compared Sanding is a must. Thin joints best CA>Epoxy(slow)>Epoxy(fast)>Alaphatic

  1234. Jan 89 Smith,H. & Lightle,R. Rotor slope ship is reviewed. Fast and accurate & agile are attributes From VS Sailplanes Seattle, WA 98103

  1235. Jan 89 Murray, Lee MARCS '89 National Soaring Symposium is reviewed with photos

  1236. Jan 89 Boysen, Art Gemini 3M model w/stretched tip panels analyzed by MaxSoar (LJM Associates) Uses S4061

  1237. Jan 89 Paryz, Roman Terms defined RN, Cl, Cm, Aspect Ratio for beginners.

  1238. Jan 89 Searcy, Marshall The Discus shape wing is out according to Marshall - too much tip stall

  1239. Jan 89 Beckett, Tony Bed and Breakfast is offered to modelers visiting Rutland England

  1240. Jan 89 Teo, Jeremy 60" Banzai slope soarer is introduced for combat and aerobatic flying. Banzi Enterprises, 2997 Anderson Ave, Port Alberni, BC Canada V9Y2V3

  1241. Feb 89 Gray, Jim Sportsman F3B class would be popular based on response from RCSD question RCSD would publishe guidelines for competition.

  1242. Feb 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny BASIC listing for computing requirements for stable flying wings is given Sweep Ratio, Pitching Moment, Twist included

  1243. Feb 89 Blettner, Harold Silicone hinge construction based on '86 Sailplane Symposium Article 6 Oz Fiberglass tape and RTV silicone is used

  1244. Feb 89 Rebstock, Reiner Translation of MTB 1&2 where application of Eppler section are given. Good reference to keep. Originally from TMSS Newsletter

  1245. Feb 89 Jenkins, W.H. Description of proper knife for balsa wood carving is described. Convex! A straight edge razor works best with non-folding handle.

  1246. Feb 89 Murray, Lee Information about RCSD database given. Bear's Cave BBS is source of DB Discs with Appleworks.DB, or text files (IBM or Apple) are available.

  1247. Feb 89 Berton, Ed Mariah 2M plan with Rud, Ail, Flaps & Pod & Boom construction is shown Design in 3 views and discussed on p12 and S4061, 34 to 37 Oz, 8.75 Oz/Ft^2

  1248. Feb 89 Moore, E.B. Description of Tangerine Soaring Championship results for '88

  1249. Feb 89 Devlin, Ed Airtronics Vision System announced, ATRCS upgrades available. Sheldon's to have Vision 8SP for $450. My check showed $500

  1250. Feb 89 Byers, Wil '89 Nats to have many one day events over several areas of competition. Mon-XC, Tue-HLG & Slope, Wed-Scale & F3B, Thu-Unl, Tri-Std, Sat-2M

  1251. Feb 89 Smith, Brian Sagitta 900 mods and hints to better performance are given.

  1252. Feb 89 Hallett, Rick Olympic II can be modified to UNL class 136" sailplane and flys very well. Build 36" center section.

  1253. Mar 89 Finlay, Grant Richochet 108" design w/ RG15 airfoil shown in 3 views 10.25" chord. 5 Deg dihedral, 6 to 7 lbs with ballast. Won New Zealand Nats in 87

  1254. Mar 89 Gray, Jim More on 1 design F3B, loss of sites, electric flight on small fields

  1255. Mar 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Continuation of discussion of flying wings, full size and models. + Flaps B2 "Stealth", YB-49 comments, flaps, twist.

  1256. Mar 89 Palmer, Rick '89 Internat. Model Show - Pasadena is reviewed w/ many product comments. Good review with comments on many products

  1257. Mar 89 Trapnell, Ben LSF new address: League of Silent Flight, P.O. Box 517, Winfield, IL 60190

  1258. Mar 89 Gray, Jim Mark Foster's Slope Soaring Sites of the West is reviewed & given good mark Famous sites are shown as well as good flying and beautiful models.

  1259. Mar 89 Poehls, Vern Flight Line Systems winch was reviewed. Worked well one hole year. Power is a little less than std Ford starter model with 12V battery.

  1260. Mar 89 Search, Marshall Spoiler Hinge by Marshall Searcy is shown - looks light and strong Marshall Searcy, 308 N. 2nd. St. Porterville, CA 93457 (209) 782-1400

  1261. Mar 89 C. A/C Eng. & Sup. Sucker kit for wing bagging is announced Composite Aircraft Eng. & Supply P.O. Box 866, Lapeer, MI 48446 (313) 797-4357

  1262. Mar 89 LSF '89 LSF Soaring Nats is announced for May 6,7 in San Francisco

  1263. Mar 89 Tri-City Soarers '89 Int. Scale RC Soaring Fun Fly is announced for May 26-28 in Richland WA

  1264. Mar 89 Smith, Brian Photos, comments about flying and trying for LSF V goal & return.

  1265. Mar 89 Levin, Carl Quasoar by Paul Carlson, is critiqued with suggestions for F3B use. 111" span is proposed, spruce LE, add ailerons, less dihedral

  1266. Mar 89 Winiecki, Don Shueman tips for Windsong and comments on several different models Adante, Camano, Gobbler, Gemini MTS, Pivot

  1267. Mar 89 Cole, S. Issue taken with Hohensee article on lead sleds, vs flyweights Don points out consequences of heavy weight in launching and sink rate

  1268. Mar 89 Klingensmith, Myron Field repairs are assisted by plastic funnel to put baking soda on break Funnel is made from Monokote backing, Screwdriver used to meter flow.

  1269. Apr 89 Chaney, Don Conquest F3B ship with HQ2.5/10 or RG15 airfoil shown in 3 views. 10-12.5 Oz loading, Sheeted Foam. Page 4 with more detail

  1270. Apr 89 Gray, Jim Wilshire Hobbies closes after being a valuable resource for years.

  1271. Apr 89 Blakeslee, Byron, Sportsman Contest comments are registered. It looks like this might work.

  1272. Apr 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunnie Buettner flap control system using belts is discussed & illustrated A unique design and concept.

  1273. Apr 89 Vivas, Felix Interest in F3E is solicited.

  1274. Apr 89 Reed, Mike Slope Racing thoughts are shared. Airfoils between 6-15hould be used. Thin ones fly fast but loose on turns. Thick ones loose on straights.

  1275. Apr 89 Granger, Ed Theory of Thermal Navigator is discussed. It is recommended for XC racing since the sniffler frequencies are crouded.

  1276. Apr 89 English, Chris Olympic II sailplane wing attack should be adjusted 1/8" lower at LE A modification for spoiler adjustment is shown.

  1277. Apr 89 Chan, Brian Cardboard playing cards work well for mixing epoxy, speading glue, cutting pad, templates, gussets, & heat shields.

  1278. Apr 89 Bell, Paul Titanium Wing Rod strength, modulus & yield compared to steel and aluminum. Stress=(moment*10.2)/Diameter^3 Stiffness=0.049*Dia^4*(moment of inertia)

  1279. May 89 Allen, Mark Falcon 880 contender in RCSD challenge is shown in 3 Views. Described p6 Kit available, 112 in span, 10 oz/sq ft., S3021-S3014, 60 Oz, Schuman TE

  1280. May 89 Vivas, Feliz Column describes good equipment for electric sailplanes. Monthly column

  1281. May 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Wing twist, airfoil selection and sweep and taper are discussed. Very good column

  1282. May 89 Triebes, Mark Excalibur 1 is shown and plans for Excalibur 2 discussed

  1283. May 89 Cox, Jim Aerotow account using Kadet is shown in photos and described

  1284. May 89 Donovan, John Video of Princeton Wind Tunnel Tests available from J. Donovan 754 Stone Canyon Drive, Manchester, MO 63021

  1285. May 89 English, Christopher Description of techniques for soaring on dam shown in diagram.

  1286. May 89 Reed, Mike Mike used a cox model car to tow a glider into the air over a road. Tension was self regulating.

  1287. May 89 Abell, Bruce Photos of models from Australia including Saab Gryphon Jet

  1288. May 89 Don Wienecke Pivot modification is described to tail section to improve handling.

  1289. May 89 Welwood, Bob 1-2 oz glass cloth is attached to wood with CA at 1/2" spots. Epoxy added later (thinned) allow 2 days to dry before wet sanding. (Good Article)

  1290. May 89 Reynolds, Waid Dodgson Lovesong kit is briefly evaluated. Instructions could be improved. New methods noted.

  1291. Jun 89 Olsen, Ray Thunderbird MTS sailplane shown in 3 Views and described on page 11

  1292. Jun 89 Gray, Jim Gamma Gull design is described with its predisors Baby Gull & Gull Models hang in Jim's office

  1293. Jun 89 Vivas, Felix Balancing props, Airtronics Vision, Battery Packs discussed

  1294. Jun 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny The plan service offered thought B&B is described. Flutter also discussed P.O. Box 976, Olalla, WA 98359-0976

  1295. Jun 89 Rauch, Bill Feather HLG is discussed, Orig. article in Model Builder May 88 Additional details given to augment the article in MB

  1296. Jun 89 Agnew, Brian Ed Burton's (Competition Products) design is evaluated with bldg comments.

  1297. Jun 89 Wagner, Ron & Karen The design of the Thunderbird model is discussed. Very impressive pedigree Uses LJM Associates laser templates & Lee's nose cone design.

  1298. Jun 89 Gray, Jim Channel 1 Productions video is commented on with a diagram of cutting jig. Looks like a very useful set of videos and supporting information.

  1299. Jun 89 Iafret, John Ways to make the Sportsman F3B event more fair are listed. Turn arounds

  1300. Jun 89 Teo, Jeremy Comments made on FAST (foam and spar technique). Strong, light, durable Jeremy is from Banzi enterprises

  1301. Jul 89 Dodgson, Bob Camano model with flaps and ailerons is shown in three views. This has been a std product for several years. Uses E214 airfoil

  1302. Jul 89 Steele, Bob The level V members are listed along with the current officers and addrs.s Bob Steel-Pres,Jim Martin-Sec,Susie Lip-Treas, LSF Box 517 Winfield,IL60190

  1303. Jul 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Discussion of the nerrits of flying wings from The Wing Is The Thing NL By Klaus Savier

  1304. Jul 89 Thomas, Jim Plug in spoiler control linkage looks like a good idea and is used by Jim Fence spoiler disign for airbrakes is illustrated and discussed.

  1305. Jul 89 Devlin, Edward Sealy Ultima Kit 129" span is reviewed. Flight characteristics are good Some design changes are recommended.

  1306. Jul 89 McGowan, Ray Mark Allan's Falcon 880 is reviewed. S3021 airfoil, willing design, Good! Kit is available, Schumann platform, transition to S3014

  1307. Jul 89 Gray, Jim Fun Fly was covered by Jim in Pasco, WA

  1308. Jul 89 Jones, Peggy A wifes comments on learning to fly a sailplane and being with nature and H Good for wives to read.

  1309. Jul 89 Web, Kevin Airtronics is coming out with a new model Legend to work with Vision Radio Legend is same as Falcon 880.

  1310. Aug 89 Mills, Max Westwind RCSD Challenge entry is shown in three views S3021, Flaps & Ailerons, Crow Option

  1311. Aug 89 Gray, Jim 8 Entries to the RCSD Challenge have been made. Electrics in RCSD(?)

  1312. Aug 89 Vival, Felix Contest formats are described. Mfgrs are heavily promoting electric soaring $2000 cash prize being offered for winner of Astro Flight contest.

  1313. Aug 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny The design of several models is discussed Elfe II, Nurflugel, JustInTime 87 Sweep and tip/winglet design is an issue as well as control surface placemt

  1314. Aug 89 Klassen, Doug & Hanzlik, Chris The Klingberg Wing is reviewed with good marks for flying but not for kit. Construction details are rigerous and perhaps not the best approach.

  1315. Aug 89 Halleck, Alan Alan's Clovis Point model is very fast and does axial rolls. Sheeted blue foam construction is heavy. Airfoil is a custom design.

  1316. Aug 89 Gibbs, Chip Lovesong design shows improvements over Windsong eg spar to tips of wing. Changes recommended to control system to minimize slop.

  1317. Aug 89 Blakeslee, Byron Rules for the sportsman F3B program were discussed and recommendations made 75 Oz max, Launch equipment host supplied, No relaunches, Normalized scores

  1318. Aug 89 Rand, Rick & Alexander, Robert A nicad discharge monitor system is shown which is inexpensive to make. The parts are few but a circuit board would be nice.

  1319. Aug 89 Various Several contributors present ideas about why contests are not more popular No easy answers here although the ideas may be valuable.

  1320. Sep 89 Various This issue is dedicated to RC Scale Soaring

  1321. Sep 89 Charlesworth, Cliff Mu13d Atalante sailplane shown in 3 views and discussed in High Start

  1322. Sep 89 Gray, Jim NATS results are listed for XC, HL, F3b, Sports Scale, UNL, STD, 2M Joe Wurts winns three events.

  1323. Sep 89 Smith, Frank Scale Documentation is discussed from an expert's perspective. Several tests are listed

  1324. Sep 89 Watkins, John Vintage sailplanes are discussed along with the reasons for flying them. Olympia IIb and Crested Wren are shown

  1325. Sep 89 Gray, Jim Mark Allen's Falcon 880 wins RCSD challenge for best sport F3b design. other entries: Camano, Conquest, Hustler, Odyssey, Pulsar, Quasoar, WestWnd

  1326. Oct 89 Gray, Jim Special How-To Issue

  1327. Oct 89 Gray, Jim Handicapping is discussed as a way to get more participation in Sport MTS. Skil levels and model type both used to compute handycap.

  1328. Oct 89 Slates, Jerry Miter tray is described for sanding joint angles and setting wing rods. Piano hinge is used. Both sides rise off table so joiner would be level.

  1329. Oct 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Flaps on planks can be used, light wing loadings are typical

  1330. Oct 89 Michaelis, Harley Installation of rubber hinges from ACE R/C is discussed. Ailerons, Flaps

  1331. Oct 89 Harger, Jim Super Zebco retriever is discussed which results in no twisting of line. Sounds live very good idea. Commercial model available. 314-443-6708

  1332. Oct 89 Eberbach, Dieter Ideas on spotting and using thermals are offered along with trimming tips.

  1333. Oct 89 Morris, Pancho Ideas on how to fly in wind are offered. Stay up wind, ballast, speed. Don't try to land crosswind, best upwind. If necessary land hot downwind.

  1334. Oct 89 Klassen, Doug PC-Soar Version 1.3 for sailplane design and evaluation is reviewed. Wide list of features are listed and good marks given.

  1335. Oct 89 PASS Spar strength data is offered for various types of construction. Good! 6 1/2 page article available from club.

  1336. Oct 89 Bayard, Bob 0.25" Carbon vs Steel wing rods, hardened and not hardened, are discussed. Steel rods bent as low as 25 lbs, brake <= 80 lbs, Carbon F broke at 45 lbs.

  1337. Oct 89 Reiffer, Ray Turbulators provide corrections for bad wings, but may also cause problems

  1338. Nov 89 Meinke, Harry Aluminum spoilers construction is described in Jer's Workshop article Looks a little heavy for thermalling models.

  1339. Nov 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Wing sweep and twist is discussed along with construction methods/materials

  1340. Nov 89 Selig, Michael What is takes to fly fast is discussed. Wing Loading and Drag are key.

  1341. Nov 89 Gray, Jim Historical Basis for a one design contest is offered.

  1342. Nov 89 Miller, Bill Bill describes good modifications to the Gentle Lady to improve durability. Double spar, reinforced stab, push rod selection, etc.

  1343. Nov 89 Reynolds, Randy Specific airfoils suggested for specific kinds of soaring. Good! Methods of construction suggested along with appropriate airfoils.

  1344. Nov 89 The Silent Flyer SD-7032 was created for RN <100,000 and has L/D 20 0gher than E214.

  1345. Nov 89 Gray, Jim The Complete Airfoiler (German) is a source of polars, plots & Coordinates NACA, HQ, Wortmann, Benedik, Isaacson, Eppler

  1346. Nov 89 Sawyer, Tyson Sailplane Design by Dave Fraser is a bullet proof package for designing. Has plots and printout capability.

  1347. Nov 89 Eberbach, Dieter Very large Red Monster is shown and problems with design discussed. BBS's for computers are listed. West Coast numbers + AC 201 ?

  1348. Nov 89 Lindsay, Blair A simple spreadsheet approach for analysis of equip. changes to CG. List weights * distance from CG. Look for zero moment.

  1349. Nov 89 PASS Dialog from USENET (UNIX) network Reed College lists Soartech 8 Source H.A. Stokely, 1504 Horseshoe Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, $20

  1350. Nov 89 Sierra Silent Soarers Relative dimensions for laying out a Schuemann wing platform are shown. BASIC code for the calculations is shown. Looks like something is missing.

  1351. Nov 89 Chewning, Pat Characteristics of different kinds of airfoils are listed. Clark Y(Flat Bottom), E205(Philips E), E214(Undercambered), E374(Sym)

  1352. Nov 89 Slates, Jerry Falcon 880 fuselage construction is mentioned with comments about staff. Flite Lite is company producing Falcon 880 by Mark Allen

  1353. Nov 89 Klassen, Doug The Craftsman's Workshop BBS is listed as having a section for RC Soaring 602-491-3494 uses 8-N-1 protocol.

  1354. Dec 89 Gray, Jim 1989 milestones reviewed. X-C becomes the fun fly, Falcon 880 wins RCSD+ reaches 32 pages. Slates will publish RCSD from CA. EZ Retriever=S.Zebco

  1355. Dec 89 Slates, Jerry Use foil tape to CF fuse boom for an antenna. Ant. inside doesn't work.

  1356. Dec 89 Jones, Gordon Uses and types of Carbon Fiber are listed (tow, mat, rod). Trailing edges on foam cores, servo boxes, spars. Makes indestructible.

  1357. Dec 89 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny 20 degree sweep with winglets is recommended for performance and stability. Avoid high sweep because of stability and launching problems.

  1358. Dec 89 Morris, Pancho The test dive approach to setting CG is described once again. 30 deg dive after best glide is establised. Gentle recovery is desired.

  1359. Dec 89 Bosco, Willie Robbie ASW-24 reviewed. 11.5' balsa sheeted foam wing & fuse are durable. Model crashed but went together well. UFO was useful in not attacking foam

  1360. Dec 89 Gray, Jim Scale Glider Component products are listed. DG-202 kit, 5'*1/16" pushrods Scale retracts, high tech wing 8.5 0.000000E+00374 w/ CF

  1361. Dec 89 Darnell, D.O. $19.95 videos on construction of specific models, Falcon 880, Ultima, etc. show quality of kit and go on to build the model showing tips. MCV-mfgr.

  1362. Dec 89 Pipic, Thomas Weight conversions from grams for a sheet of balsa to lbs/cu ft density. Also volume chart for various sizes of balsa sheets.

  1363. Dec 89 Berton, Ed Phoenix kit is released. Laser cut parts. S4061 wing w/ ailerons & flaps. Competition Products, Apollo Beach, FL 33572

  1364. Dec 89 Devlin, Ed Ed reports that Ultima cable pushrods have too much flex and caused flutter and loss of model. He suggests fiberglass puchrods.

  1365. Dec 89 Slates, Jerry Pete Bechtel imports kits and produces Cobra-17 and Kestrel-19 models Now a dealer for Fiber Glass Fluge Unlimited. Ads to follow.

  1366. Jan 90 Gray, Jim HP-18A Sailplane shown in three views on cover

  1367. Jan 90 Slates, Jerry Flight box for holding fuselages and tools is shown and discussed Project is simple to make from 8' x 6" x 1" pine board.

  1368. Jan 90 Vilas, Felix Big prizes go to few contestants in F3E contests. Big rewards await. Astro 05 Cobalt motor with 7-900 ma cells with fast slope glider needed.

  1369. Jan 90 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Winglet design and location is discussed as it relates to stability. Mounting angles are discussed.

  1370. Jan 90 Simons, Martin 1st. Article by Martin S. covers F3J & SP polars & other useful info. Rate of turns, min. sink, L/D., Lift = Model Weight * Cos (Glide Angle)

  1371. Jan 90 N.E. Sailplane Products NSP company (Sal Defrancesco, Jay Kempf & Stan Eames) debuts at WRAM show To provide a new source of high tech articles for technical soaring buffs.

  1372. Jan 90 Selig, Michael Square-Cube law and scaling for RC gliders explains why they appear slow. The effect is deceptive and you may loose an XC model by flying too fast.

  1373. Jan 90 Gray, Jim Soartech 8 covering Princeton Wind Tunnel tests is published. Ordering Info Send $20 to HA Stokely 1504 N. Horseshoe Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

  1374. Jan 90 Murray, Lee & Palfery, John MARCS National Soaring Symposium '89 is reviewed. Princeton WT Data Review Flying Wings, F3B World Champ., Thermals, Sailplane Design, Airtronics Dev.

  1375. Jan 90 Carr, Peter A trip to famous Harris Hill & contest is covered.

  1376. Jan 90 Jones, Gordon Instructions on a ground school for new pilots convers basic in control. This understanding makes the learning go smoother.

  1377. Jan 90 Murray, Lee PC-Soar Versions 2.0 and 3.0 are announced.

  1378. Feb 90 Ealy, Jim The full size DFS Habicht is shown in 3 views. 13.6 M span AR= 11.7 Plans are available from Jim. (609) 448-8725

  1379. Feb 90 Gray, Jim Sportsman multitask soaring event may be hindered by high wing loadings 75 Oz total weight does not limit the use of small wings.

  1380. Feb 90 Hall, David Desert Union of Sailplane Thermallists (DUST) solicits members in CA David Hall, 3030 Cypress Rd. Palm Springs, CA 92262 (619) 320-5814

  1381. Feb 90 Allen, Mark Designer of the Falcon 880 has comments to RCSD readers. 175 kits shipped

  1382. Feb 90 Kuhlman, Bill& Bunny The future of flying wings looks bright unless banned for unfair advantages Wings are capable of the perf. required to win but piloting must improve.

  1383. Feb 90 Slates, Jerry Foam rubber can fill the hinge gap and reduce drag.

  1384. Feb 90 Palmer, Rick Rick uses a crow call to attract crows which like to find thermals. He has repeated this several times and uses it regularly.

  1385. Feb 90 Reynolds, Waid Rick uses Excel spreadsheet to create helpful charts. Other spreadsheets with graphics should work as well.

  1386. Feb 90 Jones, Gordon Gordon tests a rather flexible kit using a sheeted foam wing and one of two fuselage options. Dan Acker is the designer.

  1387. Feb 90 Griffen, Len A program is offered for computing contest standings & end of year results Len Griffin, N9946 River Rd., Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

  1388. Feb 90 Griffen, Len Schueman Wing platform dimentions are computed based on target chord, span Loc. of flaps and ailerons comp. N9946 River Rd. Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

  1389. Feb 90 Palmer, Rick Silhouette kit by Douglas Aircraft Model Aviation was smooth & acrobatic Flew and landed faster than expected.

  1390. Feb 90 Knox, Kenneth Sacramento Valley Soaring Soc. is accepting charter members Florin HS sports field at 9:30 AM Saturdays or call (916) 682-3400

  1391. Feb 90 Simons, Martin Pt 2 continues to discuss polars & the consequences of lift & sink. Flying fast is required to minimize effects of down air.

  1392. Feb 90 Edmonds, Terry Terry wants who wants to participate in setting FAI rules. Terry Edmonds, 1 Lakeview Dr. Iowa City, IA 52240

  1393. Feb 90 Griffin, Len Len built three sizes of this model and discusses their relative perf. Aspect ratios should be lower for 2M. More poly for larger models.

  1394. Feb 90 Greg Vasgerdsian Greg describes how Jerry Slates began his business and describes it now.

  1395. Mar 90 Slates, Jerry Phoebus 48" HLG design photo from Am S/P Design shown. Model is 10 Oz, 1/32" sheeted foam wing design at $90

  1396. Mar 90 Gray, Jim FMT Flug und Modell Technik is rated as an excellent periodical. Verlag fuer Technik und Handwerk GmbH, Postfach 1128, D-7570 Baden Baden WG

  1397. Mar 90 Bogardus, Carl H. Aviation & Computer Enthusiasts (ACE) publication highlighted Write ACE 2009 Camelot Drive, Las Cruces, NM 88005

  1398. Mar 90 Banka, Bob Scale Model Research announces offering of 3 view drawings for scale doc. 100 sailplane photo-packs, 21 powered sailplanes, most 3 views.

  1399. Mar 90 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny The process of foam cutting is discussed & illustrated for flying wings Two template method is shown.

  1400. Mar 90 Slates, Jerry Ways to mount the cables in thin F/G fuselages is discussed. Balsa strips with holds for cables are mounted to sides and pinned in place

  1401. Mar 90 Anthony, Don Mariah 2M S/P was difficult to build - Changes noted. Flying was good. Specific model was 39 oz. pod & boom designwith S4061 airfoil.

  1402. Mar 90 Byers, Wil A E221 airfoil was tested. Results showed good penetration + good lift. 16.6 A/R 98" span, 14-28 oz/ft^2 loadings

  1403. Mar 90 Simons, Martin Pt 2 Section 1 discusses effects of ballast and model weight on flight All aspects of optimized trim compromise some important aspect.

  1404. Mar 90 Gray, Jim Casio Digital Barometer/Altimeter Watch is discussed. Features are listed Not too specific instructions are given.

  1405. Mar 90 Bayard, Bob Instructions for foam cutting are illustrated and discusssed. .022 wire was recommended.

  1406. Mar 90 Unknown Midland has a hands off walkie talkie which should be good for F3B practice 49 MHz design used ear microphone and speaker.

  1407. Apr 90 Ferdinando Gale' Laros (circa 1942) Free Flight model design is shown in three views 2.14M span, 160 mm mean chord, SL-1 Airfoil, Wing loading 3.23 Kg/m^2

  1408. Apr 90 Gray, Jim Model Construction Video's Mariah Construction Tape is given good reviews. Denny Darnell has given birth to a series of teaching tapes for modelers.

  1409. Apr 90 McGowan, Bob Hints of how to get radios into small spaces are presented. Removing battery cases is one good idea.

  1410. Apr 90 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Faszination Nurflugel text on flying wings documents changes in designs. Lacks key theory but is otherwise a bargain at ~$20.

  1411. Apr 90 Slates, Jerry More on installing pushrods in fuselages. Here larger models are covered. constructing partial formers and setting them is covered.

  1412. Apr 90 Jones, Gordon Obechi comes in single sheet & is strong & light. Apply best with tape. Spray adhesive doesn't seem to work here according to Gordon.

  1413. Apr 90 Cope, Gene Detailing the cockpit and pilots. Make doll clothes duplicate fabrics look up insignias, instrument positions etc. Look for details.

  1414. Apr 90 Reynolds, Randy New Mailing Address: F3B USA, 122 E. Uintah St., Co.Springs, CO 80903 Latest change is hopefully last for a while.

  1415. Apr 90 Palmer, Rick IMS-Pasadena show is reviewed. Several new models were shown.

  1416. Apr 90 Slates, Jerry More on the IMS-Pasadena Show.

  1417. Apr 90 Byers, Wil The Tri City Soarers International R/C Scale Fun Fly '90 is promoted It looks like a very nice event is taking place.

  1418. Apr 90 Simons, Martin Part 2 Section 2 on Sources of Drag. The drag budgeting is discussed. The advantages of a good model are discussed.

  1419. Apr 90 Radioglide 90 Radioglide 90 entry form and a description of the event is covered.

  1420. May 90 Murray, Lee RCSD Database available from Bears Cave BBS (24 hr/day)

  1421. May 90 Mcolgan, Don Masters of S. Tournament results: McGowan, Koplan, Wurtz, George & Edberg Very close results & novel format (4 for 22 min, variable landing points)

  1422. May 90 Welwood, Bob John Clarke's video on foam cutting and bagging offers advanced tips. Only $10 + 3 P&H 911 Covert Av., New Hyde Park, NY 11040

  1423. May 90 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunnie Contributions of Ken Bates are reviewed. Ideas on design reviewed. No dihedral desired. Stability comes from more sweep. References.

  1424. May 90 Harger, Jim Testing for improvements with turbulator strips by only doing one wing. Look for turning and changes in trim settings.

  1425. May 90 Byers, Wil The Casio #510 altimeter wrist watch is discussed. Will hold max altitude. 13,120 ft max altitude and alarm functions in addition to chronograph ftns..

  1426. May 90 Slates, Jerry Use Dremel router tool for spar slots in foam wings. Custom sanding blocks Save by using light spackling vs Model Majic which costs lots more.

  1427. May 90 Soar Valley Soarers Very little weight savings found for using litespan vs solarfilm. Ideas for weight savings given.

  1428. May 90 Simons, Martin Vortex drag is discussed along with RN effects. Clark Y still good - L.Spd Wing size shown to be a major effect in comparing performance.

  1429. May 90 Slates, Jerry Los Banos Fun Fly photos & Review & directions to beautiful slope sight More photos on page 15, Good photography.

  1430. May 90 Sanders, Eric The Vision radio by Airtronics can be modified to operate Futaba and others The change is to invert pulses. A diagram is shown. Looks good.

  1431. May 90 Jones, Gordon The sucker kit by Composite Aircraft Engineering & Supply reviewed. A very pleased customer gets information via phone call.

  1432. May 90 Anthony, Don Ideas for thermalling contests: Silent Timer, Novice Pilot, Opt. Duration Trimming and stability event. Plenty of ideas for having more fun.

  1433. Jun 90 Morrey, Eric 3 View plan on Prowler III design: geodesic ribs & blue foam, E193, Nice! British design, small plywood fuselage, 64 oz, 900 sq in., Alloy tube spar

  1434. Jun 90 Slate, Judy Martin Simons is coming to California to visit Slates & meet modelers

  1435. Jun 90 Scidmore, Al F3J contest with hand towing aids spectator enjoyment and was well received by contestants as well. Will be repeated in October of '90

  1436. Jun 90 Spindler, John Additional modifications for Vision Radio reduces susceptibility to noise This is a follow up comment to last month's article on Vision Modifications

  1437. Jun 90 Nankivil, Mark 3 Events are described to be run during NATS this year. FIA F3E(7 Cell), RC Class A S/P Event 610 & 612

  1438. Jun 90 Russel, Peter Brass output gears replaced on Airtronics 401 Servos 2086 Swensen Ct., SanJose, CA 95131 (408) 259-1081

  1439. Jun 90 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunnie An Applesoft BASIC program offered to compute camber lines for wings This increases number of wings that can be used for flying wings.

  1440. Jun 90 Darnell, Darrell Some comments about advantages of FG covered foam core wings on Falcon 880 Al tube LE, CF in TE, Joiner tubes inserted last, some details from Video

  1441. Jun 90 Slates, Jerry Rohacell PROPERTIES, sources key bagging supplies, canopy antistats Rohacell is polymethacrylamide foam and is innert to most solvents

  1442. Jun 90 Wehofer, Chuck The Southwest Regional Contest for 1990 is covered. Participation is up!

  1443. Jun 90 Jones, Gordon How to have better and bigger contests is topic of article by Gordon

  1444. Jun 90 Anthony, Don Programable ratios switched at contests, Don's planes got damaged. Confusion at the transmitter impound + bad communications is blamed.

  1445. Jun 90 Simons, Martin Effects of aspect ratio are discussed in a series of articles by Martin S. Computer program is used to illustrate differences in wing platform.

  1446. Jun 90 Readers Several letters discuss the implementation of S-MTS events. Experiences! Wayne Fredette - Soar has the experience

  1447. Jul 90 Underwood, Robert No non-narrow band transmitters may be sold after March 1, 1993. From FCC news release to the model press.

  1448. Jul 90 Slates, Jerry Laser templates and a wing press are discussed for the const of F.Core wing LJM Associates templates now in 2 piece design for easy use with F. cutters.

  1449. Jul 90 La Siera Slope Soarers LS-1 Slope Soaring glider with 60" span is shown in 3 views, S3021 wing 24 Oz, box type fuselage, no dihedral, flaperons.

  1450. Jul 90 Kuhlman, B^2 Properties of airfoils for full size sailplanes compared:E662,HQ35/12.29... Du86-084/18

  1451. Jul 90 Murray, Lee Laser cut templates in upper and lower design are discussed with costs. Available airfoils are listed.

  1452. Jul 90 Simons, Martin Part 3 deals with use of theo. polars vs wind tunnel data and wing select. Use largest wing platform, then select profile. Don't expect miracles.

  1453. Jul 90 Jones, Gordon Gordon suggests that you read Martin Simon's book then select airfoil. Get experience with airfoil before you select it for the world beter.

  1454. Jul 90 Slates, Jerry Flying Elec. Powered Airplanes by D. Pratt is good guide for getting into electric flight. $12.95 from Tab Books Blue Ridge Sumit, PA 1729-2191

  1455. Jul 90 Heinrich, John Buzzard pod and boom fuselage by Dave Acker was built for use w/ Riser wing. Dave Acker, Precision Foam Cores is source for kit.

  1456. Jul 90 Vasgerdsian, Greg, Tri-City Soarers ...Scale Fun Fly is reviewed. + 8 Points on Drag Reduction. Flying plus symposium on model soaring. Excellent photos by J.Slates

  1457. Jul 90 Voss, George The design of wing bags (covers) is discussed and shown. Can be made by most modelers or wives.

  1458. Jul 90 Gewain, Gail Husband & wife start company to supply vacuum bagging supplies. Composite Structures Technology P.O. Box 4610, Lancaster, CA 93539

  1459. Jul 90 Anthony, Don Ideas for fun fly are listed: bomb drop, aerobatics, landing circle

  1460. Aug 90 Teo, Jeremy Achieve aileron differential by moving the zero position of servo arm.

  1461. Aug 90 Jones, Gordon Gordon enjoys flying Aquila designs very much and has 2M to 120" versions

  1462. Aug 90 Kuhlman, B^2 Comments on E230 airfoil, FW airfoil developments, FW Bibliography Project Penumbra update.

  1463. Aug 90 Anthony, Don Roll of dice duration contest idea suggested for fun fly. (see V7 #8)

  1464. Aug 90 Cope, Gene How to make a light wheel is discussed. Use foam ala Dave Brown design

  1465. Aug 90 Murray, Lee The Casio model 376 watch calibration is checked and features reported. Sampling is every 9 sec. up to 5 minutes. Temperature sensitivity a problm

  1466. Aug 90 Smart, Mike Raven SC20 design with ailerons is shown in 2 views, Slope or Thermal. 8-9 oz/ft^2 32-36 oz, British design, part of several in a series

  1467. Aug 90 Simons, Martin Coverage of large scale thermal duration contest in Waikerie, Australia. Nice photographic coverage and ideas for US contests. Several launch modes

  1468. Aug 90 Reiffer, Ray Ideas on how to find lift and what kinds of lift exist. List from gravel pits and pine trees. Wait for lift over hot areas.

  1469. Sep 90 Mellor, Michael Sanding block design is shown w/ cork sides & easy changing of paper. uses 3/4" wood with .25" cork sides and 3/8" dowel grove

  1470. Sep 90 Jones, Gordon Ophthalmologist can help select the best sun glasses. Wing color ideas. Look at other's models to select best combinations.

  1471. Sep 90 Kuhlman, B^2 Review of Walter Panknin's presentation at the MARCS Soaring Symposium Listed LJM Associates for Flying Rainbow program

  1472. Sep 90 McGowan, Ray A disconnecting switch for winch batteries is illustrated with source Bathurst, Inc. Box 27 Tyrone, PA 16686, $12.95

  1473. Sep 90 Reiffer, Ray Techniques for flying in vortices, bubbles, columns, waves & slope soaring Controversial aspects to his ideas.

  1474. Sep 90 Dodgson Designs Saber design is shown in 3 views & discussed on p 12, SD7037 w/ airfoil 14:1 AR, 121" span, 1030 sqin, 70 oz, FG fuselage, obechi skin, for Vision

  1475. Sep 90 Simons, Martin Understanding T.S. sailplanes, Pt 3 discusses accuracy needs of wings SD6080 by Murray & Hohensee used as an example of accurate wing.

  1476. Sep 90 Harding, Greg Greg takes Martin Simons to issue with turning radius as a function of WL Martin agrees in principle but in practice wing loading increases radius

  1477. Sep 90 Darnell, D.O. 1990 NATS comments + tapes of Selig & Donovan talk and Legend SP constrn. Building the Airtronics Legend tape to be produced soon.

  1478. Sep 90 Cagan, Myron A book by Mitch Poling rated above several others listed in this article. Zeneth Books has this 76 page book @ $10

  1479. Oct 90 Slates, J^2 RCSD announces that with this issue there will be more pages in RCSD. List of sailplane enthusiasts in your area available from RCSD.

  1480. Oct 90 Slates, Jerry Composite belcrank made from pattern and mold is described and illustrated. Jerry uses molding board with two part liquid rubber molding material.

  1481. Oct 90 Kuhlman, B^2 Proj. Penumbra at proof of concept stage is looking good for speed, therm. stabilty and durability. Longer spar, sheeting found to be improtant.

  1482. Oct 90 Morrey, Eric Open Soarer by Richard Yates has 141" Span, 12.3 oz/sq ft, E193 Airfoil Blade spoilers, polyhedral design for thermal soaring. Discussion on pg 6

  1483. Oct 90 Anthony, Don Pushrod design is shown for use with long fuselages. Good temp. stability 1/8" wood dowel runs through nylon outer guides and uses aluminum joiners.

  1484. Oct 90 Simons, Martin Understanding Thermal Soaring Sailplanes, Pt. 3 Camber & Thickness 2 most important features of an airfoil. Lift is a function of camber

  1485. Oct 90 Kamffer, Gert Aluminum litho plates used to make wing spars with 2 L shapes. Only one L shape spar was needed in tip panels. F3b launches were possible

  1486. Oct 90 Stevens, Peter Advantages to hand towing are listed with information about modifications to existing equipment for the task. Good article on the subject.

  1487. Oct 90 Jones, Gordon Description & rules given of F3J contest with comments about experience. Launching of heavy sailplanes does not require olympic effort.

  1488. Oct 90 Hulme, Alan Features of a good scale powered slope model are listed. Construction tips. Loading target 16 Oz/Ft^2, good tail moment arm, low drag are some features

  1489. Oct 90 Metze, Scott Description of Tempest kits & ARF models are shown. Costs $227-$488. Scott is an expert in the use of composites and part of Rutan's company.

  1490. Oct 90 Metze, Scott Jack Chambers AF designer and professional model builder discussed JC Airfoils shown and information about getting in touch with him.

  1491. Oct 90 Byers, Wil Vinylwrite has new stencil product which is paint resistant. .5 - 5.25" Proofs available. Complete instructions for use are included.

  1492. Oct 90 Palmer, Rick Komet kit by Am. Sailplane Design @$70 is a durable good flying model. Balsa sheeted wing and f/g fuselage construction.

  1493. Oct 90 Slates, Jerry Old Buzzard's Soaring Book by Dave Thornburg is recommended as good and informative reading. Pony X Press, 5 Montecicello Dr., Albuq. NM 87123

  1494. Oct 90 Garrison, Paul Illustrated Ency. of Gen. Aviation good source for information about F.S. size

  1495. Oct 90 Slates, J^2 A Picture Postcard History of U.S. Aviation by J. Lengenfelder @$12.95 Collection of Almar Press, 4105 Marietta Dr., Binghamton, NY 13903

  1496. Nov 90 Slates, Jerry Reference given to source for wing rods and vacuum wing press. Also Chuck Anderson's airfoil plotting program is discussed.

  1497. Nov 90 Anderson, Chuck Plotting programs for Commodore, IBM, Macintosh, Atari & Amiga computers available from Chuck Anderson. See Sources Database

  1498. Nov 90 Kuhlman, B^2 Coordinate sets for 3 John Yost airfoils are given. EH-1.0/9, 1.5/9 & 2/10 Used for constant chord wings of no or slight taper of <,= 20 deg

  1499. Nov 90 Stevens, Peter Detailed instructions for launching using hand towing are given. Discuss communication rules ahead of time, keep antenna away from model.

  1500. Nov 90 Jones, Gordon Gordon recounts visit with Martin Simons and his wife in California. Martin likes models to experiment with aerodynamic concepts.

  1501. Nov 90 Simons, Martin Part 3 Understanding Thermal Soaring Sailplanes is continued Clark Y is compared to FX63-137 and NACA 6409

  1502. Nov 90 Rosner, Kurt The Magic Wand RC channel analyzer by Jim Hauser is discussed/reviewed. The analyzer may be a major asset for clubs to use at field. $500

  1503. Nov 90 Byers, Wil The X-347 computerized TrX by JR is discussed. Alternative to Vision Features of mixing may be greater than offered with other equipment.

  1504. Nov 90 Metze, Scott Whale Fin Tempest by Scott Metze is shown in 3 views. 60", 9 Oz/Ft 18 Oz, 288 sq in, 12.5 AR, 29" fuse, 2 channel (ailerons & Elevator)

  1505. Nov 90 Abell, Bruce Polyester Chiffon has been used to cover wings for many years. Advantages include less thermal expansion than shrinkable films. + light turbulence

  1506. Nov 90 Byers, Wil Torrey Pines Scale Slope Soaring Fun Fly is covered with photos. Attraction = Competition, Leisure, Learning, & Comraderie

  1507. Nov 90 Gray, Jim US team will be Jolly, Perkins, Wurtz & Dawson as alternate. B. Blakeslee was CD at compet. SMTS/F3B board listed. Rules discussed

  1508. Nov 90 Anthony, Don Ideas for fun events are listed: Balloon Tag, L/R turn only, Can Jackpot Ideas are useful in creating fun events vs standard competitions.

  1509. Nov 90 Palmer, Rick More photos and information about Torrey Pines Scale contest.

  1510. Nov 90 Jones, Gordon Gordon reminds us that the rules for AMA competition are in the AMA rules and the MAA rules. Newcomers can learn about contests by reading rules.

  1511. Dec 90 Slates, Jerry T-tail / H. stab mounting problems are addressed with a design tested by Jerry through several years of experience. Molded CF/Epoxy components

  1512. Dec 90 Kuhlman, B^2 The ASM-LRN-007 designed for Re between 250K and 500K in theory looks good. The design is for large models but is untested as yet. Look is unusual.

  1513. Dec 90 Jones, Gordon Small servos are compared by size, power, and weight but not price. Users are wanting metal gears in servo's although this may be unwise.

  1514. Dec 90 Weston, Frank Magic design by shown in 3 views & discussed, Schumann FX-60-100 wing, 138 in. A cumputer designed model with promising performance claims.

  1515. Dec 90 Simons, Martin The design of the 'Magic' kit by Frank Weston draws comments from M.Simons Modern construction methods, good design, Schumann platoform, T-Tail

  1516. Dec 90 Weston, Frank A course is offered by Frank on the use of vacuum bagging for making wings. Cost is free with purchase of kit. Registration cutoff is 12-15-90

  1517. Dec 90 Cope, Gene Instructions on constructing a model from a 3 view drawing. PWS-101 glider Some suggestions for scaling the plans are given.

  1518. Dec 90 Simons, Martin PWS-101 1/4 scale model by M.Simons is topic. Construction notes included Waclaw Czerwinski's original flew in 1936. Wing contains transitioning AF

  1519. Dec 90 Byers, Wil Scaled down airfoils do not operate as well as an airfoil designed for that application having the target thickness. Theo. comparison is made.

  1520. Dec 90 Metze, Scott Versions of the Tempest are described in more detail than earlier article 1.25M-R.E./JC-18 1.5M-R.E./JC-19 2.0M-R.E.A/JC-22 S.W.Exp/JC-16 52" span

  1521. Dec 90 LSF New address given: LSF, P.O. Box 517 Winfield, IL 60190

  1522. Dec 90 Murray, Lee RCSD database is available in forms for IBM computers. Contact L.Murray LJM Associates, 1300 Bay Ridge Road., Appleton, WI 54915 (414) 731-4848

  1523. Dec 90 Slates, Jerry ...Mid-America '90 ...Nats & Selig/Donovan talk tapes reviewed. D.Darnell Interviews with competitors, views of models, and talk by Selig/Donovan.

  1524. Dec 90 Burr, George George is putting together an F3J newsletter - topics listed Write George at 1614 McCarthy Blvd., Wausau, WI 54401

  1525. Jan 91 Spicer, Richard Synergy 91 is shown in 3 views on cover and discussed. 117" span SD2048 Schuemann planform, loading=12-20 oz. AR=13.1:1 975 sq in shoulder ht wing

  1526. Jan 91 Fraser, David Theoretical polars by Frank Weston on the Magic is challenged but no details were provided. RCSD advises caution in using the info.

  1527. Jan 91 Slates, Jerry Arrow shafts are used to make T tail mounting devices which are strong The aluminum shafts may are best in this application. 1/8" steel wire used

  1528. Jan 91 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Z Turbulator strip source from Hobby Lobby. Lobo Kit for $50 discussed. 71 inch span. Has small body for servos.

  1529. Jan 91 Simons, Martin Synergy manufacturing site is visited. Some details of construction given Rich Spicer and Richard Tiltman are partners in RnR business. Milpitas CA

  1530. Jan 91 Russo, Guy A format for a variable max time event are discussed. The points awarded are variable. 50 flight points separate 5 7 and 9. Landing points decrease.

  1531. Jan 91 Byers, Wil Logic given to determining the flying conditions at a slope. S6062 A/F Elements of the fun associated with slope soaring are discussed.

  1532. Jan 91 Jones, Gordon A description of the LSF program is given and information about members.

  1533. Jan 91 Stevens, Peter Knots for winch lines are illustrated and discussed. An important topic Other ideas for care of winches are given.

  1534. Jan 91 Stump, Mike Troy Lawicki design has enjoyed success in NATS in other contests. S3021 S7037 S7032 airfoils have been used. Launches and flying is V good.

  1535. Jan 91 Jones, Gordon A hatch design is illustrated with spring release. Looks good "T" is design puts a wire outside the hatch for opening.

  1536. Jan 91 Simons, Martin Pt 3 of Understanding Thermal Soaring Sailplanes. Clark Y is exceptional Minimum sink rate of minimal use when comparing similar airfoils.

  1537. Jan 91 Scidmore, Al A review of the Sept 90 contest and equipment used in Madison WI discussed.

  1538. Jan 91 Morris, Pancho The Texas National Tournament (TNT) was discussed. 28 flyers competing

  1539. Jan 91 Darnell, D.O. Video on the Airtronics Legend and Falcon 600 are now available from MCV Some information about the Visalia Soaring Contest.

  1540. Jan 91 Sperger, Greg Greg makes comments about how to determine the wing area and loading Technique uses paper to make a scale wing and then measure paper basis wt.

  1541. Jan 91 Gewain, Gail Unique products offered by Composite Structures Technology are listed. Teflon coated glass cloth with bleader felt applied makes fine texture

  1542. Jan 91 Slates, Judy Questions answered about requirements for articles in RCSD. Disks files IBM or Macintosh formats, photos (B&W or Color). Printed articles ok.

  1543. Jan 91 Breardsley, Rich California Slope Racers has elected Rich Beardsley as first chairman. R. Beardsley, 2401 Country Lane, Santa Maria, CA 93455

  1544. Feb 91 Slates, Jerry Good illustrations & instructions on aero-towing are given. High wing model ideal with towline attached to top of wing.

  1545. Feb 91 Clarke, John First Step training tape shows beginners those finer points not discussed in instructions. $19 911 Covert Ave. New Hyde Park, NY 11040

  1546. Feb 91 Kuhlmen, Bill & Bunny Raven flying wing, plank design, is discussed along with claims of thermal ability. Dave Jones model. Also shown in Model Builder.

  1547. Feb 91 Morris, Pancho Features of 100" Ehecatl sailplane are illustrated. Good ideas about construction are listed.

  1548. Feb 91 Reiffer, Ray Ray discusses how a 1/5" Sperber flew. Tight turns were not a recommended however the model flew well in larger thermals. The L/D was impressive.

  1549. Feb 91 Simons, Martin Clark-Y compares well to modern airfoils in theory and in practice. The airfoil should be built according to Clark Y's coordinates.

  1550. Feb 91 Byers, Wil Etiquette - an important part of the hobby often too neglected. Relates to safety, keeping flying sites, friendship within clubs, public image.

  1551. Feb 91 Glithero, Iain Raven SC20 by Mike Smart Designs with F/G Fuse and sheeted wings. <20 Hr construction time required. 32-28 OZ. 2M design

  1552. Feb 91 Jones, Gordon Contest without wind proved to be work for contestants and helpers. Good instructions on epairing F/G fuselages are made.

  1553. Feb 91 Simons, Martin A description is given of the Viking Cup slope race in Buxton in October. Details of strategy are given.

  1554. Feb 91 Overton, Tom A hot box is made from a 400 watt heating blanket and a 75 watt bulb. the bulb controlls temp inside a cardboard box for curing F/G wing skins.

  1555. Feb 91 Murray, Lee RCSD database part 1 discusses the database of references and sources. the value of the information is shown w/ instructions on how to use it.

  1556. Feb 91 Paden, Tom Measuring wing area for SMTS contests can be done electronically. Tom gives details if you write. 100 N. Whismnan Rd., Mountain View, CA 94043

  1557. Mar 91 Slates, Jerry Perseus scientific sailplane notes and remotely piloted vehicles or RPV's Bill Siruru's book on subject, Tab Books, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17294-0840

  1558. Mar 91 Kuhlman, B^2 Dave Jones' Blackbird 2M wing recommended as 1st F.Wing for people w/ ail. experience. Thermals well and has beter performance than Raven.

  1559. Mar 91 Dvorak, John Bob Periman is South Bay's good samaritan spends time training and flying Wife, Bettyanne has been a supporting partner.

  1560. Mar 91 Morris, Panchio Crow with Airtronics Champ. 7 is achieved with Airtronics mixing modules. Other mixing functions are available for Flaperons, V-Tails, Elev-Spoiler

  1561. Mar 91 Jones, Gordon Andersons Model Design Software is evaluated and the funtions described. Program can create a plan for a F/G fuselage plug. Also modifies airfoils.

  1562. Mar 91 Eames, Stan Slope soaring adventure ob Stan & Sal of N.E.Sailplane Products is told.

  1563. Mar 91 Jones, Gordon Wal-Mart sells rubber gloves. Fishing supply store can give you spools. Baking Soda doubles for microbaloons.

  1564. Mar 91 Vasgerdsin, Greg 50 minute video shows sites in CA, WA, OR, CO, HA & Australia. Scale ships shown. $25 Mark Foster, 926 Oneonta Dr. S.Pasadend CA 91030

  1565. Mar 91 Simons, Martin Flaps is subject of Part 4 of Understanding Thermal Soaring Sailplanes. Use + for thermalling and launching and reflexed (-) for speed

  1566. Mar 91 Beardsley, Rich Slope Racing practiced in california and in an official AMA event.

  1567. Mar 91 Slates, Jerry IMS shown in Pasadena. Jerry talks to sailplane product vendors and passes on useful information.

  1568. Mar 91 Byers, Wil Photos and comments about originals of classic scale gliders are included. Leters and photos from readers showing sites in MI, IN, WA.

  1569. Mar 91 Stump, Mike 1990 AMA Soaring Nationals in Vincennes, IN is reviewed in good detail.

  1570. Mar 91 Winiecki, Don & Paden, Tom More discussion of using electronic integrators for measuring wing area on sailplanes for SMTS competitions.

  1571. Apr 91 Varah, Dave Elite 100s standard class model design is shown in 3 views. Rib constrn. polyhedral design has 795 sq in., 11.5 Oz/Ft^2, E193 section

  1572. Apr 91 Slates, Jerry Instructions are given on how to make one of a kind fuselages in F/G Plug is made from styrafoam and sanded to shape, glassed and foam dissolved

  1573. Apr 91 B^2 Airbrakes are needed for the fast wing designs. Guidelines are given to design optimum system. Hinge at 40%, 50f wing area, 1/3 of span.

  1574. Apr 91 Jones, Gordon A flying seat is shown which converts R/C control to pilot like controls. A joy stick is linked to the two control sticks on a transmitter.

  1575. Apr 91 Simons, Martin Understanding Thermal Soaring Sailplanes - Part 4 talks about turbulation separation bubbles, boundry layers. SD8000 polar used as example.

  1576. Apr 91 McCalmet, Chuck 2M sailplanes best for young modelers. Good tips on training techniques are given. Safety and preparidness are stressed with good reason.

  1577. Apr 91 Byers, Wil Models often chosen for wrong reason. Consider limitations: site, your personality and flying style when selecting next model. S2062-slope racing

  1578. Apr 91 Champine, Bob Push pull designs are recommended for low friction & slop, high accuracy light weight. Several illustrations of designs are shown.

  1579. Apr 91 Stump, Mike The Duck design includes foam wing design with flaps and ailerons S3021 model with F/G fuselage. Design by Troy Lowicki

  1580. Apr 91 Marshall, Peter More on the IMS shown with comments about Ninja, Samural, Duralene, Coyote, Hobie Hawk to be made again! Jaguar, Cheetah, Lynx, Xingu

  1581. Apr 91 Slates, J^2 List of sources is given for slope soaring products with comments about function and name of products. Excellent!!

  1582. Apr 91 Murray, Lee Part of Lee's article on databases for articles and sources in RCSD describes downloading information from a BBS and getting it onto a computer

  1583. Apr 91 Abell, Bruce Dragonfly with forward swept wings shown in 3 views. Polyhedral design high A/R fin Wing transitions from 12 root to 8% at tip

  1584. May 91 Slates, Jerry Background info. & sources for making models using thermosetting resins and reinforcing materials. Also info about Soaring Symposium Notes

  1585. May 91 Kuhlman, B^2 Basic program written in Applesoft and IBM Basic for computing wing twist and CG placement for flying wing designs. Free for $2 postage

  1586. May 91 Murray, Lee Casio altimeter watch temperature sensitivity is defined. Caution to insulate is made. Also removing band instructions.

  1587. May 91 Reiffer, Ray Snail shell thermal pattern noted with clear skies and light winds. V. strong thermals noted w/ very high altitude. Electric launching helps.

  1588. May 91 Sile, Jack BARCS club organization and program explained. British Assoc. of RC Soarers F3J contest format used. Competition in regional contest basis of champion

  1589. May 91 Jones, Gordon PC-Soar program is reviewed and illustrated. Program has features allowing evaluation of airfoils, model designs, polar data graphically shown.

  1590. May 91 Simons, Martin Part 4 of 4 part article on understanding thermal soaring sailplanes Parasitic drag only important at high speeds. Flying wings have own problem

  1591. May 91 Byers, Will Review of special considerations in slope soaring. Speed causes precise control to become a requirement.

  1592. May 91 Welwood, Bob Diary of a Slope Soarer gives interesting article about the activity of several days in his life having to do with soaring and life.

  1593. May 91 Stump, Mike '91 Toledo Model Show is covered from a sailplaner's point of view Photos of booths are interesting. Airtronics Infinity radio announced.

  1594. May 91 Stump, Mike Rules for Multi-task soaring are listed. These will be used at the NATS other information also provided about this compeition.

  1595. May 91 Stevens, A.B. knot design are illustrated for joining broken lines or connecting to fixtures. Barrel know and blood knot compared.

  1596. Jun 91 Slates, Jerry Altimeter circuit of French design is available from RCSD in French. Terry Edmonds provided article.

  1597. Jun 91 Slates, Jerry Jerry announces the start of a series of construction articles on building a model for the beginner which will become more complex with time.

  1598. Jun 91 Murray, Lee A leading edge gauge made from a plot of the airfoil and 5 mil Mylar provides a reference for final sanding and correction of L.E. shapes.

  1599. Jun 91 Kuhlman, B^2 Tailless Aircraft, Their Layout and Qualities by Nickel and Wohlfahrt provides perhaps the most information about RC flying wings. Source given.

  1600. Jun 91 Jones, Gordon Falcon 600 is reviewed with construction hints and flight evaluation. S3021->S3014 wing 10.4:1 AR 40 Oz, 9.6 Oz/Ft^2 Loading, $140 kit

  1601. Jun 91 Davis, Ashley Spring Soaring Spectacular April 13-14 in Greenville, SC is described High Country S.S. provided the organization at W.Carolina R.C. Club field.

  1602. Jun 91 Simons, Martin Understanding Thermal Soaring Sailplanes part 4 deals with tail prof. drag and the requirements as defined by Moment Arms and Tail Volumes. +Biography

  1603. Jun 91 Simons, Martin Remarks about scale contests, launching problems, other preventable accidents such as ejecting your battery on launch.

  1604. Jun 91 Byers, Wil Retraces by Gene Cope are effective and really scale in every way. Plans for Ka3 model are available from C.H. Chatsworth.

  1605. Jun 91 Sleggers, Ed Virtually every producer of high performance models is working on an electric version of his model. These models will perform well.

  1606. Jun 91 Deis, Frank A catapult launch is shown under development which is the answer to launching on short fields to get launches of 100-150 ft. Creative!

  1607. Jun 91 McGolgan, Don Masters Soaring Championship results shown along with equipment description Airtronics Vision very popular, Legends and Falcons also prevalent.

  1608. Jun 91 Slates, J^2 A profile of Bob McGowan is given telling of his interest progressing from control line, to free flight to RC sailplanes where he has excelled.

  1609. Jun 91 N.E.Sailpane Products Alcyone is a 121 in. model made with plywood and balsa using rib constrn. based on Chuperosa design that did well in '91 NATS.

  1610. Jun 91 Soaring Stuff Airfoils to Go is a book of airfoil shapes that can be used to make models the product is described by the supplier. (505) 898-1129

  1611. Jun 91 Slates, J^2 Sources for information are listed including BBS numbers and special interest groups and seminars and workshops.

  1612. Jun 91 Slates, J^2 The results of the RCSD readers survey are presented. Thermal >2M >Slope >X-C >Scale >HLG >Slope? >F3B >Flying Wings >Aero-Tow >F3J >F3E

  1613. Jun 91 Beardsley, Rich California Slope Racers at Miguelito Canyon and Los Banos covered. Next race is at Hughes Hill (Loyola U.) Good picture of slope activity in CA.

  1614. Jun 91 Carr, Pete Using Silicon RTV on a wing saddle will prevent Nylon wing bolts from being sheered on low impact landings.

  1615. Jul 91 Slates, Jerry Designing a Sailplane pt 2 deals with setting up incidence for the airfoil The airfoil selected is S-3021 an improved E-205.

  1616. Jul 91 Slates, Jerry Denny Darnell of Model Construction Videos issues construction tape on the Legend.

  1617. Jul 91 Kuhlman, B^2 Unidirectional and bidirectional cloths give special properties. Application notes are given. Also JR 305 servo gear notes

  1618. Jul 91 Stump, Mike Snow fly in Michigan is discussed with plenty of additional notes.

  1619. Jul 91 Slegers, Ed Falcon 600 is modified for use with Keller 35/5 electric motor and 7 cells Instructions given for how to do the modification. Sources quoted

  1620. Jul 91 Slatges, J^2 Johny Clemens, AMA president 71-78, has his biography given in brief.

  1621. Jul 91 Jones, Gordon NAA and FAI, their purposes and functions given: Records, Rules, Promotion FAI -> NAA -> AMA -> Clubs

  1622. Jul 91 Maiers, Greg Dragonfly & S. Dragonfly models are discussed along with flight character. Both kits are wonderful and have a high Fun Factor.

  1623. Jul 91 Collins, Taylor Building servo's into foam wings can cause problems. Taylor has a good solution to the problem by attaching servo to the cover and mounting cover.

  1624. Jul 91 Simons, Martin Part 4 of Understanding the thermal soaring sailplanes deals with the horizontal tailplane and stability.

  1625. Jul 91 Byers, Wil Quabeck 1.0-9 gives excellent speed results. Airfoils compared. Visit to H.Stokely and B.Champine - Excellent Allegheny Mtn. site.

  1626. Jul 91 Satterlee, LeRoy The Alcyone Unl sailplane id discussed. Has features wanted on modern ship. Schumann planform, rib construction, S3021, designed like large Chuperosa.

  1627. Jul 91 Murray, Lee The dangers of flying on stormy occasions (lightning) are discussed along with suggestions for safety.

  1628. Jul 91 Great Northern Model Eng. Tow hook provides generous 1.5" of movement and cost only $2.5. Made of sheetmetal.

  1629. Jul 91 Model Maniacs A database for RC Modeler is given which is similar to RCSD database gives references to articles on a variety of topics.

  1630. Aug 91 Raley, John Vintage Sailplane Regatta, coverage of 4th Annual Vint.Sailplane Regatta with photos of DFS Habicht, Grunau Baby, Albatross, Schweizer I-26, TG2-8

  1631. Aug 91 Slates, Jerry Designing a sailplane Pt III continues with info on cutting stack of ribs Using Cyano Acrylate glues also described for rib wings.

  1632. Aug 91 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Serbe Krauss' Tailless Aircraft... test is discussed. 122 pages historic as well as informative articles on development of flying wings.

  1633. Aug 91 Simons, Martin Pt 4 of 4 continued. Balance, trim and vortex drag are subjects of this section. Non-lifting tails produce models with lower total drag.

  1634. Aug 91 Cope, Gene Instructions are given for donstructing scale spoilers. .025" aluminum and fiberglass is used with brass tubings for spoiler dog bones.

  1635. Aug 91 Byers, Wil Description of the reasons for thermals is given and for when the air is stable. Lapse rate is defined and described as being very important.

  1636. Aug 91 Slegers, Ed Some discussion on converting models, Falcon 600, Swift, Chuperosa-popular WACO 7-570 by weston is 38 oz and climbs out in 15-20 sec. Performance +

  1637. Aug 91 Morris, Pancho A description is given on techniques for getting the most height from a launch. Throw straight, steep climb, transition, line release & climb

  1638. Aug 91 Jones, Gordon LJM Plywood templates are reviewed and given good marks for achieving accuracy. Teflon tape added to laser cut 3/8" plywood.

  1639. Aug 91 Murray, Lee Western States Soaring Championship '91 is reviewed with photos and descr. of trade fair items.

  1640. Aug 91 Smith, Cliff Good thermal soaring experience in Alabama is discussed

  1641. Aug 91 RCSD Sources listed in this issue: Seminars, Reference Materials, BBS's Special Interest groups.

  1642. Sep 91 Abell, Bruce How to handle high starts in blackberry bushes and reason for addiction to hobby. Challenge! Very well written!

  1643. Sep 91 Slates, Jerry Installation of releasable and adjustable tow hooks and options discussed. Sources given and illustrations, photos shown.

  1644. Sep 91 Davis, Ashley Soaring the Low Country is about thermal soaring in the Carolinas

  1645. Sep 91 Simons, Martin Stabilizer function and profiles are discussed. A dead spot may exist in the lift curve of symmetrical stabilizers of moderate thickness.

  1646. Sep 91 Byers, Wil Dave Wood's slope ship with reinforced bagged wings is described and shown Spectra cloth used on tail surfaces for lightness. Wing has no spar.

  1647. Sep 91 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny Flutter and the causes of it with the Penumbera 2 flying wing is discussed Ideas for prevention (stiffening) are shown. D-Structures in wing help.

  1648. Sep 91 Slegers, Ed Converting small gliders is shown. Astro .035 with 5 cells works well on Chuperosa. Hard wire to save weight of connectors.

  1649. Sep 91 Collins, Taylor Instructions for use of winches and retrievers is given. Advantages over highstarts is also discussed.

  1650. Sep 91 Jones, Gordon Instructing a new pilot and points that need to be made. A must for a new instructor.

  1651. Sep 91 Deis, Frank Limitations and requirements for launching by elastic catapult To get a 400 ft launch on a 36 oz Talon requires >150 mph launch.

  1652. Oct 91 Murray, Lee Sealy Constellation is fitted with electronic altimeter for altitude record attempt and for performance comparisons with theory.

  1653. Oct 91 Fouquet, Chris Pacifica slope aerobatics contest report is given. 7 contestants Sponsored by San Fransisco Vultures.

  1654. Oct 91 Brengman, Delbert A canard design is discussed with special requirements for the canard design. Dihedral in the canard is needed for stability.

  1655. Oct 91 Slates, Jerry Test bed model is completed. Photos and stats about weight etc. given. A/R=14:1, AF=S3021, Span=120", H.Stab NACA-0010, V.stab=NACA-0005 G=85oz

  1656. Oct 91 Aho, Craig Photos and story from Eagle Butte - Tri-Cities WA area Photos of vintage models ASK-18, Salto, Habich.

  1657. Oct 91 Simons, Martin Pt 4 of 4 continued. Effect of Wing Camber, Tuck Under, V.Tail drag, Fuselage and drag, angle of incidence vs attack.

  1658. Oct 91 Kuhlman, Bill & Bunny More on canard design and notes about Enalpria #18 model by Bill Kubiak Notes about CG location and tow hook location noted.

  1659. Oct 91 Deis, Frank Instructions given on improving your landing scores at contests. Plan height and position by time before landing.

  1660. Oct 91 Jones, Gordon Viking Special Edition Fuse is matched with cores, constructed and flown. HQ3/11 chosen w/ SD8020 stabs. The performace was excellent.

  1661. Oct 91 Slegers, Ed Thermal Eagle by Mark Allen was evaluated and thought to be excellent. Flight Light Composits model. SD8000 AF, 62 oz, 9.7 oz/ft^2

  1662. Oct 91 Palmer, Rick Lobo flying wing kit by Steve Steidl is built and tested. Instructions on first flight at slope and off high-start were informative.

  1663. Oct 91 Bayard, Bob and Squires, Dave Steel wing rods are compared and calculations made about the force during launch based on wingspan of model. Good article comparing to carbon rod.

  1664. Oct 91 Dvorak, John Bob Bayard is profiled. He is a Psychologist and has PhD in Physics Likes to discuss technical matters with RC glider pilots.

  1665. Oct 91 Byers, Wil Cape Blanco, Oregon has a US Govt slope soaring site which is ideal for family vacation with beautiful flighting and sight seeing.

  1666. Oct 91 Chun, Gregory Grecko Technologies describes their Modi 900 model which was created using CAD technologies. RG-15 or S3021 airfoil ARF or kit.

  1667. Oct 91 Layne, David, Saturn 3.0 composite sailplane is described by builder. HQ2.5/9 78 oz 13.1:1 AR 11.47oz/in^2, 980 in^2, 117" span $500 + S&H

  1668. Oct 91 Edberg, Don F.Y.I. quiet Flight from Dynamic Modeling is announced. A complete list of hard to find parts and major suppliers as well.

  1669. Oct 91 Darling, David The first F3J contest in Czechslovokia was held on 7-27&28, '91 Interesting account of a contest in area where Westerners rarely go.

  1670. Nov 91 Slates, Jerry Test bed model is competitive, try surfing shops for composite materials FYI Quiet flight by Don Edburg is available (714) 552-4922 $19.95

  1671. Nov 91 Slegers, Ed Options for electric motor power are listed. Marine motors, Keller (thin), Astro Motors, and car motors with 18-20 turns.

  1672. Nov 91 Selevurakis, John Author shows several photos and descriptions of good flying sites. Point of the Mountain, Utah is featured.

  1673. Nov 91 Simons, Martin Understanding Thermal Soaring Sailplanes, Part 4 of 4 parts Continued Interference drag, control surface drag, intended and unwanted is covered.

  1674. Nov 91 Kuhlman, B^2 Red Tail flying wing design is reviewed. Veneer over foam, 82 in span, 22oz with fiberglass pod. Construction is very rapid. design by Willie Bosco

  1675. Nov 91 Deis, Frank Hints as to planning your landing approach incl. being at places of height and position at particular times. Wind affects when downleg turn is made.

  1676. Nov 91 Knight, Sherman Scorpion design by Mike Fox. Construction hints are made kit is still in development stage but quality of parts is good and complete. F/G fuse

  1677. Nov 91 Jones, Gordon Part one of Foam Wing Construction covers preparations, planning, wing press Special tools are listed such as gauge block separators for the press.

  1678. Nov 91 Reiffer, Ray A scale motor glider is shown which uses a .26-4 stroke O.S. surpass engine

  1679. Nov 91 Byers, Will Theories for how sink rate relates to flight speed are given. There is room for some discussion as I believe L/D appears to be preceived as SR.

  1680. Nov 91 Woods, Graham A carbon fiber wing joiner construction is shown using aluminum channel. This looks like R&R wing joiner. Square in X-Section with dihedral.

  1681. Nov 91 Lohre, Chuck Weston Magic is discussed by a happy customer. Comparisons are made with full size models.

  1682. Nov 91 Jarel Aircraft Design A product announcement says this V tail model has plastic fuse, foam cores, will launch from winch or use electric for under $80. Impulse from JADE

  1683. Nov 91 VMC Flight VMC Model 20 retriever is discussed - video is available, (800) 973-0364 This may be one of the few designs which will work consistently.

  1684. Nov 91 Scott, Brian Graupner MC radios with microprocessor is to be marketed in England 81 Victoria Rd, Netherfield, Nottingham NG4 2NN, England

  1685. Nov 91 Stults, Tom Program for computing monoplane, biplane, tailless aircraft or gliders parameters is listed for $19 + 2.5 P&H 2504 Del Rio, Yukon, OK 73099

  1686. Dec 91 Raley, John Author takes us through his Mexican Slope Safari: Rosarito, Cantamar Dunes Punda Mesquite, Punta Salsipuedes, Punta Banda & La Bufadora in Baja

  1687. Dec 91 Slegers, Ed 900 ma 2/3 sub C nicads give higher performance than sub C. + Best charger. Sanyo 2/3 sub C SCR grade best. HLG can use 1/2 sub C w/ 0.5 Cobalt motor

  1688. Dec 91 Kuhlman, B^2 Penumbera.4 swept, constant chord wing is discussed. Extra cloth and carbon fiber increases tortional strength. Launching method discussed.

  1689. Dec 91 Jones, Gordon Pt 2 of Foam Wing Construction discusses mounting skins, spar construction, joiner boxes, wire troughs, control linkages, etc. Very good article

  1690. Dec 91 Simons, Martin Launch and landing in wind and weather is discusses. Wind variation with altitude means you should understand implications on your model.

  1691. Dec 91 Urwyler, Layne Saturn 3.0 kit discusses the features in their composite kit priced at $500 HQ 2.5/9, ARF design, must cut out flaps, ailerons, install LE and radio.

  1692. Dec 91 Byers, Wil Reynolds number is defined as pVR/u. Significance on model's performance is given. Flying too slow causes increased drag and posibility of stall.

  1693. Dec 91 Lehman, Robin Swiss aerotow scale event is documented with good pictures and story. Radios were more sophisticated w/ 5 frequencies. Contact listed.

  1694. Dec 91 Dies, Frank Night Flying was done by attaching light sticks to wing tips and under the nose of the model. No bright lights are permitted. Instructions given.

  1695. Dec 91 Mattingly, Barry Peregrine high tech sailplane kit is described by manufacturer. SD7037, 120" span, 11-12.6 oz/in^2, AR=14.3:1, 971 sq in

  1696. Dec 91 Satterlee, LeRoy First Annual SIG/Eastern Iowa Soaring Society Contest reviewed

  1697. Jan 92 Sandrioni, Hugo Photos of Hugo's projects and his participation in DUST club of Gardena CA. DUST field is best place to fly in S. CA according to Hugo

  1698. Jan 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Nanosaur Flying Wing is discussed w/ 13.5 inch chord, 122 inch span, 20 deg sweep with winglets covering last 750f wing tip. Area:1620 sqin

  1699. Jan 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Charts are supplied to compute wing area and wing loading only knowing weight, span, and average chord. Bigger printing of chart is available.

  1700. Jan 92 Morris, Pancho A low cost wing incidence meter is shown. It is similar to Robart model but can be made with simple materials.

  1701. Jan 92 Slates, Judy & Jerry RCSD circulation reaches 1500. Distribution of subscribers is described.

  1702. Jan 92 Simons, Martin The nuances of model flight in wind is discussed. Very helpful! Variation of wind speed is depicted + turbulance due to topographical features.

  1703. Jan 92 Lohre, Charles Pilgrimage to Wasserkuppe shown in photos and described from experience. Useful items for doing this for yourself.

  1704. Jan 92 Woods, Graham The chemistry and history of materials used in model construction discussed Kinds of Glass fibers, carbon fiber, Kevlar, Spectra & Dyneema, Quartz

  1705. Jan 92 Slegers, Ed New models by flight-Lite Composites are described. The models are not quite ready but 60 in 28 oz 6 cells 05 motor are features.

  1706. Jan 92 Byers, Wil Making vacuum bagged wings in cold rooms. FX-60-126 Airfoil of Month. Also Soaring Museum in Harris Hill NY also described as good place to visit

  1707. Jan 92 Anderson, Norman NASA article on crescent shaped wings is abstracted for models. Higher lift with less pitching moment is advantage seen for these wings.

  1708. Jan 92 Jones, Gordon Foam Wing Construction Pt 3. Wing joining, cutting troughs for tubes or wires, spar using Dremel router or sanding tool. Soda straws - wire trough

  1709. Jan 92 Jones, Gordon MaxSoar performance analysis program is reviewed and compared to PC-Soar Airfoils and Sailplanes are compared. MaxSoar given high marks.

  1710. Jan 92 Slates, Judy & Jerry New products: Fiberglass fuse for Alcyone, Pro heat guns, gapless hinges plug in wing servo connectors.

  1711. Jan 92 Anderson, Chuck Data Sources are listed for airfoils and polars for airfoils. References are exact enough to obtain copies from literature sources.

  1712. Jan 92 Siposs, George Two training devices are described for a beginner. both suspend the model so that action of rudder and elevator can be seen. Crashproof!

  1713. Jan 92 Porter, Jim Modifications to Frank Dies catapult launch idea are offered. Cable vs chain, quick-links, spike to hold the main pole while setting cables.

  1714. Jan 92 Schwerin, Alan 91 NATS photos and information about the contest and contestants. Many different models shown.

  1715. Jan 92 Olsen, Pete 4th Masters of Soaring to be flown in March '92 is for LSF level V flyers and Level IV flyers with Level V competitive requirements met.

  1716. Feb 92 Pearson, Phil Pivot was tested with SD7037, E387 & SD8000. SD7037 performance excellent. Used David Fraser performance analysis program which showed same trend.

  1717. Feb 92 Stall, Gordy Gordy soars on west side of lake Michigan. Correct wind is not common. Gordy's models are shown including scale ASW-24 and Schwietzer.

  1718. Feb 92 Slates, Jerry Using protractor to measure deflection on flaps and ailerons is shown.

  1719. Feb 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Function of rudders and elevons on flying wings is covered. Hinging and connection of two rudders with one servo is shown.

  1720. Feb 92 Slegers, Ed Sources of parts and equipment for electric launching listed including speed controllers, small motors, sailplanes.

  1721. Feb 92 Smith, Frank Flying in Australia is topic of article with plenty of photographs. GB.2b, GO.1 Wolf, Grunau Baby 2B, ASK-18, ELFE S-4, Kestrel

  1722. Feb 92 Baker, Bill Comments on learning to thermal soar looking for the signs: birds, dust, movement of grass and trees.

  1723. Feb 92 Jones, Gordon Foam Wing Construction Pt. 4 deals with covering for strength and ease of application Obechi, balsa, carbon fiber tow, F/G cloth reinforcement.

  1724. Feb 92 Able, Bruce All the various options for launching are listed including Aero-Tow, slope Hand Launch, Highstart, Winch, Hand Towing-nylon monofilament preferred.

  1725. Feb 92 Woods, Graham Making spars in place in foam wing is described using carbon fiber tow and epoxy resing. This looks like it could be very fast and do the job well.

  1726. Feb 92 Simons, Martin Model responses to flying in turbulent air is described. Very Helpful! Helpful to recognize situation one is in when model pitches.

  1727. Feb 92 Dies, Frank Computer used to analyze how to find the best decolage (angle of wing/fuse) Also the range of elevator trim is predicted from this analysis. Good!

  1728. Feb 92 McCann, Tim Landing skids with several designs are available from Tim McCann P.O. Box 8155, Stockton, CA 95208

  1729. Feb 92 RnR Products RnR announces first X-Country model with molded wings. 10.5 Lbs/180" wing. $800 RnR Products 1120 Wrigley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035

  1730. Feb 92 Byers, Wil Basic rules for slope soaring are listed along with comments about formats for the contests.

  1731. Feb 92 Julien, Pierre Spirit 100 kit was modified with flat wing, ailerons & flaps General kit was very good in quality and documentation.

  1732. Feb 92 Davis, Ashley Southeastern Championships by High Country SS reviewed w/ standings. 2M Harris, Blanchard, Watson, Std Harris, McDonald, Morrow Unl Blanchard

  1733. Feb 92 Smith, Scott A launching method with a short line gets people equal launches. Rules for the proposed modification suggested.

  1734. Mar 92 Jones, Gordon The construction and flight of Saturn 3.0 kit by Layne/Urwyler is discussed This is a very complete article on this model. F/G Fuse, Foam Wing

  1735. Mar 92 Berry, John In Malverne, Vicotria, Australia John uses a Piper Pawnee 1/4 scale to launch his models. Safety advantage over winch for large models.

  1736. Mar 92 Murray, Lee Getting young people into the hobby is topic of this article. Ideas incl. Static shows, videos and books in library, intro. to club, group talks

  1737. Mar 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Stability of models is discussed including C.G. and reflexed airfoils. Literature references given for further study.

  1738. Mar 92 Simons, Martin Stability, CG, Neutral Point, control of oscillation, thermal detection. These are topics of importance to the thermal soaring student.

  1739. Mar 92 Marshal, Peter Slope soaring on Maui at Kahakuloa Head is discussed and shown in photos. Directions to site are given and a contacts are listed.

  1740. Mar 92 Frame, Gene Instructions for small parts holder are shown. Fuji film holders are used.

  1741. Mar 92 Deis, Frank Part 2 on trimming a model for CG trim. Plane pulls up fast from dive without pilot correction - CG too far forward.

  1742. Mar 92 Woods, Graham Petranadon ingens is compared to slope soaring RC sailplanes. Interesting From Biomechanics of Pteranodon by C.D. Bramwell & G.R. Whitfield Royal Soc

  1743. Mar 92 Slegers, Ed Chuperosa has 3 airfoils, E214-slower high lift section, SD4061 faster and launches higher, SD7037 - best overall low sinkrate. N.E. Sailplanes Kit

  1744. Mar 92 Moris, Pancho Legend modifications: sheeted bottom, front wing bolt tied to spar, harder wood used in critical spots, Nylon bolts replaced by steel + other items.

  1745. Mar 92 Siposs, George Free lead weights from auto alignment shop. Chopsticks for repairs, Winch turnaround from bicycle hub improved with larger hub.

  1746. Mar 92 Byers, Wil Instructions on inspecting the site, wind direction, landing options, bushes, trees, rocks, lower landing site.

  1747. Mar 92 Simons, Martin Camperdown, Victoria, Australia near melbourne may be perfect S.S. site. Scale Thermal Soaring at Waikerie also discussed.

  1748. Mar 92 Micro Tek Products Multiple pack field charger is current regulated and switches to 0.01C rate after 15 hours of charge. $129.95 w/ Futaba plugs $95 w/o

  1749. Mar 92 Weston, Frank Case for electric launching is made. Ft/Min = 210*Cells/Oz. Optimum model = 7 cells, 9.6 oz/ft^2, 15.6 oz airframe, 560 in^2, 37 oz total wt.

  1750. Mar 92 Johnson, Bob 100 minute club rules are detailed. Beginners get into hobby w/o stress. Experience with the format makes this a good program for new flyers.

  1751. Mar 92 Stump, Mike LSF Soaring Championships for Vincennes in July look like an alternative to East Coast Nats for many.

  1752. Mar 92 Danrich, Daniel Cooperation in the development of others is superior to competition when the goal is self gratification. Genuine concern for others pays benefits.

  1753. Apr 92 Tinker, Brian Funny story about retrieving his model from the slope after things go wrong with the wind and recovering the model.

  1754. Apr 92 Simons, Martin More on flying in wind. Do not confuse air speed and ground speed. Strong argument against upwind-down wind pitching theories.

  1755. Apr 92 Jones, Gordon Gordon describes trimming of sheeting, alignment of panels, cutting out ailerons and flaps, making servo wells, control horns, and wire runs.

  1756. Apr 92 Gilbert, Doug Safety for crowds: Qualify flyers (landing skills, flight skills, insurance) Model (24 oz max, 10 oz/ft^2, >min nose radius, wings mounted in rubber)

  1757. Apr 92 Byers, Wil Landing and final approach considered. Rotors, wind angle, turbulence condition of surface of slope all factors in getting it down safely.

  1758. Apr 92 Savoie, Steve One design slope plane, Sea Hawk model will be discussed and instructions given for its construction in the next three article.

  1759. Apr 92 Slegers, Ed Electric Falcon is described. This is a report on work in progress. The electric Chuperosa with .035 motor and 6 cells is being developed.

  1760. Apr 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Pitch stability is described and compared to conventional designs. Eppler 220-230 series is well fitted for this purpose.

  1761. Apr 92 Dies, Franks Frank describes hot to establish trim for minimum speed and maximum L/D Minimum speed allows controlled landings in wind without turning.

  1762. Apr 92 Aho, Craig Dodgson Anthem with SD7037 is a Lovesong update. Computer radios required. Carbon fiber spar, obechi skins, 74 oz 134" span, 1075 in^2

  1763. Apr 92 Morrison, Dan Goldberg Sophisticated Lady modifications are enumerated. Flying stab slotted flaps, wing profile was modified.

  1764. Apr 92 Murray, Lee A vacuum feed through fitting design is shown and described. Leaks are minimized and bags can be easily sealed.

  1765. Apr 92 Jentsch, Ed Spirit 100 construction tips are noted which offer improvements and corrections to original notes.

  1766. Apr 92 C.R. Aircraft Models Contender 2M sailplane announced, Aerobatic 17-24 oz/ft^2 with pivoting wing. This is a product announcement

  1767. Apr 92 Siposs, George A control system which functions on a rotating wire bent at 45 degrees. allows for clean and precise operation.

  1768. Apr 92 Gray, Jim Ing. Ferdinando Gale' book Aerodynamic Design of Radio Guided Sailplanes Dual language book. Text appropriate includes airfoils, designs, equations

  1769. May 92 Jentsch, Ed Ed suggests that F. Deis article on trimming and decolage advise adjusting decolage during building and final adjustments made with CG.

  1770. May 92 Kohkohl, Mike 35 CC engine powers a small winch described briefly. Centrifugal clutch + large muffler is also light and powerful.

  1771. May 92 Nehring, Curt Sex Wax used on surf boards keeps flying stabs on their rods. Support for F3E team via T Shirt sales is promoted.

  1772. May 92 Murray, Lee Help requested for logo for 100 minute club

  1773. May 92 Selig, Michael Death of David Fraser, coauthor of Airfoils at Low Speed is announced Aviation accident near Wheeling, W Va. is cause.

  1774. May 92 Kuhlman, B^2 A Summary and interpretation of an article appearing in J. of Aircraft discusses factors to be considered in optimizing a design.

  1775. May 92 Murray, Lee A vacuum system design is shown including a vacuum switch, ballast, check valve, and vacuum gauge.

  1776. May 92 Simons, Martin Excellent article on wind and wather proves that stability problems of flying in wind are mental more than physical.

  1777. May 92 Condon, Steve RNR Nova is reviewed. FG/Foam Wing, Egg shell stabs, Flight performance is excellent as shown by winning history of model.

  1778. May 92 Jones, Gordon Specifics on the materials needed to construct a winch are given. Alternatives for low cost materials are included.

  1779. May 92 Dies, Frank Lateral sideslip stability is described so one can evaluate a model's stability with and without ailerons.

  1780. May 92 Condon, Steve and Valdes, Al After 8 year lull, Ca Slope Racers compete at Torrey Pines. RNR Nova wins divisions 1 and 2.

  1781. May 92 Slegers, Ed '92 Wrams show slightly smaller but with electric models well represented.

  1782. May 92 Byers, Will Hover Approach to landing works well in high winds. Landing damage is minimized. Hill and lip characteristics also mentioned.

  1783. May 92 Raley, John Fuselages can be constructed using foam and wood. The foam is then removed with tools to make nice semi-scale models.

  1784. May 92 Young, John Question is posed "How does a glider fly through air in zero gravity?" Answers to be judged and compared to actual test on space shuttle.

  1785. May 92 Johnson, Wildey Excellent Article on recognizing and using thermal lift. Tail rising and increased speed are good indicators of lift.

  1786. May 92 McColgan, Don Joe Wurts wins 1992 Masters of Soaring. Charts showning landing accuracy and radios used is interesting. Legend or Falcon and Vision radio popular.

  1787. Jun 92 Reynolds, Bob A new BBS appears in Lakewood CA. Slope-Tech with 130 registered users. (310) 866-0924. Contributors from Hawaii, Canada, and both coasts.

  1788. Jun 92 Gray, Jim Getting Started is the title of Ace R/C book with plenty of good hints for the flyer who is relatively new in the hobby.

  1789. Jun 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Dieter Paff's PN9f design is discussed with double tapered trailing edge and strainght leading edge. Rudder extends past TE. Slope flight only.

  1790. Jun 92 Simons, Martin Flying in wind and weather continues with logic about turning in wind. Why does model jump up after completing a down wind turn?

  1791. Jun 92 Deis, Frank Selecting the proper flight path is important to your success in contests Improper patterns will have you flying through the dead air seen earlier.

  1792. Jun 92 Simons, Martin What it takes to compete in scale competition is listed in this informative article. You must have some drawings and photographs. Sources listed.

  1793. Jun 92 Eames, Stan Cape Cod - the Sequel is the subject of this second trip to a Cape Cod slope soaring vacation among family and friends.

  1794. Jun 92 Slegers, Ed A change in the NATS this year kept Ed from competing with this electric Falcon. The logic used by AMA is questioned.

  1795. Jun 92 Jones, Gordon Comments about Chuck Anderson's upgrade for his popular plotting program. New program is backward compatible.

  1796. Jun 92 Byers, Wil A list of European suppliers are listed on page 35-37. Instructions and warning for ordering is given. Know your shipping costs.

  1797. Jun 92 Moris, Pancho Buget winch pedal should eliminate problems with failed selenoids since it uses just brass, springs, wood and a hinge.

  1798. Jun 92 Siposs, George History of gliding is told from prospective of someone who saw some of it happening. George tells of his trip to Europe and his experiences there.

  1799. Jul 92 Willouby, Dale Dale tells of his association with modeling, FAI, LSF, Windspiel Models, Scale Model Research. He looks for help in timing F3B speed events.

  1800. Jul 92 Simons, Martin Martin takes issue with the desirability of neutral stability settings for competition models. MS prefers to have the CG further forward.

  1801. Jul 92 Moran, Rich Humorous story from Madison WI club about accidents experienced with learning to slope soar and getting into it. Good article!

  1802. Jul 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Elevon mechanical mixer design is shown for Rattler model design. Will work on most models requiring mixing of ailerons and elevators.

  1803. Jul 92 Foster, Mark Author gives us a partly ficticious story about flying his models and talking with his scale pilot who thinks the R/C pilot skills stink.

  1804. Jul 92 Jones, Gordon A versatile trailer was constructed by Henry Bostic which holds his whole stable of models and launch equipment. Helps to get winches onto fields.

  1805. Jul 92 Woods, Gram Technical articles about how it may be possible to climb and gain airspeed at the same time due to wind gradient. Stretching landings, or distances.

  1806. Jul 92 Munkesoe, Morten Global postal contest for Sep 27, 1992 is described. Rules given. Two servos, 2M, High Start 6 kg max pull, Each round has 3,4,5,6,7 min.

  1807. Jul 92 Slegers, Ed Electric Breeze is given good marks in performance, SD6060 wing from Douglas Aircraft Models. (213) 498-1737

  1808. Jul 92 Greco Technologies Modi 900 w/ molded wings developed. Minimum effort to finish - less flash. Arrow shaft hinges used in wings. See sources for address of Greco Tech.

  1809. Jul 92 Byers, Wil Northwest Slope Soaring Research Associates is organized to solve questions regarding performance of lagre scale models. Members are listed.

  1810. Jul 92 Smith, Scott Experiences with first annual IMA Mini F3J contest. Ideal for 2M models.

  1811. Aug 92 Silverado Soaring Soc. Formenbau und glasfasertechnik fur flugmodelle by Peter Holland provides diagrams for making canopies, reparing f/g fuselages and moldings.

  1812. Aug 92 Simons, Martin First soaring occurred at Wasserkuppe byu schoolboys in 19911 and 1912. First contest was held in 1920. Correction to earlier comments in RCSD

  1813. Aug 92 Willoughby, Dale Class 33 rules now say > Speed course now 100/200/100 meters for entry, base, and exit. Rules are available from Dale and FAI

  1814. Aug 92 Pecker, Howard H. tells of his efforts to convince a skeptical beginner that pilot is more important than model in getting long flights.

  1815. Aug 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Adverse yaw cause and how to minimize rudder movement by differential ail. movement. V shape flying wings with elevons may need no differential.

  1816. Aug 92 Simons, Martin Flying in wind compared to flying on an aircraft carrier & control line flt The perception of constant circles is different in wind.

  1817. Aug 92 Slegers, Ed Chuperosa Electric developed w/ SD7032->SD7037 airfoil. 30 oz. w/ Astroflight 36 & 6 cells with ailerons.

  1818. Aug 92 McGowan, Bob Soaring w/ ballast has advantages but how much is enough. How to recognize too much ballast. Guidelines are given.

  1819. Aug 92 Sugar, Alvin Alvin's experience tells him that a 100M tow line offers more challenge and will improve models. Below 700 ft., thermals are weaker.

  1820. Aug 92 Byers, Wil Coverage of 1992 Washington Fun Fly given with plenty of photographs. Discus, Schwitzer I-26, PWS-101, Fafnir, B-29, P-51, YB-49

  1821. Aug 92 Able, Bruce Bruce describes making Reiher components from Viking Models. Model flight characteristics are described. Some corrections are noted to plans.

  1822. Aug 92 Defrancesco, Sal Shadow by NPS is described. SD7037 Airfoil, 118" span, 10 Oz/Ft^2 Obechi covered wings with carbon fiber reinforcement, 994 sq in.

  1823. Aug 92 Lavasseur, Charlie Merlin from Frank Weston flies very well w/ INA001 airfoil, 100 in span and 48 oz weight.

  1824. Aug 92 Harden, Kale Best 5 scores of a club counted in international postal contest of Sept 6 Clubs mail in results of their efforts using a contest task described.

  1825. Aug 92 Aerospace Composites Vacuum system design is shown with vacuum switch and ballast. $198 Compl. Vacuum system solves many problems when making wings.

  1826. Aug 92 Slates, Jerry Shape of a handy template is shown for various and sundry airfoil and spinner shapes. A french curve template

  1827. Aug 92 Jones, Gordon First part of a series on vacuum bagging talks about materials used and choice of resin.

  1828. Aug 92 Jentsch, Ed Spirit 100 wings are prone to fold on winch. Potential causes and solutions are offered.

  1829. Aug 92 Stump, Mike Installing servos (2 per wing) into a foam core wing. 4 pin deans connectors are recommended.

  1830. Aug 92 Allen, Mark Flight Lite Composites is sold to Ron Vann. Production of Falcon series to continue at modern facility. P.O. Box 311, Windsor, CA 95492

  1831. Aug 92 Simons, Martin Three accidents are recounted for our benefits so we don't repeat problem. Humorous!

  1832. Sep 92 Lohre, Chuck Chuck has a scale bald eagle which was made with molded body and built-up wing. More to be made in this project.

  1833. Sep 92 Slates, J^2 Interglide 92 results. Great Race won by Joe Wurts, Pat Flynn, Ken Bates

  1834. Sep 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Differential ailerons and/or rudder deflection for flying wings is mathematically described.

  1835. Sep 92 Simons, Martin Attitude of model in slope flight requires a downward pitch with high lift conditions to avoid stall. If model rises fast, attitude may be level.

  1836. Sep 92 Slegers, Ed Surprise II (ARF) by Freudenthaler (Ger) has balsa sheeted wings w/ servo wires installed. 7-27 cells, gel coated kevlar fuse. Soarcraft mounts

  1837. Sep 92 Jones, Gordon The creation of dihedral and root spars in foam wings discussed. A novel sub rib is described which greatly simplifies construction.

  1838. Sep 92 Byers, Wil Large ships have high L/D ratios as well as higher speed and sink rate. They shouldn't be hand launched from a winch. ROG is proposed.

  1839. Sep 92 Vasgerdsian, Gregory Mini-1 28.5" span, 10 oz. balsa, ply, foam cores uses 2 channel w/ ailerons 10 hours to build. Expert pilot may be required to fly this exciting model

  1840. Sep 92 Child, Mark The design of a good club winch is described. Ford long shaft starter, Cost estimates are given at $80 includes parts and services.

  1841. Sep 92 Dies, Frank Response to M.Simons critique of Franks dive test for CG position. R/C Pattern ships trim for level flight regardless of trim.(also symetrical AF)

  1842. Sep 92 Long, Tom Corrections and clarifications are noted to instructions for the JR X374 radio. This radio has glider modifications which are available.

  1843. Sep 92 Able, Bruce Polyester chiffon tape is used for hinges. Tape is coated with heat activated adhesive (Balsaright) to obtain adhesion of hinges to surfaces.

  1844. Sep 92 Slates, J^2 CST is source for unidirectional carbon fiber. Elf Engineering has obechi sheeted wings available in user selected lengths.

  1845. Sep 92 N.E. Sailplane Products Grifter Sailplane is announced, ARF with f/g/ fuselage and gel coat. Balsa sheeted foam wings. Cost is $749.

  1846. Sep 92 Able, Bruce Dial Cord (pull-pull) system is described. Wire control cables of a specific length will shield your receiver antenna and could cause crash.

  1847. Sep 92 Riggs, Robbin Photos of models at 1992 11th annual Rose Bowl Soaring Festival are shown.

  1848. Sep 92 Morris, Pancho Pancho makes a 2M legend using Falcon 600 fuselage.

  1849. Sep 92 Simons, Martin Effects of Dihedral, aileron differential, rudder are discussed for inverted flight.

  1850. Oct 92 Stall, Gordy Son Derek is pictured flying Mega slope of Platteville, Wisconsin. One of only a few good sights in Wisconsin.

  1851. Oct 92 Siposs, George Flight service reports say much about conditions. Temp-Dew point/4.5 equals cloud base in thousands of feet. Also wind direction is mag.North

  1852. Oct 92 Lightfoot, John Light servo mount provides easy installation for HLG. One screw secures tray holding two servos.

  1853. Oct 92 Scidmore, Al 8th Annual National Sailplane Symposium is announced for Madison WI on October 24 and 25th. after several years of inactivity. Speakers listed

  1854. Oct 92 Simons, Martin A description of air movements in the atmosphere. Inversion and mixing in the boundry layer is described in detail. Good article.

  1855. Oct 92 Jones, Gordon Gordon talks about preparations prior to pulling the vacuum. Pt3 of series Air wicking materials, wax paper, Mylar, Bag clips, Vacuum fitting.

  1856. Oct 92 Young, Pete Answers to questions about flight path of a glider in zero gravity. Model flys an expanding helix or opening loop. J.Lightfoot & P.Jentsch winners.

  1857. Oct 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Reflex in flying planks can warp out with higher speed. Solution: inverted loop when recovery from a dive looks impossible. Connect controls to top.

  1858. Oct 92 Kubiak, Bill Carving balsa propellers is covered in diagrams and equations. Light to medium balsa is best.

  1859. Oct 92 Slates, Jerry Mid-South Soaring Championship is reviewed. June 27 and 28 1992 in Memphis area Soaring Society. Dates of major 1993 contests are given

  1860. Oct 92 Byers, Wil Plenty of photos BD5J, Hellcat, Austria Elephant, Blohm-Voss BV188, ASK-13, ASW 20, Grunaubaby, P51, DG600, ASK18, ASW17, Jap Zero, P39

  1861. Oct 92 Siposs, George Vacuum regulator is made from a water column gives 7" Hg vacuum with low cost supplies.

  1862. Oct 92 Slegers, Ed Falcon 880 conversion to 10 cell electric is discussed. Ed is very satisfied with its performance. US F3E team is 1st in 1992 world comp.

  1863. Oct 92 Slegers, Ed Banshee comes with a sheeted obechie wing and stab. Polyhedral has no break in covering. Servo wire traces are in and servo position are located

  1864. Oct 92 Slates, J^2 On board mixers for non-computer radios mix about everything you might think of at a small cost relative to the computer radios. Cost is minimal.

  1865. Oct 92 Slates, J^2 3M Raven by Viking Models is described. E193 AF. F/G fuse, Gull Wing very stylish!

  1866. Oct 92 Bamberg, Mike An excellent explanation of understanding the slope, what to expect and executing launches and landings. Topographical illustrations.

  1867. Oct 92 Murray, Lee Silent Wings by Gerard Devlin is a fascinating chronicle of the developments use and legacy of military gliders used in WWII. Photos of CG4A at EAA

  1868. Oct 92 Griffin, David Instructions for setting up Futaba 7UAPS are clarified for launch, crow breaking, speed, and coupling ailerons, rudder, elevator and flaps.

  1869. Oct 92 Thomas, Jim Alcyone by Leroy Satterlee and Culpepper Models is sort of a scaled up Chuperosa. It is a good 1st aileron ship.

  1870. Nov 92 Bresler, Mark Slope soaring site photograph shows Blue Marsh Lake a few miles North of Reading PA on Rt 183. Good location for long flights and beautiful.

  1871. Nov 92 Vann, Ron Visalia event draws 230 fliers. 18 models in air at once with no mid-airs. First place to Ben Clerx with Falcon 880

  1872. Nov 92 Simons, Martin Excellent: Thermal convections - how they form - where & when to find them size and shapes. Models have advantage over full size sailplanes.

  1873. Nov 92 Kuhlman, B^2 Dieter Paff's PN11 design has diagonal wing design with 1 fin at rear tip. Despite problems, model flies well 960g, 8 oz/ft^2 loading.

  1874. Nov 92 Jones, Gordon Composite wings Pt 4 continues with application of cloth and resin to Mylar and cores for skin, hinge and reinforcement purposes.

  1875. Nov 92 Slegers, Ed Coverage of 92 Keystone R/C electric contest - largest in US perhaps. Mainly a fun fly and a display of wares type event complete with experts.

  1876. Nov 92 Snead, Ned Ned describes in a humorous way a belt hook to hold a high start while getting ready to launch. Also a non-interfering, limp, TX antenna (wire).

  1877. Nov 92 Abell, Bruce Design of Dragonfly model is reviewed by Ferdi Gale'. Model penetrates better than predicted. Wing is swept forward and is widest at break.

  1878. Nov 92 Schwerin, Alan, et. al. Photo coverage of LSF nats are shown. M Selig uses new airfoil which is hybrid of S4061 and SD6080. Standings and interesting descriptions.

  1879. Nov 92 Palmer, Rick Retractable wheel is described. 2.5x.75 in. operates smoothly with servo. Design was seen in Japaneese newsletter.

  1880. Nov 92 Harden, Ken A spring latch mechanism is described which wuld be great for F/G fuselages Dying wood can be option to painting to keep weight down.

  1881. Nov 92 Jentsch, Ed Ed discusses the differences between straight wing, dihedral and polyhedral wings when it comes to roll stability and flight behavior.

  1882. Nov 92 Hawkins, Barry Ridge Writer column includes flying review of 33 expensive models including many European designs (F3b, Scale, Electric, Unlimited)

  1883. Nov 92 Model and Yachts Unl. Model Sailboats with wheels allows RC modelers to play on parking lots.

  1884. Nov 92 Aerospace Composites Listing of EZ-Lam products including 12 oz dispensing containers for resin and smaller containers for catalysts. Both have pumps for good delivery.

  1885. Nov 92 Darnell, D.O. New video shows how to go about building a model from a fuselage and cores. Money can be saved over buying a complete kit. Video shown techniques.

  1886. Nov 92 B.A.T. Foam cores are available for $10 per panel with special price for Legend type wing with small tips. (801) 571-6406

  1887. Nov 92 Glass Flugel New models are announced and a description of models in present list of abailable products for these top of line scale models.

  1888. Nov 92 Stump, Mike Vertigo by Brian Agnew has E387 wing, 59.75" span 14 oz/sq ft loading. Flight performance is very good and kit is of high quality.

  1889. Nov 92 Raskin, Jeff 4th annual precision slope aerobatics contest in Pacifica Californic attracts 100 people. Top 7 finishers are listed. Diagrams of manuvers

  1890. Nov 92 Brabenec, Paul A method of casting nose weights using split shot is shown. Balance model with shot in bag, melt lead, pour into aluminum foil placed in sand.

  1891. Nov 92 Sugar, Al A low power launch was used in texas with short line. A two speed winch is suggested for more control of launching with less power.

  1892. Nov 92 Johnson, Wildey Ideas for making connections to high start rubber. Use wood dowel plug, insert thread loup through hole in dowel. Dowel is put into rubber.

  1893. Dec 92 Stahl, Gordy Photo of Mining Hill in Plattville, WI where ME-163 is being flown. Pilot is Mirko Bobul who is quite active in Wisconsin slope soaring.

  1894. Dec 92 Williams, W.D. Epoxy and cotton flox make an excellent filler for high stress areas of fuselages where joiner rods exit the fuselage and other places.

  1895. Dec 92 Fogel, Gary B. Torrey Pines Gliderport is made a US Soaring National Landmark. The effort to keep the site protected from developlent is a deed to be addressed.

  1896. Dec 92 Schwerin, Alan Gifted teenagers are given science training by building an RC Glider in a program in Lousiana at McNeese State Univ. with public and private funds.

  1897. Dec 92 Jones, Gordon Pt 5 of series discusses the finishing of f/g covered wings once the wing has been bagged. Sanding methods, cutting out control surfaces.

  1898. Dec 92 Simons, Martin Sailplane stabilizer designs are compared including considerations of thickness, turbulation, flying stabs vs hinged elevator. 7% thick. min.

  1899. Dec 92 Bamberg, Mike Visual perception of speed and distance are discussed in a very objective and scientific way. Mike has professional background in this field.

  1900. Dec 92 B.A.T. winch is evaluated. Product made by Bob Harman is of very high quality @ $185. It is also light and includes break.

  1901. Dec 92 Kuhlman, B^2 EH 2/12 and EH 3/12 airfoils are discussed. coordinates for both given and use for each is described as being for flying wings with aerodynamic twist.

  1902. Dec 92 Ninham, Cameron Foam cutter uses a lever and pullies to pull the wire through at correct ratio for each root and tip chords. Equations given for use.

  1903. Dec 92 N.AM.Scale Soaring Assoc. New North American Scale Soaring Association is being formed. Members are solicited. Power Slope; Vintage; Modern; Slope; and Thermal Scale interest

  1904. Dec 92 Smith, Scott A self scoring form is described to take the burden off the CD and add some enjoyment to the contestants. Form is shown

  1905. Dec 92 Raskin, Jef Jeff supports the position that a standard configuration for a sailplane is best. Other design aspects are thoughtfully considered.

  1906. Dec 92 NE Sailplanes Culpepper Modles' Dove 2M sailplane is a minature full house sailplane which can handle from 2 to 6 servos for ultimate performance in a small package.

  1907. Dec 92 Dynamic Modeling Sailplane computer radio comparison chart is available with bonus of Servo Conversion Chart as a bonus.

  1908. Dec 92 Friant, David 70 inch span of Thermal Grabber makes nice size for a model you take with you in case you might want to go soaring. Plenty of features included.

  1909. Dec 92 Stump, Mike Use of products from Aerospace Composite Products is described with helpful hints for making bagged wings with skins of balsa or obechi.

  1910. Dec 92 Lightfoot, John The importance of tow hook position is discussed along with instructions for making a simple hook from a cup hook. Find unstable point and go + 6mm

  1911. Dec 92 Davis, Ashley Bristol Virginia soaring meet combined the beauty of the Blueridge Mts. and 1000 foot strip of mowed grass. Weather didn't cooperate much this year.

  1912. Dec 92 Slegers, Ed Arcus by Robie is a good performing model although not the best thermalling or the fastest. It makes a good entry into electric modeling 7-10 cells.

  1913. Jan 93 Raskin, Jef In response to the question, is there an optimim wing loading? Jef says no The need changes with conditions and within a flight.

  1914. Jan 93 Selig, Michael Slight camber in stabs may reduce drag at low speeds. Thickness of H.Stab decreases need for size. Thinner red. Cl max but larger red. induced drag.

  1915. Jan 93 Raskin, Jef Stabilizer type(flying or hinged) makes little difference. Flat plates have higher drag than sym. airfoils. SD8020 shows low dead band and drag.

  1916. Jan 93 MARCS Comments on Marcs national sailplane symposium. Speakers: T.Edmons; S.Metz S.Neu; A.Doig; T.Renaud; M.Hill; Gene Chase; Martin Simons & others.

  1917. Jan 93 Slates, Jerry Part I (Making a mold for fiberglass fuselage) takes ~80 hrs. Make plug, add dams, build tray, cut out tray, add stops, insert plug, and calk.

  1918. Feb 93 Slates, Jerry (Cont.) Make keys, support mold with 5/8" plywood, trim edges, polish edges of access holes, polish surface with polishing compound, add feet.

  1919. Jan 93 Simons, Martin Question: Is there an optimum wing loading? No! Because of changes in air velocity, flight speed should be adjusted to conditions.

  1920. Jan 93 Slegers, Ed Experience with Graupner Ventus + Keller 40/10 motor gives 15-20 deg climb for 1.5 minutes. Flight Lite C. Falcon 800 Elec with T tail & RG15 airfoil

  1921. Jan 93 Byers, Wil A review of Rolf Girsberger design objectives from Soartech 5. RG airfoils were modifications for Prof. Eppler's designs.

  1922. Jan 93 Jones, Gordon Pt.6 of series gives some observations after making four wing pannels using slightly different materials. Suggests trying methods & using best ones 4U.

  1923. Jan 93 Jentsch, Ed Optimum neutral stability and dive testing behavior are again explained with decalage being another way to judge if at neutral stability.

  1924. Jan 93 Knight, Gerald Spalinger S18-][ is a good flying ship but G. uses the FX-1261 airfoil w/ symetrical tips. Flown fast there is not tip stall.

  1925. Jan 93 Kuhlman, B^2 The construction of a fast building wing is shown. Model is made of foam board 1/4 in with smooth sides. High fun/cost ratio - 1 night project.

  1926. Jan 93 Tekerian, Yesso Anabat series slope soaring ships are described as having low sink rate and good maneuverability. Raskin WE008 symetrical section and comp. design.

  1927. Jan 93 Tekerian, Yesso Anabat HLG uses symetrical airfoil WE008 by Jef Raskin, Kit is light weight foam - not easily damaged - no covering needed - low cost.

  1928. Jan 93 Drought, Geoff RG15 Thermal Eagel is improvement over Falcon 880 for low weight, airfoil Can be ordered with obechi skins. Fill obechi with light spackle.

  1929. Jan 93 Murray, Lee David Squires' AFEDIT program allows one to compare airfoil shapes on computer screen. Edited airfoil can be used in other plotting program.

  1930. Jan 93 Palmer, Rick Rick reviews the 2 day contest he CDed in Arizona which had rain, wind calm and finally a thermal duration event of 3 for 15 minutes.

  1931. Jan 93 Long, Tom Additional information on programming the X-347 computerized ratio with glider modifications. These provide crow configuration and camber change.

  1932. Jan 93 Nicholson, Brian Stationary bike conversion stand for standard bike provided a way to make Brian's bike a human powered launching machine. Garilla launch you say!

  1933. Jan 93 Knight, Sherman A contest format was made for the novice flyer which made things less intimidating for the beginner.

  1934. Jan 93 Cuervo, Brian Composite wings can be made without vacuum. Use boards and concrete blocks together with mylar or acetate film to make good epoxy glass wings.

  1935. Feb 93 Slates, Jerry Mold Making pt2: Application of Frekote 1711 release, BE-115 surface coat, 8 layers of glass fabric and West 105/206 epoxy & hardener (4 layers/day).

  1936. Feb 93 Woods, Graham Reichmann's text suggests that wind sheer as low as .03 m/sec/m is good for FS glider. Suggestions for experiments w/ models are made.

  1937. Feb 93 Simons, Martin Dynamic soaring is described in math for bird. Described by Rayleigh in 1883 when albatross could move upwind over sea without flapping wings.

  1938. Feb 93 Kuhlman, B^2 Box for wing joiner blades is described. From Alan Halleck. A slot routed in a plywood matrix. 1/16 inch blue spring steel is used. Source given.

  1939. Feb 93 Jones, Gordon CompuFoil program by Eric Sanders provides template profiles for hot wire cutting of polystyrene foam. Many features make this a valuable program.

  1940. Feb 93 Clancy, Mike Mike comments on the life of Tony Palethorpe, Jr. on his passing as a result of a heart attack. He was a member of Sacramento Valley Soaring So.

  1941. Feb 93 Bamberg, Mike Servo in wing instructions use router and 1/32 ply floor + RTV. Knuckle hinges from Fourmost work well. New slope site in Hood River Oregon listed.

  1942. Feb 93 Godfrey, David Steps: Remove release agents, sand w/ 220 paper, heavy lacquor primer, glaze compound, 360 grit paper, primer-sealer, base coat, clear coat.

  1943. Feb 93 Stokely, Herk The Soartech series is described and prices given for back issues. This is a source of articles on technical topics. Also source of D.Fraser prod.

  1944. Feb 93 Slegers, Ed Dave Hill's new 2M kit has moulded fuselage and E387 obechi skin wing @$200. Surprise III, Nordic III, and New Ron Vann - Flite Light Comp. model.

  1945. Feb 93 Garwood, David Why are RC Sailplanes So Addicting? Challenging, contest with nature, blend of skill and knowledge, pure flight, rewarding, and satisfying.

  1946. Feb 93 Precision Model Products Building boards made to last years are flat and designed to stay that way. Sure grip pins have large heads for good installation and removal.

  1947. Feb 93 Slates, Jerry Libelle fuselage and canopy is now available from Viking Models. Jerry is back in production.

  1948. Feb 93 RA Cores Custom wings are available at low prices from RA Cores, P.O. Box 863 Southbridge, MA 01550 (508) 765-9998

  1949. Feb 93 Astro Flight Cobalt 90 now available has a 2 in. diameter and is 3.5 in. long. Takes 32 to 36 cells and can fly a quarter scale model.

  1950. Feb 93 Richardson, Charley Climmax HLG was designed to win AMA events although it will do slope soaring. SD-7037 airfoil, 400 sq in. 14-16 oz. From CR Aircraft.

  1951. Feb 93 Upgood, Yule B. 66 inch Sparrow is pre-built with SD-8000 airfoil, V tail at $170 30 hours to complete, full size plan.

  1952. Feb 93 Sugar, Al Differences in ability to perform in circling flight attributed to aspect ratio of wings. His conclusion is based on models he has built and flown.

  1953. Feb 93 Raskin, Jef Anabat VI can be built in 4 hours and is inexpensive and fun. Rules for aerobatic competition reviewed.

  1954. Feb 93 RCSD N. Am. Scale Soaring Soc. is proposing contest formats which would support a more active format for soaring scale models.

  1955. Feb 93 Munkeso, Morten Results of world postal 2M soaring contest are posted with most of the winners coming from Denmark. Not a good showing for the USA.

  1956. Mar 93 Slates, J^2 Bear's Cave BBS closes. RCSD database is offered to other BBS sysops who are willing to post the files to the public.

  1957. Mar 93 Slates, Jerry Pt. 3 of mold making deals with producing the first fuselage. Wax and buff mold, apply release agent, cut FG cloth strips, mix epoxy and add silica.

  1958. Mar 93 Slates, Jerry Cont. 2oz cloth against mold. Mix epoxy w/o silica for other FG layers. Trim the glass on each half to allow some overlap. Combine mold & roll seam

  1959. Mar 93 Simons, Martin Recognizing and using thermals is topic. Turn with steady bank and speed. Fly fast to return to field since you will be flying up wind and in sink.

  1960. Mar 93 Byers, Wil Interview with Joe Wurts, World F3B Champ and Distance Record Holder. Thoughts of the design of slope racers is most of this interview.

  1961. Mar 93 Slegers, Ed Layne/Urwyler Satern-E is under development for FAI05 motor and 7 cells. 85 in span is larger than most but model may be on the heavy side.

  1962. Mar 93 Jones, Gordon Shadow 118 construction and flight performance is described. Gordon does a good job of telling us how the model goes together and its design.

  1963. Mar 93 Siposs, George Hungary and Slovakia model soaring activities were reported on. Post Communist changes providing modelers with more equipment and freedoms.

  1964. Mar 93 Jentsch, Ed Instructions on modifying a Futaba 4 ch. transmitter for Ail/Rud coupling. Also instructions for eliminating the diode for recycling the Trx batteries.

  1965. Mar 93 Kuhlman, B^2 A set of Flying Wing tasks for LSF members is proposed not requiring contest points but tasks. Too few FW contests exist to require contests.

  1966. Mar 93 Johnson, Wildey Jupiter model is described.

  1967. Mar 93 Johnson, Wildey E. Fuselage replacement is discussed using one of Bob Sealy's Jupiter fuses. A mechanism for flap control was installed keeping servo inside fulelage.

  1968. Mar 93 Mike's Models One Design Racer #1 release is announced. 48 in. span 360 sq in. wing Introductory price of $50. Video for construction available for $20

  1969. Mar 93 Viking Models Quarter scale Salto fuselage announced. 61 in long, 142.5 in Ritz 1 wing. V-tail mixing required. $135 w/o cores, $195 with wing cores.

  1970. Mar 93 Zatloka, George Flying Buddy transmitter support is introduced which frees hands for other functions and is superior to neck straps.

  1971. Mar 93 Northeast Sailplane Prod. Big Pink composite HLG has 36 in span, 198 sq in E386 wing, 6 oz. wt. Requires very small equipment and 50 ma batteries.

  1972. Mar 93 Northeast Sailplane Prod Shadow is announced. 188 in span, 994 sq in SD7037 wing, 69 oz. composite sailplane. $374

  1973. Mar 93 Layne/Urwyler Saturn 2.9T has HQ2.0/9 aifoil, aluminum wing joiner tube, 65-70 oz. obechi sheeted wings and many high tech features. $450-500.

  1974. Mar 93 Future Flight Thermal Thing is agile, fast building 2M sailplane for $16. Rib constrn.

  1975. Mar 93 Edberg, Don FYI, Servo conv. charts, Airfoil plotting program comparison charts, computer radio comparison charts available from Dynamic Modeling.

  1976. Mar 93 Horizon Hobby Dist. JR credit card receivers for FM and PCM are discussed. .55*2.06*1.43 in. Uses two sided surface mount technology to achieve small size.

  1977. Mar 93 Kennedy Composites 2.9 & 4.5 oz unidirectional CF & CF/FG layup available. Obechi and black, obechi with color all the way through. Aerosil for epoxy thickening.

  1978. Mar 93 USA F3B Team Official 1993 Team Merchandise Order Form. Shirts, Pins, Stickers, Patches

  1979. Mar 93 Auserbach, Chuch & Wasserman, Alan Point of the Mountain in Bluffdale, Utah is an excellent flying site for those wanting to take a vacation where good flying & landing.

  1980. Mar 93 Harmon, Bob A clinic was given by Intermountain Silent Flyers in Sandy UT on how to give a clinic on composite construction. Focus on critical steps.

  1981. Mar 93 Williams, W.D. A hinging technique is shown which uses tubes held in place by FG tape. The hinge is comperable to a door hinge and is simple.

  1982. Apr 93 Jentsch, Ed Use of solvents such as acetone can damace nervous system. It is also very volatile and can explode at room temperature when ignited.

  1983. Apr 93 Watkins, Mike Hinges made of Spectra can be made easily, don't have problems with gaps. Care is needed when cutting the ailerons out of bagged wings when used.

  1984. Apr 93 Woodhouse, David The points made about stability, decolage, CG position, all seem to have missed the point that free flight models can have CG at the trailing edge.

  1985. Apr 93 Slates, Jerry Part IV of series in mold making answers questions not specifically addressed. Joining halves, making plugs, finishing plugs.

  1986. Apr 93 Simons, Martin Shape of thermals and movement of air in thermals is topic of article. Circulation within thermal probably draws planes to center of thermal.

  1987. Apr 93 Slegers, Ed WRAM '93 show is reviewed. Airtronics joins Flite Lite. Economy is improving and dealers are up beat.

  1988. Apr 93 Slates, Judy Judy tells of her new model presents to Jerry who had not had time to change his selection of models from basically slope to Texas thermal soaring..

  1989. Apr 93 Raskin, Jeff Jeff tells his view of the relative unimportance of wing loading. This seems like it is more a matter of point of view than a universal truth.

  1990. Apr 93 Metze, Scott A system of dumpable water ballast is shown for scale ships. An ASW-20 and DG-600 1/5 scale was fitted with this system. A small pump used.

  1991. Apr 93 Bamberg, Mike Frank Zaic's glider kits continue to be a great way to get young people soaring. Anabat aerobatic model reviewed. Samurai kit also reviewed.

  1992. Apr 93 Kuhlman, B^2 Authors romanticize their experiences with radios and models of the past. Citizen LT-3, Nomad, JR Century IV are mentioned.

  1993. Apr 93 Wilson, Ray An article on Walt and Bill Good from the Kalamazoo College Quarterly is preproduced. Bill and Walt got it all going as pioneers in RC modeling.

  1994. Apr 93 Jones, Gordon Thermal soaring in Texas varies considerably depending upon the region. Contests are well spaced around the state. Visitors welcome!

  1995. Apr 93 California Carbon Available in CF, Kevlar, and S-Glass iron on unidirection fibers. Fibers are attached later with CA or just ironed on. New Co. of aerospace people.

  1996. Apr 93 NSS National Soaring Society ad stating dues are $15 US and $20 overseas. Contact Robert Massmann, 282 Jodie Lane, Wilmington, Ohio 45177

  1997. Apr 93 LSF LSF ad gives description of achievement goals and no dues policy. Contact LSF, 10173 St. Joe Rd., Ft. Wayne, IN 46835

  1998. Apr 93 Viking Models DG-100 model kit comes with retracts and is available as fuselage or with cores at $175 and $250 plus $20 S&H. 147 inch span models 15 M wing FS.

  1999. Apr 93 Northeast Saplplane Products Monarch DG Aerotech model has a fiberglass fuselage with pushrods attached. V tail foam wings. Micro gear is required. SD7037 11 oz.

  2000. Apr 93 Northeast Sailplane Products A generic fuselage for Vertigo, Climmax, & Chuperosa is offered. SD7037 and E387 wings fit perfectly. Cost is $49.95

  2001. Apr 93 Greco Technologies Pod and boom construction makes this a very nice model with minimized size of fuselage. SD7037 foam wings are obechi sheeted. 14 oz,. 5.3 oz/ft^2

  2002. Apr 93 Tuk'N'Fly Quilted lightweight, easy to carry bags for fuselage and wings. Patterns and materials are supplied. 1035 Pintail Dr., Suisun City, CA 94585

  2003. Apr 93 Windspiel Models Fiber Glas Flugel ASH-26, ASW-24, ASW-19, ASW-20L, Salto H101, Kimbo Std. Sithebe, DG-600 are discussed and prices given.

  2004. Apr 93 LSF Schedule for the '93 LSF Masters of Soaring contest in Vincennes, IN F3J, F3B, HL, 2M, STD, UNL, XC, and SMT will be flown on different days.

  2005. Apr 93 Woodhouse, David Dave describes the radio technology which is taken for granted by modelers. Information on interference and care of radios is given.

  2006. Apr 93 Byers, Wil More information on the new NASSA organization for scale soaring inthusiasts There seems to be energy building and somethings should be happening.

  2007. Apr 93 Clark, Al Incredible story of a childs parachute being droped from a powered model and thermalling for 32 minutes without radio control. It probably is true!

  2008. May 93 Slates, Judy & Jerry Increase in pages from 32 in '90 to 70 in '93 in part due to contributors providing articles on C. disc. Glossy paper gives better abuse resistance.

  2009. May 93 Slates, Judy & Jerry Marc Dufresne becomes French correspondent. Postal soaring contest promoted Northwest Soaring Society is a regional soaring group held together by NL.

  2010. May 93 Slates, Jerry Iron on Carbon Fiber is available from California Carbon. Jerry made a spar 1.8 * 3/8 * 36 inches with carbon on one side weighing 7 grams.

  2011. May 93 Griffin, David A 72 in. Tornado jet replica was buillt from plans by R.M.Green. E374 was used. 24 Oz/Ft^2. Flies very well on slope at Allendale, Christchurch, NZ

  2012. May 93 Jones, Gordon Jack Hamilton and Gordon tell us about mounting servos on the cover which is mounted to the wing. This makes repairs easy and is not that difficult.

  2013. May 93 Simons, Martin Circular movement of air in a dust devils and thermals is attributed to conservation of angular momemtum of air which is converging.

  2014. May 93 Byers, Wil Interview with Joe Wurts continues regarding slope racing. Callers, Weight, Cost, Camber in turns, Best servo = A/T 141, 2 vs 4 man race, Best slopes.

  2015. May 93 Lies, Albert A sanding block guide is described and illustrated which will allow straight edges to be sanded on balsa. Diagram of canopy latch is also shown.

  2016. May 93 Dufresne, Marc Move to Europe, France, where many differences are being found. Frequency, style of equipment, models, etc. Experience to be intinued.

  2017. May 93 Reith, Jim Jim describes how he made a bare bones slope ship from low cost materials which was slope worthy but Ungly as Sin, the name of the creation.

  2018. May 93 Agnew, Brian Brian uses a launch and time method for finding the optimum trim settings and CG position. Flying is done at dawn in calm air.

  2019. May 93 Vasgerdisan, Greg The wing saddle on FG models is often destroyed in slope soaring landings. Greg describes and diagrams the reinforcement needed for these models.

  2020. May 93 Kuhlmans, B^2 Toucan, swept forward design by Larry Renger was featured in Aug MAN. The model can be covered with low cost materials such as paper..

  2021. May 93 Slegers, Ed For new interests: 2M span, RG15 A/F, 7 cell motor, 7 cell 1000 ma battery, peak detection charger, 8*5 folding prop. Several models and motors listed.

  2022. May 93 Hammond, Jim Gliding in Taiwan is not common but the interest seems to be strong. Flying sites are rare due to mountains, trees and 10 ft. tall grass.

  2023. May 93 Viking Models Viking models releases Kestrel simi kit of 15 and 19 meter scale models having w.s. of 167 and 187 in. Fuselage is Kevlar reinforced.

  2024. May 93 Horixon Hobby Dist. JR X-388S fir the sailplane enthusiast has 8 model memory, 1024 resolution, 6 programmable mixers. Comes with smallest 9 ch rcvr sold.

  2025. May 93 Foster, Mark RC Gliders Downunder is a video showing vintage R/C models, aero-towing and is very entertaining. Send $22.50 to Mark 826 Oneonta Dr. S. Pasadena, CA

  2026. May 93 Goris, Greg A-10 Warthog kit is available from Greg for $40 + 4 for UPS shipping. construction is foam with high impact polystyrene fuselage and pods.

  2027. May 93 Tekoa Center for Design Roger Chastain model is well designed for hard launches and performance once in the air. SD7037, 690 in^2, 9.3 oz/Ft^2, 45 oz. Sold by NESP

  2028. May 93 Nichols Research Fantasque is all glass, ARF, flying wing capable or aerobatic flight. Model will fly on power as well. Sells for $210 retail.

  2029. Jun 93 Slates, J^2 Landowner Protection bill in CA is upheld protecting private property used for recreational purposes is immune from lawsuits. Summary Reference

  2030. Jun 93 Robinson, Robin, et. al. Electric Turkey XC model may open a new class of soaring competition. Competitive event was invented by Pacific Area Soaring Soc.

  2031. Jun 93 Friant, David David describes jos experience in constructing a F/G fuselage mold using Instructions from Jerry Slates. Fuselage was for HLG.

  2032. Jun 93 Slates, Jerry Mold making tips + construction of Synergy III (ARF), adding a radio, and installing the JR X-388s complete with set-up instructions. It flies well!

  2033. Jun 93 Simons, Martin Thermal air movement is very complex, the convective cell is subject of this article. This is a pattern of down current core surrounded by up currents.

  2034. Jun 93 Condon, Steve Synergy III by RnR is reviewed. Steve relates his experience in learning to fly it and to do F3B tasks. His story is very positive.

  2035. Jun 93 Wilson, Edwin Materials used in the construction and repair of golf clubs are listed. Powdered lead is very handy for trim balast. Coated braid good for controls

  2036. Jun 93 Jones, Gordon An excellent way to mount alignment rods in foam stabs during construction The technique is valid anytime you have to make foam stabs.

  2037. Jun 93 Jones, Gordon Continued: Make slots using described hot wire cutter. Fill slot with spackle. Put jigged tubes with wire rods into spackle. Sand, cover, finish

  2038. Jun 93 Dufresne, Marc Marc comments on modeling in the French Aeromodeling Federation. Interesting Contrasts to US clubs. Most clubs have both power and gliders.

  2039. Jun 93 Raskin, Jef The argument is made that a slightly up elevator should give the best glide since all of our wings are producing a negative pitching component.

  2040. Jun 93 Slegers, Ed Good instructions on how to make solder connections between NiCads and using CA to join the batteries together after applying heat shrink tubing.

  2041. Jun 93 Bamberg, Mike Modified rules were given for an aerobatic competition in Oregon. It was a follow the leader format with 3 attempts given each contestant.

  2042. Jun 93 Bamberg, Mike Comments about the 3rd Annual Celebration of Silent Flight. PASS and a local power model club promote electric and glider flying.

  2043. Jun 93 Kuhlman B^2 Review of Hartmut Siegmann article in Flug und Modeltechnik. Airfoil coordinates for HS 3.0/9.0 (slope) and HS 3.4/12.0 (thermal) are given.

  2044. Jun 93 Bauer, Barney Thermal Thing from Future Flight has a low cost kit. Some adjustment to 60 inch span is necessary, but it flies well. $16+$4 P&H.

  2045. Jun 93 Bechtel, Peter Peter shares his slope soaring experiences and locations along the Oregon coast. Cascade HEad, Cape Blance, Hum Bug Mountain State Park on US 10.

  2046. Jun 93 Slegers, Ed Avion generic fuselage is sell constructed and suitable for models with 7 to 8" wing chords. Has a vacuum formed canopy.

  2047. Jun 93 D&D Specialties Shipping containers for storage and/or shipping of sailplanes. These are light weight and Post Office approved. The NEST comes in different Sizes.

  2048. Jun 93 McLean's Models Sephyr is a composite sailplane for slope soaring and racing. Comes in dif. levels of completion. 450 in^2, 13.5:1 AR, 15-17 oz/in^2, SD7003 & 2 others

  2049. Jun 93 Glidesigns Lance 60 ARF is good for slope and winch launch. Epoxy/glass fuselage and Aluminum tail boom construction builds in 2 or 3 evenings. 26 oz. S3021 AF

  2050. Jun 93 Northeast S.P. Grifter E has 15 oz airframe SD7037 AF for 7 cell thermal duration. With FAI 05 cobalt motor, 7 cell battery sells for $230.95.

  2051. Jun 93 Northeast S.P. Invader 42" HLG is A.R.F. with FG pod and boom construction. Needs 1 Hr to install radio. It is for slope soaring.

  2052. Jun 93 Greco Tech. Hurricane 60" slope soaring racing sailplane has SD8000 AF. Area = 345 in^2 16 Oz 6.7, oz/Ft^2, Single taper wing. $80.

  2053. Jun 93 Horizon Hobby Dist. JR 649S is smallest 9 ch. receiver made. 1.42L*2.0W*.63H and 1 oz. Surface mount technology is being used here.

  2054. Jun 93 Clancy, Mike Good reasons to begin contest flying. Especially if you are a good flyer now. Competition brings new chalenges and enjoyment not available to most.

  2055. Jun 93 Vasgerdisian, Greg Greg describes scope of scale movement: Sport Scale, True Scale, Power Ass. Myths include: difficult to build, too expensive, too large. Good Info.

  2056. Jul 93 Slates, Jerry Jerry tells about his tricks in cutting foam core wings since 1960. He now uses an AMAP foam cutter, EICO-1064S power supply, and core grippers.

  2057. Jul 93 Whitford, Tim Tim tells how he managed to crash a model in front of a whole crowd of spectators by not having the transmitter completely turned on.

  2058. Jul 93 Simons, Martin Accounts of the Scale Soaring Assoc. of Australia meet in Swan Hill. Most modelers used aero-towing launches using 9 tugs. Improvements expected

  2059. Jul 93 Simons, Martin Martin tells a great story about the birds including eagles at Swan Hill. Then recalls a story about testing canopies with chickens shot from a canon

  2060. Jul 93 Stump, Mike JR-388S offers valuable features at a bargain price. 3 Modes, 8 Channels, 8 Models, Launch and Reflex presents, TE Camber, Crow, + many other features

  2061. Jul 93 Slegers, Ed Hints on making the lightest models for electric power will make the models fly better and be more competitive. No paint, function not beauty.

  2062. Jul 93 Jones, Fordon Keep the control rods/cables as straight as possible and attach them to the fuselage sides using foam or direct attachment for precise control.

  2063. Jul 93 Byers, Wil All foam gliders are being made for fun flying on the slope. Strapping tape provides spar structure.

  2064. Jul 93 Abell, Bruce Armidale Sailplane Expo report about all the various events which can take place on flat land including electric, F3b, Thermal Soaring, Scale, etc.

  2065. Jul 93 Henwood, Bernard Various ideas used by the Sheffield flying team to make wings with aluminum tube spars for easy construction, balasting, strength with rib construction.

  2066. Aug 93 Slates, J^2 NASF/MASS 2nd annual Mid-South Soaring Championships.

  2067. Aug 93 Lontz, Phil Account of a bicycle trek to a remote flying site in Marin Co. CA where they got some good flights in on a beautiful location, although remote.

  2068. Aug 93 Love, Kieth A visit to Slegers International is the subject of this article. Ed has a wide selection of products and might find time to fly with you. Call first.

  2069. Aug 93 Dufresne, Marc Paris International Modeling, Scale and Games trade show is covered. This is the largest in the world. It runs 10 days and fills the 30,000 M^2 hall.

  2070. Aug 93 Kuhlman, B^2 Hand launch model of Gale's Ubra model with vertical fins flew better without them. Explanations are solicited from the readers.

  2071. Aug 93 Simons, Martin Instructions on slope soaring and how to select a good slope, how to avoid bad situations created by flying sites.

  2072. Aug 93 Jones, Gordon Instructions on building servo trays in fuselages which will make the fuselages stronger and make the radio gear more resistant to detachment.

  2073. Aug 93 Siler, Tom Blitz HL4 has 59" span, 390 sq in, 14-16 oz, SD7032, Ailerons, T-tail. Balsa and foam construction. A 125 ma battery was used.

  2074. Aug 93 Reith, Jim Notes from a first time glider contest CD offers ideas for someone else who will be running a contest. Also good ideas for old CDs.

  2075. Aug 93 Bamberg, Mike Pivoting wings seemed to be failing at high loads when flying fast. Be sure that pivot rods are supported well in the wing.

  2076. Aug 93 Slegers, Ed Foam wings are often covered with obechi. Ed gives instructions for the finishing steps. Sand, remove dust, 2-3 coats of MinWax Polycrylic Clear.

  2077. Aug 93 Slegers, Ed cont. or Flecto Varathane Diamond Finish. Apply with a paper towel over entire panel. Sand lightly w/ 400 grit, wipe off dust and repeat.

  2078. Aug 93 Knight, Shermon Programming the JR X-347 Radio is the topic of this article. JR radio was selected because it fit his hands best and nobody in club had one.

  2079. Aug 93 Jentsch, Ed Building foam wings are quite different than building rib wings and Ed lists many of the details that nobody ever told you before you got into it.

  2080. Aug 93 NASSA Guidelines for tasks within the N. American Scale Soaring Association America

  2081. Sep 93 Slates, J^2 the 1993 FAI Sporting Code has been printed and is available from AMA. It is up to date on all rule changes dnd proposals for clarifications.

  2082. Sep 93 Slates, J^2 Proposals include F3B working time, F3J and F3I (aero towing) changes. It is up to date on all rule changes and proposals for clarifications.

  2083. Sep 93 Nicholson, Bryan Brian shares the activity going on in his local club and talks about his 60" flying wing which he loves to fly. Come and visit - write first!

  2084. Sep 93 Sheldon, John, Slope soaring at El Campo del Pajaro Planeador in New Mexico. A story of one of the best sites in the South West. Politics threatens its existance.

  2085. Sep 93 Byers, Wil & Slates, Jerry First NASSA scale rally in Richland, WA attracted people from all over the USA. From scale seagulls to combat jets and modern gliders - it came.

  2086. Sep 93 Jones, Gordon Selection of personal sunglasses and optimum color schemes will improve your ability to see your models and reduce damage to your eyes from looking up.

  2087. Sep 93 Slegers, Ed A listing of winners in 7 cell, Unl cell, F3E, Old timer, HLG, Unl, 2M, Std, Unl-Sr, 2M-Sr. & Std-Sr. Well known names show up in the listing..

  2088. Sep 93 Gray, Jim On the Wing - the book by Bill and Bunny Kuhlman, a bound compilation of flying wing articles is dedicated to Walter Panknin & his Flying Rainbow.

  2089. Sep 93 Condon, Steve Renegade 60" slope racer is also good for general slope soaring. It is fast and agile, and very strong. Available from CR Aircraft.

  2090. Sep 93 Kuhlman, B^2 Martin Hepperle airfoils generate lift with less drag than equivalent Eppler sections. Flying wing airfoil coordinates for MH45, 60, 61, 62 & 64.

  2091. Sep 93 Morris, Pancho A stand is made from an old styrafoam cooler or box which allows the set-up with a computer radio to be made when flaps drop below fuselage.

  2092. Sep 93 Simons, Martin A wide variety of models can be flown in slope lift. Special requirements exist for launching, flying and lenading. Options are discussed.

  2093. Sep 93 Johnsin, Wildey E. Ideas on improving horizontal stabilizer control systems are given. This has many ideas for low weight, strength, and adjusting decalage.

  2094. Sep 93 Murray, Lee An evaluation of model size and its effect on performance is given. Statistics on 500 flights is given to support that larger models fly best.

  2095. Sep 93 Michaelis, Harley Direct aileron drivers allow a very clean way to drive ailerons without protruding control horns. A bent (45 deg) wire is rotated in a slot.

  2096. Sep 93 Off, Ted; Zaic, Frank; Whitford, Russ Proposed answers to why CG's for free flight models are so far rearward. Most answers have to do with the need for a wide speed range.

  2097. Sep 93 Raskin, Jef Thinner vs thicker sections at wingtips - no clear answer. 8 deg of sweep doesn't cause yaw-roll coupling. Don't believe claims without proof.

  2098. Sep 93 Woods, Grahm Greg Lewis flew Ellipse when dew was forming. The dew formed in a pattern on the wing. Question is posed. Is this the result of separation?

  2099. Slates, J^2 Michigan International Soaring Soc. flying site location is given. A brochure for prospective members is available with address given.

  2100. Bowlen, Clark Clark questions why forward CG caused Falcon 550E to fly and handle so poorly? If turning is an indication of trim is this a way to set CG?

  2101. Vasgerdsian, Greg Greq requests information on where to set the pivot point for "T" pivot rods for full flying T stabilizers.

  2102. Stahl, Gordy Electric Flight - U.K. quarterly newsletter is only one totally electric Magazine comes with membership in British Electric Flight Assoc.

  2103. Vasgerdsian, Greg Greg talks about his 1/5 scale partial Rhoenbussard kit from Viking Models. Greg applied some enginuity to install top/bottom spoilers & other mods.

  2104. Kuhlman, B^2 Walking Beam control system for single direction movement of wingtip rudders is described. The device was protected by a patent which is now expired.

  2105. Jones, Gordon Gordon rediscovers high start launching and relays the secrets to good launches. He also gives part numbers for Ford long shaft starters.

  2106. Harden, Kale K-mart stool and tool box recommended. A very nice F3B fuselage is described using 45 deg glass, Kevlar and carbon fiber.

  2107. Brabenec, Paul Low cost slope scale models are available from House of Balsa. P51 and ME-109 are available in anniversary kits. Suitable for slope soaring.

  2108. Simons, Martin Soaring in variable lift, catching thermals on the slope, using lee waves. Where waves occur, which can be used by modelers.

  2109. Friant, David A push rod made from brass tubing, 1/16" music wire, shrink tubing and clevices allow the rod to change length before the servo gets stripped.

  2110. Slegers, Ed Solid state speed controllers do more than one function and are described in this article. Specific models are compared.

  2111. Slates, J^2 World Championship Results show USA team in 3rd and Joe Wurtz in 2nd. Winning team is Germany. Winning Individual is Denis Duschesne, Belgium

  2112. Cope, Gene Gene builds a 1/6 scale Slingsby T-53a from scratch. The fuselage is made in foam then glassed. Flight performance is fast but very good considering.

  2113. Gray, Jim Book by Ferdinando Gale' Structural Dimensioning of Radio Guided Aeromodels Book contains material data, formulas, and charts to allow ...Continued

  2114. Gray, Jim structural design of models. Chapters on Materials, Loads, Stresses, Wings Fuselages, Conversion Table and Bibliography. Sold by B^2 Streamlines.

  2115. Dufresne, Marc Marc describes his efforts to prepare a Pulsar model for a French F3J contest. Rules of competition were different w/ discard rounds. Cont.-

  2116. Dufresne, Marc Launches were better than winch launches. Strong fuselages are needed due to abuse during landing. Several models will land at once.

  2117. Murray, Lee Sailplane Flight Times as a Function of Launch Methods, Wind Speed and Time of Year is topic of this statistical analysis of 600 flights.

  2118. Raskin, Jef Thoughts on "Model Builder" article by John Papillo regarding forward sweep. Advantages and disadvantages are listed.

  2119. Kuhlman, B^2 Deep cycle batteries are better suited. New Die-Hard models provide visual indicators of charge and electrolyte level. Old batteries require more H2O.

  2120. Schmidt, Jerilyn '93 Int. Modelers Show (IMS) is best shown for glider enthusiasts. Many vendors were present. Many photos in this issue and Nov. issue.

  2121. TauCom R/C Power Duck antennas for R/C transmitters come in 5 colors and has high output. When pointed at model, power is highest. Airtronics radios only.

  2122. Scott's Models Alpha Stability Program for $15 predicts CG and area of elevator needed based on CG. (805) 822-9553

  2123. Waltz, Buzz Buzz W. R/C Designs is now a distributor of Big Birdy, Soar Birdy, Little Birdy, Conquistador, and Predator. (619) 327-1775

  2124. Viking Models ELF 2M generic fuselage is released at $65 and weighs 7.5 oz Condor 3M generic fuselage is released at $80 and weighs 10.5 oz.

  2125. Dodgson Designs Sprite fiberglass fuselage uses single seam and tacco shell methods. Tow hook is attached to the wing joiner rod. Flaperon design is shown in plans.

  2126. ICARE Sailplanes ASW-19 semi-scale fuselage 1:7.5 scale for scratch builder Salto H 101 semi-scale fuselage uses GOE 795 a/f (514) 449-9094

  2127. Greco Technologies Voltz Servos Mini-Star II and Micro-Star II servos for wings. Feature metal gears, 5 yr. warranty, horizontal mountings. (213) 344-8166

  2128. Sugar, Al Poker Soaring adds a dimension of matching completed tasks as cards in a hand.

  2129. Slates, J^2 Texas National Tournament Champion Brian Agnew is shown holding handsome trophy won at the 1993 event.

  2130. Bostick, Henry 9th. Annual TNT hosted by Soaring League of N. Texas at U.T.-Dallas. Event winners and prize winners. Interesting accounts of activities.

  2131. Morris, Pancho The history of the Texas National Tournament (TNT) is recounted.

  2132. Vasgerdsian, Greg "Soaring Down Under" was put together by Trevor Broadbent of Australia. Includes all the variety of R/C soaring interests around the world.

  2133. Fulmer, Dan P-38 and ME109 look very realistic and fly well on the slope.. The 100" aeorbatic model has light loading, manuvers, and is easy to land.

  2134. Jones, Gordon Multi-Pin connectors for connecting aileron and flap servos to a receiver in one connector are described. Molex connectors are widely available.

  2135. Kuhlman, B^2 Fauvel AV36 wing was flown on Harris Hill and viewed by Jim Gray. The Plane would make an excellent model and would be east to bild and transport.

  2136. Hammond, Jim Sanding fiberglass or paint with wet or dry paper will go better when using dish soap in the rinse water. Paper life and quality of job is improved.

  2137. Hammond, Jim When making fillets on molds, instead of using colloidal silica for making edges, use glass rovings. This makes the mold much stronger.

  2138. Simons, Martin Notes from MARCS Symposium on F. Scale strategies for X-C soaring are given. Notes of historical significance about instruments are included.

  2139. Morris, Pancho Adding ballast doesn't change the glide angle but makes the model fly faster the increase can improve the ability to move around in windy conditions.

  2140. Smith, Scott Hand launch models improve skills, is beautiful, exciting, encourages risk, and facilitates experimentation. First Column by Scott in RCSD

  2141. Siposs, George Vintage Sailplane Assoc. each year has a gathering of vintage full size and RC models at Hemet, CA. A beautiful place to be each Memorial Day Weekend.

  2142. McComb, Jeff Experiences in Novice competition are humorous and an encouragement for other beginners. Well written!

  2143. Slegers, Ed Keystone RC (KRC) meet in E. PA is a well run meet where you can meet the best in electric flight and see the best models in the country.

  2144. Condlifffe, Rob & Griffin, David New Zealand soaring competition includes F3b and thermal soaring events in several formats. The competition between the two islands is intense.

  2145. Pearson, Phil Gurney flaps are thin tabs, 10f chord, placed perpendicular to surface under trailing edge. 3" length in HLG models decreased tip stall.

  2146. Schmidt, Jerilyn 1993 IMS show in S. Pasadena is reviewed. This is really the show for sailplaners. Plenty of photos and comments about suppliers and products.

  2147. Slates, Jerry The techniques of aero-towing and equipment needed is described. Experience of A-T at Los Banos is described. A must for scale modelers.

  2148. Byers, Wil Laminating skins to cores can be done in a press vs vacuum bag. The results can be lighter weight w/o separations. A description of equipment is given.

  2149. MM Glider Tech Sorcer-ESS is an aileron version of Merlin. ABS plastic Pod design, 50" spn S3016 A/F. $36 from MM Glider Tech, P.O. Box 39098, Downey CA 90239.

  2150. Boyd, Doug Special bearings and brush holders for Ford long shaft motors. These provide cooler running, low friction and longer life. $98 503-692-0363

  2151. Sailplane Works Aria HLG at $99.95 provides high tech small model. 13.5 to 15.5 oz. 3355 S. Dunkirk Way, Aurora, CO 80013 (303) 699-0467

  2152. Oakland Model Academy Ultra GP features hollow core molded wing, composite fuselage come ARF. has SD8000/SD7003 airfoil $300 (510) 839-0436

  2153. Sky-Bench Aerotech Lil Bird is a HLG version of Bird-of-time. Rib construction is very inexp. $29.95 + $6 P&H 69598 Brookhill Dr., Romeo, MI 48065

  2154. ICARE Sailplanes 2M ASW-19 kit looks great and has F/G fuse, T-tail, 42 oz (12 oz/ft^2) presheeted wings, $130 from 381 Joseph-Huet, Boucherville, Qc J4B, Canada

  2155. Vencon Technologies Computer controlled battery analyzer plugs into IBM PC and produces an analysis of the discharge curve. $219 and $149 (416) 398-4534

  2156. Nuttler, Dale E. 5th A. Masters of Soaring Invitational held 9/10-12 is discussed. Only LSF Level III and higher could compete. Event had 35 entrants.

  2157. Dies, Frank Colorado Short Winch Championships held. Line length was progressively shortened from 200 meters to 50 with 6 min max. Luck factor was too high.

  2158. Various Letters asking for donations for F3J NL. Experience with forgiving flap to servo connection. MAC vs pivot points for flying stabs.

  2159. Vasgerdsian, Greg. More feedback on J. Raskin's article on mounting stabs. Structurally mounted stab may be best bet for fast or heavy models.

  2160. Slates, J^2 Soartech 10 is now available and includes several articles for using computers.

  2161. Stokely, Herk A list of 2500 different airfoil coordinates is on computer disc by Bender and Wiechers via Soartech. Price is $115 US from Stokely.

  2162. Willoughby, Dale A new category for Aero-Two competition has been started for FAI compet. 3.5 meter span min., canopy, wheel, and proportional fuse X-section.

  2163. Garwood, David Cold Weather Soaring is cover story. High Starts don't contract in cold. Flying on slope may be easier if you don't have a winch.

  2164. Mallett, Fred This is well written article about picking out flying sites while traveling cross country from Texas to the Northwest.

  2165. Cope, Gene Core One by Wil Byers was flown with very good results. 123" span, 5 lbs. Model looks like an F3b design with T-tail and fiberglass fuselage.

  2166. Slates, Jerry Repairs are described and illustrated for fuselages which really get damaged during flying. Materials are precisely mentioned and techniques described.

  2167. Jones, Gordon Details are given to final assembly of models for allignment, radio instal. setting control movement, inserting battery pack, setting CG & hand toss.

  2168. Simons, Martin Martin continues with his article on the similarities between full size and RC. Techniques for dealing with situations.

  2169. Rettig, Fred Humorous story about planning for equipment for an anticipated Christmas gift. Santa describes to Corn Fed the errors of his thoughts.

  2170. Morris, Pancho Place switch inside canopy to eliminate problems with switch being turned on or off when least expected.

  2171. Kuhlman, B^2 History of Pioneer IID is traced. This full size plane was modeled by Bill and flown very much like conventional models. Jim Marske is info.source.

  2172. Knight, Sherman Genesis by R&R Products features ARF design w/ molded wings 8 pg of written instructions + 12 pages of photos. 113" span., 855 in^2, 11.7 Oz/In^2,.

  2173. Knight, Sherman Cont. SD7037 airfoil, 14.2 AR, 70 Oz weight. Ailerons use one skin as a hinge. Wings are pre-wired. A new rudder reduced by Sherman reduced model

  2174. Knight, Sherman Cont.: weight. Flight performance was excellent. Zooms high, no wing flex, slows down for spot landings. 35 Hrs to construct this model.

  2175. Bamberg, Mike Anabat comments. Low cost gliders needed for young modelers. Composite Gentle Lady wing .5 oz heavier than orig. Electric racing when wind dies.

  2176. Byers, Wil Soartech #10 topics are listed. This looks like one of the better issues with useful information. Also Airfoil Design & Data - by Richard Eppler.

  2177. Blakeslee, Byron listing of scale glider kits + sources included. Info. on aero-towing is given. Some mfgrs. are difficult to deal with.

  2178. Doig, Al Fall '93 Visalia S. Festival is biggest and best. 214 flyers entered and many more turned away. Plenty of vendors to purchase special items from.

  2179. Doig, Al Cont.: Sunday night BBQ, huge raffle, & 12 hours of flying. The site is 11 acres rented from a cotton farm. Winners listed with Darrel Perkins 1st.

  2180. Smith, Scott Shock proofing noses with shipping foam reduces damage. Two wing bolts for mounting wings works best. Other good ideas given.

  2181. Slegers, Ed Interview with Rudolf Freudenthaler, world champion in F3E. He discusses the models and equipment he uses. Specific equip. specifications given.

  2182. McComb, Jeff The experience of a novice pilot at the first big contest is related in an educational and entertaining way. Encouragement for new flyers.

  2183. Anderson, Chuck Airfoil Plot and Model Design programs are released for HP II LaserJet printers. You can design wings with five panels in heach 1/2 span.

  2184. Spectrum Enterprises Spectrum and Spectrum II designed by Ron Vann and Mark Triebes are released. Triple taper platform with S3021 airfoil. Obechi presheeted wings, F/G Fuse

  2185. Just Plane Models Soar Birdy of 70's is redesigned for zoom launches. Span=76" price=$40. Rib construction with clear plans. Std. Servos needed. Can be electric!

  2186. Raskin, Jef New Anabat handles larger servos or more small servos. Can be raced. The 5th Annual Precision Aerobatic Soaring Contest scratched - no wind.

  2187. Jan 94 McColgan, Don 1994 LSF Masters competition will be held May 14 and 15th in Covina, CA. Sponsored by Silent Wings Soaring Assoc. Limited to LSF Levels IV and V.

  2188. Jan 94 Byers, Wil Lodging Listed for World Soaring Jamboree in Washington State in May 94.

  2189. Jan 94 Penton, D.N. Good advise for selecting aspect ratio, taper ratio, sweep, sections for root and tip. Short but full of information.

  2190. Jan 94 Morris, Pancho Using servos mounted to covers and not wings allows servos to be moved from one model to another without the expense having servos for each wing.

  2191. Jan 94 Slegers, Ed Rocket by Mark Allen is discussed. The model was turned into a 2M glider and found to be very effective at 31 oz. Zooms are excellent.

  2192. Jan 94 Weiland, Mark An improvement to the Feather Cut Foam Wing Cutter by Tekoa is noted. The change has to do with the mounting of a wheel. Diagram included.

  2193. Jan 94 Kuhlman, B^2 Zahlmann's Horten XV modifications for a 2.4 M RC model which will thermal. Model is 3 piece has two mid fins/fences and launches with a highstart.

  2194. Jan 94 Steele, Bob "Do you Speak Airplane" by Dave Thornburg covers the modeling done during the 20's and 30's through 90 years of trials and accomplishments.

  2195. Jan 94 Simons, Martin Martin continues with drecriptions of full size X-country soaring theories. Information used in his MARCS symposium persentation.

  2196. Jan 94 Siposs, George 2M Gnome was purchased from an unhappy owner. After the wing LE was redone and the wing servos minimized it flew much better.

  2197. Jan 94 Smith. Scott Save weight on wings by using sanding sealer instead of film covering. Model Research Lab's Sanding Sealer and Glider polish was used

  2198. Jan 94 Smith. Scott Match the weight of your model to your throwing ability. Heavy model requires a good arm. Technique is important..

  2199. Jan 94 Rettig, Fred Great story about flying when someone's pet dog goes after your pant leg.

  2200. Jan 94 Murray, Lee Question posed by a reader is answered. Why don't US flyers fly larger models.

  2201. Jan 94 Liscomb, Bill Techniques for launching and flying large scale ships. This is not as easy as it seems. Slope launches and winch launches are both covered.

  2202. Jan 94 Savole, Steve The Airtronics Infinity 600A and 660 Sailplane version are compared. Same case, trainer cords to other infinities, data reset, servo centering,

  2203. Jan 94 Savole, Steve Cont. servo endpoints, Failsafe, PPC/PCM, elevon mixing, 2 lines of LCD output including stop watch, count down, voltage, mix any of 6 channels..

  2204. Jan 94 Woods, Graham Repair of a broken fuselage is described using repair parts molded from the outside but installed on the inside of the model. Pretty slick!

  2205. Jan 94 Hazel, John Simulation was made of winch launching. The mathematical model is described the vectors being included in the model.

  2206. Jan 94 Deis, Frank Hinging spoilers on forward side seems to minimize pitching down moment and also improves elevator compensation on computer radios.

  2207. Jan 94 Siposs, George Using a pin extension of transmitter trim ratchet helps find the trim. Use thermoformed packages for mixing epoxy.

  2208. Jan 94 Jones, Gordon Instructions for installing wing rod carrier tubes and alignment pins in a fuselage are discussed. Good practical information.

  2209. Jan 94 Sugar, Al Turbulator experiments by Al show that the average model can benefit from turbulators placed at 600f chord. One of the best articles on the topic.

  2210. Jan 94 Weiland, Mark A method for installing removable servos in hollow core wings is described. Photographs included. Robbe Servo Lock servo mounting device used.

  2211. Jan 94 Vasgerdsian, Greg. NASSA organization news is discussed and dues structure for 1994. AMA numbers of members are needed.

  2212. Jan 94 Future Flight Klingberg Rocket Wing is 52" version of 2M klingberg wing with rocket launch capability. Can be launched from a highstart. "E" motor launches to 600'.

  2213. Jan 94 USR&D Corp. Aero*Comp software allows calculation of performance indexs such as climb rate for different motors, weights, cells, model weight, gear ratio.

  2214. Jan 94 ICARE Sailplanes Pick 20 scale fuselages are available in different colors and set up for HQ airfoils. (514) 449-9094

  2215. Feb 94 Brabenec, Paul Beautiful photographs taken from model of Jackson Hole Wyoming. The method is a camera mounted to photograph the wing and the horizon from canopy.

  2216. Feb 94 Morris, Pancho Beginners are prone to fly too slow when coming in for a landing. A better approach is to fly the model to the ground and not risk stalls or gusts.

  2217. Feb 94 Simons, Martin Properties of this class of model should enhance visibility, be stronger than normal, carry a larger battery, and be aerodynamically stable.

  2218. Feb 94 Rettig, Fred Humorous account when Fred tagged along with Troy Lawicki at the Mid South Soaring Championship.

  2219. Feb 94 Johnson, Wildey Survey of soaring participant interest if given: Sailplane Design #1, Construction Tech. #2, Flying Techniques #3., Last-Competition Results

  2220. Feb 94 Jones, Gordon ARF Spectrum kit by Triebes and Van has obechi sheeted wings and stabs. The quality is very good and the 104" version flies very well.

  2221. Feb 94 Kuhlman, B^2 Jeff Rankin's Max Plank (plank design) is aerobatic and very durable. 36" span and 8" chord. A real fun plane to have. Easy to fly. Airfoil Coord.

  2222. Feb 94 Smith, Scott Left handers have an advantage in hand launching?? Two finger launches are higher. A tow line: 75' line, 5' rubber. A sling-shot is proposed.

  2223. Feb 94 Deis, Frank Howling Coyote 3 Night Fly contest was another success. Nearly everyone made 3 flights to 15 minutes. An interesting idea.

  2224. Feb 94 Siposs, George Flaps used with spoilers gives good control on landing. It is like a poor mans Crow landing option without the cost of the computer radio.

  2225. Feb 94 Cope, Gene Rules for scale competition are discussed. Requirements for appearance, flight performance and landing expectation. New Selig airfoil tests.

  2226. Feb 94 Schwerin, Alan Photos and comments on what went on at the 1993 LSF Nationals. Winch lines were retrieved with golf carts and youngsters.

  2227. Feb 94 Smith, Jim 20th. Annual Soaring Tangerine contests is the longest running soaring event in the US. Two days of 2M and Unl soaring with prized for both days.

  2228. Feb 94 Savoie, Steven A table saw is used to make tapered trailing edges from 1/16 and 1/32" balsa sheeting. A jig is made and spruce strips apply constant pressure

  2229. Feb 94 Savoie, Steven (Continued) to the stock as it is moved through the blade which is pitched at about a 3 deg angle. A carbide blade was used.

  2230. Feb 94 Slegers, Ed Vertigo modifications for a Speed 400 motor, small speed controller, battery would deliver a total weight of 19.5 oz. Motor only costs $15

  2231. Feb 94 Selig, Michael A new series of wind tunnel tests are proposed a the Univ. of IL - Urbana Needs: HLG, flapped A/F, aerobatic, electric, free flight model airfoils.

  2232. Feb 94 Selig, Michael Cont. Also effects of turbulators and flaps. Companion A/F also a goal. Templates available from coordinator J.J. Guglielmo at U of IL.

  2233. Feb 94 Jentsch, Ed Story telling way of describing the function of horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Yaw stab., Dutch Roll, Lateral Stab., Moment of Inertia

  2234. Feb 94 Fulmer, Dan Dan tells of flying on an exceptionally windy day with winds above 40 mph and successfully flying with his made for the occasion sailplane.

  2235. Feb 94 Abell, Bruce "Mostly Sailplanes" by David Craddock covers Australian designed gliders from 1931-36. Three Volumes. A source of info. for unique scale models.

  2236. Feb 94 Lafret, Jack Nostalgia Sailplane Event to be in '94 NATS. Rules are posted in this article. Designs must have been public prior to Jan 1 1977.

  2237. Feb 94 Aero Scientific Ni-Spy IV is a rcvr battery monitor that indicates when the battery voltage goes below safe limits. P.O. Box 292, Grayslake, IL 60030 (708) 233-9066

  2238. Feb 94 Scale Model Research New catalog is available for drawings and photographs to document scale model construction and judging. (714) 979-8058

  2239. Feb 94 Wings A new service will cut wings with a stepper motor and no templates. Good prices are indicated. 3198 Shady Oak Lane, Verona, WI 53593 (608) 845-7961

  2240. Feb 94 Layne/Urwyler 2M and HLG versions of the Saturn are produced. HLG uses E387 and 2M uses HQ3/10 & 3/9. 1808 Applegate Dr., Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 529-8457

  2241. Feb 94 Wright Manufacturing Liberty 2M generic fuselage is produced with Kevlar and is only 6 Oz. Flying stabs intended, plug in 9 to 10" wings. (201) 366-0880 Slegers

  2242. Mar 94 Frame, Gene T.U.F.Line plus from Western Filament Inc. has a 30 lb test value and is very small. High starts perform much better because of the lower drag.

  2243. Mar 94 Lightfoot, John Cover story of slope soaring in S.Africa includes soaring off small seaside slopes or from larger seaside hills.

  2244. Mar 94 Morris, Pancho Low humidity is a major contribution in the buoyancy of air according to P. Pancho believes that humidity keeps the air from heating faster.

  2245. Mar 94 Dufresne, Marc Obtaining a good radio in France may mean that you look at the Super TEF. Mr. Thobois is a retired teacher who builds these great radios.

  2246. Mar 94 Slates, Jerry Mounting wing rods in fuselages can be tricky. Using tracing paper and a pencil to note the position of the wing rod at the root is a good tool.

  2247. Mar 94 Jones, Gordon Light article about how sailplanes and cars often share the same names: Falcon, Comet, Nova, Cobra, Tempest, Legend, Eagle, Mirage, Spirit, Saturn..

  2248. Mar 94 Byers, Wil Point of the Mountain in Utah is an excellent flying site with an good LZ and opportunities for very high altitudes. Primary slope is 500' high.

  2249. Mar 94 B^2 Ubara flying wing design comments are continued from previous article. Analysis of why tip removal improved performance. Less Drag!

  2250. Mar 94 Friant, David A description of what it will be like to go soaring with virtual reality but not yet accomplished although possible.

  2251. Mar 94 Simons, Martin X-Country Soaring Cont. Causes and cures of Pitch Oscillation, Trim Range, Penetration, Low sink rate turns, Low Speed Handling, Adverse Yaw.

  2252. Mar 94 Siposs, George Sewn thread hinges eliminate several problems associated with high friction gaps, hinging from one surface or the other.

  2253. Mar 94 Smith, Scott Formats for competition are discussed with the logic about the selections given. Characteristics of typical competitive model are given.

  2254. Mar 94 Carmichael, Asher A FAA database/library of aircraft and owners of full size aircraft. The database gives names and addresses which can results in needed info.

  2255. Mar 94 Siposs, George Stability considerations for dihedral and polyhedral wings are considered. There is interactions between rudder/fin size and polyhedral.

  2256. Mar 94 Vasgerdsian, Greg. More information about the NASSA organization and goals. The achievement program includes achievement for building and flying. $3 Transaction Fee.

  2257. Mar 94 Willoghby, Dale F3I aero towing provisional rules are listed. The automatic altimeter is described which will transmit a signal to back to earth. Sources given.

  2258. Mar 94 Slegers, Ed More info on speed controllers. On/Off control is not recommended for gear reducers. Soft start and BEC features have value. BEC works for <10 cells.

  2259. Mar 94 Slegers, Ed Continued. More info on how these controllers handle over heating, high current, breaking, opto-coupling.

  2260. Mar 94 Raskin, Jef AMA has a training tape on judging glider aerobatics. Larger Anabats are in production & new models under development using the same technology.

  2261. Mar 94 Raskin, Jef Jeff attempts to educate RCSD readers about the use of the term modified with respect to a named airfoil. Nothing can be said about the performance.

  2262. Mar 94 Rettig, Fred Another entertaining article about trimming.

  2263. Mar 94 Noran, Richard An area approach is used to determine the position of the pivoting point for wingerons. 330f MAC is determined by calculations.

  2264. Mar 94 Kukral, Ronald SOAR club of Chicago shows their metal by flying on New Years Day in bad weather. Photo of participants is shown.

  2265. Mar 94 Morris, Pancho A tip stall on launch will destroy your model. Pull tension, throw the model forward like you didn't have a winch.

  2266. Mar 94 MM Glider Tech The Merlin is a 50" HLG with plastic pod and boom construction with built up wing. The Modis is only $36.95 + $5 S&H. (301) 923-2414

  2267. Mar 94 SMaL Enterprises F3B Eagle is a moulded composite sailplane for F3B use. 112" Span, RG-15 13.5:1 AR, 935 sq in. Winning record. (408) 554-8539

  2268. Apr 94 Quiet Flight Quiet Flight Communications is 24 page publications for gliders, electrics kites and rockets. Editor Dave Jones.

  2269. Apr 94 Sanders, Eric CompuFoil Professional V 1.7 has a new feature to print all the ribs of a wing of a defined shape in one pass. (513) 299-7684

  2270. Apr 94 Nutter, Dale Photos of the 5th Masters of Soaring competition. Also comments on reducing wing area vs adding ballast. It makes sense.

  2271. Apr 94 Slates, Jerry Simple tools for building are listed. Jerry tells of his early building. When it comes down to it you don't have to have much to construct a model.

  2272. Apr 94 Morris, Pancho The duties of a thermal duration timer are discussed: Ready when flyer is. Have a watch he can operate, Bring the winch line, Count down as instructed

  2273. Apr 94 Jones, Gordon Suggestions for finding and marking the center of gravity. Use shot and add small amounts at a time. Re-adjust CG after adding balast.

  2274. Apr 94 Reith, Jim A foam cutting bow is described which is made from a 2x2, music wire for wire tension when bent and the Nichrome cutting wire available from SIG.

  2275. Apr 94 Reith, Jim Cont.: Skinning cores can be done with simple methods and even brown paper to limit the costs. Jim is a source of cores made with computer control.

  2276. Apr 94 Rettig, Fred Great information about putting things in perspective. Memories are what you should be collecting. Take time to collect them. I Agree!

  2277. Apr 94 Smith, Scott One can damage tendons throwing. Attributes of HLG models, Ballast vs wind speed, turbulator strips specifications are given for HLG models.

  2278. Apr 94 Woods, Graham Graham highlights many incredible records from the world of nature. Highest, longest, most distant, flights. Wing attributes compared.

  2279. Apr 94 Squires, David Dave begins his design of Raptor 135 using theoretical analysis of this design using a computer. Good examples of engineering applications.

  2280. Apr 94 28 Slope soaring accommodates the use of all kinds of models. Electric models work well on slopes since the consequence of losing lift is eliminated.

  2281. Apr 94 Simons, Martin Tip stalling caused by platform shape. Camber effects. Thickness vs Drag. Flaps vs camber changing. Benefits and penalty from camber & thickness.

  2282. Apr 94 Slegers, Ed WRAM 94 show is reviewed with photos of vendors with electric merchandise. Video tape of show available from John Clarke for $8.

  2283. Apr 94 Kuhlman, B^2 German Akaflieg institutions history of sailplane dev. Interesting history of the contributions of these groups to the development of technology.

  2284. Apr 94 Willoughby, Dale Special Report on Int. Slope Soaring Races at Torrey Pines on May 1, 1993 Jerry Bridgeman flew his Murphy damaged by a crash back up to land.

  2285. Apr 94 Skjerseth, Doug Humorous Article

  2286. Apr 94 Byers, Wil; Slates, Judy World Soaring Jamboree Promotion lists events to take place. A very fine event is planned with social events, lectures, contests for all gliders.

  2287. May-94 Avery, Bob & Dies, Frank A study of thermal airflows is made using Smoke-riter from Tower Hobbies. description of installation and results of tests they ran are included.

  2288. May-94 Avery, Bob & Dies, Frank Cont.: calculations can be made by using model dimensions. Shape of thermal are bell shaped. Motion of thermals & sink is discussed.

  2289. May-94 Slates, Jerry Jerry continues his discussion on tools, work benches, safety equipment, vice, Dremel tool, table saw, belt sander. Check flea markets for bargains.

  2290. May-94 Jentsch, Ed A list of valuable tools and items for the flight box are given. Nice to have list includes non-essential items which make life easier.

  2291. May-94 Jones, Gordon A cart is shown which holds the winch, battery and some other essentials. It is fashioned after F3b designs.

  2292. May-94 Slegers, Ed Instructions are given for a light finish of fiberglass fuselage. Finishing of fuselages can add considerable weight. Krylon paint is recommended.

  2293. May-94 Rettig, Fred Great humor about how fate makes us humble at times during contests.

  2294. May-94 Byers, Wil Max slope flying time is related to # of servos, load placed on servos by flying speed, and friction in the control linkage.

  2295. May-94 Kuhlman, B^2 Techniques are described for making a box spar by removing a section of a foam wing, wrapping it with FG, replace it, and vacuum bag the whole wing.

  2296. May-94 Morris, Pancho Infinity 600A radio has a compression mixer which should be set at 100% When Crow is employed, flaps will activate otherwise they may not.

  2297. May-94 King, Dale SD6080 airfoil, 1.7 oz. FG fuselage, sheeted foam wings. Model launches high and flies very well.

  2298. May-94 Siposs, George Wing rotation control eliminates the need to control surfaces on tail. The drag for the model is reduced and the weight is reduced by about 4 oz.

  2299. May-94 Thomas, Jim Servo mounting in a foam wing is done using blue foam to friction hold the servo in place. Tape the cover over the servo to hold servo in wing.

  2300. May-94 Sugar, Al The Legionair philosophy was to build light and use a thin airfoil. It was made for highstarts and 6v winches. 16' span, 2000 sqin.

  2301. May-94 Sugar, Al Continued: The model permits a style of soaring which might be popular today with limitations on winches limited to 1/4 horsepower and 300 meters.

  2302. May-94 Munkesoe, Morten Results of an international two meter postal contest.

  2303. May-94 Smith, Scott Treat your damaged arm w/ weights which you can do 10-15 reps and 3 sessions Another exercise offered. Also thinner sectioins with less loading.

  2304. May-94 Savone, Steve A wheel collar on a Dremel routing bit can serve as a depth limit when the bit is operated through a 1/8" sheet of plexiglas.

  2305. May-94 Slates, J^2 A list of the newsletters which are being sent to RCSD, the editors, addresses and phone numbers.

  2306. Jun-94 Kuhlman, B^2 Swift FAI Class II hang glider is a flying wing design by Steve Morris. Kuhlmans met Steve on a flying field where he was flying an RC Helicopter.

  2307. Jun-94 Lehman, Robin Winglets seem to be most beneficial to scale models where wing tips are smaller. Several examples shown. Also excellent photos of scale ships.

  2308. Jun-94 Morris, Pancho Light ply seems to be brittle when models have bad landings. Pancho urges it manufacturers to use hard balsa with stringers for fuselages.

  2309. Jun-94 Slegers, Ed Kirk Massey of New Creations R/C has information on what props work best with various motors.

  2310. Jun-94 Massey, Kirk A multitude to ideas on how to get performance out of electric sailplanes. Speed controllers compared. Tuning instructions for motors. Prop prep.

  2311. Jun-94 Massey, Kirk Battery size also relates to the available power drain. Battery connector strips add resistance and should be replaced. Excellent but condensed.

  2312. Jun-94 Slates, Jerry A travel kit: Extension cord, 5 & 30 min epoxy, paper towels, CA glue, T-pins, knife, drill & bits, sandpaper, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, MODEL.

  2313. Jun-94 Smith, Scott Device to achieve a higher launch, small highstarts. Wings skill award. Contest rules with handicaps for skill levels & man on man format.

  2314. Jun-94 Siposs, George a Bellcrank can be made out of a soda or beer can in an emergency.

  2315. Jun-94 Rettig, Fred A mixture of wisdom and humor about flying hand launch gliders and how to get results with the small models.

  2316. Jun-94 Klein, Ameil Humorous account of having a model go into a tree.

  2317. Jun-94 Jones, Gordon Pro-Case is a thought out solution to the problem of getting your model to the distant contest where you have to use commercial carriers (UPS or Air).

  2318. Jun-94 Jones, Gordon The cases are matched to specific sailplanes & accommodates the transmitters A larger model accommodates 2 to 3 models with little additional cost.

  2319. Jun-94 Siposs, George Static testing of wings as is done with full size planes can determine if a model will withstand launching and turning loads. Instructions given.

  2320. Jun-94 Jentsch, E. H Instructions on how to finish wings, cautions, and options given. A good article on how best to finish wood surface wings. Varnish, Lacquer, Enamel

  2321. Jun-94 Ninham, Cameron A method to determine the proper settings for a Feather Cut foam cutter. The root and tip ratio must be set for getting the best results.

  2322. Jun-94 Michaelis, Harley Genie is a bagged wing model design for getting the ultimate from a model costing $150 and competitive with ones costing $1000. Decoration in bag.

  2323. Jun-94 Michaelis, Harley Plans are available from Harley as are some parts. Cores are available from Harry Smith for $55. A decal is also available for $2.

  2324. Jun-94 Hazel, John Computer simulation of winch launch height shows small differences between launches with tension, area, span, and max Cl. Low A/R models do better.

  2325. Jun-94 Siposs, George Hodge-Podge Canard was chosen because of all the spare parts he had sitting around. High tech too often means high cost. This is low cost - high tech.

  2326. Jun-94 Siposs, George Servo wiring protocols are defined for Futaba G & J, JR, & Airtronics. This helps in making conversions between different receivers & servos.

  2327. Jun-94 Siposs, George Due to repairs or building flaws, models tend to naturally turn in one direction. George says we should plan to turn in the natural direction.

  2328. Jun-94 Siposs, George Instructions for making gapless hinges from strips of plastic tape on top of and underneath the hinge gap. Deflect surfaces when applying tape.

  2329. Jun-94 Renaud, Tim Airtronics is suspending production of wood kits. They are in business to stay but due to labor costs is going to composite models for now.

  2330. Jun-94 Edmonds, Terry A CIAM report about proposals for changes in F3B and F3J competition. Issues: # of models, charging batteries, # of timekeepers, pulleys.

  2331. Jun-94 Sile, Jack Jack reports that interest at the plenary meeting was insufficient to get any action on the proposals. Next year perhaps.

  2332. Jun-94 Castilly, Jerry DG-600 by Thermal Flugel via Mark Foster of Pasadena has 3.8/4.4 M span, sheeted wings, decals,and gel coated fuse. Rated as excellent.

  2333. Jun-94 50 Jouster 1.5M design by Harley Michaelis uses SD7032 a/f & full flying stab. Kit is available as basic kit and ARF kit. Sky Bench Aerotech is producer.

  2334. Jun-94 Wise Owl Publications Silent Flight a unique British magazine for electric models and sailplane models. It covers slope, thermal, scale, international classes. $35/yr.

  2335. Jun-94 Pro-Case Pro-Case are shipping containers for models. Partitions can be placed at 1" increments. Handles are flush. From Mikes Hobby Hanger, Carrollton, TX

  2336. Jun-94 Hayes, Ray WINGS flight achievement program for 1.5 M models has 6 levels for duration, landing, aerobatics for HLG or Hi-Start launched models. Newsletter also.

  2337. Jun-94 Vasgerdsian, Greg. NASSA organization is starting to function. Sponsorship of meets will be coming shortly. Achievement certificates are described. Other news.

  2338. Jun-94 Sowder, Bob Details of the features of the Mid-South Soaring Championship to be held at different locations for X-country, HL gliding, Thermal Soaring.

  2339. Jul-94 Mallett, Fred New column called "This Old Plane" will include a uniform description of each model talked about.

  2340. Jul-94 Slates, Jerry Los Banos Scale Fun Fly was covered with some fine photographs from a great looking slope.

  2341. Jul-94 Jones, Gordon World Soaring Jamboree Coverage highlights the many events which occurred. A wide variety of competition plus talks by Selig, & Eppler.

  2342. Jul-94 Slegers, Ed Ed adds his comments on the World Soaring Jamboree which he felt was well

  2343. Jul-94 Slates, Jerry Jerry gives credit for the efforts which led to the landmark event. Wil & Mary Jo Byers, Dorothy & Charley Harris, HiTec Hobbies named.

  2344. Jul-94 Kuhlman, B^2 Winglets at tips seem to predominate on winning thermal ships while center fins seem to control best for slope flying.

  2345. Jul-94 Rettig, Fred Very humorous description of a new launch method using a pick-up truck, a bean bag chair, mattress, rope, line, tape....

  2346. Jul-94 Morris, Pancho Beginners tend to fly their models too slow making them difficult to control Flying faster will improve control and abiltiy to find thermals.

  2347. Jul-94 Slegers, Ed Ultracote Plus has tacky adhesive back, requires no heat, and is light and easy to use. Instructions are given to apply over obechi. See following:

  2348. Jul-94 Slegers, Ed Cont. 1. Sand 2. Apply 2 coats of Balsarite, and sand again. 3. Apply Ultracote from root to tip. 4. Trim and Seal edges with iron.

  2349. Jul-94 Mallett, Fred Flying sites are described on Corpus Christi Bay, TX. Ropes Park, Oreander Point. New airfoils and designs are more practical for variable conditions.

  2350. Jul-94 Blum, Jim Large 4M scale ships can thermal very well as shown in a 1992 PAS event. Launches from winches and over windless slopes resulted in spec outs.

  2351. Jul-94 Blum, Jim Cont. Aero Towing with a 1/4 scale ASW 18 with Sr. Telemaster gave 1000 ft. launches. Large models are a rewarding aspect of hobby.

  2352. Jul-94 Johnson, Wildey The equation for an ellipse Y=(a/b)^.5*(B^2-X^2) where y=chord, x=spanwise distance from center, a=root chord, b=half span of wing for elliptical wing

  2353. Jul-94 Szymanski, Al J. A BASIC computer program list is given to compute and plot an ellyptical wing planform with a straight trailing edge if you wish.

  2354. Jul-94 Fulmer, Dan Dan tells of his design and optimization of a scale spitfire slope soaring model. Several changes were made to make a reasonable slope soaring model.

  2355. Jul-94 Sugar, Al Using asymmetric controls, rudders, and now elevators and flaps may make sense in spite of having to use multiple functions at once.

  2356. Jul-94 Murray, Lee Lee talks about his problems with flying on Mother's Day when his planes seem to disappear. Efforts to retrieve model are discussed. Light reading!

  2357. Jul-94 Smith, Scott Joe Wurts wins ISS HLG contest and then gives lesson in sky-out techniques. Joe apparently knows where thermals will be coming through. Very Good Tips!

  2358. Jul-94 Simons, Martin Center of Pressure is discussed with respect to wing camber and Aerodynamic Center, Camber, Reflexed Training Edges. Speed failure modes discussed.

  2359. Jul-94 Morris, Pancho Pancho makes fun at how to select an airfoil. His idea is to use whatever sports shoe is popular that year and take the shape from that.

  2360. Jul-94 McColgan, Don 1994 Masters of Soaring competition report. D.Perkins, J.Wurts, R.Lackey R.Spencer finished in that order. Equipment and models used is listed.

  2361. Jul-94 Mellor, Michael Viking Models ASW-17 fuselage and plans used to build the model. Mike tells us of his project and experiences in flying big models.

  2362. Jul-94 Perret's Studio Lasoar 650, 92" span, E387 obechi presheeted foam wings, Kevlar fuse for geared 05 motor w/ 7 cells. Contest winning performance. New Orleans, LA

  2363. Jul-94 PEP Aviation Sky Shine holographic self sticking mylar films for high visibility trim. Available for $15/ft^2 1112E Geneva Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282-3638 602-966-6383

  2364. Jul-94 MM Glider Tech. SD7084 wing, 480 in^2, 13 oz model has good performance and is very stable kit is $42 from P.O. Box 39098, Downey, CA 90239 (310) 923-2414

  2365. Jul-94 Dynamic Modelling Diamant 98" model imported from Slovakia is egg shell wing construction. Wing loading is 12 oz/ft^2 $550 4922 Rochelle Ave, Irvine, CA 92714-2941

  2366. Jul-94 Soaring Stuff & Pony XPRESS Training series of videos from Old Buzzard. Lots of flying footage. $25 9140 Guadalupe Trail N.W. Albuquerque, NM 87114 (505) 898-8281

  2367. Aug-94 Sklavos, Nick Sky Hawk by Mark Allen is shown on cover being recorded for a future Video by Nick of Tallant Productions. Series on RC Soaring to follow.

  2368. Aug-94 Slates, J^2 "Gliding w/ R/C" is Martin Simon's latest book to help beginners avoid frustrating errors. This is not theoretical book but quite readable.

  2369. Aug-94 Sowder, Bob & Kelly, Mike '94 Mid-South Soaring Championships reviewed with photo's and text covering several events conducted. XC, HL, Thermal Duration and Raffle.

  2370. Aug-94 Simons, Martin Wings and stabs should be strong but how much is needed? The discussion deals with technology to stay light and provide the strength needed.

  2371. Aug-94 Stump, Mike Kanza kit has f/g fuselage, and foam cores comes in all three class sizes. Construction and methods used is included. Very rugged! Matney's Models

  2372. Aug-94 Rettig, Fred Funny Cornfed story about watermelon and making your contest landings. Make your landings as slowly as possible with good control stand back 5 ft.

  2373. Aug-94 Phillips, Hewitt An historical perspective of Wright brothers dune soaring at Kitty Hawk. Instructions on how to soar on sand dunes. A unique and valuable article.

  2374. Aug-94 Kuhlman, B^2 Swept wings often have spanwise separation problems which cause poor high speed turn performance. Vertical slots in wing L.E. may be the solution.

  2375. Aug-94 Stump, Mike Saturn 2.9T has HQ 2.0/9 > 2.0/8 AF 113" Span, 10-11 Oz/Ft^2, 65-72 Oz. Aluminum tube joiner stab control rods molded in fg fuselage.

  2376. Aug-94 Stump, Mike Cont. The article contains helpful hints on its construction. Not a kit for beginners. The sheeted wing option reduced construction time to 25 Hr.

  2377. Aug-94 Smith, Scott Hawaii's thermals are perfect for HLG. World HL Jamboree to be held 10-29,30 Instructions for vacuum bagging 1/32" balsa skins onto white foam.

  2378. Aug-94 Condon, David Elevating winch and turn around reduced line breaks and made contests run smoothly. Turn around designs must handle line being dropped past it.

  2379. Aug-94 Thomas, Jim Installing servo wires in foam core wings. Two methods (before & After sheeting). Before-insert wires in a knife cut. After-melt a 3/16" hole.

  2380. Aug-94 Inventec Corp. Esteem uses 110" SD7080 multi taper wing, 57 oz., 0.5" tubular CF spar. (215) 953-1736 Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

  2381. Aug-94 Tallant Productions "1994 International Slope Race - Return to Davenport" the topic of current video is available for $25 + $5 S&H. Professionally produced.

  2382. Aug-94 Tau, Manny Rubber duck antenna issues are discussed. SWR, tip radiation, memory loss, low battery conditions causing memory loss, system failures are covered.

  2383. Aug-94 Kempf, Ed Kansas Flatland Open '94 is reported on. Contestants came from Washington, Iowa, Oaklahoma, Nebraska. Winners listed.

  2384. Sep 94 Garwood, David Photographs of World Soaring Jamboree soaring events and the participants.

  2385. Sep 94 Slates, Jerry Jerry describes making a plug for molding fiberglass fuselages that he markets (Viking Models).

  2386. Sep 94 Rettig, Fred Too much stick movement causes model to come down faster than desired in contests.

  2387. Sep 94 Smith, Scott RX-1 launches to 300' with catapult. 36" wingspan, 9 oz model trim is critical to the success given the velocity achieved.

  2388. Sep 94 Smith, Scott Diagram and description of spring loaded finger hole cover for HLG.

  2389. Sep 94 Jones, Gordon A list of airfoil sources obtained from InterNet is given. 16 texts and 11 misc. publications. Coordinates and Polars

  2390. Sep 94 Eiche, Erik Martin Simon's "The World's Vintage Sailplane" has been an excellent source of 3 view drawings which have been blown up for construction.

  2391. Sep 94 Mallett, Fred Ways to limit damage to models: Very light and small, Use weak links for easy repair, Build strong, Attach tail to break free for slope.

  2392. Sep 94 Mallett, Fred Cont. For planes up to 35 oz. use 2 4-40 or 6-32 nylon bolts. HLG bolt size should be 4-40. Installation instructions. Use shot for ballast.

  2393. Sep 94 Kuhlman, B^2 Novel actuator connects servo to surface w/o protrusions into air flow. Uses telescoping tubes and pivot on servo wheel.

  2394. Sep 94 Squires, David Pt 2 of Raptor 135 design deals with evaluating the performance using Airfoil-ii and spreadsheets. Math relationships given for other's use.

  2395. Sep 94 Siposs, George A simple wind tunnel demonstration setup is shown where one can evaluate wings in a simple setup made with a fan and other simple devices.

  2396. Sep 94 Edwards, Harry Night Hawk, sold by Ed Slegers, is a Mark Allen design with D. Perkins Fuse. Can be assembled in 16 hours. RG15 Error in CG location noted.

  2397. Sep 94 Jentsch, Ed. H. Guidelines are given to achieving good results when constructing a model. Topics: Symmetry, Decalage, COG/CG, Tow Hook Location, Radio Installation

  2398. Sep 94 Jentsch, Ed. H. Cont. Building Board Specs (+/- 1/32) Hollow core door recommended. Cover with cork and place on a work bench, and shim to achieve flattness.

  2399. Sep 94 Raskin, Jef Swept forward and backward wings are discussed with some reasons for each and the consequences of each from John Rapillo's articles in Model Builder

  2400. Sep 94 Simons, Martin Australian Scale Soaring Weekend (Aug 94) coverage. Models were aerotowed with tug model having Xenoha G62 engine. Two large scale models shown.

  2401. Sep 94 Vasgerdsian, Greg. NASSA news, roster and source packet has been mailed to 134 members. More members are wanted in order to promote regional contests.

  2402. Sep 94 Vasgerdsian, Greg. A releasable towhook for aero-towing is shown. This is based on a loop on the end of the lowline being released from a pin which is pulled out.

  2403. Sep 94 Sowder, Bob Mid South Soaring Championships in Memphis was a very friendly event with

  2404. Waltz, Buzz Cover photo of Empire Polo Club's Flight Park in Indio, CA. Contest sched. for Dec 10 and 11th sponsored by DUST club.

  2405. Slates, Jerry Part III in a series dealing with making a plug and mold for fiberglass fuselages. Placing dams around plug...where to place them and how.

  2406. Savoie, Steve A low tech tow hook made from a nail is described. #16d nail is bent to shape. Make 8-32 treads are made. Hardwood block is drilled and threaded.

  2407. Mallett, Fred Corn Dogger by Chris Boultinghouse is a obechi sheeted foam wing design. Good Thermal Perf. $80 from CAB Designs, Cedar Park, TX (512) 259-4748

  2408. Gell, Jim Colored paper tissue covering attached to sheeting with epoxy is fast, inexpensive, and cheep. scrape off excess epoxy.

  2409. Kuhlman. B^2 Four basic principles: CG, aerodynamic center, static margin, pitching moment, sweep angle, wing twist. Equations by Walter Panknin referenced.

  2410. Lightfoot, John A grinder is converted to a disc sander. A vacuum cleaner is used to collect the dust which is generated. Vac is powered from switch on sander.

  2411. Gray, Jim Martin Simons has authored book for beginners. Advice on getting started, "Gliding with R/C - A Beginner's Guide to Building & Flying" B2 Streamlines

  2412. Donaldson, John Koorawatha Soaring Challenge 1994 - Bororen, Australia was held in May 94 The event is reviewed. A very popular social and flying event.

  2413. Smith, Scott 1st HL Jamboree announced. Exercises for building launching skills is described. Flexibility must be developed to minimize injuries.

  2414. Gell, Jim The FAA can be helpful in identifying flying restrictions for prospective fields. Currently they only restrict max height to 400' within 3 miles.

  2415. Jones, Gordon U of IL wind tunnel tests due to start in Oct. Updates to be in Soartech. Winch line sources, types and strength recommendations.

  2416. Jones, Gordon Copy machines may distort a copy of a printed airfoil. Look out when making templates.

  2417. Rinklieb, Bill Sacramento Valley Soaring Society (SVSS) put on a Spring Fling in May. The Contest is reviewed. Teams from other clubs were in attendance.

  2418. Glover, Rob Obechi Finishing:220 grit sandpaper; apply light spackling to wood with plastic squeege' sand again w/ 220; pply color & finish with Varathane.

  2419. Lightfoot, John Servo current drain estimates are usually too low. John determines the avg. drain to be 70-150 ma depending upon the load and frequency of movement.

  2420. Glithero, Iain Interglide F3J Walsall, Staffordshire, GB is reviewed. Contest features were recounted. Excellent format for competition.

  2421. Pasierb, Steve Theories on why Thermal Snifflers are no longer seen at contests are put forward. Too noisy for purists. Not compatible with silent flight.

  2422. Willoughby, Dale Wilfried Klinger was a German scale it mfgr of 25 years ago. Dale gives us a report on what remains of his family's business which still survives.

  2423. Murray, Lee Lil' Scorpion kit is reviewed along with theoretical comparisons of flight performance to several previous popular kits. Several changes in kit.

  2424. Rettig, Fred Fred finally finds some success in competition but remembers that it is only a hobby but one with chances to socialize and improve yourself.

  2425. Slates, Judy & Jerry RCSD will be discontinuing the 3 class mailing of issues. The move will make RCSD more efficient and decrease costs in the long run.

  2426. Slegers, Ed FX35D speed controller from AI/Robotics provides about all the features needed for electric flight. BEC, 50A max, soft start/stop, overload prot.

  2427. Sky Bench Aerotech 1.5M Sagitta is available in SD7032 or SD3021 AF. Flying wt: 10 to 16 oz. Bolt on foam wing sheeted with 1/32 balsa. Fuse is balsa & 1/64 ply.

  2428. Clerx Aeronautics Mako sailplane has winning record with SD7037 AF, 114" WS, 70-74 Oz., 11 Oz/Ft^2 loading, Obechi wings w/ FG-CF reinforcing $375/$185 kit

  2429. Performance Composites Starling and Starship are two models with 60" and 2M spans respectively. Uses high tech composites in fuselage and wings. (707) 253-8029

  2430. Clerx Aeronautics Mako, 114" composite model comes with obechi sheeting on SD7037 wing. Alternate RG 15 A/F. Removable nose cone on FG fuselage.

  2431. Performance Composites Starling and Starship models have RG-15 AF, 60" and 2M wings are for slope and thermal flying. Model weights are 30 and 39 oz.

  2432. Slates, J^2 Likes and dislikes from reader's survey is shown.

  2433. Slates, J^2 Cover and story about Texas National Tournament, DUST, Vintage Sailplane Association, SOAR builds membership and flying sites.

  2434. Murray, Lee Cost of RCSD is analyzed and corrected for number of pages and cost of living. RCSD has continued a trend to be more valuable with time.

  2435. Slegers, Ed Kansas City RC club contest is foremost US event for electrics. A wide variety of models and equipment are flown and displayed. Photos

  2436. Slates, Jerry Jerry covers the parting tray in the process of making molds for making fiberglass fuselages. Plug shape is cut out of flat board - 1 side finished.

  2437. Kuhlman, B^2 2nd part of 4 basic concepts. EH airfoils offer high lift at low Cm values. Inverting tip airfoil or those with very + Cm values minimize twist values.

  2438. Good, Walter "V" tail mounting problems for the Magic were dealt with by using a f/g tube between the two surfaces and a screw mounting for the tail assembly.

  2439. Rettig, Fred Winter flying gives Fred some good flights. Back side of NW weather cold fronts provide good flying.

  2440. Jones, Gordon Univ. of IL will be doing wind tunnel tests at this time. Contributions are needed to support testing. Results will be in Soartech.

  2441. Dorig, Etienne Hinge tape made from 3M Blenderm seems to be an excellent tape. It is an OTC medical product. Clear, flexible, tear resistant, tacky, long life.

  2442. Mallett, Fred Shred-Air slope plane construction is discussed. Painted Mylars, finished leading edges, fuselage fairing, mounting stabs, etc. Bobby Dumas creator.

  2443. Pearson, Kitty Kitty describes the basics of communicating and training a new flyer using an RC sailplane. Ground Training, Clock Positions, Trainer Cords.

  2444. Lehman, Robin Launch line provides for control of relative altitude (tug - glider) using a flag. Other features are swivels, bungee cord & leader. Helps tug land.

  2445. Pasierb, Steve SD7037, RG15, S3021, E205, SD7032, E214, SD7080 Advantages & Disadvantages. Esteeme 3194 by Inventec uses ideas of author to achieve best performance.

  2446. Morris, Pancho People at contests should have timers before coming to the winch. A bad timer can ruin a contestants chances of doing well.

  2447. Griffin, David Joe Wurts visit to New Zealand resulted in a number of people learning how to improve their speed and distance capability.

  2448. Swinehart, Ron 7th. Annual Alabama Silent Flyer Contest is reported on. Each round worth 1000 pts. Max times of 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 min. Flown in any order.

  2449. Smith, Scott Technique hints for launching. Question is posed: What will a HLG model do if the rudder falls off during a launch? Answers solicited.

  2450. Murray, Lee Reasons given for not launching given during a down air cycle. The answers are taken from Compuserve's MODELNET.

  2451. Siposs, George G. Light colors are difficult to see in the sky. Dark colors are better but striped dark/light gives the best response at a distance. Metallic LE

  2452. Murray, Lee Instructions are given for obtaining the RCSD article database from Compuserve or directly as a text, Word Perfect or database file.

  2453. SkyBench Aerotech Cannon Radios are worlds smallest. Onboard flight packs weights: Rcvr 0.52 oz, CE4D servos 0.35 oz, Small batteries with switches.

  2454. Inventec Corp. Esteem 122EL is designed for 800 ft/min climb with 10 1000 ma cells, 3.5:1 gear reduction, 11/7 prop. Wing loading is low at 9.7 oz/ft^2

  2455. TLAR Enterprizes BAe Hawk/T-45 Goshawk kit features obechi sheeted foam wings and F/G fuse. The models kits are of good quality and are well suited for slope soaring.

  2456. Scanlogic KP-Soar indicates battery condition through rudder movements left or right. Audio alarms for used RC Channel, low bat., lost model. Aux battery plug.

  2457. ICARE Gel coated fuselages of 2M Ka-6e and ASK-21 gliders are of good quality The wing sections for each are quoted in the article.

  2458. Simons, Martin Elementary Stressing, Pt 2 gives 9 steps to determine if a spar design will stand up to the stress you intend to give the model. Excellent!

  2459. Murray, Lee Prescription sun glasses can be made from your old prescription glasses by having them tinted. Cost was $7 at Shopko a Midwest department store.

  2460. Rettig, Fred Corfed takes to Visalia CA for the annual contest. He presents photos and an account of the experience.

  2461. Williams, W.D. Sandwiches made with honeycomb material has greater adhesion than balsa or Rohacell. Weight is light. Thin (1/8 in) sheets are available.

  2462. Slates, Jerry Jerry goes through the process of making a fuselage from the plug and mold which was created in previous articles. Mold separation, Joining Fuselages

  2463. Slegers, Ed Ed makes a valuable list of equipment needed to get started in electric soaring. Specific chargers, motors, controllers, props, batteries, plane.

  2464. Pearson, Kitty Kitty shares more of her experience in learning to fly. The valuable aspects are shared.

  2465. Kuhlman, B^2 Pt 3 of section on four basic concepts. A summary of Pts 1 and 2 plus Bill's preference with regards to a number of parameters.

  2466. Siposs, George G. "V" tail design advantages are discussed. A 9avings is weight & area. A 102 deg angle is about optimum. Less control movement is needed in turn.

  2467. Simons, Martin Calculations for computing bending moments of wings gives insight to the strength of the wing near the root. Examples are given.

  2468. Eckel, Richard Programming the JR X-388S radio in not very difficult, but the instructions are. Rcvr channel IDs differ for power and sailplane. Start with defaults.

  2469. Clark, Paul RC hand launch flying has taken off in Japan. TDKH club is promoting the sport which seems to be well suited to restricted flying sites.

  2470. Murray, Lee Notes about preparations for vacuum bagging, making spar notches, (tools illustrated). Clean Mylar, put down white paint, put down silver paint.

  2471. Trubov, Nick Flying too high often results from letting the model fly itself. Take control before you get too high. Avoid steep dives with clean ships.

  2472. Sowder, Bob Bob begins a new column for local club activity: Miss. Valley Soaring Ass. and the Thomas's of Memphis TN are highlighted in this column.

  2473. Smith, Jim Comments about the safety of flying within 10 miles of an airport. At 10 mi commercial aircraft would be at about 3,000 ft.

  2474. Smith, Jim Continued: Blue blockers seem to bother eyes. Green is better. Smallest commercial aircraft would be at about 3,000 ft.

  2475. Smith, Scott World Handlaunch Jamboree review: Joe Wurts wins w/ aileron custom design. Polyhedral ships may have been generally more competitive. Low drag A/F

  2476. Smith, Scott Cont.: are expected to become more popular. Constant chord wings gaining popularity. Balsa sheets bagged on with white glue for very light F/G.

  2477. Michalis, Harley Instructions for finishing the leading edge of bagged wings when the Mylars are painted. 4 Steps: Cut Mylar, Clean off LE, Add wood LE, Finish.

  2478. Vasgerdsian, Greg. NASSA is the process of developing policies and procedures to organize the functioning of the organization to promote scale competition and newsletter.

  2479. Waltz, Buzz 1st Annual Winter Soaring Festival is announced for Dec 10 at Empire Polo Field. Several full size sailplanes are to fly in.

  2480. Jones, Gordon Attributes of good photographs for publication are listed. 3/4 view, good lighting, cropped, appropriate detail shown, focus, plain background.

  2481. Composite Structures Technology Spider foam for hot wire cutting has much greater compressive strength with only 10% more weight. Skin weight can be cut to decrease total weight.

  2482. Jan 95 Lehman, Robin Photograph of very large (1:2.5) Mueller LS-4 model of Long Island Skyhawks Club. Model owned by Bob Smith.

  2483. Jan 95 Yan, Robert Thermal soaring activity in Hong Kong is included in a video provided by Robert. Photos of models included.

  2484. Jan 95 Woods, Graham & Woods, David Words from England that the Internet now provides link with US hobbyists. Internet Address: dwoods@cix Wants US E-mail addresses.

  2485. Jan 95 Stokely, Herk The Univ of IL will be testing early in 1995 the results will be issued as part of a several distinct issues of Soartech.

  2486. Jan 95 Slates, Jerry Easily made spar. A 4" wide lamination of balsa and carbon fiber is made, cut into strips, the carrier tube is installed, box made, the spar tapered.

  2487. Jan 95 Sleggers, Ed Good ideas on how to successfully help young people get into and get established in RC Soaring.

  2488. Jan 95 Jones, Gordon Making fuselage and wing holders out of foam to aid in holding your work while under construction. Blue or pink foam is recommended.

  2489. Jan 95 Yan, Robert Bamboo leading edges are very abuse resistant and weight efficient due to long straight grain. Apply water and heat to restore compressed wood.

  2490. Jan 95 Sowder, Bob Ten reasons are given for having regular contests in our club. The club of the month is North Alabama Silent Flyers. Feature person is Mark Vlasak.

  2491. Jan 95 Sowder, Bob When flying off rough terrain you can reduce wear and tear on winch line by using an elevated turn-around and intermediate support pulley.

  2492. Jan 95 Rittig, Fred Corfed Talks about his dogs, how they are his best flying buddies. His dogs are always ready to take the anger and abuse when his thumbs get real thick.

  2493. Jan 95 Eckel, Richard A. Part II dealing with the function set-up mode of the JR Propo X-388S Trx. Extensive user defined mixing options are defined.

  2494. Jan 95 Kuhlman, B^2 Part 4 of four basic concepts. Airfoil selection logic is articulated. Concept = low pitching moment for root, negative camber at tip, low twist.

  2495. Jan 95 Smith, Scott Reason for success of aileron ships. Manual launching devices. Dec.Riddle answer: Model w/o fin and rudder will not turn but will fly straight.

  2496. Jan 95 Pearson, Kitty Humorous list of things being carried in packs by R/C glider hobbyists. What things go on with flying isn't feasible.

  2497. Jan 95 Savoie, Steven Coyote, "57 Chevy of Slope Soaring" modifications are suggested after years of experience. The suggestions are practical and best done when building.

  2498. Jan 95 Simons, Martin Start of a series on basics: Theories, the Scientific Attitude, Forces & Flight, Mass, Weight, CG, Inertia, Action & Reaction.

  2499. Jan 95 Bowlen, Clark An article on how a fuselage was designed for Clark's Monarch HLG. The new fuselage is slightly heavier but is durable enough to survive while learning

  2500. Jan 95 Hazel, John Results of a computer winch launching study indicated that a "petal to the medal" launch produces the highest launch height if model and line survive.

  2501. Jan 95 Tau, Manny, Uminski, Andrzej A list of German terms is translated to make the German publications more valuable to Americans with limited knowledge of technical German.

  2502. Jan 95 Glover, Rob The author communicates his XC experience using his model, The Sacred Cow. Sounds like fun.

  2503. Jan 95 Knowles, Christopher 2nd Annual X-Country Flyers XC contest results are described. Pat Flinn team was first. Second to Dwight King.

  2504. Jan 95 Vasgerdsian, Greg NASSA news update. Erik Eiche photos of OBS scale glider.

  2505. Jan 95 Eckel, Richard Part III, setting up the JR X-388S Radio. This section for setting up surface limits and trim (flaps, crow, mixing options, proportions).

  2506. Jan 95 Iafret, Jack Updated rules for a Nostalgia Sailplane Event for '95 LSF NATS are listed. Design publication before Jan 1 '80, original airfoil, plan form, Constrn.

  2507. Jan 95 ICARE ICARE Sailplanes releases a 2M version of ASK-21 comes with obechi sheeted foam wings or built up wings and fiberglass fuselage.

  2508. Jan 95 Ikona, Paul California Soaring Products opens and will handle soaring products including Slegers International products, used sailplanes, etc.

  2509. Feb 95 Sharif, Sean Los Banos slope site is excellent. Cover photo shows DG-600 in flight over reservoir at Los Banos, CA.

  2510. Feb 95 Sowder, Bob Plan for your contest by eliminating problems before the occur, advertise in magazines and send out flyers. Keep a to-do list. Flying with a flying

  2511. Feb 95 Sowder, Bob [Cont.] buddy provides competition which sharpens skills. Mark Nankivil is the feature flyer of the month.

  2512. Feb 95 Lehman, Robin Attributes of a good tow plane are listed. Large enough wing for visibility excess power, rugged landing gear, large fuel tank, slow flying.

  2513. Feb 95 Williams, W.D. Author suggests that Graham Woods's observation that condensation occurs on the back side of the wing is to cooling rates/mass relationships.

  2514. Feb 95 Kuhlman, B^2 The design Essence by Alan Schwerin is discussed. SD3037 root SD8020 tip used in the model with success. Model has fences.

  2515. Feb 95 Slates, Jerry 1/2" foam carpet pads make a good wing friendly surface for a workbench. Krylon epoxy paint for fuselages. Bass Wood for leading edges recommended.

  2516. Feb 95 Retig, Fred Valuable information on making good contest landings. Plan to be at a spot and altitude at T-30 sec., turn onto final lined up to spot. Control speed!

  2517. Feb 95 Slegers, Ed Build light (ideas given), use thin airfoil, mount battery as far forward as possible, no switch, Z bends, no clevis. Ballast can always be added.

  2518. Feb 95 Mallett, Fred Traveler design is discussed. The model was for someone who might want to fly while on business trips. The model does most tasks ok. Good info.

  2519. Feb 95 Stahl, Gordy Gordy visits the Fox family in Iowa for a flying session. Gordy describes Charlie Fox's Genesis flying wing project and describes how the models flew.

  2520. Feb 95 Pearson, Kitty Launching technique: retrieving the model: turn off Rcvr first: landing approach is very important. Good article with some humor included.

  2521. Feb 95 Stricklett, Steven Internat. HLG Festival (Oct 94 San Diego) had 10 rounds of man-on-man comp. Different. Increasing flight times, target flight times.

  2522. Feb 95 Jones, Gordon An optimum design for an RC Sailplane depends upon objectives. Equations for Panel Area and Aspect Ratio. Wing area is from sum of panels.

  2523. Feb 95 Freeman, Fred A device which holds the model and highstart in place on the ground while you get in position with your transmitter. For flying by yourself.

  2524. Feb 95 Morris, Pancho Pauncho suggests that the optimum CG can be discerned if the model when a gradual turn will not tighten. Other theories of model stability.

  2525. Feb 95 Fogel, Gary & Scharf, Dan Automobile-towing models is evaluated. 900'launches achieved with 1000'line Visibility was a problem because of distance needed. Strong wings needed.

  2526. Feb 95 Jones, Gordon Saturn 2.0 is similar to 2.9T model. HQ3/10 root 3/9 tip airfoils available w/ or w/o presheeted wings & stabs. PVC-T6 Aluminum spar. Good design for

  2527. Feb 95 Jones, Gordon Cont: Tail boom can support V or T tail. Handles light lift well. Flies like a larger model.

  2528. Feb 95 David Layne Designs Name of Layne/Urwyler is changed to David Layne Designs. A new 130" version is available with HQ 3.0/9 airfoil.

  2529. Feb 95 Viking Models Steleto HQ 2.5/9 fuselages for 10" root chords and spans up to 114". Has S-Glass, Kevlar & Epoxy construction. Extra reinforcement available.

  2530. Mar 95 Fogel, Gary Cumulus Clouds intensify UV-b Radiation during summer days when near the sun causing unexpected exposure. From Nature V371, p291

  2531. Mar 95 Voss, George RCSD "T" shirts are available for $14.95 + $3 P&H. 1403 Linconshire Rd., OKC, OK 73159

  2532. Mar 95 Blalock, Alan J. Building on plans best accomplished by taping plans to board, cover with plastic film, held in place with 2 side tape. Use 3M 77 to hold parts.

  2533. Mar 95 Sowder, Bob AMA Rulebook should be changed to attract new contestants. Skill levels are needed. CASA club history is outlined with its prestigious members.

  2534. Mar 95 Whiteside, Don Visionary by Hanger 4 Models is a foam wings & fuselage model. For low cost and fast building. Modifications listed. Wt=23 oz Loading=6.5

  2535. Mar 95 Morris, Pancho Contest models & radios have gotten too expensive & the contestants too serious. We are intimidating would be contestants. Changes needed.

  2536. Mar 95 Kuhlman, B^2 Kevlar hinges tend to break after repeated flexing. Wax pen can hold out resin from the Kevlar to eliminate the problem. Constrn. steps are listed.

  2537. Mar 95 Slates, Jerry Jerry goes through his preferred way to plan and make a foam wing. First Pt. covers templates, spar, inlaid balsa, hold down bolt hart point.

  2538. Mar 95 Slegers, Ed Ed believes the US lags other countries in training youth in RC modeling. New book by Steve Bergmeyer on RC Soaring from Pitsco is part of series.

  2539. Mar 95 Smith, Scott Long Beach & Pasadena model shows showed more HLG models than all other gliders. New entries: Dragonfly, Viper, Quest, Avenger, Illusion, Whipit

  2540. Mar 95 Pearson, Kitty Kitty tells of her experience in learning to fly slope using her Sunspot. Column continues to be of interest to new entries into hobby.

  2541. Mar 95 Steere, David Old Buzzard Goes Flying video is reviewed. It includes much of Dave's charm and savvy about training. Flying demonstrations are used.

  2542. Mar 95 Osoba, Gary & Gell, Jim Jim wrote an article from Sailplane Builder about the use of microlift in full size soaring. Instructions are informative to R/C modelers.

  2543. Mar 95 Rittig, Fred Corfed comments on his preparations for the flying season.

  2544. Mar 95 Murray, Lee Wingmaster Model Wind Designer Ver 1.1 enables modelers to create rib or foam wings with incredible flexibility to specify curvature, sweep, (cont.)

  2545. Mar 95 Murray, Lee (Cont.) Airfoil transitions. Outputs create wing planforms, ribs and templates directly or indirectly to plotters, CAD programs, or printers.

  2546. Mar 95 Simons, Martin Martin embarks on a series to describe flight w/o using mathematics. First part deals with lift, drag, thrust, streamlined and separated airflow.

  2547. Mar 95 Cleveland, Don The 1994 Tangerine Soaring Championship is a 3 day contest with skill classes. Held just following Thanksgiving. This year marked 21st event.

  2548. Mar 95 Murray, Lee SMG Model Sailplane Catalog & Book by Walter Gerten is both a sales catalog and text describing performance of sailplanes and electric sailplanes.

  2549. Mar 95 Murray, Lee (cont.) The software is mostly in German but the data can be discerned by the informed sailplane enthusiast. Lee offers free copies.

  2550. Mar 95 Scharck, Ron HL Glider Festival 95 will be held May 20-21 by Torrey Pines Gulls of San Diego. Format is described with other associated social events.

  2551. Mar 95 Harman, Bob The Wasatch Mountain Scale Soaring Festival will be held July 21-24 and will include slope, thermal, XC and Fun Fly events. Site is Salt Lake City, UT

  2552. Apr 95 Gressman, Tom Joe Wurts is shown with high tech Blackhawk Unl class model.

  2553. Apr 95 Nankivil, Mark A new silent flight club is born in St. Louis called the St. Louis Chargers. Contact Mark or president Peter George at 314-664-6613.

  2554. Apr 95 Blakeslee, Byron Tower Hobbies has a 16.5" * 11.75" case for holding two transmitters and some additional items. Sam's Club has a similar box for slightly less.

  2555. Apr 95 Gressman, Tom 1995 7th. Annual S.W. Winter Soaring Contest held Feb 5th is reviewed. Several photos of fine models and competitors of note.

  2556. Apr 95 Smith, Scott HLG models may be ideal for new flyers. Pros & Cons listed. Scott Smith strives to make his models easy to build. E-mail: 73541.3654@compuserve

  2557. Apr 95 Slates, Jerry Part II of this article deals with the application of obechi onto foam. Specific and helpful details are given to insure success.

  2558. Apr 95 Jones, Gordon Design Thoughts Pt. III deals with the dimensions of the nose, tail boom rudder, and stabilizers.

  2559. Apr 95 Rettig, Fred Hints on thermalling come from a Buzzard as he eats Corn Fed's possum cleanings. Being observant of nature is an important aspect.

  2560. Apr 95 Dunshire, Bob Requirements of aerobatic models includes 3 axis control, large rudder, nearly symmetrical airfoil, large control surfaces and deflections.

  2561. Apr 95 Slegers, Ed 1995 WRAMs show is covered in a series of photos of key players in the R/C Soaring industry.

  2562. Apr 95 Kuhlman, B^2 AR193-S75, AR2411-S77, AR2610-S80 are the topics of this article. Alfons Reiger is the source. Coordinates are given.

  2563. Apr 95 Bostic, Henry The Soaring League of Texas is the club of the month. Thermalling is the principle function but soaring done off a landfill.

  2564. Apr 95 Mallett, Fred A method of making wing saddles on fuselages by molding a stiff epoxy mix between the protected lower surface of the wing and the protected fuselage.

  2565. Apr 95 Thomas, Jim Vulcan 2M from Slegers International is a Mark Allen design which features Balsa spar-CF caps inside obechi sheeted wing. V-tail 36.5 oz.

  2566. Apr 95 Simons, Martin Details of flight are described in easy to understand terms. Bernoulli effect, mass vs force, stall angle, aerodynamic zero, lift, drag.

  2567. Apr 95 Whiteside, Don Instructions for programming the Futaba 7UAFS, Super 7 Radio to have features offered on more expensive radios.

  2568. May 95 Lackey, Roger Guatamala's Mayan Soaring Match '95 was attended by several Americans. Held on a terrace in the mountains at 6000 ft. 20 Contestants 40 guests.

  2569. May 95 Harden, Kale Vulcan 2M from Slegers Int. is for experienced builder (no plans). FG fuse is beautiful and strong solid balsa V tail. Obechi 3 piece wing.

  2570. May 95 Slates, Jerry Instructions on attaching wing skins to cores with various methods. Expense need not be high.

  2571. May 95 Jones, Gordon Pt. 4 of series continues with an overview for creating you own sailplane design.

  2572. May 95 Slegers, Ed New products #211 speed controller w/ brake; Astro Flight field charger 115D is peak detection AC/DC charger. Skyshine is a highly reflective

  2573. May 95 Slegers, Ed Continued: sheet product. Also comes as round servo cover; Litco battery charger/discharger has controlled charge rates.

  2574. May 95 Eiche, Erik Cutting holes using brass or steel tubing in a range of materials. Guides are described which make the job more precise.

  2575. May 95 Sowder, Bob Landing Skegs are not a safety issue. Airtronics & JR servo arms can be exchanged. Central Ontario Glider Club is club of month.

  2576. May 95 Ritig, Fred More hints from The Buzzard to progress on your thermalling skills.

  2577. May 95 Bailey, Don Comparisons are drawn between full size and model gliding. The joy of flying a scale ship compares favorably with full size and F3B models.

  2578. May 95 Thomas, Joe Our initial basic models hold a special place in our hearts. Keep the models for slope soaring or for times when the risk is higher.

  2579. May 95 Kuhmlan, B^2 Graphical procedure for finding neutral point of a graphical procedure for finding neutral point of wings. Significance of CG and NP.

  2580. May 95 Mallet, Fred A thermal duration design is discussed. 70" span triple taper white foam wing, obechi wing, lost foam FG pod & boom structure V tail. Vac. bagged.

  2581. May 95 Kukral, Ron SOAR new years day 95 slope soar on Lakeside slope in IL. Mt. Baldy

  2582. May 95 Bailey, Tom Good instructions on talking to interested members of the public. It's in our best interest to build and maintain our club memberships.

  2583. May 95 Simons, Martin Lift is a function of speed squared. High wing loads require higher flight speeds. Disc. of Relative Wind and Ground Speed vs Flight Speed.

  2584. May 95 Carson, Bernardo Euromeeting VAL DI FASSA was a super scale soaring event in the Dolomiti Mts. of Italy. Beautiful photographs and interesting descriptions.

  2585. May 95 MM Glider Tech Entry level competition glider uses rib construction. 250 ma bat, SD7084 triple taper 55.25" rib wing. Wt 11 to 13 oz. $42 310-923-2414.

  2586. May 95 Hayes, Ray WINGS 1.5M flight training program celebrated. 1st NATS event at LSF Nats in Muncie. 30' 1/8" ID tube, 120' line highstart. Targeted to train.

  2587. Jun 95 Hoopes, Tom Point of the mountain, wasatch Mtn., Scale Soaring Festival is promoted for 7/21-23/95. Location and plans are discussed.

  2588. Jun 95 Edmonds, Terry 2nd Pt. of Mayan Soaring Match coverage from Guatemala City. 3 flights for 15 min. was task. The event was comb. of tourism and competition.

  2589. Jun 95 Walz, Buzz Coverage of the Dec 10, 94 scale contest. A thermo Flugel ASW-24 had the longest thermal flight of 15 minutes.

  2590. Jun 95 Pearson, Kitty The virtues of a buddy box are discussed. Eliminates crashes and makes training a rapid and sure operation.

  2591. Jun 95 Slates, Jerry Custom made control horns from PCB stock is described. Jerry uses a #53 drill (0.0593") to get a tight fit with Dubro Kwik-Links (0.060").

  2592. Jun 95 Slegers, Ed Beginners are cost conscious. Speed 400 motor for $15 comes for 4-6 cells. They are limited to 10A. Prop gear combinations listed. Controllers listed

  2593. Jun 95 Sowder, Bob Skill categories are needed, competition ships discourage new entries to hobby. Promote flying skills not competing. Ray Hayes WINGS program.

  2594. Jun 95 Kinkaid, Leon Leon Summarizes his long modeling life adding spice from a few experiences.

  2595. Jun 95 Rettig, Fred California Soaring Products has a fine line of soaring products. Phone No. is 818-966-7215

  2596. Jun 95 Knight, Sherman V tail mixing with the JR X-374 and 388 computer radio. Covers mode Setting, Function Setting Mode, Rudder & Elev. or Rt. Stick, Control Throws.

  2597. Jun 95 Boysen, Art Fred Sage caries V tail conversion kits for a range of gliders. V-Tails reduce nose and total wt. of model. Sensitivity to thermals is improved.

  2598. Jun 95 Kuhlman, B^2 The "W version of Horton XV by Hermann Zahlman is described. Improved performance is demonstrated.

  2599. Jun 95 Jones, Gordon Rule change proposals considered. Landing arresting devices. F3B was made a formal event. CAIM wants not to run both F3J and F3B.

  2600. Jun 95 Savoie, Steve A drilling jig is described for drilling parallel holes in the root ribs

  2601. Jun 95 Simons, Martin Flight Without Figuring pt 4., Downwash -how air flows around airfoils and its relationship to lift and drag; Induced Angle of Attack; Pitching Moment

  2602. Jun 95 Simons, Martin Continued: Aerodynamic Center; Aerodynamic Center of Pressure; Center of Gravity; Stability Margin.

  2603. Jun 95 Thomas, Jim Fox models Wasp is a pod & boom, white foam SD7037 thripple taper winged HLG model. A series of modifications were made and evaluated.

  2604. Jun 95 Thomas, Jim Continued: Modifications: flaperons, polyhedral to dihedral with tipplets, S4083 airfoil, gray foam.

  2605. Jun 95 Slates, J^2 Silent Wings Soaring Association, SWSA, includes Paul Ikona (Cal. Soaring Products), Curt Nehring (RCSD Cartoonist), and Mike Deckman.

  2606. Jun 95 Slates, J^2 Rose Bowl Soaring Festival is a 2 day event. One of three in CA. Highlights of models and vendors. Good photography.

  2607. Jun 95 Beck, Dave AERO* Comp by Paul Ogoshwitz is an electric model performance analysis program. Optimize prop., motor, battery, model dimensions, airfoil.

  2608. Jun 95 Beck, Dave Cont. Over 200 motors are included. Airfoils from Soartech 87 are included.

  2609. Jun 95 Raley, John Astro Electric Cargo Plane weight lifting contest is described. Rules: 7 cells, take off in 150 ft., 1 min. flight. Record is 12 lbs.

  2610. Jul 95 Jaffee, Brett Review of Birdworks' Rubber Duck flying wing is a low cost abuse resistant model which is ideal for fun flying without fear of expensive accidents.

  2611. Jul 95 Ealy, Jim 25 pupils of Peddie School in Princeton, NJ are participating in a training program w/ a grant from Toyota to learn science in a calculator based lab.

  2612. Jul 95 Ealy, Jim Cont. The program will collect data from glider models. Alternate wings will be tested. School has a home page on the World Wide Web.

  2613. Jul 95 Spoer, Johnathan An imaginary trip to a monthly contest is intended to encourage people to compete and improve their skills, and enjoy your self.

  2614. Jul 95 Pearson, Kitty A discussion of 4 and 5 cell batteries, how to treat your batteries. NiCad batteries will take many charges.

  2615. Jul 95 Jones, Gordon Status report from Selig et al wind tunnel tests from the Univ. of IL. Data to be published in print in SoarTech and on data disc from SoarTech.

  2616. Jul 95 Baker, Bill A soaring vacation in Big Bend National Park is discussed. Most sites were not ideal. Landing sites are a problem. A hand launch glider may be best.

  2617. Jul 95 Slates, Jerry 1/5 and 1/4 scale landing gear for sailplanes are discussed. Gene Cope now sells retract kits which go together in 40 minutes. Works well

  2618. Jul 95 Knight, Sherman L. Retrievers: manage twist, tie proper knots, swivel specs, don't pulse. Procedure for new brushes. Split rings, Line size, Turn Arounds.

  2619. Jul 95 Rettig, Fred The 95 Masters of Soaring contest in LA was covered from a personal perspective of Cornfed.

  2620. Jul 95 Kuhlman, B^2 An examination of multiple control surface systems. Up to 8 surfaces can be used to optimize the control functions on a flying wing.

  2621. Jul 95 Deckman, Nehring & Ikona Southern CA Soaring Clubs (SC)2 is featured. Competition and camaraderie are promoted. Classes: Sportsman, Expert, Master & 60+ (All Unlimited)

  2622. Jul 95 Smith, Scott Hand launch events have evolved from primitive to matured. Multichannel models now required for winning. A Std. HLG class is needed (2 ch. max).

  2623. Jul 95 Mallett, Fred Foameron is a 62" model with wingeron control. It is extremely rugged and flies well. Wing turns on arrow shaft spar/bearing.

  2624. Jul 95 Sharif, Sean An account of the Los Banos Slope Scale Soar-In is given with photos and descriptions of scale and PSS models.

  2625. Jul 95 Simons, Martin Pt 5 of Flight w/o Figuring. Philips Entry explained. Camber is explained as being a line midway between the upper and lower surfaces.

  2626. Jul 95 Willoughby Enterprises T.U.F. line is Spectra line. Small size for strength gives high launches. 300 yds is $13. Longer length are available. 925-539-9666

  2627. Jul 95 McCann, Tim Skegs and skids for contest work or rough landing areas are available Costs are $5 each. P.O. box 2091, Harrison, AR 72602

  2628. Jul 95 Soaring Specialties Lancer features balsa sheeted foam wing, glass/Kevlar fuse., and built up stabs. 522 in^2 wing is SD7037. Wing is sheeted but must be joined.

  2629. Jul 95 F.K.H. Enterprises A RC transmitter tray and performance pad was designed for confort. Fatigue is reduced. Cost is $39.

  2630. Jul 95 Slates, J^2

  2631. Aug 95 Barter, Ernie and Jo Ann Ernie's full size 707 is described a scale glider.

  2632. Aug 95 Turner, Craig The thrill of thermal soaring is comparable to catching a fish. The task of finding a thermal would be bore if it were a certainty.

  2633. Aug 95 Mallett, Fred Texas National Tournament 95 (TNT) report. Tasks 3,5,7,9,11 max pilots choice (day 1) and 3 flights for 21 min on second day. Full Report

  2634. Aug 95 Mallett, Fred The role of a timer is discussed as well as some safety issues. The loss of 8 models at the TNT was provided some examples.

  2635. Aug 95 Eckel, Rick The spin maneuver created by full rudder and up elevator can help you find a model when you loose site of it and can limit damage. Avoid spiral dive.

  2636. Aug 95 Deckman, Nehring & Ikona Elements for succeeding in contests include: attitude, skill, talent, equipment, practice, and timer.

  2637. Aug 95 Kuhlman, Bill and Bunny Javelin balsa skinned foam core flying wing by Quality Fiberglass is reviewed. Steve Savoie provided input to article.

  2638. Aug 95 Smith, Scott America On Line (AOL) and the Internet was tapped for ideas. Web sites are listed. Some ideas from these sources are listed.

  2639. Aug 95 Jones, Gordon Selig Airfoil Book "Summary of Low-Speed Airfoil Data - Volume #1" is now available from SoarTech Publications. More issues to follow.

  2640. Aug 95 Sowder, Bob The landing task in contests is discussed. Does it count too much or is it ok as now used?

  2641. Aug 95 Slegers, Ed Mark Allen's Vulcan 2M sailplane was converted to electric w/ conventional tail. The model flies very well. Conversion notes are offered.

  2642. Aug 95 Decker, Jay S. Thermal Buster glider by K&A Models Unlimited is reviewed. Quality wood parts build into polyhedral 13 oz model. Airfoil is E205. Price: $30

  2643. Aug 95 Conrad, Joseph Gun Slinger format described (21 flights of successively increasing flight times. The Seattle Area Soaring Soc. HLG contest of Apr 15, 1995

  2644. Aug 95 Knight, Sherman The Monarch by Joe Hahn has undergone changes more reinforcement in fuse. Wing has been made even thinner. Four custom modifications are discussed.

  2645. Aug 95 Lehman, Robin Testing large batteries in your model requires that testing under load in order to judge remaining charge. Appropriate chargers are also needed.

  2646. Aug 95 Simons, Martin Flight without Figuring Pt 5 cont. Camber line defined and discussed. Terms Undercamber, bi-convex, semi symmetrical. Finding the camber line.

  2647. Aug 95 Garwood, David Olympus Trim MD camera is put into Paragon fuselage and photographs are taken. Diagram of mechanism from operating shutter release is shown.

  2648. Aug 95 Hollidge, George & Whiteside, Don Repairing R&R molded wings is described. The R&R construction can be repaired while European molded wings cannot. Good reference article.

  2649. Aug 95 Thomas, Jim Jim laments the passing of Earle Latimer and reflects on Fred Rettig's advice: Keep perspective in our lives and recognize those things that are

  2650. Aug 95 Thomas, Jim Continued: ...truly important as opposed to those that we assign more importance to than they truly deserve.

  2651. Aug 95 Fulmer, Daniel Dynaflight Freedom glider modifications were listed. Experienced based improvements were developed: control systems, rudder, slots.

  2652. Aug 95 Gray, Jim The Mistery Ship by Bob Martin is a 118" span SD7037 airfoil ship with wood laser cut parts and "T" tail. Sells for $150.

  2653. Sep 95 Mallet, Fred & Griggs, Bill Cover shows Fred and Bill talking about CG on an A-6 power assisted scale model at Francis Peak. Photo by Dave Garwood

  2654. Sep 95 Chovan, Joe & Garwood, David Reasons 'Why RC Sailplanes are so Addicting' are listed. Responses are gathered by E-mail in cyberspace. Interesting philosophy about our hobby.

  2655. Sep 95 Slates, Jerry Jerry tells of his trials in preparing for and going to Mid-South Soaring Championship. Then his experience with Martin Simons at Caddo Mills.

  2656. Sep 95 Booth, Richard July Jubilee sponsored by the Richardson Radio Control Club raised money for Spina Bifica Association.

  2657. Sep 95 Smith, Scott Retraction of earlier statement that winners of ISS HLG contest were full house models. All were rudder elevator models. Dodson's Orbiter specs.

  2658. Sep 95 Smith, Scott [Cont.] Mini phone jacks used as on off switches and charging jacks on HLG models. Info. from Internet E-mail add:

  2659. Sep 95 Kuhlman, B^2 Dr. Martin Lichte's EMX 07 and 14 low pitching moment airfoils are discussed. Coordinates are include. EMX 14 is for moderate sweep models.

  2660. Sep 95 Jones, Gordon Wings are being tested in Texas which transition from one airfoil at the root and another at the tip. This allows very slow flight w/ no tip stalls.

  2661. Sep 95 Slegers, Ed Large electric models are becoming more popular. The electric Skyhawk provides ample room for equipment w/ 10 cells. Performance is impressive.

  2662. Sep 95 Rettig, Fred Preparing for contests is a basic part of success and taking advantage of luck which might come your way. Get your landing! Don't give up points.

  2663. Sep 95 Selig, Michael Objectives for future tests: Popular thermal airfoils with flaps; Tail airfoils with less deadband (S8025); SD7037-RG15 compromise SD7080.

  2664. Sep 95 Abell, Bruce A hot wire cutter is described for making spar groves & wire traces in foam core wings. It is powered by a 6V soldering iron transformer.

  2665. Sep 95 Deckman, Nehring & Ikona SWSA 2M Soarfest '96 plans are discussed. A 2 day event w/ 3-10 min max. Registration limited to 100 with cut of by April 15th. Raffle included.

  2666. Sep 95 Deckman, Nehring & Ikona [Cont.] 2M Revival is in progress. A broad range of models are expected for the June 8 and 9 contest by SWSA.

  2667. Sep 95 Thomas, Jim CR Blazer has a 60" S3014 balsa sheeted tapered foam wing and FG Fuselage. V-Tail. Good construction notes Good light air model $100 price.

  2668. Sep 95 deVries, Daniel TRC Impulse 2D metal hydride microprocessor controlled fast charger/cycler uses the latest technology for charging these batteries. NiCad Chargers.

  2669. Sep 95 deVries, Daniel [Cont.] Information about battery technology useful to modelers. Terms: Endothermic charging, soft peak, dendrite growth, balance.

  2670. Sep 95 Wahl, Ron Rodel Modellbau 1/4 Scale ASK 21 is reviewed has FG fuse and balsa sheeted foam core wings. $495 from Sailplanes Unlimited. Spoilers extra.

  2671. Sep 95 Garwood, David Soar Utah 95 review by David Garwood. Five days of real fun filled Dave with memories. Thermalling over valley was done when wind speed fell.

  2672. Sep 95 Voss, George Wasatch Mountain Slope Soaring Festival X-country effort of author is discussed. George gets bumped out of the truck and still wins event.

  2673. Sep 95 Fiederlein, Taylor Long Island Silent Flyers held 18th Annual Empire State Soaring Classic at Syosset, LI on 6-17 & 18. Only 20 mi from NY city. Lists of most popular

  2674. Sep 95 Fiederlein, Taylor [cont] sailplanes and radios. Weston Magic(7) and Vision (18). List of winners given.

  2675. Sep 95 Dream Catcher Hobby, Inc. Tom Williams - Craft-Aire Sailaire is being re-released at $160. PO Box 77, Bristol, IN 46507 ph: (209) 848-1427.

  2676. Sep 95 Sky Bench Aerotech 1.5M Osprey is a HLG model with optional T tail, laser cut ribs with extra wood removed. Wing is fully sheeted. $90

  2677. Sep 95 L&H Distributors Mystery Ship by L&H is a 3M 118" is a built up wing design all wood model. Lite ply fuse with T tail. SD7037 airfoil. (520) 855-6900

  2678. Sep 95 Morris, Pancho A Winch-Retriever Bridle is shown which keeps the retriever line from getting wrapped around the model. Bridle is 3' long, there is a steel

  2679. Sep 95 Morris, Pancho [cont] leader (18 in) for the retriever attached to one end of bridle. Ring at other end goes to the model. Winch line attaches on ring slide.

  2680. Sep 95 Chapman, Scot Cool Band is placed around neck and when wet, keeps you cool in the hot sun. Summer of 95 was very hot. This is a cool tip.

  2681. Fortorny, Kevin First digital photograph of full scale sailplane in flight taken from another appears on RCSD cover. More photographs to follow. Kodak DCS 200

  2682. Blanco, Scott Several photos of slope soaring adventure to Cape Blanco, Oregon where several days of slope soaring were experienced. Photos

  2683. Savoie, Steve Steve reviews four construction methods used to construct foam wings. Designs are compromises between strength and weight.

  2684. Lehman, Robin A trip to visit Roland Kern (Roke Modell) 30 km south of Frankfort. Signs in town actually direct people to Roland's home.

  2685. Slates, Jerry 'Building Hollow Composite Wings' is the subject of a video from Soaring Stuff. Topics: making, plugs, molds, spar design. 75 minutes.

  2686. Kuhlman, B^2 T.W.I.T.T reports the design of a new stealth fighter which looks like the B2. Scale model construction is promoted.

  2687. Sowder, Bob Information about the RCSD entry level design are answered. Bob is the key person to communicate with on this ELD contest.

  2688. Deckman, Mike, Short fields and contests often require hot launches. Prism by Ben Matsumoto has been up to task. Q&A about its features and options.

  2689. Deckman, Mike, [cont.] Spider foam, wing rod options, triple taper, color selection, Krylon paint, flutter, hinging. S7077 Airfoil may be new floater std.

  2690. Jones, Gordon Modern software allows modelers to change airfoil thickness and camber and mix top and bottom surfaces. Wind tunnel testing may not translate.

  2691. Lehman, Robin Glider Tow Fun Fly site is requested in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware area. The event is envisioned to emulate the Swiss I.G.G. event. (RCM Nov 92)

  2692. Savoie, Steve Airtronics Infinity 600 programming tricks are listed. Flaps on a switch, Aileron to Elevator Slope Mix, Elevator Preset, Crow & Camber, Neg. Diff.

  2693. Simons, Martin Pt.5 of Flight Without Figuring, continued. Lift Curve, Camber, Slope of Lift Curve, Aerodynamic Zero.

  2694. Gray, Jim Sailplanes-A digest for Scale Modelers by Ferdinando Gale and Aldo Calza is reviewed. A reference for scale modelers wanting proven unusual designs.

  2695. Stipis, Yanni, Summary of flight development up to the three Write Brothers' gliders. Pioneers: DeVinci, Cayley, Lilienthal Flying Site: Kitty Hawk

  2696. Knight, Sherman L. Hand launch models are evolving from polyhedral designs to multifunction sailplanes. Mods to the Monarch are detailed and evaluated.

  2697. Knight, Sherman L. [cont.] Items modified include dihedral, tip angle, depth of flap and ail. Tail control surface control points, wing incidence. Good Article!

  2698. Swinehart, Ron Review of Mid South Soaring Championships. Man-on-man format with max times of 3,5,7,7,7 for 900 pts + 100 pts for 4L landing. Photos & Standings

  2699. Glover, Rob As part of the Mid-South Soaring Championships, the XC event is covered in a nice report with photos showing models flown and standings.

  2700. Slegers, Ed KRC-95 electric meet was again held in Quakertown, PA. Several photos and a few words to describe the participants and the event.

  2701. ICARE Sailplanes Spark 1 and 2 are 53" & 71" span models for acrobatic and thermal tasks respectively. FG fuselage with foam core wings.

  2702. Fisher, Charles Sky Jack by Jack Hamilton is shown on cover. Chuck Fisher is the artist and was done as a watercolor painting.

  2703. Slates, Judy & Jerry Due to increased paper costs and elimination of 2nd class mail, RCSD costs are up and in response, the size of the publication is being reduced.

  2704. Lehman, Robin White sailplanes are subject to disappearing at high altitude. White keeps planes cool & causes visibility problems. Contrasting stripes recommended.

  2705. Gray, Jim "Understanding Polars Without Math" by B"^2Streamlines tells the common modeler how to take advantage of the information on airfoil polars.

  2706. Slates, Jerry A description of the LASOAR 650 by Perret's studio. Model comes out light by finishing the wing with sanding sealer, light spackle & urethane.

  2707. Slates, J^2 A list of videos of interest to RCSD readers is given. Foam cores, hollow composite wings, thermal soaring, getting started, aerospace composites

  2708. Cope, John The Wonka Web Service will help you create a web page. Check out the Pacific Northwest R/C soaring page at

  2709. Scharck, Ron 117" Airtronics Peregrine is given high marks for easy construction, flying ability and landing ability. Plane flew perfectly the first time.

  2710. Scharck, Ron [cont.] Tips are given for control rod installation, longer servo trays strengthening tips, beveling control surf., finishing.

  2711. Kuhlman, B^2 Discussion of F. Gale's Ubara bat wing design. The typical CG calculation would be too forward due to constant chord swept wing considerations.

  2712. Cope, Gene A scale fun fly is covered in Yakima, WA. Aero towing was used. Some very long flights were recorded in both Vintage and Modern categories. Photos!

  2713. Whiteside, Don Starling by Performance Composites is evaluated. This is a 60" span ARF V tail model. Obechi sheeted foam wing. Options affect price.

  2714. Whiteside, Don [cont.] building procedures described. Servo wells can be routed by P.C. Options: plywood tips & ballast mounting screw. Flying was excellent.

  2715. Deckman, Mike, et. al. Visalia Fall Soaring Festival and the host city is described. Winners and their models and radios are listed. Description of new kits: Mako 2, Prism

  2716. Deckman, Mike, et. al. [cont.] Dazzle, V-tail Prism. Bob Harrold makes aluminum mini gliders. Sponsor is Central Valley R/C Soaring Club.

  2717. Whiteside, Don Don does a follow up to his Mar/95 RCSD article on the Visionary. Mods are listed based on some additional experience. Hanger 4 is producer.

  2718. Cameron, Steve A review of the HL events at Muncie AMA/LSF nationals. Heat and humidity were significant factors. Steve flew an Orbiter.

  2719. Botha, Gavin BS Engineering (Botha & Spicer) releases an FAA legal F3B winch. Different spool options make it useful for thermal duration. (408) 338-0662

  2720. Hahn, Joe Monarch C now has carbon fiber in the fuselage, wider tip chords, FG tips glue onto tip rib. Pre-sheeted wings are Std. DJ Aerotech (513)773-6772

  2721. Simons, Martin IVSM-95 demonstration of aerotowing is captured in cover and description on page 4. International Vintage Sailplane Meet. Robin Lehman's LS-4 shown.

  2722. Derstine, John The full size International Vintage Sailplane Meet at Elmira NY had an RC aerotow demo. This is an account of the whole event with photos.

  2723. Simons, Martin Martin extends comments made by others at Elmira. Sailplane pilots were often modelers. Full size vintage planes were listed.

  2724. Lehman, Robin Robin indicates that there is growing interest in aerotowing and scale. It seems the two may foster a needed symbiosis to allow both to grow.

  2725. Foster, Mark Most scale models come from Germany. Sailplanes Unlimited and Windspiel Models are the recommended ways to get imported models. Also Aero Towing.

  2726. Slates, Judy Obtaining imported models is time consuming and expensive. Robin Lehman accepted the task of communicating with RCSD readers on the scale seen.

  2727. Slates, Jerry Horizontal stabilizers can distort over time especially if one side is finished differently. Be sure to check for warpage with time.

  2728. Slates, Jerry The best spars provide bending & torsional strength at minimal weight. Tensile strengths are given for E & S-Glass, Aramid, Carbon and Balsa.

  2729. Deckman, Mike, Information given on spotting thermals. Clues include: seeing the model's flight change, seeing the thermal w/ blue blocker, look for lift near sink,

  2730. Deckman, Mike, [cont.] watch for lulls in wind then go upwind, fly toward shifts in wind direction, recognize wave vs thermal lift.

  2731. Knowles, N. Christopher 1995 X-Country and Pig Roast is described with photos and list of finishers. Pat Flinn from Mich. wins event.

  2732. Martin, Bob The Mistery Ship by Major Hobby is the first all laser cut wood kit. No composities used. 118" model,~70 oz SD-7037. Excellent ship on a budget.

  2733. Schmitz, Charles Wing platforms are compared graphically for Falcon 880, Legend, Waco 10-550 Falcon 550E, Thermal Eagle, Genesis, Shadow. Data from MaxSoar data files

  2734. Sowder, Bob Helping new flyers is important to clubs. Valley Aero Modelers have a contest format which has been successful for years with easy rules.

  2735. Sowder, Bob Contestant chooses from three different tasks upon landing. Landing points = 25. List of contest turn offs. VAM club has AMA Award of Excellent.

  2736. Galletti, Joe Joe describes the elements of frustration which he has tried to eliminate or minimize. This enhances his enjoyment of the sport. Excellent Article!

  2737. Lehman, Robin Rather than a student being a receiver of an instructor's verbal commands, a student learns by way of a small hand held R/C model to correct situations

  2738. Lehman, Robin [cont.] Level wings, Fly model in a circle. Work on pitch control. Turns with pitch control. Later use of a training chord is highly advised.

  2739. Bowlen, Clark Part II of article on The Puma describes the fuselage and flying V tail. An alternate wing was made. Model weighs 10.5 oz. Cores are available.

  2740. Sile, Jack Radio Glide is a the British Assoc. of RC Soarers, BARCS contest. Middle Wallop was the 95 site. Coverage with photographs is given.

  2741. Mattes, Pat A poem "To Soar with Eagles" is presented. It is a poem written from the perspective of the eagle seeing R/C sailplanes.

  2742. Perret's Studio Lasoar 1200 by Paul Perret is the winner of 94 and 95 Electric Nats. 139" span SD7037 airfoil models for 25 and 40 size motors.

  2743. Sky Bench Aerotech The 2M Osprey kit uses foam core wing with optional configuration, Schuemann planform, S3014 wing, 43 oz, bolt on or 2 piece wing option.

  2744. Eckel, Rick Instructions for mixing full house sailplanes using computer radios. Terms. are defined. Logic of flight modes are discussed.

  2745. Jan 96 Lehman, Robin Photograph of very large (1:2.5) Mueller LS-4 model of Long Island Skyhawks Club. Model owned by Bob Smith.

  2746. Jan 96 Widel, Ron Steve Hinderks of The Birdworks shows off his 165" wing area is shown on cover. The design is not very stable but looks like the real thing.

  2747. Jan 96 Simons, Martin Photos from various events and places: Monarch, Spalinger 18, ASW 23 HLG contest 7-9-95

  2748. Jan 96 Gray, Jim Gene Zika's, "RC Soaring... A Laughing Matter" is reviewed. Gene Zika is a degreed musician and has a masters in Computer in Education.

  2749. Jan 96 Widel, Ron Photos of Joe Newland's F9F, RnR Products SB/XC, group of sailplaners.

  2750. Jan 96 Savoie, Steve Aerospace Composite Products Auto Vac Vacuum unit is reviewed. The unit is perfectly sized, reliable, and maintenance free.

  2751. Jan 96 Slates, Jerry and Skinner, Jim Spyder Foam is a bit more dense than blue foam. Cuts easily. The design of the Prism is discussed along with its mode of failure in a test.

  2752. Jan 96 Sowder, Bob Modeling clubs of Memphis has a Model Expo to promote wide range of model aviation in a city park.

  2753. Jan 96 Sowder, Bob [cont.] The history and status of Coffee Airfoilers of Tullahoma, TN is described. Prominent include Chuck Anderson, Lee Webster, Ben Cleveland

  2754. Jan 96 Lehman, Robin The wisdom of using a training chord for new pilots is explained. The steps for setting up a chord is included.

  2755. Jan 96 Boyd, Douglas The details of a proper zoom launch are defined along with a touch of humor by the Winch Doctor

  2756. Jan 96 Enhuei, Joe Large scale models offer a unique experience and can be enjoyed on small fields with electric power. Advantaged and disadvantages are discussed.

  2757. Jan 96 Enhuei, Joe [cont.] details of installation and weight gain are included giving user a good picture of what to expect, including costs.

  2758. Jan 96 Wilson, Oliver Optimizing model design must include selection of airfoil, aspect ratio, wing loading, and strength. David Fraser's Sailplane Design software used.

  2759. Jan 96 Simons, Martin Flight w/o Figuring Pt 6 Topics covered include: Camber, Balance, Pitching Moment, Center of Gravity, Center of Pressure, Diving and Airspeed Effects.

  2760. Jan 96 Siposs, George Stress concentration is defined and ways to avoid failures related to this phenomenon is discussed. spars, joints, sheer webs, testing

  2761. Jan 96 Darnell, D.O. A 2M ship is made from wing and fuselage from different sources. Tekoa wings cost $1/inch. Instructions given to use Levoe Design fuselage.

  2762. Jan 96 Kuhlman, B^2 EH 0/9.0 airfoil by John Yost is a good choice for vertical fins and stabs Don't thin to less than 7%. Program for computing reflexed camber lines.

  2763. Jan 96 Hayes, Ray Great Lakes Soaring League 1995 Fall R/C Soaring Festival Results Event is for 2M and HLG models. 4 best flights in 2 hours prior to lunch

  2764. Jan 96 Hayes, Ray [cont.] six rounds of Man on Man short start competition for 1.5M ship. HLG contest had 4 10 minute rounds with 2 min maxes.

  2765. Jan 96 Nutter, Dale TULSOAR contest review The Tulsa RC Soaring Club sponsored this 2 day event. 2M, Unl, Sportsman. 12 Rounds were flown.

  2766. Jan 96 Scharck, Ron International Hand Launch Glider Festival '95 is reviewed. Ten rounds of varied tasks over two days. Joe Wurts wins.

  2767. Feb 96 Ben Clerx Cover photo of Ben launching his Mako Unl Sailplane was taken by the late George Siposs.

  2768. Feb 96 Slates, J^2 Survey indicates readers want to read RCSD on Airplanes, Beds, Bathtub, and Breakfast, and in Car. Little interest in an electronic version of RCSD.

  2769. Feb 96 Derstine, John Photographs of International Vintage Sailplane Meet IVSM-95 at Elmira, NY Beautiful photographs of Minimoa, KA6C, Baby Bowlus, Schweizer I-34

  2770. Feb 96 Derstine, John [cont] Goevier (2 place Minimoa) Goevier Plaque, French pre-war trainer. An RC aerotow demonstration was flown. Historic event, location, sailplanes

  2771. Feb 96 Boyd, Douglass Recollection of using first winches. Modifying winches for max speed is discussed. Part numbers given for parts & Real Balls end plates.

  2772. Feb 96 Slates, Jerry Vacuum system is described which can be used for making wings, stabs etc. The best bag material would be a Nylon containing tube. Clamp or tape ends.

  2773. Feb 96 Scharck, Ron More photos of Visalia '95. Photos of live band, CD, Man retrieving model from field, Tim Renaud launching at start of first round.

  2774. Feb 96 Kuhlman, B^2 A-12 Avenger (Dorito) design is shown. Potential replacement for Navy A-6. Dimensions are given. Would make a good PSS model?

  2775. Feb 96 Lehman, Robin A simple fish scale will predict the towing power of a aerotow plane. This static test will specify the best prop. Motor/prop results are shown.

  2776. Feb 96 Deckman, Mike, et. al. Pasadena Soaring Society Contest is reviewed. BBQ was provided. Format: 3 10+ min rounds with 5 attempts. Landing points after 10 minute flights.

  2777. Feb 96 Deckman, Mike, et. al. [Cont] 2nd Annual Winter Scale Soaring Festival held by DUST was attended by 20 contestants. Beautiful photographs of scale models.

  2778. Feb 96 Simons, Martin Wing Drag (induced and profile). Stabilizers should be symmetrical - wings semisymmetrical. Reading airfoil polar plots. Selecting camber by purpose.

  2779. Feb 96 McLean's Models 60" Vindicator by McLean's Models features a fast design with V tail. Different versions for ailerons or ail. & flaps of channels of control.

  2780. Feb 96 Hayes, Ray Sky Bench Aerotech has a new catalog and Osprey 1 R/C HL glider. Laser cut parts. Model is available in several forms from kit to RTF.

  2781. Feb 96 Inventec Corporation Grand Esteem 110" and 120" versions offered. T tail or full flying options Delivery in 2 to 4 wks.

  2782. Feb 96 Tau, Manny NC Eagle Fuselage is a nose cone version of the popular Thermal Eagle. Kevlar strips in sides and tail skid adds value. Ideal replacement.

  2783. Mar 96 Slates, J^2 Steve Savoie will be starting a new column in April. Soaring Site references are proving valuable to the soaring community.

  2784. Mar 96 Clark, Paul First Japanese HLG contest was held in Tokyo preceding the great earthquake. Joe Wurts, Gordon Jennings and Paul Clark all from USA were there.

  2785. Mar 96 Derstine, John First Annual Northeast Aerotowing Fly-In at Elmira, NY is slated for June 1 and 2 1996. Event will be tied to full scale soaring.

  2786. Mar 96 Slates, Jerry Making a vacuum bag is the subject of this article. Getting a durable bag material is key to good results. Use a nylon tube with at least 18" width.

  2787. Mar 96 Slates, Jerry [cont.] It is also important to instal the vacuum line without a leak. Hints are given to fix defects and protect bag from damage.

  2788. Mar 96 Sowder, Bob New board of directors for LSF is announced. Joint LSF/AMA nationals will again be held in Muncie, IN. X-country models are shown and discussed.

  2789. Mar 96 Sowder, Bob AnEan sailplane originally designed as a slope model in '89 was modified with SD7037/7032 combination and flying stab to improve TD performance.

  2790. Mar 96 Fulmer, Daniel Dan keeps database on where he flies, how long, what model. He flies most in an area for hang gliders. Wind speed statistics given.

  2791. Mar 96 Fulmer, Daniel His data indicates that more time is spent in building a model than flying. most in an area for hang gliders. Wind speed statistics given.

  2792. Mar 96 Deckman, Mike, Avocet Vartech altimeter watch has excellent performance rating. Source is given. Instructions for using wave lift from trees, roofs, etc.

  2793. Mar 96 Mallet, Fred Instructions for making 2 piece HLG wings so they can be transported more easily. The Corn Dogger model was what he was modifying.

  2794. Mar 96 Kuhlman, B^2 1/4" scale Pioneer II-D design was rebuilt from a crash and flown as a thermal duration model. Tip stalls were treated by trip strip and retrim.

  2795. Mar 96 Lehman, Robin Telemaster is an excellent tow plane with OS 108 2 cycle motor and 15x8 prop. With a BGX-1 and 20x8 prop planes up to 14 lbs can be launched.

  2796. Mar 96 Lehman, Robin Requirements for the job are listed. Hobby Lobby is a source for the plane. Use the larger BGX-1 for the Sr. Telemaster. Modifications are detailed.

  2797. Mar 96 Fulmer, Dan Design criterion for aerobatic models - wingspan, camber, size, crash survivability. Good dimensions: 45-50", 9" root, 6" tip, no sweep in

  2798. Mar 96 Fulmer, Dan [cont.] spar, light loading, SD-8020 airfoil, balsa fuselage, solid balsa tail surfaces, strip ail., full span, 22 0.000000e+00levator/h.flap, 500f rudder.

  2799. Mar 96 Simons, Martin Flight w/o figuring continued. Drag & camber, measuring camber, NACA airfoil naming, reflex camber. Helmut Quabeck airfoils airfoil naming.

  2800. Mar 96 Gray, Jim Skysheen trim tape shines bright in sunlight with flashing colors. The Tape seems to work in a wide range of lighting. Phil Pearce 602-966-6384

  2801. Mar 96 Wright, Paul and Harris Ed Wilson Reservoir of Salina, KS is one of the 10 best locations in the US. Photos and account of Sig/LASS. Many events were scheduled. Sig gifts.

  2802. Mar 96 Leppla, Frank A new WWW Home Page dedicated to RC Soaring is http:/WWW/ Location is La Canada, California

  2803. Mar 96 Schorz, Hank Southern California Thermal Soaring League (SCTSL) has been established in San Fernando Santa Clarita Valley area. The group joins clubs in the area.

  2804. Mar 96 Munkeso, Morton Results of 1995 2M postal contest is shown. Stig Christensen, of Denmark wins first 1st followed by Alan Schwerin of USA.

  2805. Mar 96 Slates, J^2 Mid south Soaring Championships are advertised.

  2806. Mar 96 Dream Catcher Hobby, Inc. ASW-19 is a 12 lb ARF 1/3 scale sailplane. Dream Catcher models provides US made sailplanes to US customers.

  2807. Mar 96 Allen, Mark Pocket Rocket by Allen Development is a 62" RG-15 model for 7 cells. Larger 72" Rocket w/ 7037 airfoil is good for last down competition.

  2808. Apr 96 Sharif, Sean Photo on cover is of the Los Banos Slope Scale Soar-In 1995. 1996 event is scheduled for May 17-19.

  2809. Apr 96 Charmichael, Asher Winch launches don't always provide the launch that is needed for scale ships. Aero towing instructions are given in excellent detail.

  2810. Apr 96 Lehman, Robin More information on Telemaster tug with Walker 3.2 cu in motor. It pulls 23 lbs of thrust with 20 x 6.1 prop. This gets 1/3 scale models up fast.

  2811. Apr 96 Lehman, Robin Tie wraps keep wings on models in storage without the stain from rubber bands. Jomar Battery Backer is evaluated.

  2812. Apr 96 Slates, Jerry Instructions on making and using vacuum bags. Preparation of core, sizing of components. Leading edge treatment, spreading epoxy, curing the layup.

  2813. Apr 96 Mallett, Fred A quick method for making fuselage molds with plaster is discussed. Also pull-pull systems for elevators even for V tails.

  2814. Apr 96 Kuhlman, B^2 Joined 1 is a fast glider from Germany with 150 mph capability. EH 1.0/7.0 is the airfoil. Attributes: constant chord, thin section.

  2815. Apr 96 Masiello, John The Tangerine Soaring Championship report is held in central FL in Nov. A description of the 95 event is given with photographs and standings.

  2816. Apr 96 Schmitz, Charles MaxSoar is used to compare Olympic II and Thermal Eagle. The parameters are are identified which affect Sink Rate, Induced Drag, Parasitic Drag, L/D.

  2817. Apr 96 Schmitz, Charles [cont.] Explanations are given on how various parameters are evaluated.

  2818. Apr 96 Blum, Jim Roke ASK-18 1/4 scale kit is evaluated. Original by Schleicher-Germany Kit by Sailplanes Unlimited. Gel coated fuselage was easy to paint.

  2819. Apr 96 Blum, Jim [cont.] details of the construction are given. Model was built for aerotowing. Sailplane is a real floater and will fly hands off.

  2820. Apr 96 Savoie, Steve Steve Savoie is a Naval Engineer in the Coast Guard with 22 yrs of service. He was a member of SOAR and now with DownEast Soaring Club.

  2821. Apr 96 Savoie, Steve Diagram of device to melt out a channel to string servo wires in foam core wings. A heater is put into a tube and extended with guides into foam core.

  2822. Apr 96 Scharck, Ron Torrey Pines Gulls is sponsoring the '96 International Hand Launch Glider Festival to be held June 15 and 16 in Poway, CA. Airtronics GEM HLG

  2823. May 96 Slates, Jerry Dale King of ELF Engineering is shown launching his Raven 3M sailplane. Cover Photo

  2824. May 96 Slates, J^2 RCSD gets net address of Articles and photos now can be sent via E-mail

  2825. May 96 Lehman, Robin A Tellemaster is offered as a trainer for someone learning to fly. Flights last longer, altitude control is achieved, transitions to sailplanes easy.

  2826. May 96 Dufresne, Marc Nuremberg 1996 was a good place to read future trends. Electric ARF models are the trend w/ less space to build. Aeronaut leads the way in electric

  2827. May 96 Dufresne, Marc [cont.] propulsion systems (motors, yokes, shaft adapters, fans, gliders). Multiplex adds Flamingo 2001 to line of competition sailplanes.

  2828. May 96 Thomas, Jim Slegers Internat. Spectrum 2M uses SD7037 to achieve less tip stalls. Ed tested many wings before settling on this one. T-tail w/ slip on nose cone.

  2829. May 96 McColgan, Don JR783 was used with a 2M Super-V. Mike copied program he got out of a Magazine. 8 Memories, 6 mixing channels, trim offsets, extras sold separate

  2830. May 96 Slates, Jerry Faceless hinge line construction is revised. 5/8" wide balsa replaces foam at hinge line of foam before sheeting. Controls are cut appart in balsa.

  2831. May 96 Gell, James Mental resources are compared to money and budgets. Excellent article includes needs for developing habits, planning ahead, computer radios, etc.

  2832. May 96 Savoie, Steve Planform blanks are cut hands off with this simple design. Diagrams and photographs show a simple design for this one person hands free cutter.

  2833. May 96 Collier, Dale Legend of an Hawaiian hawk. Dale and son set records at Kahakaloa on Maui in 1988 and 1989. Great accounts of personal experiences at this spot.

  2834. May 96 Kuhlman, B^2 Adverse yaw in plank platforms are a function of aileron differential. Frise ailerons provide equal drag above and below hinge.

  2835. May 96 Simons, Martin Wrong assumptions & theories of times past continue to cloud a clear understanding of camber and assumption of profile characterization.

  2836. May 96 Simons, Martin [cont.] aerodynamic zero, maximum lift, Phyllips entry, thickness, stall angle, semi-symmetrical, drag bucket, thick vs thin wings.

  2837. May 96 Teisan, Jerry Zagi foamy combat wing from Trick R/C provides a durable fast building model for slope combat. Will fly without computer radio with mech. mixer.

  2838. May 96 Teisan, Jerry [cont.] 48" 16 oz. requires a 2 channel radio. Model is aerobatic. Assembly time is 3 hrs. Price is $30 + $5 S&H.

  2839. May 96 Sailplanes Unlimited PZL 104 Frisch Wilga tow plane is now available as an import. 109" WS 79" long 20-23 lbs.

  2840. May 96 Sailplanes Unlimited Muller 1/3 Scale Discus, 5M span, HQ2/12 20 lbs. also with E209-207-205 2M DG800 ARF for first time scale model. 1/3 Scale ASW-24 and ASH 26 + other

  2841. May 96 Sailplanes Unlimited 1/3 Scale instrument and hardware sets are available for $35.

  2842. May 96 Slates, J^2 A biography of Martin Simons indicates a life long fascination with soaring. Soaring accident, Teaching, Military Service, Move to Australia

  2843. May 96 Botha, Gavin Davenport Cash Trophy Slope Race is reviewed. May25-26 '96 in California 15 miles N. of Santa Cruz.

  2844. Jun 96 Savoie, Steve This 48" Zipper is a plywood covered foam core model with strong F/G fuse. and fin. It uses EH2-10 airfoil. Model is strong, easily repaired.

  2845. Jun 96 Sowder, Bob AMA recognizes LSF as its R/C Soaring Special Interest group. Warning given to plan ahead: Reservations, Charged Bat., Cash, Wing Rods, Stabs, etc.

  2846. Jun 96 Stahl, Gordy SC or SCE Type fit most uses outside of a blast charge. AR, SCR & SCRC R=higher voltage at high current. E=extra energy but at lower output I.

  2847. Jun 96 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] Sizes are defined 800 AR and 1000 SCR's used most for limited space 1400 and 1700 when space is ample. Test for balanced cells.

  2848. Jun 96 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] Selection of chargers, wire, propeller, connector.

  2849. Jun 96 Lehman, Robin Dortmund Intermodellbau 96 show is reviewed. Held each march, this may be the biggest in the world. 500f models are sailplanes and most are scale.

  2850. Jun 96 Deckman, Mike Climmax 7037 HLG/ARF by C.R. Aircraft flies exceptionally well. 2M Barracuda by Brian Agnew by 7037 is said to fly like a Super V.

  2851. Jun 96 Slates, Jerry Aileron differential is required to produce efficient turns. A protractor makes a good gauge on setting up the proper movement. Diagrams provided.

  2852. Jun 96 Boyd, Douglas Humorous but informative account of experiencing catapult gliders. Light ideas for a carrier competition is suggested.

  2853. Jun 96 Johnson, Wildey Inland slope / thermal soaring on a closed landfill 200' high is described. The performance of several HLG models are discussed.

  2854. Jun 96 Carmichael, Asher Five different designs for aerotowing release mechanisms are illustrated. Having this part properly designed is a key to success.

  2855. Jun 96 Kuhlman, B^2 Tip Stalling can be a problem on swept wings if aileron differential is used. Keep tip RN above critical limits. Use proper sweep angle.

  2856. Jun 96 Anderson, Charles Airfoil Plot and Model Design plotting program prices have been reduced. Airfoil Plot, Airfoil Plot Pro, AFEdit, Model Design & Model Design Pro

  2857. Jul 96 O'Donnell, Mike Photo of Paul Siegel and his son Vinnie at the Cincinnati Soaring Soc. HLG contest. Article follows on pg 4

  2858. Jul 96 Siegel, Paul The Cincinnati S.S. hosted its first HLG championship on April 27-28. Models flown; event description. Hand launch golf was part of contest.

  2859. Jul 96 Lehman, Robin Los Banos 2 day Slope Scale Soar-In is described. Lots of participants and lots of action was described. Some aero tows given by Dick Miller's WACO.

  2860. Jul 96 Lehman, Robin [cont.] lots of photos and good stories. Seagull, PSS, Eagle, Discus Schweitzer, ASH26, Elephant, Frisch Wilga, ASK13, ASW17.

  2861. Jul 96 Mallett, Fred Fred provides information about the weight and dimensions of HLG fuselages The costs and source of each is given plus descriptions of each. GOOD!

  2862. Jul 96 Kuhlman, B^2 Comments & drawings for 5 members of the ME series rocket powered tailless aircraft researched in Germany in the 1940's.

  2863. Jul 96 Savoie, Steve Construction of simple spar made from CF/Spruce/Spider Foam/Spruce/CF. Syringes from hardware store are good way to mix epoxy in correct ratios.

  2864. Jul 96 Deckman, Mike, 112 in Condor by Allen, Van & Hug is given high marks due to reputation of designers and performance. No tip stalls, wide speed rang, stable.

  2865. Jul 96 Slates, Jerry Switch for controlling vac. pumps: Penn Controls Model 1003 type 155BV01 Foam cutter plan: $5 Bob Harman 10424 Golden Willow Dr. Sandy UT 84070

  2866. Jul 96 Nankivil, Mark Electric model technology is developing quickly. New equipment is being developed and performance if improving rapidly. Information on equipment

  2867. Jul 96 Nankivil, Mark [cont.] is provided such as motor and bat. pack weights. Recommendations for models is given. Future articles will deal more specifically with each.

  2868. Jul 96 Nankivil, Mark The Art of Thermalling - A User Friendly Guide to Finding and Using Thermals and Thermal Streets by Bob Wander is useful for RC Soaring

  2869. Jul 96 Sanders, David Slope Etiquette and the nature of conflicts having to do with models flying at different speeds and those with expensive ships waiting to fly in safety.

  2870. Jul 96 Foster, Mark Thermoflugel kits are available from Mark Foster at 213-257-4573. ASK-23, DG-300 and DG-600 area available at this time.

  2871. Jul 96 Godfrey, David North Alabama Silent Flyer retrievers are available from Dave. They are contest proven and robust enough to last for years. 205-534-0251

  2872. Aug 96 Derstine, John An aerotow dolly is described for launching using aerotow or winch. The materials are 6 in. wheels, 3/4 in plywood and foam tape.

  2873. Aug 96 Derstine, John & Savoie, Steve 1st annual NE Aerotowing Fly-In in Elmira, NY held 5-31->6-2 at Harris Hill attracted people from many states. Aerotowing was provided to all with

  2874. Aug 96 Derstine, John & Savoie, Steve [Cont.] scale models. Full scale glider rides. Electric sailplanes were demonstrated. A video will be produced. Instructions for a contest.

  2875. Aug 96 Kuhlman, B^2 The pitching stability of flying wings and conventional designs is described. Pitching moment, neutral point, CG, Airfoil Cm table.

  2876. Aug 96 Sanders, David New foamie combat format allows new people to compete for top honors. Them format for racing is comparable to a roller derby. Most laps in allowed

  2877. Aug 96 Sanders, David [cont.] time wins heat. Event held in Fairview Regional Park. After SS race a thermal duration event was held. Foam slope kits availability.

  2878. Aug 96 Lehman, Robin Scale Event at Fayetteville is reviewed. 50-100 groups are trying new scale event. Tow planes listed. Scale models also listed.

  2879. Aug 96 McCullough, John Reports on Past and Future of Fayetteville, NC 2nd Annual Southeast Aerotowing and Scale Fun Fly.

  2880. Aug 96 Garwood, Paula Instructions for making a profile pilot or pilots for a scale model. A photograph is printed in reverse for back side.

  2881. Aug 96 Sailplanes Unlimited DG800 from EMS has styrofoam/Balsa/Oracover wing, Plug in winglets, 3.7 & 4.2 M spans. HQ 2.5/14 Airfoil. Also Roke DG202 & Roedelmodell Ka6E.

  2882. Aug 96 Garwood, Dave ICARE Sailplanes ASK-21 originally designed by Rudolf Kaiser in 1980 as a 2 place trainer also can do aerobatics. Plane was built by Schleicher.

  2883. Aug 96 Garwood, Dave [cont.] 580 planes were produced. Two are in used at Elmira. Model has white gel coat. Ailerons are cut out and finished. Servo holes routed.

  2884. Aug 96 Garwood, Dave [cont.] Weight loading of 13.0 oz/ft^2, 46.2 oz., LE & TE installed. $185 sale price makes this a great bargain.

  2885. Aug 96 Stokely, Herk 'Summary of Low Speed Airfoil Data - Volume 2' is now being distributed. 25 new airfoils tested many with flaps and turbulators. Improved wind

  2886. Aug 96 Stokely, Herk [cont.] tunnel and data reduction system should provide excellent data. Cost is $25 P&H $4 Optional disc is $15 through Soartech Productions.

  2887. Aug 96 Collier, Dale Poem of experiencing the first day's slope lift and sharing it with an owl.

  2888. Sep 96 Lehman, Robin Review of winglet use of full size, scale model use. Benefits: higher lift low speed turns, less tip stalls. Photos included.

  2889. Sep 96 Garwood, David Account of 1996 Canadian slope racing trip which was altered due to low wind Account of alternate HLG flying and international friendship.

  2890. Sep 96 Boyd, Douglas Problems of using TD tow hooks for aerotowing. A design is described which can be used to TD planes with almost no alterations to the sailplane.

  2891. Sep 96 Mallett, Fred The catapult launch of the Bullet Bird is most impressive and might be termed slope flying on the flying field. Details given on idea.

  2892. Sep 96 Sayers, Lee First part of construction tips. Bagged FG skin wings perform better than wood skins. User friendly equipment and materials are more widely...

  2893. Sep 96 Sayers, Lee [cont.] widely available today. The method is now high mess not high tech. Preparing the cores and Mylar carriers Transferring paint and adding color.

  2894. Sep 96 Tsipis, Yanni The M321 was the largest aircraft (glider) built in WWII. Brief history of German Aerospace dev. DFS230 Gigant, Gotha 242 References given.

  2895. Sep 96 Savoie, Steve Construction of the Krause ASW 24/27. Fuse is white gel coated but 2 lbs. About 2X of Viking fuselage. Details given on how to complete construction.

  2896. Sep 96 Deckman, Mike, et al. The first annual 2M Soaring Festival was reviewed. It was a 2 day contest with all the elements of an established national contest. Comments given

  2897. Sep 96 Deckman, Mike, et al. [cont.] comments on Laser, ARF Windstar. The development of 2M designs included Gnome, Falcon 600, Banchee, Super V, Vaquero, Barracuda, 2M Laser.

  2898. Sep 96 Agnew, Brian Tall Barracuda fuselage permits landing with full flaps, use of multiple wings are possible on flat sides of fuse. SD7080. Brian feel that

  2899. Sep 96 Agnew, Brian [cont.] the SD7037 is not optimal for normal sailplanes. It may be for light loadings. Wing platform is that of Ron Van's Spectrum 2M.

  2900. Sep 96 Murray, Lee Comments on the '96 Nid South Soaring Championship including comments on the XC Competition, Banquet, flights near the motel, and Memphis sights.

  2901. Sep 96 Hossom, Jerry A memorable launch at the MSSC resulted in model safely crashing into a tent. The contestants first contest ended up being successful.

  2902. Sep 96 Sanders, David M Foam based slope planes loose performance when they get dents in the foam. The Roughneck by Pt Bowman is made of expanded polypropylene foam (EPP).

  2903. Sep 96 Sanders, David M [cont.] The new foam recovers from compression, is resistant to chemicals, UV resistant. Contact cement or silicone adh. is needed to attach things.

  2904. Sep 96 Sanders, David M [cont.] Black Ultracote stuck to 3M 77 over the foam through heat and abuse. Instructions for finishing EPP foam models to do battle at the slope.

  2905. Sep 96 Bits, Critter Servo Cans for Airtronics 141 servos. 1 grams round ABS mounts in wing and allows easy removal of servos. $10/set

  2906. Sep 96 ICARE Sailplanes Swift S-1 1.9 Meter sailplane has S7012 airfoil. Micro servos fit in the wing. 39 oz, 457, 75" span.

  2907. Sep 96 Abell, Bruce Bruce covers experiments of design changes having to do with wing sweep, tail surface size, nose length to make handling and performance better.

  2908. Sep 96 Kuhlman, B^2 CO7 design by Hans Jurgen is for F3B, F3J competition. It is a swept narrow chord design, carbon fiber spar, composite construction.

  2909. Sep 96 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] design has a higher sweep (25 deg), Semicrescent planform, winglets in middle of wing, complex twist geometry.

  2910. Sep 96 Slates, Jerry Hollow core wing Pt. I. A simple rectangular wing was selected from the Facctor design. Project was started making spider foam cores with vacuum

  2911. Sep 96 Slates, Jerry [cont.] bagged skins was used as a plug for the molds. Details are given on how the plug was prepared.

  2912. Sep 96 Slates, Jerry The results of the Entry Level Design Contest was discussed. Tyro design costs $76.67 Oliver Wilson of Pt. Charlotte F> designed, built and flew

  2913. Sep 96 Slates, Jerry the model at the Mid South Soaring Championship. S4233 section was used. Featured is a strong D-tube which will take strong winch launches.

  2914. Mallett, Fred Fred is shown catching his HLG which is approaching his midsection inverted.

  2915. Slates, Jerry Pt II of article on making hollow core wings. The wing plugs were finished and then a parting tray was constructed. Spackle used to caulk gaps to dam.

  2916. Peale, David Plaster molds can be made with less expense than with epoxy molds. Details are provided which will allow someone to make plaster molds at home.

  2917. Deetz, Wesley Mark the center of a landing circle using a 2 liter soda bottle. Remove the top, paint the inside, slit the sides and nail bottom to center of spot.

  2918. Kuhlman, B^2 Three airfoils used on the CO7 (sept 96) are shown and discussed. RS001T10 Symmetrical, RS001M05 Center, RS001 Root

  2919. Pugh, Sandy Train wife to fly and spend more time in hobby. Std. Class floater, low wind practice days, build confidence, be patient, go to mtgs, join LSF.

  2920. Michaelis, Harley An event was set up in Pasco WA to assist aspirants in meeting slope, XC goal & return flights, TD. Large models work best. Will repeat in 1997.

  2921. Savoie, Steve A 3 position switch installation and transmitter mixing options described to give flap presets on Airtronics Infinity 600. Kraft Midwest can do.

  2922. Nankivil, Mark DJ Aerotech Monarch EX has larger fuse. but weights 1.8 oz. Pre-sheeted wings & V tail.

  2923. Nankivil, Mark League of Electric Soaring (LES) has a program like LSF with 6 levels and no dues. Ken Cashion - Recorder, 157 Tennyson Cove, Picuyane, MS 39466

  2924. Mallett, Fred V-tails and their advantages: appearance & stacking. Instructions for mounting and alignment using incidence meter. Details are given

  2925. Mallett, Fred [cont.] Use 0.5 deg for fast flight, 1.5 to 2 for thermal duration Establish V angle then mount both panels to fuse at desired angle.

  2926. Dvorak, John John rebuts RCSD published advice to use a power plane to train glider pilots. John suggests slope soaring since flights are even longer.

  2927. Lehman, Robin Reasons for not using a power plane to teach people to fly gliders. Reasons include vibration, danger from propellers, fuel spills, fire, expense, time.

  2928. Lehman, Robin [cont.] Flying power does teach 2 stick skills, useful in flying scale, multichannel aircraft and in aerotowing.

  2929. Finney, Greg A launching trailer was developed for Rahm winch and retriever. Total cost was about $1,500. Rig has proven to be quite useful.

  2930. Stahl, Gordy Gordy travels much and tries to visit people and places. This article regards his attempt to visit W.D. Williams of Gravel Switch, KY.

  2931. Stahl, Gordy Gordy's quest for W.D. Williams was finally rewarded but not after additional efforts. See page 28 for background.

  2932. Sayers, Lee Pt II of a series talks about the vacuum bagging process itself. Multiple layers of cloth and unidirectional CF allow the construction of a 60 inch

  2933. Sayers, Lee [cont.] wing pannel weighing 16 oz. Bag setup is covered in detail: bag/breather cloth/wax paper/peel ply. Avoid puncturing bag with Mylar.

  2934. Enhuei, Joseph 6M ARF Nimbus-4 is electrified with an Ultra-2000 motor, gear drive, 24 cell battery pack 16.5 x 15 prop. Flight performance was excellent.

  2935. Bowlen, Clark Pt. III of a series. A speed 400 motor, 2:1 gearbox, 500 ma bat. was used w/ larva fuselage. Fuse sides laminated with .2 oz CF, .75" FG + Kevlar.

  2936. Eckel, Rick Laser 2M from Slegers Int. has a 2 piece pre-sheeted wing, slip on nose cone, Kevlar reinforced fuse. Laser wins contest first time out.

  2937. Bailey, Don The reasons for flying gas-bag, rib construction, models. New models have become specialized to specific tasks and lack the character of a fun model.

  2938. Keller, James E. A list of article topics he would like to have appear in RCSD is presented. Plug-in, Wiring Servos, Attaching Ballast, CG Location by Airfoil.

  2939. Slegers International Condor 112.5" s/ SD7037 is promoted and a full description is given as part of an advertisement. Informative article!

  2940. Lehman, Robin Photo of 8 month old Rolfie Lehman in his dads Twin Acro scale model. He fits like a scale pilot although is head isn't quite at scale.

  2941. Slates, J^2 Some people have an allergy to latex gloves. Symptoms - from itching to asthma and to anaphylactic shock in extreme cases. Ref:

  2942. Slates, Jerry Pt III of article on making hollow core wings. Surface epoxy applied and an allignment key ground into the flange. A frame for the other part of

  2943. Slates, Jerry [cont.] the mold. Release agent was applied to the other half of the plug. Repeat steps used on other half. Remove plug and polish the mold.

  2944. Johnson, Bob A proposed new definition for the Standard Class is given for AMA competition which limits control functions to rudder, elevator and

  2945. Johnson, Bob [cont.] spoiler. Span: 110 in. max. The trailing edge cannot move. There cannot be any landing assist devices to aid in the stopping of the model.

  2946. Kuhlman, B^2 Joined 1 & 2 F.Wing were designed for world's speed record attempts. Speeds up to 223.7 mph. Ver. 2 was better to control and land.

  2947. Mallett, Fred 1996 Texas Nat. Tournament (TNT) is reviewed. CD was Bud Black. Rules for HLG given. Winners in all classes are listed. Photos and stories.

  2948. Savoie, Steve A light weight servo tray is discussed made from Rohacell, CF cloth and epoxy. Two radios were needed to control the functions including retracts.

  2949. Sanders, David M. Santa Clarita Soaring Assoc. held its semi-annual Night Crash and Bash An account of the event is given with photos. How to fly at night.

  2950. Sanders, David M. [cont.] Information about Roughneck & Foam Survivor for combat and how to build them. V1 missile by Fred Guifoyle

  2951. Nagel, Tom A flat land flyer tries slope soaring. His enthusiasm boils over as he compares thermal and slope soaring.

  2952. Lehman, Robin Scale soaring allows a range of participation from buy and fly to extreme detailing with little flying, slope racing, static judging, thermal soaring

  2953. Lehman, Robin [cont.] aerotowing, winch launches, aerobatics, scale flying, fun fly events, combinations of above.

  2954. Knight, Gerry Genessee Valley Aero Modelers in New York put on a scale aerotowing fun fly. Gerry recounts his experience flying his Olympia RC Glider.

  2955. Knight, Gerry G.N.A.T.S put on a scale fly in with the help of Robin Lehman, Jim Blum and John Derstine. Plenty of photos of scale models and Spacewalker tug.

  2956. Kid, Bob Bob gives reasons to attend the AMA nats in Muncie. His + experiences are talked about. The people, the location, the friendships, the event.

  2957. Halsey, Albert The Nostalgia class fits the newcomer and occasional competitor just fine. Features are low cost and minimal skills and experience required.

  2958. Gray, Jim Martin Simons' book 'Slingsby Sailplanes' on Slingsby company gliders is covered. It has 255 pages with b&w photos. 44.95 English pounds.

  2959. Hayes, Ray A short summary of the 1996 Spring R/C Soaring Festival is given. 2M & 1.5M events won by Paul Sherman

  2960. Abell, Bruce Bruce has made available plans for his 120" version of the Scimitar which was published in the Austrailian Mag. Airborne. Rudder, Elev., Spoiler

  2961. Waltz, Buzz Buzz reveals his plans to close Just Plane Fun Models and will reopen Buzz Waltz Designs to sell his 20 models on order and selling plans.

  2962. Waltz, Buzz [cont.] A Slingsby T-31B Tandem Tutor sailplane a 100" sport scale model.

  2963. Blacksten, Raul Raul is the archivist for the Vintage Sailplane Association offers some corrections to photo's appearing in RCSD as part of coverage for VSA meet.

  2964. Murray, Lee Dave Beck needs assistance for a solar powered XC world record in the Southwest.

  2965. Brengman, Del M-one-Y is a molded 60" model w/ RG-14 has excellent flying abilities both on slope and high start. Triple taper wing $295.

  2966. Palmer, Rick Cover shows a HLG stuck in a Christmas tree in Rick's home

  2967. Slates, Jerry Molded hollow core wing construction Pt. IV talks about selection of the substrate for making the skins. Spider foam cut into 1/16" slabs was used.

  2968. Simons, Martin Tape Hinges can be made using double sided tape and a tape to cover the sticky surface where you don't want it to stick. Diagram shown.

  2969. Kuhlman, B^2 Hans-Jurgen Unverferth is a prolific designer of tailless aircraft. His work is discussed in an interesting way. Despite high L/D ratios FW have

  2970. Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] high sink rates because they fly faster. Hans-Jurgen is testing RC systems to move the CG and achieve improved flight performance.

  2971. Gray, Jim Don Typond created a video on how to finish a Williams Brothers molded pilot figure but the methods apply to any figures. Water based acrylics

  2972. Gray, Jim [cont.] are used. How to avoid problems and create pitfalls. $19.95 Robins View Prod., 205 E. Center St., Box 68, Stockertown, PA 18083

  2973. Nankivil, Mark Comments about the 1996 F5B Wold Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. USA team finished 2 with Pils, Bridgeman and Neu finishing 6, 7, 8.

  2974. Nankivil, Mark Monarch EX Review continued from July issue. Specifics on how Mark built and finished his Monarch are given. Servo selection mentioned.

  2975. Mallett, Fred Fred gives us a list of helpful hints for cleaning Mylars, caulking vac. bags, best fiberglass cloth, artist brushes, squirt bottles & shelf liner.

  2976. Savoie, Steve A vacuum bag frame is described for making small parts. It aids in ease of final assembly. PVC pipe is used.

  2977. Lehman, Robin Robin recounts the progress to highly efficient models used today in scale soaring. The modern prefabricated model offers much despite the price.

  2978. Lehman, Robin [Cont.] Issues you need to consider to evaluate their use of a scale model Issues include Price, Appearance, How you might launch & fly your model.

  2979. Foreman, Craig Lehman and Dvorak previously debated use of power plane and glider for training. A case is made for training on full size gliders.

  2980. Swingle II, William G. A good slope include Access, Consistency of wind and Topography. Bill finds a new slope using maps. What things to take with you to the slope.

  2981. Swingle II, William G. [cont.] How to assemble your hiking pack and attach your model to the pack. don't let things hang below. Result is that a beautiful site was used.

  2982. Ivansen, Lars Lars tells us of how the internet is of value to sailplaners. References to RC Soaring Exchange (RCSE), weather reports & maps, E-mail, access to

  2983. Ivansen, Lars [cont.] experts i.e. Joe Wurts, Michael Selig's database of airfoils. Usenet news, WWW surfing to suppliers, FTP to send and receive files.

  2984. Kennedy, Barry Tubular wing spars are described which dramatically increase the strength of foam core wings. Long tubes are fit into cores. Bend in joiner rods.

  2985. Savoie, Steve Photo of Jim Armstrong's Spirit piggy backed on a Telemaster fitted with skis.

  2986. Stokely, Herk One cannot take the balance point of model and apply it to another model with the same airfoil without knowing wing planform, and tail layout.

  2987. Keeffe, Brian Brian linked up with Austrailian modelers before his trip there. He was able to fly on several splendid beach bluffs. Photographs

  2988. Hobby Horizon High quality packs available from Hangar 9, JR 351 servos with brass gears has low slack and only .5" thick. Transmitters and Receivers.

  2989. Scale Model Research A 1997 Scale Aircraft Documentation and Resource Guide is added to products at $8.00 714-979-8058.

  2990. Trick R/C The Razor is an EPP foam flying wing glider. Only $65 buys comes in very complete kit. 310-301-1614.

  2991. McCann, Tom Shark's tooth (Hooktooth) landing aid skeg is offered for only $3.95 A skeg is also offered for $4.95.

  2992. Foster, Mark 1/4 scale DG-600 is now available from Mark Foster. Also available is the DG-300.

  2993. ICARE Sailplanes A semi scale DG-200/17 is now available for $239. Kit has epoxy glass fuse with CF reinforcement. Veneer sheeted fiberglass reinforced foam wings.

  2994. Scidmore, Al Mathematics of high starts is discussed. Products available and potential for launch altitude and breaking the wings. Assembly instructions.

  2995. Slates, Jerry The video is of the Elmira Aerotow 96. This is a great way to evaluate the Event and scale soaring.

  2996. Jan 97 Kuhlman, Bill Hobby Dog poses with Bill Kuhlman's Trick RC Zagi PPE foam flying wing.

  2997. Jan 97 Slates, Jerry Pt V of series on molded hollow core wings. Molds are waxed, buffed, PVA mold release applied, painted w/ K&B Superpoxy. The epoxy is applied

  2998. Jan 97 Slates, Jerry [cont.] then FG, Spyder foam sheet, more glass and epoxy, vacuum bagged against mold surface. After cure, the spar was installed to bottom skin.

  2999. Jan 97 Slates, Jerry The halves are joined. Instructions for each step is included. The process if fast once the materials and mold are ready.

  3000. Jan 97 Kuhlman, B^2 Tric R/C Zagi by Jerry Teisan is reviewed. It goes together fast. Radio installation varies with radio capability. Improvement suggestions made.

  3001. Jan 97 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Flight performance is fast in pitch and roll. It repairs fast and performance is unaffected. $45 US 310-301-1614

  3002. Jan 97 Savoie, Steve Using double edge razor blades works better than single edge and Xacto. Warm Krylon paint and warm fuselage gives excellent finish.

  3003. Jan 97 Savoie, Steve Light timer works well to maintaining a charge on batteries (1 Hr/day). Rosin paper is used to maintain a clean building surface on bench.

  3004. Jan 97 Savoie, Steve [cont.] Heavy felt from fabric store is hot glued together on 3 sides then turned inside-out to make wing bags for scale ship.

  3005. Jan 97 Garwood, David This is a valuable set of 10 hints on how to take better photographs of models, flyers, scenes etc. Dave is a professional photographer.

  3006. Jan 97 Sanders, David M. Scoring of slope 'foamy' combat contests is discussed. Contestants must do a roll or loop before & after kill score. Laguna Niguel Slope Soaring Guild

  3007. Jan 97 Sanders, David M. [cont.] push rods tend to get damaged in slope combat. Servo damage can be minimized by servo savers. Expanded polypropylene foam EPP wing shaping.

  3008. Jan 97 Nankivil, Mark & Burkart, Jay 96 SAM Camps is the topic of this article with photos. These old timer contests are reported to be very relaxing and great fun.

  3009. Jan 97 Lehman, Robin Flying scale sailplanes in thermal conditions with a good launch will allow very long flights. Put several models up to give comparison of performance.

  3010. Jan 97 Fiederlein, Taylor Zev and Taylor were flying on a beautiful day. Their models had a mid air. The tail of one ended up in the wing of the other. Damage minimal.

  3011. Jan 97 Stahl, Gordy Gordy tells of his experience flying at an overlook near Niagara Falls. He describes the thrill of flying across the river and back and making landing.

  3012. Jan 97 Register, Dave A Zip Start is described with gives a 50' launch and limits the extension of the rubber to 3:1. Details given: Dacron line, rubber dimensions, etc.

  3013. Jan 97 Godfrey, David A response to Bob Johnson's rules change proposal: Skill classes are regarded as being more important than plane class changes.

  3014. Jan 97 DJ Aerotech Crysalis HLG is an all wood, laser cut, entry model glider from a company well regarded for its models. V tail or std tail option, 2 piece wing opt.

  3015. Jan 97 DJ Aerotech A HLG model well suited for HL golf, aerobatics, occasional slope soaring. Fuselage is CF reinforced FG. V-tail Four micro servos are required.

  3016. Jan 97 Sailplanes Unlimited New models include the 2 place Fox in several different sizes from different manufacturers.

  3017. Jan 97 Hobby Distributors JR XPS8103 is an 8 ch. computer radio, with big LCD screen with software to make programming easier. Mix any channel with another.

  3018. Jan 97 Rahm Rom winch and retriever enables a launch each 60 seconds, retrieve every 20 seconds.

  3019. Jan 97 Unbeaten Path Imports Simprop models: Solutions, Fashion, X-Models, Little Star, DG200 Pilatus B4, LO100, L33 Solo.

  3020. Jan 97 Specked Soaring Equipment Line of swept M wing models M60A, M60P, M2, M100, M12 SSE P.O. Box 734, Lapwai, ID 83540 (208) 843-5564

  3021. Jan 97 Dream Catcher Hobby, Inc. Allure, Nomad 100", Breazy, Toucan T60R Kits are available for reasonable prices. 219-848-1427 E-mail:

  3022. Jan 97 Wood, Dave Good story about the 19th. Empire State Soaring Classic of the Long Island Soaring Soc. Due to rain, the event was only one round and a raffle.

  3023. Feb 97 Slates, Jerry Pt 6 of series with hollow core wings. Hinge lines are notched & cut. Upper and lower halves are joined. Hinge line gap filler is made & applied.

  3024. Mar 97 Swinnich, James US Soaring Hall of Fame Weekend will include induction of Carl Harold and E. Gene Hammond. Lehman and Derstine will fly on May 3rd. Paul Schweizer

  3025. Feb 97 Kuhlman, B^2 The EH series can be used to replace symmetrical & other airfoils for delta PSS, swept wing and high performance flying wings. Coordinate references.

  3026. Feb 97 Norsworthy, Greg An old servo can be modified into a router for making servo wells in foam wings. A diagram is provided. Contact with Greg may be required.

  3027. Feb 97 Smith, Brian Dan Banko is the 1996 Tennessee State Soaring Champion. Rules for competition are listed. Dan learned to fly with Dave Brown simulator.

  3028. Feb 97 Savoie, Steve Single wire single template method for making foam wing and stab core. One of wire is fixed and the other is manipulated.

  3029. Feb 97 Mallett, Fred Adjust your template heights so that the wing can be built with dihedral in mind. The wing can be bagged as single piece. Medical scissors for flash.

  3030. Feb 97 Murray, Lee Prism Sailplane by Ron Van is reviewed. Comments given to aid in building. Flight performance is good according to PC-Soar and by flight experience.

  3031. Feb 97 Lehman, Robin The Great Pensacola Scale Airtow Fly-In is covered with plenty of photos of participants and models. Site was large and perfectly suited.

  3032. Feb 97 Lehman, Robin [cont.] Asher Carmichael made beautiful ASW20 desk scale models for awards. Mike Watson' 1:1.27 ASW-20 was launched by ST 3000 Telemaster

  3033. Feb 97 Lehman, Robin, Meeks, D.E. EMS DG-800 kit went together precisely without adjustments. Tip stalls could be forced. Straight stalls easily recovered. Winglets & Extensions

  3034. Feb 97 Lehman, Robin Proposal for new AMA Scale Soaring Event aimed at eliminating problems deadline was waved for a quick response. A German contest format was

  3035. Feb 97 Lehman, Robin DMFV Scale Master Event does not require builder flyer rule. A discussion of the competition are listed in detail.

  3036. Feb 97 Carmichael, Asher Asher gets coaching on using his left hand/thumb to taxi a tow plane for later use in aerotowing. Don't expect quick success when you try.

  3037. Feb 97 Unbeaten Path Imports 126" L33 Solo, 59" Fashion, 1:8 scale DG 200/17, L0100 1:6.15 kits are now available. P.O. Box 271, Oconomowoc, WI 53066 414/569-5915

  3038. Feb 97 Edmonds, Terry Photo and names of teams which competed in the team selection finals. Final Team: Randy Spencer, Joe Wurts, Gordon Jennings, B.J.Weisman

  3039. Feb 97 Edmonds, Terry [cont.] Other teams shown include Albuquerque A Team, Los Angeles Team, Colorado Team, Team USA.

  3040. Feb 97 Harden, Kale Inter. Postal Contest (IPS) results. In 13th year has grown to include many teams. 4 rounds of 6 min duration flow in spring & Fall

  3041. Feb 97 Cason, Bernardo Euromeeting 95 is covered with lots of photos. Beautiful grass slope 2500 meters above sea level had 160 participants. Awards and drawings

  3042. Feb 97 Siegel, Paul Immediate Results Scoring (IRS) system was used at the Cincinnati Soaring Society HLG Championships. Normalized scores produced by timers.

  3043. Feb 97 Siegel, Paul [cont.] 8 rounds were flown with goals ranging from 1 to 5 minutes. One round was the best three flights with a penalty for more than three.

  3044. Mar 97 Beck, Dave Photograph of Dave Beck's record setting solar powered sailplane used to set a 24.1 mile distance in a straight line.

  3045. Mar 97 Norworthy, Greg An improved diagram of the servo motor router for making servo wells in foam core wing. Original diagram appeared in Feb. issue.

  3046. Mar 97 Swinnich, James National Soaring Museum in Elmira will have an exhibit celebrating the 50th. anniversary of RC sailplane flight on May 3, 1997

  3047. Mar 97 Swinnich, James [cont.] and Martin Simons. On June 13-15 Elmira Aerotow will include Paul Schweizer. Martin Simons will return to Australia on May 8th from Wylie, TX

  3048. Mar 97 Slates, Jerry A models weight can often be reduced by decreasing the weight of tail components. Cutting holes in sheeted foam stabs and covering is covered.

  3049. Mar 97 Murray, Lee The RCSD Index can get you back on some time you are spending on your computer by helping you find things in RCSD. Locations of the Index listed

  3050. Mar 97 Beck, Dave; Murray, Lee Information about how to select and pursue an AMA or World Record. Information sources cited and documentation requirements discussed.

  3051. Mar 97 Kuhlman, B^2 Andrew MacDonald and Herk Stokely both sent information about HLG flying wing designs. Both use wing twist to counter pitching moments of the

  3052. Mar 97 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] airfoils used (SD-7037 / S-8020 tip) for HS and RS001 for HansJurgen's design. Herk's design appears in Feb 97 Flying Models.

  3053. Mar 97 Garwood, Dave Vaquero sailplane with hollow molded wings, has a high level of prefab. design requires minimal trim ballast. Flies very well and indicates lift.

  3054. Mar 97 Garwood, Dave [cont.] There were incidents with a high speed loads which caused the stab to fail. Stab was modified to pivot from the forward point.

  3055. Mar 97 Sanders, David 1997 International Model Show (IMS) show is reviewed with specific comments Studio B, Trick R/C, MM Glidertech, K&A Models Unlimited, Carl Goldberg

  3056. Mar 97 Wright, Paul Events of the Sig/Lass Midwest Slope Challenge is recounted. Night flying, rocket launched sailplane and plenty of fellowship. This year 5-16>18

  3057. Mar 97 Lehman, Robin Decoupling ailerons and rudder is needed for aerotowing. A scale trailer (car top carrier) protects model and adds utility of smaller vehicles.

  3058. Mar 97 Lehman, Robin [cont.] discussion on Beech 1900D winglets. Elmira Aerotow event will take place during June 13-15. Full scale activities described.

  3059. Mar 97 Mallett, Fred International Hand Launch Glider Festival '96, '97 scoring methods. One hour of flight time per contestant. well organized, fun contest

  3060. Mar 97 Scharck, Ron Torrey Pines Gulls International Hand Launch Glider Festival IHLGF will take place at TPG Poway Flight Center on June 7 and 8, 1997

  3061. Mar 97 Hobby Hangar The Windfree, winner of 70-74 nationals is being revived and being sold by Hobby Hangar for $60.

  3062. Mar 97 Savoie, Steve E.M.S. DG800 comes with prepainted fuselage and much of the work already done. Wings are covered with spoilers installed. Tail surfaces surfaced.

  3063. Mar 97 Savoie, Steve [cont.] Kit has many features. Wing extensions and winglet options. Winglets make the plane more responsive. Performance and quality excellent

  3064. Mar 97 Lockwood, Bob Photos of four small RC flying wings. The smallest is 16 inches and weights 88 grams.

  3065. Mar 97 Lighcap, Ed Two Viking fuselages were used to make scale ships: Libelle 150 inch E203 A SZD 30 Pirate suffered from tip stalls and may not be rebuilt.

  3066. Mar 97 Foster, Mark Southern CA Scale Soaring Festival report indicates a well run event. Photos and accounts of models present.

  3067. Mar 97 Norris, Ken Ken shows photos of the 96 Soar Nats in Ontario Canada.

  3068. Mar 97 Dream Catcher Hobby, Inc. Viper-S comes in 2 channel and aileron version. SD7037 Airfoil with Kevlar FG fuselage. Other kits from this Mfgr. are listed and described.

  3069. Mar 97 Dynamic Modelling Guide Computer Radio Control Systems by Don Edberg for $17.95 can help you decide which radio to buy and how to program it.

  3070. Mar 97 Sky Bench Aero Tech Otto Heithcker's Challenger which performed well in the 70's was revived and updated for zoom launches. Clark Y Airfoil 145" and 1242

  3071. Mar 97 Sky Bench Aero Tech Lil' Bird 2 is a miniature bird of time. S3014 airfoil makes it easy to fly. All wood kit for $50.

  3072. Mar 97 Sky Bench Aero Tech Osprey 2M design has FG fuselage with Kevlar reinforcement. Wing loading is 8.5 oz/in^2. Laser cut rib construction. Price is $120.

  3073. Mar 97 Sailplanes Unlimited PriBek is releasing a 1/2 size ASW-27 7.5 meter wing span. Contact Sailplanes Unlimited at 2125-879-1634

  3074. Mar 97 Grammer, Les The Northwest Soaring Society (NWSS) includes flyers from 7 states. The annual tournament is conducted. Les discusses the 1996 event.

  3075. Mar 97 Dave's Aircraft Works EPP trainer glider at 71" is a fun way to learn to fly. Takes standard radio equipment. $70.

  3076. Apr 97 Garwood, David Garwood photo of scale model at Los Banos Slope Scale Soar-In shows a beautiful photo on the cover or RCSD.

  3077. Apr 97 Kuhlman, B^2 A Messerschmitt Design Bureau entry into a 1944 competition was built in a model. The construction is discussed. Flying after trimming was good.

  3078. Apr 97 Thomas, Jim Fazer 2M ship by Slegers International is similar to the former Laser. The changes include change in platform, thinner tip section, smaller stab.,

  3079. Apr 97 Thomas, Jim [cont.] only a small amount of lead needed to balance. Flight performance is more like a 100 inch model. Launches high and is stable.

  3080. Apr 97 Swingle II, William G. Ballast and penetration are the topics of this article. A plane's versatility and your enjoyment can be increased by ballasting.

  3081. Apr 97 Savoie, Steve Describes process of making wings for Vikings Model's Salto Scale model Aerospace Composites video describes making templates to vacuum bagging.

  3082. Apr 97 Knight, Sherman JR XP8103 radio offers new features, FM & PCM mode, trainer function, two programming modes, 2x larger display window, smooth flap transition.

  3083. Apr 97 Knight, Sherman [cont.] trim offset, better function description on screen, graphic disp. + all standard programming functions expected on a computer radio.

  3084. Apr 97 Sanders, David Torrey Pines Gull's 1st. Annual President's Cup Challenge was designed to be an easy entry for new competitors. 2 channel only Lots of good ideas.

  3085. Apr 97 Sanders, David [cont.] Features 25 minutes, add them up feature, 25 landing points for first 4 landings. President buys pizza for people who beat him.

  3086. Apr 97 Savoie, Steve Interview with Ed Slegers of Slegers International. Many interesting questions are posed of this former motorcycle racer - shop owner.

  3087. Apr 97 Stahl, Gordy Gordy visits Paul Perret, designer of the LASOARS electric sailplanes. These are unique and beautiful models which fly well. AMA Championships

  3088. Apr 97 Nankivil, Mark Monarch EX is an electrified HLG model for a Speed 400 motor. Details of

  3089. Apr 97 Nankivil, Mark [cont.] Other ElectroSlot models shown include the Voyager and Odyssey from Ken Williams at K&A Models Unlimited 9300 Yvonne Marie Dr. NW, Albuq., NM

  3090. Apr 97 Register, David Jane's US Navy Fighters is recommended as the most realistic of all the flight simulators. 30 military aircrafts. There is no sailplane option.

  3091. Apr 97 Register, David [cont.] Microsoft Flight Simulator does have a sailplane (SFS). Dave gives instructions for optimizing the MS sailplane setup.

  3092. Apr 97 Garwood, David RC flight simulators are developing rapidly and can be complex but offer more capability to learn & perfect skills and play with partners.

  3093. Apr 97 Derstine, John SFSPC is a German flight simulator is the most realistic for sailplanes. Dave Brown's RCFC Version 4 is good for nuts and bolts RC flying.

  3094. Apr 97 Stagmaier, Kurt Flight Unlimited by Looking Glass Technologies provides Grob G-103A and Akrosailplane. It is very accurate and even has aerotowing from fields.

  3095. Apr 97 Stagmaier, Kurt [cont.] Requires DX33 or better, MS DOS 5.0 or higher 8 megs of RAM SVGA, 25 megs of disk space. Comes on CD-ROM

  3096. Apr 97 Gell, James SFSPC flight simulator by G.E.E. Wiz, Inc. is dedicated to soaring flight. Developed in Germany w/ 4 sailplanes + RC. in Michigan: 810-932-0825

  3097. Apr 97 Rosner, Kurt A comparison is made between Microsoft Flight Simulator and Flight Unlimited by Looking Glass Technologies. Good comparisons made.

  3098. Apr 97 Lehman, Robin Flight Unlimited for Macintosh is reviewed. Grob G103 is a very good sim. of the real thing. Can set wind and thermal conditions. Demo flights.

  3099. Apr 97 Applebay, George SW Vintage & Classic Sailplane Rally (SVCSR) will be held June 15-21 in Moriarty, NM. Some connection with RC Scale is desired.

  3100. Apr 97 Derstine, John Aerotow 97 at Elmira and Harris Hill is planned for June. Info. on the Internet: http:/ and other listed sites.

  3101. Apr 97 Dorig, Etienne Perhaps the first attempt to aerotow scale sailplanes using an electric tug. Astro 40G & 16 cells used on a Piper Cub w/ 15 M line, w/ 30# test link.

  3102. Apr 97 Martin, Randy A wiring harness with plugs for wing connections is shown. Material specifications are given for the connectors.

  3103. May 97 Canning, Peter Cover Photo of Peters wonderful 53 minute flight with his Gentle Lady in Alta Vista. Peter says he is fanatically devoted to R/C Soaring.

  3104. May 97 Slates, Jerry 1997 SSA Convention in Arlington TX was a display of many full scale gliders including LS-8, DG-800, ASW-27 and Windex self launching SP.

  3105. May 97 Slates, Jerry Don Edberg of Dynamic Modeling has a Guide to Computer Radio Control Systems. (714) 552-1812 and 72417,2067 @

  3106. May 97 Via, Ivan The Geek from Birdworks is a flying wing with fixed fin/rudder. Durable foam construction is taped and cemented together.

  3107. May 97 Sanders, David 'Foamy' airframes are becoming popular. This is a general article on building foam models. Spray contact cement, let dry, apply Tesa Strap tape

  3108. May 97 Sanders, David [cont.] without tension. Use cotton rag to press down. When covering use heat cautiously to shrink them. Let them cool in the saddles. Good Article

  3109. May 97 Knight, Sherman Continuation of earlier article on JRX8103 radio has details for setting flap, elevator, camber, aileron mixing w/ multipoint mixing which

  3110. May 97 Knight, Sherman [cont.] eliminates bumps with flap deployment. Ail->Rudder, Elev->Flap V-tail, Throws, V-tail differential up/down.

  3111. May 97 Nankivil, Mark An account of Scott Lennon's preparations for 96 F5B World Championships in the Czech Republic.

  3112. May 97 Stahl, Gordy Midwest Essence has precisely die-cut parts with notches for easy construction. Front former is drilled for a motor. V or Conventional

  3113. May 97 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] tail option. A Du-Bro mechanical mixer is provided. S3010 airfoil, 32 oz with 100 ma battery. Seven building tips provided.

  3114. May 97 Kuhlman, B^2 Facts and figures on the X-36 fighter. 20% model was test flown as a scale model. Photograph of model is shown.

  3115. May 97 Savoie, Steve Zagi-LE combat ship was EPP leading edge. Plane was built in 3 hrs. by 6 members of the Down East Soaring Club. Flying went well in light lift.

  3116. May 97 Lehman, Robin This is an overview of what is happening in the growing Scale Glider seen: New ANA scale event, US events, European events, Motor Gliders

  3117. May 97 Simons, Martin Discussion of Michael Selig's airfoils and test data. Selection of the airfoil depends upon design goals. Wind tunnel data quality has improved.

  3118. May 97 Swingle II, William G. A slope flying experience at Los Banos reservoir is told. N. facing slope is best. $5 charge paid to park ranger. Good light reading!

  3119. May 97 Lehman, Robin Learn to adjust your trim tabs w/o looking. Use different trims during flight to optimize your flying performance.

  3120. May 97 Border, Rich ASK-21 from Sailplanes Unlimited was reviewed. Model is easily built, is easy to fly and costs only $450 - about the same cost as conventional.

  3121. Jun 97 Anderson, Chuck Chuck Anderson, a retired Air Force Lt. Col. is shown launching his Spica sailplane. Chuck is the speaker at the Mid-South Soaring Championship.

  3122. Jun 97 Murray, Lee Prospects of a dream retirement community are discussed. The attributes which can be used to compare locations are listed. Responses requested

  3123. Jun 97 Slates, Jerry Ways to install a servo wire conduit in the foam are discussed. Methods include a portable hot wire cutter and heated steel rod.

  3124. Jun 97 Barter, Ernie The RnR Genesis SE is given high marks and Ernie says were the optimum CG is in his opinion. He likes the handling and landing.

  3125. Jun 97 Kuhlman, B^2 Akaflieg Berlin B11 flying wing is shown in 3 views and discussed. Virtues and problems of excessive wing sweep are discussed.

  3126. Jun 97 Chovan, Joseph Interview with David Sanders of Dave's Aircraft Works. His primary business if making scale EPP kits for slope and thermal soaring. Good!!

  3127. Jun 97 Stahl, Gordy Gordy tells the story of Cecil Haga, designer of the Legionair. The design objectives are discussed (74 Nats Win). First Al tube spar and tail boom.

  3128. Jun 97 Savoie, Steve The construction and design philosophy for bagged wings & stabs are discussed. CF-Glass cloth, CF cloth, Spectra cloth for LE reproduction.

  3129. Jun 97 Lehman, Robin Polarized sun glasses are inferior to Blue Blockers for bright skies. The theory was tested and showed more contrast on very high models.

  3130. Jun 97 Simons, Martin Pt II of series on wind tunnel tests. Reynolds numbers (Re) and their impact on low speed flight. History of Pre WWII wind tunnel tests

  3131. Jun 97 Simons, Martin [cont.] usually troubled with turbulence in the tunnel. Comments on NACA, F.W. Schmitz, J. Lnenicka testing.

  3132. Jun 97 Fulmer, Dan Dan addresses the reason for so few large slope scale models: cost, scratch building, time to complete, lack of CG info, airfoils, etc.

  3133. Jun 97 Fulmer, Dan [cont.] Wing Cube Loading theory. WCL = (Oz/Ft^2)/Ft^2 WCL of 7 to 9 seems to be the target. Flying and trimming hints

  3134. Jun 97 Swingle II, William G. Story of trying to fly a heavily ballasted foameron in a 50 mph gale.

  3135. Jun 97 Thompson, Colin Site of 1997 F3J International event is described.

  3136. Jun 97 Beck, Dave Plans for an Arizona solar distance in a straight line record are discussed. Arizona is chosen for best solar coverage and long distance in a line.

  3137. Jun 97 Tod, John H. A good reflective piece about training a friend to do touch and go landings as well as training in general. Instructive as well as entertaining.

  3138. Jun 97 Polapink, Tom Advice in acquiring documentation for an aircraft. Choose model after you choose the documentation - its the easier way. Sources given

  3139. Jun 97 Cusack, Terry; Veatch, David and Rierson, Rob 23rd Annual Tangerine Soaring Championship in Orlando is presented by Orlando Buzzards Soaring Society. 75 contestants from 14 states.

  3140. Jul 97 Slates, Jerry Early polyhedral gliders used 2 ch. control. Advanced models had spoilers. These models can be built today using foam cores, Kevlar, CF and other

  3141. Jul 97 Slates, Jerry [cont.] new materials to make them compatible with modern launch equipment. First section covers making foam core wings for these models.

  3142. Jul 97 Chovan, Joseph 4th annual Los Banos slope scale soar-in was held May 16-18 at Los Banos Reservoir. Opened w/ a full size fly-by by Paul Grieshaber. Good Report!

  3143. Jul 97 Kuhlman, B^2 Panknin wing twist program, downloaded from A design is discussed which used this program. Some adjustments were made.

  3144. Jul 97 Murray, Lee Existing AMA Rule Book TD events have fostered the development of models which improve performance. The successful competitor must invest lots

  3145. Jul 97 Murray, Lee [cont.] of money to win outside of HLG. The definition of a simple contest format supported by a consensus of flying will benefit T. Soaring.

  3146. Jul 97 Savoie, Steve Steve describes his fitting CF bagged wings on a 1/6 scale Salto from Viking Models. The use of Ultracote Plus (the sticky stuff) is described.

  3147. Jul 97 Sanders, David M. PSSA Quarterly Newsletter from GB's Power Scale Soaring Association is referred as a great source of information on PSS. EPP Corsairs at Los Banos

  3148. Jul 97 Lehman, Robin NiCad batteries should be checked at the field for the reasons: may have a weak cell, charged may have quit at a shallow charge, longer use than

  3149. Jul 97 Lehman, Robin [cont.] expected. Test batteries under load. Cycle batteries on occasion Low capacity happens due to a weak cell. A low 12V source is a problem.

  3150. Jul 97 Weaver, Ron Very funny article on the art of making the best out of an off field landing. By carefully selecting options you can raise your esteem w/ peers.

  3151. Jul 97 Beck, Dave Update on ill fated attempt to extend the XC world record beyond 25 miles in Tucson AZ. Mother's Day curse may have taken it's toll.

  3152. Jul 97 Edmonds, Terry CAIM report on F3b, F3j rules changes. Turn-around safety rules go into effect now. 10 min max rule is effective 2001, J3j last flight in a

  3153. Jul 97 Edmonds, Terry [cont.] working time is the official time vs picking the best flight. Rules for dealing with ties.

  3154. Jul 97 Knowles, Christopher 4th. Annual Western Flyers swift XC-96 Report and announcing the 97 event on Aug. 9 & 10 in Omaha, Nebraska

  3155. Jul 97 Simons, Martin Pt III of series. Stuttgart test under Wortmann was issued in 1980 and 85. Clear advantages not seen for particular profiles with same camber &

  3156. Jul 97 Simons, Martin [cont.] thickness. E-193 is about the same as a Clark Y about 1923.

  3157. Jul 97 Nankivil, Mark MVSA (Mississippi Valley S. Assoc.) Spring Soaring Contest May 3 & 4 is reported on. 19 contestants Winds gusting to 26 on Sat. Photos

  3158. Jul 97 Mallett, Fred Hints on reading the location of lift from sign your model gives you. The tail of the model shows lift or sink and direction to lift.

  3159. Jul 97 Borden, M.S. when installing pushrods attach every 6-8 in. and keep straight as possible. Instructions for using aluminum tube segments to attach to fuse.

  3160. Jul 97 Borden, M.S. [cont.] Use music wire to keep the control rod tubes straight while installing them in fuselage. Use epoxy fillets.

  3161. Jul 97 Borden, M.S. Getting a flat building board is important but hollow core doors are usually not flat. Instructions making a flat board w/ 5/8" particle board.

  3162. Jul 97 Sailplanes Unlimited 1/4 scale DG800M cores with belt driven prop for self launching and retraction. (202) 781-9175

  3163. Jul 97 Nankivil, Mark Car top carriers for models keep your models safe and dry. Good for small cars. (314) 781-9175

  3164. Aug 97 Slates, Judy & Jerry RCSD is on the Internet as part of Bill Kuhlman's page with links to 15 other Information and product sources. Late breaking news will appear on

  3165. Aug 97 Slates, Judy & Jerry [cont.] this page under RCSD news and upcoming articles.

  3166. Aug 97 Slates, Jerry Part II of series about building a 2 channel polyhedral glider deals with making the polyhedral joint after sheeting the whole wing while flat.

  3167. Aug 97 Keller, Jim The Zephyrus design and construction is described in some detail. 48 in span, 23 deg sweep, RG15 foam core, 4 deg washout, 12in root, 7in tip

  3168. Aug 97 Slates, Jerry, e-mail interview with Martin Simons, He talks about early experiences Born 6 mi. from Camphill where he first flew. Martin flew a vintage meet

  3169. Aug 97 Slates, Jerry, [cont.] with winch launches. English glider pilots are having trouble w/ entry in French FS contests. Martins describes his development of interest.

  3170. Aug 97 Garwood, Dave 1997 Sig/LASS Midwest Slope Challenge is covered w/ photos. The event was held in Russell County, KS. Lake Wilson may be future site.

  3171. Aug 97 Slates, Jerry, [cont.] How to publish and how to select the best route to sell your work. Stab Design and comments on winglet design.

  3172. Aug 97 Melnyk, Dave Stories of several ill-fated experiences of an over enthusiastic modeler.

  3173. Aug 97 Norsworthy, Gregory A modified Mylar tape hinge is described which keeps the entire surface from warping with a long strip of tape as a hinge.

  3174. Aug 97 Stahl, Gordy Gordy tells the story of Mike Popescu, owner of Inventec and designer of the Esteem, Grand Esteem, and Pelikan

  3175. Aug 97 Stahl, Gordy Gordy Flies with eastern soaring league and talks about Chris Sanders age 12.

  3176. Aug 97 MM Glider Tech EPP Aileron slope glider comes with Packaging tape, 2 channels, tow hook can be added. $42 PO Box 39098, Downey, CA e-mail:

  3177. Aug 97 ICARE Sailplanes DG800 1/5 semi scale of 15M and 18M gliders w/ SD7077 A/F sheeted foam w/ CF/FG reinforcement & installed features 514-449-9094

  3178. Aug 97 Capable Computing, Inc. Motocalc predicts current, V, Power in & out, efficiency, RPM, thrust run time $35

  3179. Aug 97 Tim McCann Super Skeg Parts, Reasonable prices, P.O. Box 2091, Harrison, AR 72602 (807) 305-0023

  3180. Aug 97 Unbeaten Path Imports B25 Mitchell, Pterosaurs and other scale models. PO Box 271, Oconomowoc, WI 53066 e-mail

  3181. Aug 97 Lehman, Robin Fayetteville 97 Air Tow Fly-in by Piedmont Aeromodelers was on April 25/26 in NC. Models performed scored aerobatics in competition. Good turn out

  3182. Aug 97 Simons, Martin Pt IV of Series comments on differences between UIUC and Princeton wind tunnels used by M.Selig. More on how to read Cl vs Cd plots.

  3183. Aug 97 Fogel, Gary Los Banos 96-97 is a video production of Gliders Downunder. Positive Review Positive Review. Torrey Pines scale, Austrians, aerotowing, winching, etc.

  3184. Aug 97 Carmichael, Asher 1/3.75 Polish MDM Fox 2 place aerobatic glider kit is reviewed. Model is stable.

  3185. Sep 97 Enhuei, Joseph 13 tips on how to fly a large scale glider and avoid tip stalls. Tips include, CG, positive linkages, winglets, coordinate turns, fly faster.

  3186. Sep 97 Slates, Jerry Part III of series about building a 2 channel polyhedral glider deals with fitting wings to fuselage and evaluating it. Wing loading was 9 oz/ft^2

  3187. Sep 97 Slates, Jerry

  3188. Sep 97 Kuhlman, B^2 B-2 Stealth Bomber - the Spirit is discussed and compared to the YB-49. The Stealth is not that radical of a design and should be stable.

  3189. Sep 97 Sanders, David M. A system is defined for organizing a slope soaring combat event. Matrix card format, contest matrix board. Max of 12 pilots in 5 heats/round.

  3190. Sep 97 Sanders, David M. (cont.) Hand launch 'foamy' gliders which weigh 16 oz may not perform like an 11 oz model but it is valuable for practice and learning.

  3191. Sep 97 Lehman, Robin The first flights of a new model should be without mixing. Evaluate the interactions then set up mixing. Fred Rettig excellent Reiher is shown.

  3192. Sep 97 Derstine, John Soaring Hall of Fame and National Soaring Museum dedicates a new exhibit. The exhibit details progress in R/C soaring from 1937 to present.

  3193. Sep 97 Murray, Lee Readers respond to Lee's article on the best place to retire by proposing Las Vegas, NV and Thousand Oaks, CA with supporting information.

  3194. Sep 97 Cook, Jim Las Vegas Soaring Club and its flying site are described. The flying site is a drainage basin not expected to flood. Spot landings on carpet

  3195. Sep 97 Simons, Martin 66 of 74 sailplanes in St. Auban Fr contest had winglets. One turned down with rub strip, some had Horner winglets, one turned up tip. Design of

  3196. Sep 97 Simons, Martin (cont.) winglets was the topic of OSTIV Congress held during the contest. Bug wipers for leading edge. Ballasting. Model flown discussed.

  3197. Sep 97 Eckel, Rick Programming flaps on the JR radios 374, 388, 783, 8103. Flaps should be the first function programmed. A description of how to set presets, crow.

  3198. Sep 97 Simons, Martin Wind tunnel testing Pt V. Limitations to wind tunnel measurements and how drag is measured by slowed air velocity caused by the test airfoil.

  3199. Sep 97 Swinehart, Ron Mid South Soaring Championships June 19-22 are reviewed. The XC event and HLG event hampered by rain. Chuck Anderson talked on SP design and future.

  3200. Sep 97 Swinehart, Ron Mid South Soaring Championships, June 19-22 in Huntsville, AL are reviewed. Rain hampered XC and HLG events. Chuck Anderson spoke at Banquet.

  3201. Sep 97 Wilson, Ed Ed previews Louisville, Mid South Soaring Championships for 1998. Nostalgia event on Friday replaces XC event. HL golf on Friday PM.

  3202. Sep 97 Kuhl, Bill Bill re-enters RC flying after a 10 year break. Bill finds hand launch gliders are a great skill builder and reinvigorates interest.

  3203. Sep 97 King, Dale Dale talks about a fuselage/tail platform for evaluation different airfoils Airfoils: SD7080, K-model, SD7080/7037, SD7037, SD7032.

  3204. Sep 97 Register, Dave An analytical explanation of why adding lead to a model & reflexing the wing increases the distance that can be covered when flying upwind.

  3205. Sep 97 Sanders, David M. Review of the TPG annual International HL Glider contest which attracted 62 entrants. Different tasks for each of 13 rounds are described.

  3206. Sep 97 Weston, Adam Requirements for a HLG contest are listed: A field, prizes, participants, a scoring system and good weather. Info. about details on score cards.

  3207. Sep 97 Weston, Adam (Continued) Check the following pages: http://widget.ecn,

  3208. Oct 97 Garwood, Dave Cover photo of Gordy Stahl catching Vaquero Ninja by the Mohawk River in Schenectady, NY.

  3209. Oct 97 Slates, Jerry A storage and travel box is constructed from fluted polypro (polypropylene) The easily made box uses Glue Buddy adhesive and costs about $15 total.

  3210. Oct 97 Kuhlman, B^2 Follow ups to former articles: EPP Me 163A Komet zip starts to winch altitude, Zagi-LE popular world round, more on X-36, Jack Wabbit, Zephyrus

  3211. Oct 97 Mallett, Fred Fred describes how to make a two piece wing from a foam core HLG model wing Seven steps describe the construction which adds little weight.

  3212. Oct 97 Little Big Winch Small easy to carry 16 lb. winch is shown which will put your open class sailplane in the air. Battery separate. $445 e-mail

  3213. Oct 97 Swingle II, William G. Bill flies TG-3 EPP model in park while son takes piano lessons. TG-2 gets stuck in tree and provides good story of how the problem is resolved.

  3214. Oct 97 Lehman, Robin Aerobatics provide entertaining relief from normal flying, improves skill. You must get back to individual (unmixed) controls and learn to really fly.

  3215. Oct 97 Lehman, Robin Instructions are given for straight & level flight as well as loops, flying inverted, the use for your rudder.

  3216. Oct 97 Savoie, Steve Uses for Thermal Sniffers are listed: Pitch control at high altitudes Finding sink when in lots of lift, evaluating performance of models.

  3217. Oct 97 Murray, Lee Statistical analysis of 1080 flights show effect of wingspan, designs, winch capability, seasonal differences, flight time vs construction time.

  3218. Oct 97 Nankivil, Mark Report on 1st. Annual Land of Lincoln E-Fly with photographs.

  3219. Oct 97 Trick R/C Wing gloves from EPP Foam will keep your wings in good shape in storage and while traveling. 938 Victoria Ave, Venice, CA 90291

  3220. Oct 97 Soaring Stuff Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Airfoils video covers basics to interpretation of wind tunnel data. Produced with M.Selig of UIUC.

  3221. Oct 97 Stahl, Gordy Account of 97 Muncie NATS. Gordy teams up with Dave Garwood for photos to give a very nice report of the NATS activities.

  3222. Oct 97 Simons, Martin Pt VI of series on wind tunnel testing covers boundary layer and separation bubbles. Separations cause higher drag and usually precede stall.

  3223. Oct 97 DeVisser, Bruce, An account of Aerotow 97 at Elmira, NY describes activities at the event plus the tow planes & models flown. Many photos and description of equip.

  3224. Oct 97 DeVisser, Bruce, A German Thermal Sniffer was described which has a low flight pack alarm. The source is given.

  3225. Oct 97 Enhuei, Joseph An account of Elmira 97 describing the preflight inspection which caught several problems. Best of Class Awards for Best Pilot, Vintage, Modern

  3226. Oct 97 Enhuei, Joseph [cont.] Sponsor. Sold out banquet at the National Museum. Many prizes June 11 to 14 1988 is date set for next event.

  3227. Oct 97 Swingle II, William G. Bill tells of a great day he flew at 3 sites w/ different lift conditions. Bill ends up in friendly 'foamy' combat.

  3228. Oct 97 Wilson, Oliver Nylon wing bolts are usually sized too large to minimize damage to the model in a crash. Using 2 screws holds wings together and aids sheering.

  3229. Nov 97 Ilac, Tania Photo of 'foamy' model soaring with a gull at Torquay Beach in Geelong, a southern beach of Victoria, Australia Photographer is well known.

  3230. Nov 97 Slates, Judy & Jerry RCSD goes to new format after 13 years of half page size. Change enables RCSD to self publish saving cost and difficulty in putting out magazine.

  3231. Nov 97 Kuhlman, B^2 Information about the popular full size Genesis 1 including objectives current status and comments about the model built by Charlie Fox.

  3232. Nov 97 Lehman, Robin Aerobatics bring a new level of excitement for scale flyers. This article discusses the split-S and roll, the first steps in learning aerobatics.

  3233. Nov 97 Derstine, John Elmira 98 will take place June 11-14. 11-open soaring no full size traffic 12-1st official day, evening picnic, 13 & 14-open soaring + FS rides

  3234. Nov 97 Sanders, David DAP Welwood contact cement is good for building EPP models. Using Ultracote works well and sticks to the glue so well that it is hard to remove.

  3235. Nov 97 Sanders, David [cont.] Ed Harris says that ThermalSpan is a good paintable surface. Rules are discussed - two classes one for flying wings and one unlimited.

  3236. Nov 97 Roe, John John tells of story of landing at the wrong end of the landing tape, making a ill fated attempt to get the score changed and the succeeding in contest.

  3237. Nov 97 Nankivil, Mark Simprop Fashion-S4083 HLG is reviewed. It can be built with a Speed 400. It is well designed with good features. Glass Fuse, sheeted wings, 16.5 oz.

  3238. Nov 97 Chovan, Joseph Much of what attracts us flyers is the beauty of form. This is what makes the eagle in flight and the cheetah in stride attractive. Models can

  3239. Nov 97 Chovan, Joseph [cont.] do what manned planes cannot. Requirements of speed and other performance functions create beauty in the modeler's eye.

  3240. Nov 97 Register, David TulSoar's Last Fling of Summer Contest is reviewed. In addition to HLG, 2M and Unlimited there were scale models entered and Banzai launches.

  3241. Nov 97 Register, David [cont.] Top 10 finishers in Unl. and 2M and their models are listed. Also top 5 finishers in HLG are listed with models. Good Review!

  3242. Nov 97 Savoie, Steve A description is given for making a simple spar for a HLG or small slope ship. Construction time is 2 hours not including curing time.

  3243. Nov 97 Clark, Paul Third annual Joe Wurts RCHLG Cup Fly sponsored by the Takatsuki Openfield Flyers is reviewed. Run by Buzz Tokunaga who had visited the US recently.

  3244. Nov 97 Wilson, Oliver Instructions and justification for using nylon wing mounting bolts is given. Already built models can be modified giving you better L/D and faster flight

  3245. Nov 97 Weaver, Ron Instructions on how to get involved in competition. It's not for everyone but it offers encouragement to those who are thinking about competition.

  3246. Nov 97 Swingle II, William G. Entertaining story of wishing to have a highstart, finding the materials and putting it together.

  3247. Nov 97 Fogel, Gary Avocet Vertech Pilot Wristwatch provides a light and compact device to document maximum altitude, No. of thermals, rate of climb and more.

  3248. Nov 97 Swingle II, William G. Bill notes that some people driving by an active slope soaring site never look to see what is going on. The quest for the reason continues.

  3249. Nov 97 Brengman, Del Article describes the construction of a heated box with control equipment to keep curing rates up after the laminations are complete. Good article!

  3250. Nov 97 Simons, Martin Pt VII of wind tunnel tests of wing profiles deals with local variations in drag across the wind tunnel. Averaging is used to obtain useful data.

  3251. Nov 97 Simons, Martin [cont.] The variability is worse at low RN. Air velocity behind wing is used to compute drag. Two dimensional flow is assumed but always achieved.

  3252. Dec 97 Slates, Jerry Viking Models fuselage production has been put on hold due to an allergy. Vacuum formed canopies will be in production as normal.

  3253. Dec 97 Kuhlman, B^2; MacDonald, Andrew Christian Behrens and Christian Tollmien have designed a high performance flying wing which is competitive in T.D. with enough lift to break lines.

  3254. Dec 97 Kuhlman, B^2; MacDonald, Andrew [cont.] Sport and competition versions of the designs are available from Behrens. Details on A. MacDonald's web page linked from

  3255. Dec 97 Slates, Jerry Kevlar Provides an airtight hinge when put between the foam core and the skin materials. Cut through to the hinge line with razor saw or blade

  3256. Dec 97 Slates, Jerry [cont.] and cut through to the Kevlar. A triangle file and sanding block are recommended to clean epoxy from Kevlar for easier movement.

  3257. Dec 97 Lehman, Robin A flight simulator can help flyers learn aerobatic maneuvers during nonflying months. Half and full Cuban 8s are described.

  3258. Dec 97 Roe, John & Sanders, David Visalia Contest report w/ standings. 272 Pilots entered the largest RC sailplane contest in the world. Events: Gray cup for over 55, Nostalgia

  3259. Dec 97 Roe, John & Sanders, David [cont.] plus Open and 2 Meter TD. Weather was excellent. Highlights Catapult warp speed launches, night flights, HLG fun events, 'foamies'

  3260. Dec 97 Roe, John & Sanders, David Trade show included 3 new companies coming from Airtronics: Whyte Wings for kits, Renaud Designs for new Emerald and Airtronics (Sanwa) for radios.

  3261. Dec 97 Stahl, Gordy Part II of interview with Mike Popescu and his Vision. Airfoil technology is as good as we need. Inventec looks at lower drag in total design, low

  3262. Dec 97 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] weight with adequate strength, improved control with minimal disturbance when using control deflections.

  3263. Dec 97 Stahl, Gordy Pelican design is evaluated and compared with Grand Esteem. Four flyers comments from Internet. Kit uses SD7080 root and SD7084 tip airfoils.

  3264. Dec 97 Savoie, Steve Soaring Stuff offers a video which is a must for the club library which takes a new modeler from learning tools & techniques to the first flight.

  3265. Dec 97 Nankivil, Mark Coverage of 1st. US F3J team selection process at Grand Ledge, MI. A team of expert flyers and advanced models participated. Contest format given.

  3266. Dec 97 Christensen, Scott Scott recounts the origins of RC soaring at Del Mar High School in 1965. Early 6V winch had no turn-around. Origins of LSF tasks and landing tasks.

  3267. Dec 97 Christensen, Scott Article traces the formation of interested flyers into an organization. The people responsible for a self advancement program and later connecting

  3268. Dec 97 Christensen, Scott [cont.] with the AMA. An excellent review of the history of RC Soaring in the USA.

  3269. Dec 97 Kurath, Barry Barry tells of his climb to Level V and the troubles and strategies used to achieve this level. Successes were sometimes quick others not so quick.

  3270. Dec 97 Vennerholm, John A description of the LSF today with membership of 7,330 including 1890 in other countries. How to get involved and what to expect.

  3271. Dec 97 Vennerholm, John John tells his story of advancing in LSF and his attempts at the 8 hour slope soaring task including the last at Butler Mtn. near Asheville, NC.

  3272. Dec 97 Postuma, Cal Cal, a disabled flyer, advances through to Level V. Help from friends & Cal's excellent flying abilities made it happen. Good story of teamwork.

  3273. Dec 97 Howard, Mark Story of Matt Sheldon achieving his 2 hour thermal duration flight in which he often couldn't see the model.

  3274. Dec 97 Munkeso, Morten Results of an International 2M Postal Event which turned out to be a Denmark event due to lack of foreign participation.

  3275. Dec 97 Derstine, John A 1/3 scale pilots are available. Dieter has rubber head, hands and feet. Available from Johann via John Derstine at 717-596-4392

  3276. Dec 97 Sailplanes Unlimited A 1:4.5 scale all glass Pilatus Turbo Porter PC-6 makes a good tow plane with real scale features. 212-879-1634

  3277. Dec 97 Sailplanes Unlimited 1:2.5 Fox by Bruckmann is available. Span is 222 inches and weight is 30 lbs. Obechi sheeted wings. Everything else is finished.

  3278. Dec 97 Sky Bench Aero Tech Bowlus Baby Albatross is a 122" laser cut short kit. This is a built up with good accuracy and plans at under $100.

  3279. Dec 97 Slates, Judy Coming events listed for Los Banos Slope Scale Soar-In, Elmira Aerotow 98 Mid South Soaring Championship.

  3280. Jan 98 Kagi, Jack Yves Berkhardt is shown on cover doing inverted flight in aerobatic contest in Switzerland. Very remarkable photograph.

  3281. Jan 98 Kagi, Jack Yves Berkhardt is shown on cover doing inverted flight in aerobatic contest in Switzerland. Very remarkable photograph.

  3282. Jan 98 Slates, Jerry Building from Plans is saves costs and provides ability to own models which are not available in kits. Jerry modifies the Paragon to be stronger.

  3283. Jan 98 Slates, Jerry [cont.] There is a description of how to make ribs in a stack both for tapered and non-tapered sections.

  3284. Jan 98 Slates, Jerry Building from Plans is saves costs and provides ability to own models which are not available in kits. Jerry modifies the Paragon to be stronger.

  3285. Jan 98 Slates, Jerry [cont.] There is a description of how to make ribs in a stack both for tapered and non-tapered sections.

  3286. Jan 98 Murray, Lee The RCSD database is described as well as how to get it and how to use it. The address for the database:

  3287. Jan 98 Murray, Lee The RCSD database is described as well as how to get it and how to use it. The address for the database:

  3288. Jan 98 Sanders, David M. An excellent list w/ photos of new models which are available for slope soaring and combat. Also some EPP scale models. Boomerang, Nemesis,

  3289. Jan 98 Sanders, David M. [cont.] Vulcan, F7U-3 Cutlass, Me P.1111 &2, BAE Hawk, Yak-9, F4U Corsair F-21 Predator, AVRO Vulcan & Mig-3. Also night flying lights.

  3290. Jan 98 Sanders, David An excellent list w/ photos of new models which are available for slope soaring and combat. Also some EPP scale models. Boomerang, Nemesis,

  3291. Jan 98 Sanders, David [cont.] Vulcan, F7U-3 Cutlass, Me P.1111 &2, BAE Hawk, Yak-9, F4U Corsair F-21 Predator, AVRO Vulcan & Mig-3. Also night flying lights.

  3292. Jan 98 Swingle II, William G. Bill tells us how he developed his life long interest in soaring when he discovered he could fly a glider above his head without an engine.

  3293. Jan 98 Swingle II, William G. Bill tells us how he developed his life long interest in soaring when he discovered he could fly a glider above his head without an engine.

  3294. Jan 98 Kuhlman, B^2 Comparisons between nature and man's flying inventions reveals that we are still trying to catch up. The function of bird's tail is more than a stab.

  3295. Jan 98 Kuhlman, B^2 Comparisons between nature and man's flying inventions reveals that we are still trying to catch up. The function of bird's tail is more than a stab.

  3296. Jan 98 Lehman, Robin Report on the First French Aerotow Event in Normandy. Excellent photos punctuate the report about the event. Aerobatics require right amount of

  3297. Jan 98 Lehman, Robin [cont.] airspeed. Airspeed vs upwind and downwind is discussed. Preception is that downwind turns cause crashes. Discussion about relative speed.

  3298. Jan 98 Lehman, Robin Report on the First French Aerotow Event in Normandy. Excellent photos punctuate the report about the event. Aerobatics require right amount of

  3299. Jan 98 Lehman, Robin [cont.] airspeed. Airspeed vs upwind and downwind is discussed. Perception is that downwind turns cause crashes. Discussion about relative speed.

  3300. Jan 98 Kriesen, Art Scale Electric makes sense since winch launches are low and aerotowing is not an option in most places. Getting a model which is light enought is

  3301. Jan 98 Kriesen, Art [cont.] a problem. Kevlar fuselage, obechi sheeted foam wings permitted construction to be equal to batteries, motor and prop. Excellent article!

  3302. Jan 98 Kriesen, Art Scale Electric makes sense since winch launches are low and aerotowing is not an option in most places. Getting a model which is light enough is

  3303. Jan 98 Kriesen, Art [cont.] a problem. Kevlar fuselage, obechi sheeted foam wings permitted construction to be equal to batteries, motor and prop. Excellent article!

  3304. Jan 98 Johnson, Bob Keeping trailing edges straight with rib constrn. is a challenge. Properly oriented 1/64" plywood laminated to under side of balsa TE does the trick.

  3305. Jan 98 Johnson, Bob Keeping trailing edges straight with rib constrn. is a challenge. Properly oriented 1/64" plywood laminated to under side of balsa TE does the trick.

  3306. Jan 98 Clark, Paul A new (750 mm) Mosquito Class of sailplane competition has been started in Japan. 13 entries in first contest. New rules for shorter flights.

  3307. Jan 98 Clark, Paul [cont.] Information about weight requirements, photos, lithium batteries. Airfoil selections included SD7037, S4083, SA7036.

  3308. Jan 98 Clark, Paul A new (750 mm) Mosquito Class of sailplane competition has been started in Japan. 13 entries in first contest. New rules for shorter flights.

  3309. Jan 98 Clark, Paul [cont.] Information about weight requirements, photos, lithium batteries. Airfoil selections included SD7037, S4083, SA7036.

  3310. Jan 98 Neber, Jeff Instructions to laminate HLG wings by Chris Boultinghouse of CAB Designs. Put FG or Kevlar on LE Use .014" Mylar, cloth weights, waxing Mylar

  3311. Jan 98 Neber, Jeff [cont.] vacuum levels to use. Painting Mylars for paint transfer reinforcing certain areas.

  3312. Jan 98 Neber, Jeff Instructions to laminate HLG wings by Chris Boultinghouse of CAB Designs. Put FG or Kevlar on LE Use .014" Mylar, cloth weights, waxing Mylar

  3313. Jan 98 Neber, Jeff [cont.] vacuum levels to use. Painting Mylars for paint transfer reinforcing certain areas.

  3314. Jan 98 Savoie, Steve A description is given of how to make a rigging to launch a scale model on a winch to control the angle of attack.

  3315. Jan 98 Savoie, Steve A description is given of how to make a rigging to launch a scale model on a winch to control the angle of attack.

  3316. Jan 98 Nagel, Tom H. William Hoelcher of Western Ohio set an AMA Class A (HLG) record of 2:08:39 Team effort by Columbus Area Sailplane Club using a highly modified model.

  3317. Jan 98 Nagel, Tom H. William Hoelcher of Western Ohio set an AMA Class A (HLG) record of 2:08:39 Team effort by Columbus Area Sailplane Club using a highly modified model.

  3318. Jan 98 Simons, Martin Wind Tunnel Testing Part VIII deals with velocity distribution, transition of flow types, separation bubbles, bubble ramp.

  3319. Jan 98 Simons, Martin Wind Tunnel Testing Part VIII deals with velocity distribution, transition of flow types, separation bubbles, bubble ramp.

  3320. Jan 98 Pesznecker, Don Don gets the help of the Portland Area Soaring Society and thier XC teams to complete the course for the LSF 10K goal and return flight.

  3321. Jan 98 Pesznecker, Don Don gets the help of the Portland Area Soaring Society and their XC teams to complete the course for the LSF 10K goal and return flight.

  3322. Jan 98 Grenewetzki, Dave The Kodak DC20 digital camera was mounted to a model. A interface board was made to control the camera and keep it from turning off.

  3323. Jan 98 Grenewetzki, Dave The Kodak DC20 digital camera was mounted to a model. A interface board was made to control the camera and keep it from turning off.

  3324. Feb 98 St. John, Michael 105" Flying wing Tarantula weighs 61 oz. appears on Front Page of this issue.

  3325. Feb 98 Slates, J^2 RCSD web page has two articles by Michael Selig describing the effect of drag on speed and scale effects.

  3326. Feb 98 Slates, Judy and Jerry RCSD web page has two articles by Michael Selig describing the effect of drag on speed and scale effects.

  3327. Feb 98 Slates, Jerry Building from plans, Pt II describes the addition of lower sheeting, & the addition of strength components such as joiner box and a CF joiner blade.

  3328. Feb 98 Slates, Jerry Building from plans, Pt II describes the addition of lower sheeting, & the addition of strength components such as joiner box and a CF joiner blade.

  3329. Feb 98 Wilson, Oliver Wood can be used to make strong spars which will not fail under heavy loads. This is done by changes in design allowing greater x-sections of spar caps.

  3330. Feb 98 Wilson, Oliver [cont.] Changes in cap width and thickness can be considered as well as the use of taper. Paragon Design by Ed. Slobod is example of good design.

  3331. Feb 98 Wilson, Oliver Wood can be used to make strong spars which will not fail under heavy loads. This is done by changes in design allowing greater x-sections of spar caps.

  3332. Feb 98 Wilson, Oliver [cont.] Changes in cap width and thickness can be considered as well as the use of taper. Paragon Design by Ed. Slobod is example of good design.

  3333. Feb 98 Kuhlman, B^2 TFW-01 by Aldo Toni is a thermal soaring flying wing (unusual). There is aerodynamic twist and washout. The Panknin formulas were used to make

  3334. Feb 98 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] calculations for wing twist. Good illustration of construction and design.

  3335. Feb 98 Kuhlman, B^2 TFW-01 by Aldo Toni is a thermal soaring flying wing (unusual). There is aerodynamic twist and washout. The Panknin formulas were used to make

  3336. Feb 98 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] calculations for wing twist. Good illustration of construction and design.

  3337. Feb 98 Lehman, Robin 1997 Aero-Cup photo. Heavier models may perform aerobatics better because they can retain energy better. Immelman & Rev. Immelman are illustrated.

  3338. Feb 98 Lehman, Robin 1997 Aero-Cup photo. Heavier models may perform aerobatics better because they can retain energy better. Immelman & Rev. Immelman are illustrated.

  3339. Feb 98 Gray, Jim Aerodynamic Design of Radioguided Sailplanes by Ferdinando Gale' is given a recommendation for RC modelers. Fundamentals, Airfoils, Wing, Fuselage

  3340. Feb 98 Gray, Jim [cont.] Fuselage, Empennages, Stability, Maneuverability, Math & Physics Examples and problems with solutions.

  3341. Feb 98 Gray, Jim Aerodynamic Design of Radioguided Sailplanes by Ferdi Gale' is given a recommendation for RC modelers. Fundamentals, Airfoils, Wing, Fuselage

  3342. Feb 98 Gray, Jim [cont.] Fuselage, Empennages, Stability, Maneuverability, Math & Physics Examples and problems with solutions.

  3343. Feb 98 Schifano, Donn Comments on getting excited about power slope soaring models being flown at Las Banos Soar In '98. Events listed. Issue discussed with flying time

  3344. Feb 98 Schifano, Donn [cont.] flight speed of scale gliders and scale fighters such as Spitfires Author suggests haveing separate events for PSS and Scale.

  3345. Feb 98 Schifano, Donn Comments on getting excited about power slope soaring models being flown at Las Banos Soar In '98. Events listed. Issue discussed with flying time

  3346. Feb 98 Schifano, Donn [cont.] flight speed of scale gliders and scale fighters such as Spitfires Author suggests having separate events for PSS and Scale.

  3347. Feb 98 Gray, Jim Volume 2 of On the Wing...the book is now in print. It includes articles from RCSD 1993 through 1997 is entertaining is is one of a very few sources.

  3348. Feb 98 Little Big Winch A new sport which is back on the market which is small and lightweight with line, turn around, parachute, steaks, foot pedal switch. for $445.

  3349. Feb 98 Gray, Jim Volume 2 of On the Wing...the book is now in print. It includes articles from RCSD 1993 through 1997 is entertaining is one of a very few sources.

  3350. Feb 98 Little Big Winch A new sport which is back on the market which is small and lightweight with line, turn around, parachute, steaks, foot pedal switch. for $445.

  3351. Feb 98 Cusack, Terry, et al. 24th Annual Tangarine Soaring Championship is reviewed. Event included a 2M and two Unlimited days of compeititon with three skill classes.

  3352. Feb 98 Cusack, Terry, et al. 24th Annual Tangerine Soaring Championship is reviewed. Event included a 2M and two Unlimited days of competition with three skill classes.

  3353. Feb 98 Savoie, Steve Interview with George Sparr of Aerospace Composite Products deals with a number of topics on handling and use of composite materials. Good Reference!

  3354. Feb 98 Savoie, Steve [cont.] Topics include products made by ACP. Pre-Impregnated systems Extended cure products, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, S-Glass, Spectra, Spyder Foam

  3355. Feb 98 Savoie, Steve Interview with George Sparr of Aerospace Composite Products deals with a number of topics on handling and use of composite materials. Good Reference!

  3356. Feb 98 Savoie, Steve [cont.] Topics include products made by ACP. Pre-Impregnated systems Extended cure products, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, S-Glass, Spectra, Spyder Foam

  3357. Feb 98 Swingle, William G Bill has some fun with a TG-3 Foamy and sites advantages for flying these models. Can't hurt it, and it can't hurt you.

  3358. Feb 98 Swingle II, William G. Bill has some fun with a TG-3 Foamy and sites advantages for flying these models. Can't hurt it, and it can't hurt you.

  3359. Feb 98 Simons, Martin Wind Tunnel Tests of Wing Profiles Pt. IX Turbulators prevent separation bubbles but cause higher drag. Underside turbulators used on full size

  3360. Feb 98 Simons, Martin [cont.] gliders at 700f chord. Accuracy in airfoils a problem for a number of reasons (bug strikes, paint, surface waves) Need more research e.g. UIUC.

  3361. Feb 98 Simons, Martin Wind Tunnel Tests of Wing Profiles Pt. IX Turbulators prevent separation bubbles but cause higher drag. Underside turbulators used on full size

  3362. Feb 98 Simons, Martin [cont.] gliders at 700f chord. Accuracy in airfoils a problem for a number of reasons (bug strikes, paint, surface waves) Need more research e.g. UIUC.

  3363. Feb 98 Siegel, Rudy Review of 5th Annual Sailaire One Design Contest held Sept 13 and 14 1997 by Cincinnati Soaring Society. This clasic event will repeat in 1998

  3364. Feb 98 Siegel, Rudy Review of 5th Annual Sailaire One Design Contest held Sept 13 and 14 1997 by Cincinnati Soaring Society. This classic event will repeat in 1998

  3365. Feb 98 Fogel, Gary Scale Cross Country Challenge was held in the desert north of Los Angeles A triangle with 0.5 mi legs was used. Scale models performed like SB-XC.

  3366. Feb 98 Fogel, Gary Scale Cross Country Challenge was held in the desert north of Los Angeles A triangle with 0.5 mi legs was used. Scale models performed like SB-XC.

  3367. Feb 98 Olsen, Bernie Competition is becoming less attractive because it focuses on a degree of landing skill which has no value. RCSD focus should be on what built hobby.

  3368. Feb 98 Derstine, John A one hour video of the Elmira 97 event is available for $24.95 + $3 S&H 717-596-4392 and

  3369. Feb 98 Hough, Chuck A sip launched foam delta wing glider, Pibros, was flown in a park with lots of fun. Craft is inexpensive and Chuck is testing different materials.

  3370. Feb 98 Olsen, Bernie Competition is becoming less attractive because it focuses on a degree of landing skill which has no value. RCSD focus should be on what built hobby.

  3371. Feb 98 Hough, Chuck A sip launched foam delta wing glider, Pibros, was flown in a park with lots of fun. Craft is inexpensive and Chuck is testing different materials.

  3372. Feb 98 Derstine, John A one hour vido of the Elmira 97 event is available for $24.95 + $3 S&H 717-596-4392 and

  3373. Feb 98 Axel's Pilots A beautiful scale pilots are available in old and modern sailplane pilots. Available from Sailplanes Unlimited.

  3374. Feb 98 Sailplanes Unlimited Platus Porter PC-6 Turbo which is the largest plane used to launch full size sport planes. Model is 1/4 scale.

  3375. Feb 98 Sailplanes Unlimited Platus Porter PC-6 Turbo which is the largest plane used to launch full size sport planes. Model is 1/4 scale.

  3376. Feb 98 Axel's Pilots A beautiful scale pilots are available in old and modern sailplane pilots. Available from Sailplanes Unlimited.

  3377. Mar 98 Slates, Jerry Pt. 3 of series of building from plans deals with the installation of spoilers with positive servo action. Changes made to Paragon plans include

  3378. Mar 98 Slates, Jerry [cont.] add CF to bottom of spars, sheeted leading edge, add hard points for wing screws, replaced plywood joiners with CF.

  3379. Mar 98 Wilson, Oliver Nostalgia Event models originally lacked sufficient strength in spar. Tapering spars can give 3x strength with same weight as original.

  3380. Mar 98 Kuhlman, B^2 Michael St. John's Tarantula wing design is discussed. Design features include air brakes, vertical fins, swept forward tips for CG consideration.

  3381. Mar 98 Garwood, Dave Chip Vignoli's Ariel HLG kit is a well designed inexpensive model which builds quick and has excellent performance. Low part count.

  3382. Mar 98 Garwood, Dave Can be built in 3 evenings. Pink foam wings. Dave built a conventional tail vs the V tail in plans. High launches are acheieved.

  3383. Mar 98 Schifano, Donna Airborne to be Wild video by Studio 'B' Design and Production is a 55 min video narrated by Lex Liberato showing PSS and Scale slope soaring.

  3384. Mar 98 Schifano, Donna [cont.] Safety is in stressed as well as great soaring shots of SR-7 F4 Phantom, a real falcon. $25 + S&H 808-968-8721

  3385. Mar 98 Lehman, Robin Aerobatic routines can be created by developing a few skills and putting them together. A list of tasks is given to develop your skills.

  3386. Mar 98 Lehman, Robin [cont.] Maneuver descriptions: Stall Turn, Reverse Cuban 8, Reverse 1/2 Cuban 8 (Split S)

  3387. Mar 98 Swingle II, William G. EPP Foamy planes have made slope combat a more practical mode of enjoying soaring. Repairs are more practical than ever before.

  3388. Mar 98 Sanders, David Mattes Models and Garrison Aerodrome have brought electric foamy models to market. Speed 400 Push-E Cat 8 minute flights are common w/ 600 ma bat.

  3389. Mar 98 Sanders, David The choice of wood tail surfaces or Coroplast is discussed. Coroplast is probably best for combat and new beginners.

  3390. Mar 98 Sanders, David 'Airborne to be Wild' video is reviewed. shot in Hawaii and Australia. Good tape to have in your library. EPP Combat and more.

  3391. Mar 98 Sanders, David 'Dynamic Soaring by John Roe' shows Joe Wurts doing amazing things on Parker Mtn. in CA. plus HLG flying at IHLGF in Poway CA.

  3392. Mar 98 Register, David Three new TD airfoils are made available in Summary of Low-Speed Airfoil Data - Volume 3 which is available from H.Stokely in Virginia Beach VA.

  3393. Mar 98 Register, David [cont.] The airfoils are mods. of SD7037. The book provides a good source of information for the technical modeler. Michael Selig at UIUC is source

  3394. Mar 98 Wilson, Oliver Making lost foam fuselages is described with considerable detail on how. Small diameter fuselages are stronger than large ones of same weight.

  3395. Mar 98 Carmichael, Asher Pensacola '97 scale fly in is shown with beautiful photos. There were long flights. 20 pilots attended.

  3396. Mar 98 ICARE Sailplanes Carbon D-Light is a high performance sailplane with a 2 oz FG fuselage Molded carbon D-box of S4083. 3.9 oz/ft^2

  3397. Apr 98 McLeod, Rod Cover photo of Grunau 2B is shown from Jim Ealy plan 15 years ago.

  3398. Apr 98 Slates, Judy and Jerry Encouragement is given to readers to send articles and photos to RCSD to help broaden and enrich the content of RCSD.

  3399. Apr 98 Slates, Jerry Spring cleaning and replacement of stop watch batteries. Modellbau Markt 98 is a catalog of 116 pages of models at Nurenberger Toy Fair.

  3400. Apr 98 Derstine, John Aerotow '98 is planned for Elmira. Invetations are offered to vendors to advertise. The list of foreign participants is growing.

  3401. Apr 98 Marshall, Scott The InterMountain Silent Flyers will will host Soar Utah '98 on Sept 5-7 Labaor Day weekend. Thermal and slope soaring sites.

  3402. Apr 98 Kuhlman, B^2 Hidemi Akaba aka Aka-bee is an engineer working on RPVs in the Seattle area His flying wing design is advanced with respect to material usage.

  3403. Apr 98 Lehman, Robin Spacewalker makes a good tow plane but like other tow planes the CG can shift when the model is towing another model. Advice is given.

  3404. Apr 98 Lehman, Robin The spin maneuver is discussed. It is good for when model is moving slow. Spin can save your plane from a high altitude situation.

  3405. Apr 98 Stahl, Gordy Gordy visits Sacramento Valley S.S. and is impressed with the skill of this group of flyers. Volz servos provide a new standard of performance for

  3406. Apr 98 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] strength, speed & longevity (5 yr. warranty). There are models for wings and a dual servo.

  3407. Apr 98 Wilson, Oliver A straight forward approach to designing the construction of an optimum composite wing designed for launch stresses and high speed lift force.

  3408. Apr 98 Simons, Martin UIUC tests have improved pitching moment data. The aerodynamic center is in theory at 250ut in practice +/- 2 0reater; with separation.

  3409. Apr 98 Clark, Paul The Mosquito class declared earlier is expanding with manufacturers rushing to get models on the market. Several models are shown and discussed.

  3410. Apr 98 Swingle II, William G. Bill participates in a group construction of Ruffneck Cutlass foamy models The planes flew great even of high-starts. Mods and group interactions.

  3411. Apr 98 Savoie, Steve White Planes, NY, WRAM Show Review. George Sparr (Aerospace Composites) gave demonstrations of composite product use. Airtronics has a new

  3412. Apr 98 Savoie, Steve [cont.] universal servo connector. Adapters will be available to use the new servos on older Airtronics connectors. Ed Slegers had his new

  3413. Apr 98 Savoie, Steve [cont.] There were replacement Monarch fuselages. Hobby Lobby gave help to those wanting information on electric flight

  3414. Apr 98 Schifano, Donna Soldering tips from an expert. Details on what kind of iron, tinning your iron, applying heat, applying solder, cooling without blowing or movement.

  3415. Apr 98 Blain, Jacques Second Coupe du Quebec slope soaring 3 day event was held and reviewed. Location described as being ideal for parking, landing & low turbulence.

  3416. May 98 Lehman, Robin Cover shows Steve Dentz Ripo Duo Discus scale model. Model weighs 38 lbs is a 6.75 meter span.

  3417. May 98 Slates, Jerry Details on how to cover wings with heat shrinkable coverings. Use the recommended temperature ranges and methods. Coverite thermometer used.

  3418. May 98 Arrien, Angeles; Olsen, Milton, Lessons from Geese is reprinted from earlier article and work which points out lessons to be learned from geese. Good reading!

  3419. May 98 Kuhlman, B^2 Comments on Hans-Jurgen Unverferth CO8. Wing uses RS004A airfoil the coordinates of which are given. Notes on EH Airfoils and PROFILEplus

  3420. May 98 Simons, Martin Scale Pterosaurs built by Prof. Adam Lockett is shown and discussed. Special control requirements discussed. Kit is available from England.

  3421. May 98 Register, David BOB is a 60" competition ready blue foam HLG. The model is light and has reinforcement at key places. Flight wt is 9.5 to 10.5 oz.

  3422. May 98 Sanders, David Taking models to flying events often means that the parts have to come apart. The design of joiners for custom models is discussed.

  3423. May 98 Anderson, Chuck A review of thermal soaring up to 1977. Launch methods, winch & model development LSF, SOAR, ECSS, SAC, NSS. Good article!

  3424. May 98 Lehman, Robin Interest and participation in scale events is growing and is very popular in Europe. Germans use aerotow in competition. Scale in XC events.

  3425. May 98 Lehman, Robin [cont.] Slope racing also is an opportunity for scale ships. The tail slide is described as an aerobatic maneuver.

  3426. May 98 Nankivil, Mark Great Hobby Shop is Hobbies 'N Stuff in Albuquerque. Lavoe Varmit with Speed 400 and Astro Flight Mini-Challenger are briefly discussed.

  3427. May 98 Register, David Comparisons of various mathematical indices for stability. Lifting stabs. canards, center of pressure, pitching moment, RVC, TVC, static margin, ISF

  3428. May 98 Register, David [cont.] Various popular models are compared. Hi Johnson design philosophy. Sailplane software.

  3429. May 98 Buzz Waltz R/C Can-Winch is a 1/4" dia rubber based highstart which comes in a pail vs a real. Cost is $45 760-327-1775

  3430. May 98 Durable Aircraft Models EPP P-51 power slope soaring PSS models are 65.5" wing span, 70-74 oz will fly in 10 mph wind. 714-368-9222

  3431. May 98 Hanley Innovations VisualFoil and WingSections programs allow one to evaluate airfoils. Access to thousands of airfoil performance polars. Airfoil plotting

  3432. May 98 Hanley Innovations [cont.] Files can be exported in DXF format for printing and drafting problems.

  3433. Jun 98 Sanders, David and Chovan, Joseph Cover photo of two WWW II foamy fighters doing combat on the slope.

  3434. Jun 98 Allison, Rick Canopy lost on slope above Pudget Sound was returned from Japan when it was found in the stomach of a tuna.

  3435. Jun 98 Slates, Jerry A pull-pull elevator system was installed on a ship using brass pulleys from a model ship supply. Kevlar string weighs much less than pushrods.

  3436. Jun 98 Kuhlman, B^2 CO8 Pt 2 deal with a comparison between the CO7 and CO8. higher sweep on CO8 was needed because of the negative pitching moment. CO7 uses lack

  3437. Jun 98 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] CO8 is constant taper, CO7 not. CO7 has anhedral to compensate for sweep and effective dihedral it creates. CO8 L/D ratio is 22.5

  3438. Jun 98 Slates, Jerry 98 Midwest Slope Challenge at Wilson Reservoir in KS. Jerry takes in foamy combat. Dave Register flew out from CA and ran contest.

  3439. Jun 98 Slates, Jerry [cont.] The race day had no wind in AM. HLG and electric models brought out. 60" class, Unlimited, Samuri class (single design).

  3440. Jun 98 Schifano, Donn '98 Los Banos Scale Sailplane Soar-In is described in considerable detail. Event was restricted to scale sailplanes and attendance was down somewhat.

  3441. Jun 98 Schifano, Donn [cont.] Lots of photos and description of participants, their models the sponsors.

  3442. Jun 98 Register, David An example is given of actually designing a model which will have stability in pitch, roll and yaw. Criteria given for designing the model.

  3443. Jun 98 Register, David [cont.] V-tail theory is applied to the theories for cruciform tails. Differences between V and + are explained and how they apply in practice.

  3444. Jun 98 Lehman, Robin The first aerobatic scale glider competition will be in Fayetteville, NC Oct 2-4. Maneuvers for Sportsman and Advanced appear in articles.

  3445. Jun 98 Swingle II, William G A different way to enjoy combat flying is to get into the middle of a combat situation but avoid the contact. Compared to dancing in the sky.

  3446. Jun 98 Blum, Jim L-Spatz 55 was used by soaring clubs during 1955-62. 300 were built. This is a 1/4 scale version built from full size plans and parts lists. The

  3447. Jun 98 Blum, Jim [cont.] fuselage is made of plywood formers and longerons. Wing construction is typical spruce caps and D section. It is a floater at 8 lb

  3448. Jun 98 Dave's Aircraft Dragonette is a foamie, micro-hand-launch glider with 2 channel control. Price is only $40. 949-248-2773

  3449. Jun 98 Horizon Hobby CM's 3 in 1 simulator uses your transmitter and software to emulate flight of a glider with 4 servos with mixing.

  3450. Jun 98 PlaneTalk This is an airborne video camera with telemetry to display or record the image on the ground. Price is $1795. 714-650-5004

  3451. Jul 98 Garwood, David Photo cover shows Chuck Anderson launching his Sailaire at 1996 NATS in Muncie, IN

  3452. Jul 98 Slates, Judy and Jerry El Nino takes its wrath on South making life for many. Contestants at events are advised to take plenty of water, stay in shade, watch friends.

  3453. Jul 98 Slates, Jerry Zurich R/C Sunglasses fit over regular sunglasses and offer more protection. 98-99 Plans Catalog from Traplet Publns. (UK) is only $8. Plenty of plans.

  3454. Jul 98 Unknown A pattern of stripes on bottom of wing can be used to estimate altitude. Stripes range in width from 6 to 1/2 inch.

  3455. Jul 98 Kuhlman, B^2 Computer stabilized flying wing using a Motorola 6800 was tested and demonstrated that a 6.5tatic instability flys. Steve Morris designer

  3456. Jul 98 Swingle II, William G. Story about seeing buzzards thermalling during the morning hours and mocking him. He later concedes that all lift should be enjoyed.

  3457. Jul 98 Swinehart, Ron RnR's Synergy 914 (91 w/ RG-14 airfoil) is lighter than previous versions is more stable and lands slower while maintaining flight performance.

  3458. Jul 98 Register, David A continuation of design considerations for HLGs. A study of Aspect Ratio on a custom HLG is done for an example. Airfoil selection shown.

  3459. Jul 98 Harvey, Robert The first project was to launch a Pussycat on top of a Robin. The next project was to launch a Bobcat. The changes made are listed. A good

  3460. Jul 98 Harvey, Robert [cont.] description is given of what was done, and the problems experience. A Bird-of-Time was also aerotowed.

  3461. Jul 98 Leyman, Robin 4th annual gliderfest in Fayetteville, NC. is covered with photos and description of the activity. Unique tug by Landon Grindstaff.

  3462. Jul 98 Leyman, Robin [cont.] Scale sailplanes listed and the tow-planes were also listed. Aerobatic maneuvers discussed: Chandelle and Procedure Turn.

  3463. Jul 98 Carmichael, Asher Elmira Aerotow '98 is covered. Weather was a factor in this years event. Friday catered evening picnic and fun. Beautiful description of large event.

  3464. Jul 98 Swingle II, William G. Flying wings is designed & cut from foam (EPP LE and White foam behind). Tape spar and covering is added. Discussion of good results.

  3465. Aug 98 Slates, Jerry Jerry Talks about making a built up stab and covering it with silk. Weight savings at tail is important. Steps in making a silk covered stab given.

  3466. Aug 98 Murray, Lee Unusual weather in Wisconsin in 1998 gives rise to exceptional lift. An explanation to an usual day is sought. Humidity, Temp. variation factors.

  3467. Aug 98 Savoie, Steve Carbon D-Light from ICARE 60 70" span models comes with finished FG fuse, blue canopy w/ installed pushrods for V-tial and wing hold downs.

  3468. Aug 98 Savoie, Steve [cont.] description of construction. Built up wing. Hot glue used to mount servos & Rohacell to fues. Completed model flies and launches well.

  3469. Aug 98 Register, David NATS Unlimited class was dominated by 3M molded ships. 2M ships were at times longer than 2M required some on field trim, cut, and sand.

  3470. Aug 98 Register, David [cont.] HLG class had the most variety of designs and is the most dynamic. The 9 oz. Logic won event with long boom an small tail surfaces.

  3471. Aug 98 Register, David SD7080, S6062, S6063, MA409 Compared test in death air show good agreement with theory. V-tail design optimized with TVC = 0.40, RVC = 0.038

  3472. Aug 98 Nagel, Tom Tom's experience w/ Sleeping Bear Dunes will leave you rolling in laughter. Good directions to using the dunes, getting permits, and keeping straight.

  3473. Aug 98 Nankivil, Mark Multi-engine models are more secure with electric power. Lincoln E-fly Scale E-fighters available from Ryan Aircraft and Tim McDonough.

  3474. Aug 98 Kuhlman, B^2 Greg Doe's 1/2A delta (Nov 78 MAN) was modified w/ speed 400 motor. The small model proved to be difficult to launch. Zip start used to launch.

  3475. Aug 98 Lehman, Robin The hesitation roll is described and readers are urged to use their transmitters to teach themselves the moves which are needed.

  3476. Aug 98 Murray, Lee A new altitude record for a solar powered electric model is achieved by Dave Beck on Aug 15th. The altitude was about 4,500.

  3477. Aug 98 Stahl, Gordy Gordy gets interview with Don Stackhouse and Joe Hahn. History of their company DJ-Aerotech, their products and design strategies. High Tech!

  3478. Aug 98 Enhuei, Joe Joe tells of his excellent experience soaring in a Grob 103 out of Crystal Soaring, east of LA. Flying over San Gabriel Mountains.

  3479. Aug 98 Buzz Waltz R/C Designs P.S. Flyer is a 28" cabin model with 660 in^2 wing. It is an inexpensive good flyer.

  3480. Sep 98 Garwood, Dave Cover Photo of Steve Savoie launching 90" Viking Models Salto into the lift at Petersburg Pass, NY

  3481. Sep 98 Slates, Jerry Pull-pull elevator control system feedback. Fabric coverings can add graphics. Instructions for finishing models with printed patterns. Pilatus B-4 Project.

  3482. Sep 98 Kuhlman, B^2 AVRO CF-105 Arrow was developed in Canada and represented a great advance in technology. The project is discussed as well as impact.

  3483. Sep 98 CR High Performance Products One design Slope racer for $80. Fiberglass Fuselage, presheeted wings.

  3484. Sep 98 Sanders, David Midwest Slope Challenge at Lake Wilson in Kansas was sponsored by the Lincoln Area Soaring Society. Comments about Ed Harris' Foamies and

  3485. Sep 98 Sanders, David [cont.] DAW's Ka6. Covering with ThermalSpan

  3486. Sep 98 Aerospace Composite Products EPP foam sheets are available for scratch builders.

  3487. Sep 98 Sanders, David Thermal Span provides a smooth durable finish for EPP models. It goes around curves. Adhesive is 3M77. Water based acrylic is applied for gloss.

  3488. Sep 98 Nankivil, Mark Very low cost electric models were used for a 1 design contest at Fort Wayne, IN last February. Kit is available

  3489. Sep 98 Nankivil, Mark Land of Lincoln E-Fly Comments and photos.

  3490. Sep 98 Swingle II, William G. Choosing a color scheme can keep your model from becoming indistinguishable from others. Having different colors from each wing and adding contrast

  3491. Sep 98 Swingle II, William G. [cont.] can really help older pilots. Bill chooses contrasting fluorescent colors on fuselage and wings.

  3492. Sep 98 Nagel, Tom & Mulder, Bill Bill tells of his experience flying on the trail to Ellis Peak near Lake Tahoe, CA. The point looks over a vast area. Access was difficult w/

  3493. Sep 98 Nagel, Tom & Mulder, Bill [cont.] slow in July but had a soft green landing area. Digital camera was on-board the Python 60 foamy. Model transports easily on back pack.

  3494. Sep 98 Buzz Waltz R/C Designs Maria V-tail HLG costs only $37. Multitask sailplane at 58"

  3495. Sep 98 Lehman, Robin Benefits of aerobatics, competition, pursuit of perfection. Fayetteville competition sideslip maneuver can help when landing and too high.

  3496. Sep 98 Register, David Building instructions for a pod & Boom 2 channel model, Tahlequah. A plan is provided and e-mail address for consulting the designer/columnist.

  3497. Sep 98 Mankivil, Mark The Mississippi Valley Soaring Soc. annual Gateway Soaring Open is covered w/ standings & photos. 31 contestants from 8 states participated.

  3498. Sep 98 Sailplanes Unlimited ASW-27 and 24 1:3.75 scale HQ 3/12 with white glass fuse w/ retractable wheel. Model is very prefabricated.

  3499. Sep 98 Sailplanes Unlimited Ventus 2C 1:3 scale HQ 3/15, 12, 10, 8 wing is suitable for slope or TS. Glass gel coat fuselage needs no finishing.

  3500. Oct 98 Garwood, Dave Dave Reese flies a CR High Performance Contender at Sunset Beach State Park near Watsonville.

  3501. Oct 98 Slates, Judy & Jerry RCSD Web page now contains coverage of contests and photographs which makes RCSD an optimized of electronic and printed communications.

  3502. Oct 98 Slates, Jerry Jerry chooses a 1/5 scale Pilatus B-4 to build this winter. A list of materials is made and the first step will be to build a straight fuselage.

  3503. Oct 98 Slates, Judy and Jerry The 1999 California triad contests are listed: SW Classic, Pasadena Rosebowl and Visalia Fall-Fest. The SW Clasic will be in Queen Creek, AZ

  3504. Oct 98 Swingle II, William G. Mongo by BASH Enterprises is a very large foam flying wing. It has an 8 ft span and difficult to transport. Flight performance if very stable.

  3505. Oct 98 Carris, Mike The Swallow is a double taper swept flying wing with 120" span. There is a 2" x 24" fuselage. EH2.0/10 airfoil. Problems in launching being studied.

  3506. Oct 98 Register, David Drive Systems for ailerons and flaps include DAD, RADS and RFDS allow low slop control. See Harley Michaelis page

  3507. Oct 98 Register, David [cont.] elements = coupler to the output gear, a pocket on the surface & rotating shaft. 5-100f drag can be caused by external control hardware.

  3508. Oct 98 Register, David [cont.] Rotation for 90 deg flap requires a 90 deg bend in wire and servo mounted at an 45 deg angle. Specific instructions for successful appln.

  3509. Oct 98 Stahl, Gordy Little Big Winch is a sport winch with improvements other the former sport winch which we all put off buying but needed. Comes complete!

  3510. Oct 98 Garwood, Dave [cont.] You can't fly out of lift in control. No possibility of recovering model if you can't land on top. Bring a model you can fly well.

  3511. Oct 98 Nagel, Tom; Garwood, Dave Petersburg Pass Slope Site is discussed. Location if close to MA, VT & NY common borders. On Rt. 2 between Petersburg, NY and Williamstown, MA.

  3512. Oct 98 Garwood, Dave; Sanders, Dave Humor is used to describe 7 stages of becoming addicted to slope soaring. Advances in models, flying conditions, commitments are sited.

  3513. Oct 98 Savoie, Steve Steve tells of removing covering from a bagged wing which was covered with Ultracote Plus. Residual adhesive removed with dope thinner and Scotchbrite

  3514. Oct 98 Savoie, Steve Tip stalling on a scale model was fixed by warping the wing under a 150 W halogen shop light. Incidence meter used to set the proper washout.

  3515. Oct 98 Lehman, Robin Slope soaring offers more opportunities to do aerobatics than having a power plane. The Chandelle maneuver is revisited.

  3516. Oct 98 Cottrill, Gordon Gordon talks about the joys of flying his Paragon and also enjoying long thermal flights at his productive field at St. Mary's College in MD.

  3517. Nov 98 Garwood, Dave Cover page shows DAW FoaMe-109 and Kawafoamie-61 dueling in combat at Laguna Niguel CA.

  3518. Nov 98 Slates, Jerry Construction of Pilatus B-4 continues with the fuselage. Building board, stand-offs for formers, stringers, datum line are discussed.

  3519. Nov 98 Savoie, Steve Keep track of age of batteries. Don't rely completely on cycling. Large fuselages give opportunity for battery to shift. Use ESVs for testing.

  3520. Nov 98 Kuhlman, B^2 Horton H XIII flying wing has high sweep rate gave the craft poor control at high speed. Other properties are discussed including modeling hints.

  3521. Nov 98 Mallett, Fred Nice story about getting a bystander involved in slope soaring. Slower aerobatics impressed the lady who eventually asked how to get one.

  3522. Nov 98 Nagel, Tom Christmas Gift Ideas under $10: Zap, squeeze bulb applicators, X-acto blades leading edge dazzle tape, Trio sun screen, bug repellent, skin lotion, maps

  3523. Nov 98 Nagel, Tom [cont] Gifts over 10, less than 100: Zagie THL, altimeter watch, Hitec 3G 3-channel radio, Lava lamp, Ultimate Hat, field charger, sailplane ride

  3524. Nov 98 Savoie, Steve Favorite gift ideas: Razor Plane, Plans for models, Zagi Combat Model

  3525. Nov 98 Nankivil, Mark Under $10 - Quick Grip Micro Bar Clamp. Over $10: See listed web pages for merchandise.

  3526. Nov 98 Register, David Christmas Gift List: Scroll sander, Items from Micro-Mark catalog including square, table saw, jeweler's drill price & vice, router, etc.

  3527. Nov 98 Sanders, David Christmas Gifts under $10: Hex ball drivers. Hinge Tape Over $100 - HS-80 servos. A fresh combat plane.

  3528. Nov 98 Slates, Jerry Christmas Gift ideas: CA glue, Badger air burshes, X-Acto tool set, Weller cordless soldering tool, Hangar 9 transmitter case.

  3529. Nov 98 Stahl, Gordy, Chovan, Joe Gift ideas include Accusplit Stopwatch, Socket head cap screws Kimbrough servo savers, slope scale warbird.

  3530. Nov 98 Garwood, Dave Slope Scale Gifts: Kimbrough Servo-Savers, slope scale warbirds, dream slope soaring trip.

  3531. Nov 98 Enhuei, Joe Gropner Cumulus 1.87 m from Hobby Lobby is an ARF design with FG fuselage and built up wings and V-tail. It has an option for HLG or Electric.

  3532. Nov 98 Enhuei, Joe [cont.] Joe obtained this model to fly with others in his club who have converted to electric flight. Cumulus penetrates but senses thermals.

  3533. Nov 98 Lehman, Robin German modelers seem to involve their families more than in the US. Young fliers were more common.

  3534. Nov 98 Lehman, Robin A 1/3 scale clipped wing Cub was evaluated. Available from Nick Zirolli, a Byron Distributor. Power is from a recommended Brison 4.2, G62 or equiv.

  3535. Nov 98 Lehman, Robin [cont] Comments on working with young people. It should be fun, don't try to hold their attention, let them help you, give them little airplanes

  3536. Nov 98 Lehman, Robin [cont] Let them build simple parts, show them some aerobatics, give them a car to learn to steer, use simulators, use trainer chords.

  3537. Nov 98 Stahl, Gordy Blinki battery and airborne system monitor from RC-Direct provides info. which can keep your model from crashing. $39 619-277-4531

  3538. Nov 98 Nagel, Tom; Vigour, John John tells us where the good places to soar are on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Dunes from 9 to 30 feet are flyable. Sand can be a problem.

  3539. Nov 98 Register, David Ten sources of foam cores are listed along with features available and costs involved. The phone numbers and URL addresses are provided.

  3540. Nov 98 Derstine, John Elmira 99 is scheduled for June 13, 99. This will be the third annual event at Harris Hill Soaring Corp. and National Soaring Museum.

  3541. Nov 98 Airlife Publishing Ltd. Sailplanes by Schweizer tells the story of 22 Schweizer sailplane types. 3 view drawings by Martin Simons. price is 25 English Pounds.

  3542. Nov 98 Horizon Hobby Dist. JR 3121 mini servo is a replacement for 3021 servo. It is a precise servo for many applications. List price = $89.95

  3543. Dec 98 Garwood, Dave Bob Powers and Lou Garwood fly a pair of Culpeper Models Chuperosas in light lift over the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Cod, MA on Cover of RCSD

  3544. Dec 98 Slates, Judy and Jerry Additions to RCSD web site includes article on scale soaring. Links to Pages includes PASS, SLNT, RMSA, CASL, TULSOPAR, and LASS.

  3545. Dec 98 Slates, Jerry Pilatus B-4, Part III deals with installing the fin, rudder push-pull cable elevator belcrank, finally fuselage planking.

  3546. Dec 98 Kuhlman, B^2 Tier III Minus Dark Star built by Skunkworks is an unmanned aerial reconnaissance aircraft with a programmed flight path. History of project

  3547. Dec 98 Stahl, Gordy A new stop watch, the Accusplit Alliance 620 is described. Cost is <$30 It has multiple splits and beeps to que you on remaining time.

  3548. Dec 98 Sanders, David EPP model development where it came from and where it should go based on DAW customer feedback. Mongo models and mit by BASH Enterprises

  3549. Dec 98 Sanders, David [cont.] California Combat Video is available from Doug Hetzler has video from a camera on a foamy combat ship.

  3550. Dec 98 Nagel, Tom H. Three slope soaring locations are identified off I-70 in Ohio near Springfield, Buena Vista, and Plainfield.

  3551. Dec 98 Register, David A review of options for hot wire cutting foam wings. Commercial and Semicommercial equipment, effect of voltage, cutting wire. Only Commercial

  3552. Dec 98 Register, David [cont.] cutter is the Feather Cut. Compu-Foil plotting program creates templates for the FC. Del Bergman has plans for one you can build.

  3553. Dec 98 Register, David [cont.] Wire sources include Bass Pro Shops 1-800-463-3746 and Power supply components are discussed as well as power demands for cutting.

  3554. Dec 98 Lehman, Robin Comments on German scale contests indicate that they are more of a family & socialization affair. Teamwork and sportsmanship abound. Tow planes have

  3555. Dec 98 Lehman, Robin [cont.] sound level limits of only 82 dB. As a result effective mufflers are available. Seglerschlepp contest format is discussed and recommended.

  3556. Dec 98 Mallett, Fred Fred tells of his good experience flying his Salto for several years with a crow pilot he called Joe Crow. Good Reading!

  3557. Dec 98 Savoie, Steve Steve and Dave Garwood take on a project to build a U-2 power slope soarer and to write about it. Plans for the project were discussed.

  3558. Dec 98 Radio Carbon Art Endless Lift II is released to the public. Includes contest sequences, Hand launch events, dynamic soaring, scale events. 541-752-9661

  3559. Jan 99 Slates, Jerry 1/5th scale Pilatus B-4 before covering is on the cover of RCSD. The model has all wood fuselage. Construction photo's and notes are on Web page

  3560. Jan 99 Slates, Jerry Pt.5 of series is about mounting the wings to the fuselage. Clamps used to set carrier tube in fuse to set alignment. Skin planking is placed. Pilatus

  3561. Jan 99 Kuhlman, B^2 Paul MacCready of AeroVironment is developing proof of concept high alt. solar-electric powered crafts. Pathfinder, Pathfinder+, Centurion

  3562. Jan 99 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] NASA's ERAST is also discussed. These crafts have set altitude records of 67,350, 80,285 with potential for much higher.

  3563. Jan 99 Register, David The strength requirements of a foam cutting bow is described. Stress-strain curves with yield are explained. Wire sags behind end during cut.

  3564. Jan 99 Simons, Martin; Murray, Lee Martin leads off a new column The Natural Side of Thermal Soaring with a discussion of lapse rates, wet vs dry land, thermal trigger w/ an example.

  3565. Jan 99 Stahl, Gordy A round Optima lead acid battery is discussed. Features: tough, won't spill better suited to high loads & deep cycles than Deep Cycle & Starter bat.

  3566. Jan 99 Lehman, Robin Good tips on what makes a good landing - a good pattern, planning ahead altitude management, proper alignment with runway, practice.

  3567. Jan 99 Savoie, Steve Steve Jerry S. & Dave Garwood plan the construction of their U2 scale model. use of 1/100 scale plans were transferred to a CAD file and scaled to 1/12"

  3568. Jan 99 Savoie, Steve [cont.] Rohacell was used on the fuselage plug which was cut out on a band saw. The HQ 10/2 used for the root and HQ12/2.5 at tip with 2% washout.

  3569. Jan 99 Nagel, Tom; Grammer, Les Learning to fly in adverse conditions does a lot for confidence and skill. Les tells of having to fly a contest on plowed and leveled dirt fields.

  3570. Feb 99 Slates, Jerry Planking w/ balsa strips complete sanding blocks and tools used to refine fuselage shape. Careful comparison to final shape needed. Use fillers

  3571. Feb 99 Slates, Jerry [cont.] before final sanding. Masking tape protects areas which shouldn't be sanded.

  3572. Feb 99 Murray, Lee Index to RCSD have been posted to the URLs listed for RCSD and PC-Soar. ASCII files are zipped into packets of two or more years.

  3573. Feb 99 Kuhlman, B^2 Adding a rectangular center section moves the neutral point forward. Calculations given making changes. Approach is flawed for increasing size.

  3574. Feb 99 Register, David Discussion of the requirements for 1 or 2 piece hot wire templates. Edge of templates must be very smooth. Materials compared.

  3575. Feb 99 Savoie, Steve Bad landing with foamy can strip servos with nylon gears. Servo savers are easily made. Instructions given.

  3576. Feb 99 Savoie, Steve The U2 project is updated. Instructions on how to make a foam plug. Don't use water borne adhesives...they won't dry.

  3577. Feb 99 Nankivil, Mark Vortex SP electric sport plane by Cavazos Sailplane Design reviewed. Model comes from pylon race heritage. 46" span 273 foam wing, FG fuse.

  3578. Feb 99 Nagel, Tom & Davis, Jim Description of flying at Morningside Flight Park in Ballteboro, NH. Flying off a hang-glider park with RC equipment. Camping available.

  3579. Feb 99 Sanders, David A new wrinkle in foamy slope racing may be emerging at Poway, CA where a pylon race was run using these fun models.

  3580. Feb 99 Sanders, David Patton Aircraft produces a number of large foamy scale models including A5M5, Me262, P-63 King Cobra. These are 414 sq in, $60-80 also Bf109g

  3581. Feb 99 Sanders, David QE Sealing iron works on 12V DC for field repairs. From Bass Lake Aeronautics $22.50 + S&H

  3582. Feb 99 Lehman, Robin Review of '98 Akro-Cup in Germany. Large scale models fly better than small ones. Aerobatics done on tow with tug and sailplane doing tricks.

  3583. Feb 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] Description of scoring. Weather was a factor but didn't stop contest. Excellent sportsmanship, food and fellowship.

  3584. Feb 99 Derstine, John Ultimate Scale Soaring is a new video covering several events including Elmira 98, Akro Cup, Wasserkuppe, full size and giant scale. $25 + S&H

  3585. Feb 99 ICARE Sailplanes Hera F3J with SA7037 and Hades F3F with RG15 are announced have hollow core molded wings, gapless hinges.

  3586. Feb 99 Johnson, Bob Discussion of a proposed RES AMA class for rudder, elevator and spoiler control. Proposal is discussed along with fate of revised Std. Class.

  3587. Feb 99 Johnson, Bob [cont.] RES Class is targeted to beginning modelers and those who want to participate in competition without spending lots of money.

  3588. Feb 99 Barter, Ernest The VMC Model 20 retriever is no longer available. Parts are only available from primary sources. Dual swivel is a replacement for propeller.

  3589. Mar 99 Slates, Judy Eric Sanders of CompuFoil fame has moved and his ad has not caught up yet. New address: 7682 Winfield Dr. Brighton, MI 48116 810-225-1165

  3590. Mar 99 Slates, Jerry Information on the Pilatus B-4 building project. Full size model is a metal skin sailplane which is ideal for a fairly new pilot. Plan source

  3591. Mar 99 Slates, Jerry [cont.] Pt VI of series covers the finishing of the planked fuselage. Primer-filler applied as base for appliance white and Monokote and trim.

  3592. Mar 99 Savoie, Steve U2 Building Project Part 4. Discusses the application of glass cloth and epoxy to the foam plug. Heat was used to cure the resin. Sanding of the

  3593. Mar 99 Savoie, Steve [cont.] plug and filling was again required. A new product called Icing is a quick setting filler. A dark color paint was applied for contrast.

  3594. Mar 99 Kuhlman, B^2 The construction and design of Henry Hester's 117 Stealth Sloper discussed. Several control functions were tested. Elevons with no rudder or elevator.

  3595. Mar 99 Register, David Specific recommendations given from three experienced foam cutters on how to get good results in hot wire cutting of foam. Variable transformers.

  3596. Mar 99 Murray, Lee Part 2 of series deals with solar heating, the energy budget, daily temp. range, reflectance and wind. Thermals are result of convective cooling.

  3597. Mar 99 Stahl, Gordy Gordy begins column with account of flying with Joe Melchoire who picks him up in his Mooney for a trip to a Cumberland MD Slope Soar.

  3598. Mar 99 Stahl, Gordy Gordy makes a hybrid transmitter from his Airtronics Stylus transmitter George Steiner helps him connect a Spectra frequency synthesis trx module

  3599. Mar 99 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] to Stylus. Also a European 5" transmitter antenna is added. Efforts were done to allow him more flexibility when visiting other clubs.

  3600. Mar 99 Asami, Duane and Nagel, Tom Duane Asami tells about flying on Maui, HI (Polipoli, Waihe, Maluhia and Pauwela) Instructions and warnings about flying at each site is given.

  3601. Mar 99 Hewett, Scott The back side of fiberglass reinforced panels (FRP) has a smooth surface which is well suited for cutting film and fabric with rotary cutting wheels

  3602. Mar 99 Hewett, Scott [cont.] The RPFs are used for finishing walls in bathrooms. The costs are much lower than soft cutting mats.

  3603. Mar 99 Lehman, Robin Frank Oeste is a German glider pilot (RC and Full Scale) describes his involvement with scale aerobatics contests. Invitation to Akro Cup 99

  3604. Mar 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] The pattern is defined in schematic diagrams. Knife-Edge maneuver is described. Top rudder is defined. Flight simulators can help you learn.

  3605. Mar 99 Nankivil, Mark First article in series on getting started in electric flight. Models today are much more advanced than those 10 years ago. Column will deal

  3606. Mar 99 Nankivil, Mark [cont.] with sport models not F3E models. List of resources is included in pg 23.

  3607. Mar 99 Gray, Jim Sailplanes by Schweizer by M. Simons & P.Schweizer is reviewed. Jim relates personal experiences to contents of book. Book is a history of the company.

  3608. Apr 99 Lehman, Robin Beautiful photograph of ASW-26 against a background of clouds and sky on the cover of RCSD

  3609. Apr 99 Slates, Judy & Jerry Readers are told about the projects being covered by RCSD and also a visit by Lee and Bobbie Murray of Wisconsin.

  3610. Apr 99 Simons, Martin Modellflug Internationale by Hans-Jurgen Fisher shows 3 view drawings of 10 classic or older designs. Text is in German. Source listed.

  3611. Apr 99 Slates, Jerry The first part of a series on a low tech Rudder Elevator Spoiler design Some goals for the design are listed with others left to be pondered.

  3612. Apr 99 Martinez, Antonio The Little BIG Winch is advertised with 40% more torque than offered by original Sport Winch design. List $465 ph: 503-659-7883

  3613. Apr 99 Kuhlman, B^2 John Dvorak of San Jose built the Hans-Jurgen Unverferth's CO8 discussed earlier. Handling characteristics are discussed.

  3614. Apr 99 Kuhl, Bill Safety issues for being out in the sun are discussed. Eye and skin hazards regarding UV radiation. Heat Exhaustion Heat Stroke SPF rating

  3615. Apr 99 Register, Dave Elliptical wing planform efficiency is discussed. The Schuemann-Ellipse planform is started and illustrated for RN corrections.

  3616. Apr 99 Scidmore, Al Foam cutting power supply safety is briefly discussed in a letter from Al Scidmore. Variac power supplies need an isolation transformer.

  3617. Apr 99 Garwood, Dave An excellent history of the U-2 aircraft. Flights over Russia, Cuba, monitoring radiation. Defense strategy and missions are discussed

  3618. Apr 99 Nankivil, Mark Part II of A Beginners Primer for Electric Powered Models

  3619. Apr 99 Nankivil, Mark Pt II of Beginners Primer. Software for selection of motors, batteries, gears, props for an airframe. MotoCalc 5.01 and ElectriCalc 2 offer

  3620. Apr 99 Nankivil, Mark [cont.] accurate predictions of performance. Large databases of motors and batteries. Sources of software and motors are shown. Excellent Resources

  3621. Apr 99 Nagel, Tom North Dakota has many treeless buttes for slope soaring. On I-94 sites at exits 10 (Sentinel Butte), 90, and 127 (Mt. Holstein). US Geo. Survey

  3622. Apr 99 Lehman, Robin Getting a 1/3 scale ship out of a tree. Learning to fly is same as learning to do aerobatics. Practice creates automatic reactions. This issue has

  3623. Apr 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] instructions for doing knife edges and four point rolls. Logic for knowing which is top rudder.

  3624. Apr 99 Register, David Hitec R/C IIISS offers single 3 ch radio for RES. Mixing for V-tail use. Trx fits in one hand control during launch. Dry batteries vs NiCad conv.

  3625. Apr 99 Register, David [cont.] Receiver is 3 ch. narrow band AM. Dry batteries can be replaced with NiCads pack. No charger supplied. Use of other servos requires

  3626. Apr 99 Register, David [cont.] some changing of wires. Technical service is available from the web site Black wire to outside of plug.

  3627. Apr 99 Stahl, Gordy Author's experience with 2 and 6 ch. version of Highlander EPP Foamy. Tail boom stiffened with CF arrow shaft. Details for methods and other mods.

  3628. Apr 99 Stahl, Gordy History of MAD Aircraft Design. Andre Gottmers and Mark Pavey are long term friends into RC Soaring for 3 years. Friends urged them to start their

  3629. Apr 99 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] business. They make Curtis P-40, Valkyrie 2M, Baby Alba-Toss Baby Bowlus.

  3630. Apr 99 Mallett, Fred Cutting aileron out from bagged wings is risky. Instructions for making ailerons with skin hinges and tape hinges including tools and methods.

  3631. May 99 Slates, Jerry Pt. II of series of Flat Topper RES model gives some details about the design. V tail area is 130f the wing (115 in^2)

  3632. May 99 Carmichael, Asher 1/4 scale PZL Wilga 35 is a favorite. Made by Fritch in Germany with FG fuse and obechi sheeted wings. Model is very smooth and easy to fly.

  3633. May 99 Kuhlman, B^2 The design of the Flying Rainbow by Walter Panknin is discussed. It was discussed at the 1989 National Soaring Symposium. A very successful design

  3634. May 99 Sanders, David Ultracote is recommended for EPP. Camouflage decoration instructions are given to create great scale appearances to your Japanese fighter foamy.

  3635. May 99 Sanders, David BD-5J foamy is described. He achieved a realistic scale appearance with pilot. Kit is contemplated.

  3636. May 99 Register, David Schuemann-Ellipse Equation and RN corrections for Cl are shown. An Excel Spreadsheet is offered via the TulSoar website

  3637. May 99 Savoie, Steve Pt 5 of U2 construction series covers the construction of the fuse mold. Lots of primer and spot putty was used on the mold. Wet sand w/ 600 paper.

  3638. May 99 Savoie, Steve cont. Epoxy paint used for finish. Parting tray construction details. Applying epoxy and glass to the mold, curing and parting the mold.

  3639. May 99 Nagel, Tom A list of items recommended for travel w/ your sailplane. List includes maps, binoculars, trimming sheers, nylon rope, compass, pen and paper, etc.

  3640. May 99 Nagel, Tom [cont.] a digital camera is mounted to wing of model using an L bracket held in place with rubber band. Good ideas!

  3641. May 99 Garwood, Dave A description of replacing a portion of a damaged foam wing with block of foam and resurfacing.

  3642. May 99 Garwood, Dave Using an upstart to zip launch a small foamy e.g. DAW Mini-foamy warbirds is really exciting and offers opportunities for aerobatics.

  3643. May 99 Swingle II, William The multiplex Twin Star is a molded expanded foam model with smooth surface. Uses two SP400 motors comes with adhesive backed graphics and builds fast.

  3644. May 99 Lehman, Robin Update on trends around the country re: scale and aerobatics. Instructions in being towed. Calendar of events on

  3645. May 99 Garwood, Dave How to install aileron torque rods. Keep angles accurate, glue in place with proper alignment.

  3646. May 99 Murray, Lee Descriptions of high and low pressure areas, development of mixed boundary layer, nocturnal inversions, noon balloon & plumes (precursors to thermals)

  3647. Jun 99 Kuhlman, B^2 Raven Flying wing is shown and then described on article beginning on pg 8.

  3648. Jun 99 Petrowske, Peter A pull-pull rudder control as described in Jer's Workbench was applied to a Pelican. Details about the parts used and routing are shown.

  3649. Jun 99 Murray, Lee Modifications are described to Dale Uecker's Apogee, a Standard Class model and excellent flyer. His Sophisticated Lady is shown and mods. described.

  3650. Jun 99 Slates, Jerry Plywood patterns for wing ribs were cut from 1/16" ply. Patterns were held to balsa against table using push pins. Anderson plotting program used.

  3651. Jun 99 Slates, Jerry [cont.] A plan for polyhedral and fuselage side view are shown. Cutting out the 36 ribs took two blades.

  3652. Jun 99 Kuhlman, B^2 The late Dave Jones -Western Plan Service was the source of several designs. light wing loading. 9 modifications to original design are noted.

  3653. Jun 99 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] This first section discussed the design features and several interesting comments. Next month construction series begins.

  3654. Jun 99 Nagel, Tom Flying experiences on Maui are told by Randy Bullard, Kurt Dumas from comments made in HSWT. Duane Asami invited mainlanders to his domain.

  3655. Jun 99 Register, Dave V-tail and cruciform tail designs are compared. Equations are shown and comments made about tail volume coefficients, their proper ranges and

  3656. Jun 99 Register, Dave [cont.] how the requirements change with dihedral, model size. also comparison of flat plate and symmetrical airfoils. Good resource.

  3657. Jun 99 Register, Dave S3021 airfoil is discussed. It is a good drop-in replacement for the E-205 but with better low speed performance.

  3658. Jun 99 Garwood, Dave Shaping the leading edge of the wing requires some careful use of simple tools. Making sanding blocks, choosing grit, using mini-plane, fillers.

  3659. Jun 99 Lehman, Robin A list of safety and etiquette items which can keep you from crashing. Most accidents are pilot related. Etiquette for thermalling & landing.

  3660. Jun 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] Analysis of an accident from a person who took wrong frequency pin. Advice to have shoot down rule at your field.

  3661. Jun 99 Stahl, Gordy Bill Winter's Simitar Saracen was first of a series flying wings. It was a glider but most all have been powered planes. Story about involvement

  3662. Jun 99 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] EPP Centron is the latest version of the Simitar which Gordy talks about in glowing terms. The original Centron was designed in 1979.

  3663. Jun 99 Savoie, Steve U-2 Building Project Part 6 indicates that Steve got the help of Dave Garwood to finish the model for an appearance at Elmira 99. 7 lb. weight

  3664. Jun 99 Swingle II, William G. Mongo is an 8' foamy flying wing called the Mongo. The flying weight was up to 16 lbs. In spite of weight it flys well in light lift. Good stories

  3665. Jun 99 Swingle II, William G. [cont.] of launching, landing and catching the heavy model at Los Banos. Based on Panknin planform scaled to a 36" root chord. $120 of foam.

  3666. Jun 99 Sailplanes Unlimited Buckmann 1/3/5 Pawnee is available in kit form for aerotowing. Gel coated Kevlar, fiberglass sandwich fuselage. Obechi/foam wings

  3667. Jun 99 Hobby Club LET L-33 SOLO is a 1/4 scale model of the Czech full size sailplane. Covered wings with servo wires installed. $800 949-442-3910

  3668. Jul 99 Murray, Lee Cover Photo of Dale Uecker's Apogee in flight with blue sky and cloud background.

  3669. Jul 99 Slates, Judy & Jerry Status of RCSD web page is summarized. The page, maintained by Bill Kuhlman is an excellent source of information and additions to articles.

  3670. Jul 99 Nagel, Tom Tom relates 12 positive actions to build the size of your club. The ideas are often simple and easily accomplished.

  3671. Jul 99 Slates, Jerry Construction details were described for the fuselage of this light and durable model. The wing is one piece with 1/16" ribs with hard points

  3672. Jul 99 Slates, Jerry [cont.] for the bolt on feature. Spar caps are 1/8" x 3/8". The stabilizer made of 3/16" stock.

  3673. Jul 99 Kuhlman, B^2 Pt. 2 of the construction of the Raven S. Rib construction was used with plots from MacFoil. The three part wing has aerodynamic twist.

  3674. Jul 99 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] The wing design features ballast tubes. Enough detail to allow readers to build this model. Plans for dihedral braces in article.

  3675. Jul 99 Carmichael, Asher Asher talks about flying habits in Alabama where summer heat and moisture and bugs are factors which make the summer a good time to build vs flying.

  3676. Jul 99 Register, Dave Hi Johnson's, his interests and life's accomplishments are discussed. The Hi Johnson award at the AMA NATS should be considered a very high honor.

  3677. Jul 99 Murray, Lee A measurement of actual winch line forces for a sport winch indicates that forces at release are 10-15 lbs. but at the top of launch 20-30 lbs.

  3678. Jul 99 Murray, Lee [cont.] The strengths of old and new winch line are compared. Knots appear to reduce winch line strength based on the tests.

  3679. Jul 99 Savoie, Steve Pt. 7 of series on building a U-2. Description of wing and stabilizer construction as well as wiring and tow release design and construction.

  3680. Jul 99 Savoie, Steve [cont.] Mounting of servos, battery. Details of making the wing and keeping it light are given.

  3681. Jul 99 Sanders, David M. Coverage of 2nd Annual Cajon Pass Spring PSS Festival includes comments the winning models in EPP, PSS & best crash. Inland Slope Rebels Club

  3682. Jul 99 Dentz, Steve A new and innovative way to control rudder by attaching the servo to the fin on a slide-in tray. Good photos illustrate installation.

  3683. Jul 99 Lehman, Robin Comments about the growth of aerotowing. Slow roll described Dave Brown flight simulator can help the pilot learn to do this without risk.

  3684. Jul 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] practice makes corrections automatic. It's the key to consistency. Top rudder again explained. Tow ropes with and w/o flags and bungee.

  3685. Jul 99 Lehman, Robin PFM glue from Hobby Lobby is very good for attaching the pushrod outer tubes in models.

  3686. Jul 99 Wiederkehr, Hans Comment about installation of the retractable wheel. More reinforcement is needed on the 6M model. Bulkheads and tray additions.

  3687. Jul 99 Ward, Steve, et. al. The Gerasis ASW-27 has a weak elevator pushrod which needs to be replaced. Incident of Stab relative to wing should be -2.5 to 3 deg.

  3688. Jul 99 Troxell, Dan Dan reports that he has found real enjoyment in doing aerobatics with his Fox. He can do a routine from 2,000 ft on flat land or 500 ft at Torrey P.

  3689. Jul 99 Blum, Jim Jim comments on the public interested in full scale acrobatics performed at air shows. This interest is transferring to RC glider pilots.

  3690. Jul 99 Nagel, Tom Information about a slope in Malvern, OH on the Robertson farm near Canton. Great story about a farmer who loved watching gliders. Graham Woods

  3691. Jul 99 Nagel, Tom [cont.] adds comments about the original Malvern in GB where soaring is also important and celebrated today in full scale and RC.

  3692. Jul 99 Savoie, Steve Elmira 1999 comments. U-2 trimming problems recounted. Terry Luckenbach's 3M ASW 20 was exceptional in design and construction.

  3693. Aug 99 Axford, Roy Cover photo is of Bill Swingle of Pleasanton, CA flying a Foameron at an inland site in the San Francisco Bay area called Elbow.

  3694. Aug 99 Slates, Judy & Jerry Summary of event coverage which is found on the RCSD website. Elmira 99 99 MVSA Gateway Soaring Open, ISR Cajon Pass Slope Soaring Festival

  3695. Aug 99 Slates, Jerry Pt. V of construction article on low tech RES model. Servos are installed on the spoilers themselves. Installation illustrated.

  3696. Aug 99 Kuhlman, B^2 Pt. 3 Construction of the fuselage, fin & rudder for the Model Builder Raven. Concave sanding blocks. Wire and pushrod routing.

  3697. Aug 99 Nankivil, Mark & Gray, Jim Jim Gray describes the fun he had with his Hobby Lobby Skimmer with Speed 600, 7 cell battery and 8 x 4.5 prop.

  3698. Aug 99 Nankivil, Mark & Murray, Lee Lee describes his and his friend's experiences with electric flight. He is presently flying a Falcon 550e and is very happy with his set-up.

  3699. Aug 99 Nankivil, Mark & Mattes, Pat Pat makes very economical blue foamy electric models. These are a great value and allow new people to get into electric with less cost and time.

  3700. Aug 99 Lehman, Robin 6 Requirements for a person wanting to become proficient in flying scale aerobatics. Flying with a buddy where you can both fly a tug is a

  3701. Aug 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] a good plan to get you flying time. A description of each of 11 parts of an aerobatic routine. 1/2 Scale Bruckmann Swift shown & discussed.

  3702. Aug 99 Nagel, Tom & Willoughby, Dale Instructions for flying of the A hill in Tucson, AZ. Hill can be flown even with no lift with the sun shining on the hill. Directions.

  3703. Aug 99 Stahl, Gordy Gordy visits Phil Barnes at his home-shop. Phil professionally makes wings kit makers . A description of this manufacturing process is helpful to

  3704. Aug 99 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] anyone doing vacuum bagging. His methods lead to strong wings with excellent uniformity. He is evaluating hollow core wings for future.

  3705. Aug 99 Stahl, Gordy Gordy talks about European molded ships including the Stork. A description of the features includes cavities for Volz servos. Quality is tops.

  3706. Aug 99 Fulcher, Barry The Wind Weasel II from Dream Catcher hobbies was reviewed. Model was chosen for weight (10.5 oz), durability, polyhedral and cost ($70)

  3707. Aug 99 Fulcher, Barry [cont.] Pod & Boom, nose cone, D-section. Several tricks used to drop 2 oz from the projected weight. Good suggestions.

  3708. Aug 99 Savoie, Steve A diagram is given for a Radio Shack jack / switch which both serves as a place to charge the model and to turn it on when jack is removed.

  3709. Aug 99 Fulcher, Barry Dave's Aircraft Works Dragonette micro HLG (ws <.75 meters) can be flown in spaces not normally thought as flying sites. Fuselage is a combination

  3710. Aug 99 Fulcher, Barry [cont.] of EPP and carbon glass tail boom. Wing is EPP with a basswood spar. Descriptions are made to the assembly and options to keep weight

  3711. Sep 99 Gradwell, Dean Montague Cross Country Challenge photo of 5 SC models on site of contest at Siskiyou County Airport is shown.

  3712. Sep 99 Slates, J^2 Texas National Tournament (TNT) 1999 Dallas Fly-In winners are listed Jim McCarthy & Tom Meeks win Unl and HLG events.

  3713. Sep 99 Slates, J^2 Martin Simons announces the 4th edition of Model Aircraft Aerodynamics It can be ordered from where reviews can be read on line.

  3714. Sep 99 Slates, J^2 Modifying and building the MB Raven, part 3 is available for viewing on line on the RCSD website.

  3715. Sep 99 Kuhlman, B^2 Part 4 on Construction, Ballasting and Flying of the Model Builder Raven flying wing.

  3716. Sep 99 Slates, Jerry Part VI of series. Elevator area was too small and was increased. The final weight was 46 oz for a 100" glider. Two submicro servos for spoilers.

  3717. Sep 99 Register, Dave Comparison of two Tahlequah wing planforms in roll response and stability. New ideas for getting more rotation from your metal clevis.

  3718. Sep 99 Siegel, Rudy & Nagel, Tom H. Rudy conveys emotions of soaring at Torrey Pines amid hang gliders and at Parker Mountain where monster lift makes Dynamic Soaring possible.

  3719. Sep 99 Vaillancourt, Roy Four ways of retaining a wheel. Loctite in set screw, flat spot on axle use of washer and cotter pin instead of set-screw. Specific instructions.

  3720. Sep 99 Lehman, Robin NATS review of 1st aerotow event. To encourage more participants we should raise max weight and accommodate ARF models.

  3721. Sep 99 Lehman, Robin Pawnee 1:3.5 is the desired tug. Requirements: easy to fly, good visibility at altitude, easy to land, rugged landing gear, powerful motor, able to fly

  3722. Sep 99 Lehman, Robin at speed of sailplane, wide speed envelope. Other items listed in list of 10 areas. A complete article on selecting a towplane.

  3723. Sep 99 Knight, Sherman L. The JR XP-8103 computer radio is reviewed. Digital trimming feature added to the latest version of radio. List of dead band sources.

  3724. Sep 99 Murray, Lee Examples of good and weak soaring conditions. Lapse rate data compared for days in July and December. Importing sounding data discussed.

  3725. Oct 99 Lehman, Robin Cover photo of 1:2.2 scale Minimoa is 5 time winner of German Masters of Sailplanes.

  3726. Oct 99 Slates, Jerry Final trimming of the model reduced the V tail angle to 90 and decreasing the wing incidence to 1.5 deg. The end of the series.

  3727. Oct 99 Kuhlman, B^2 Glyn Fonteneau and Dave Camp built a CO-8 flying wing which may surpass the performance of tailed aircraft. Routine 5 Min. off a highstart observed.

  3728. Oct 99 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Construction is composite, FG, Foam in sections of even size. Software available to determine CG. Model is to be flown fast.

  3729. Oct 99 Register, Dave Review of Harley Michaelis rotary drive system (RDS) for controlling wing surfaces. Instructions for converting models with illustrations.

  3730. Oct 99 Vaillancourt, Roy A description of aluminum allows is a good resource for selecting the metal for a specific purpose. Painting aluminum secrets are revealed.

  3731. Oct 99 Carlton, Jim & Nagel, Tom Slope soaring on Lake Erie shore at Cleveland OH. Detailed information on how to find and use this great site. Public access and approval to fly.

  3732. Oct 99 Savoie, Steve Dave's Aircraft Works P-51 Mustang is a great kit. Instructions for the application of nylon tape. 3M-77 adhesive is needed to get it to stick.

  3733. Oct 99 Savoie, Steve [cont.] Other instructions on setting the model up and installing the radio equipment and control rods. Great Article

  3734. Oct 99 Stahl, Gordy The PulseTech solar powered device which keeps the battery peaked and avoids sulfation. It isn't a charger but can work with a charge.

  3735. Oct 99 Lehman, Robin Robin and Pete George attend the Rodermark fun fly in Germany where they saw over 100 museum quality sailplanes and witnessed hour long flights in

  3736. Oct 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] near perfect conditions. The event was typical of many held in Germany indicating it is a very popular sport in Europe.

  3737. Oct 99 Simons, Martin A case is made that scale sailplanes should have the same airfoil as the full size craft. Flight performance will probably follow that of original.

  3738. Nov 99 Garwood, David Chris Costigan and Lou Garwood are shown on an Atlantic Ocean dune with their foamies while Me-109 zips past on the slope.

  3739. Nov 99 Lehman, Robin A Christmas and New Year poem by Robin wishes good fortune in a humorous way.

  3740. Nov 99 Slates, Jerry Jerry describes wing jacks which can make your scale model stand out as being above the crowd. Diagrams and description of construction.

  3741. Nov 99 Kuhlman, B^2 Addenda to past columns A-12 Dorito (2-96), Pioneer II-D (3-96), Horten H XIII (11-98), CO8 2M (10-99), web page addresses given for each.

  3742. Nov 99 Murray, Lee Cloud Street condition seen at a contest in Appleton, WI. The causes are described as well as how the condition affected the contest.

  3743. Nov 99 Vaillancourt, Roy Described proper applications for various metals including lead and copper. Copper alloys C110 and C112. Machining and painting considerations.

  3744. Nov 99 Nankivil, M and Slates, J Great ideas for Christmas gifts.

  3745. Nov 99 Nagel, Tom Travels remarks from Check Anderson, Ron Mong, Jim and Cindy Cook. They are taking their RV around to different places listed in RCSD.

  3746. Nov 99 Garwood, Dave Traditional trainers are not exciting enough for today's students. The roughly scale foamy trainer uses inexpensive components and bounces.

  3747. Nov 99 Garwood, Dave [cont.] A listing of costs and recommended radio components is shown in this article. Focus radio is very good fit for this combination.

  3748. Nov 99 Lehman, Robin Gift ideas ranging from paper airplanes, Internet sites, air power models electric power from slow flyers and park flyers to perhaps tugs in future.

  3749. Nov 99 Lehman, Robin Jim Cook writes that aerotowing can be noisy and this may be a problem in keeping flying sites. Robin recommends specific quiet motors & mufflers.

  3750. Nov 99 Lehman, Robin R/C flight simulator by Great Planes offers transmitter controller and options for responsiveness. Great teaching tool.

  3751. Nov 99 Sanders, David Dave gives hints on how to get a new sailplane modeler safely into flying. Straight ahead launches and landings, then 90 deg turns.

  3752. Nov 99 Stahl, Gordy Hobby Club Ellipsoid has a film covered rib wing with elliptical dihedral has a FG fuselage. 100" span accommodates robust motors and battery packs.

  3753. Nov 99 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] The model had a twist in the wing which was easily corrected. Model costs $250 and can be seen on

  3754. Nov 99 Savoie, Steve Steve starts a new project of Northrop X-4 Bantam from B^2 plans. Reasons for choice are given.

  3755. Nov 99 Register, David Recommendations from an experienced flyer on what is needed to get started. Hitec IIISS, Highlander Foamy, Medium duty highstart, Old Buzzard...Video

  3756. Nov 99 Register, David Recommendations for experienced sailplaners include Laser 3M and 2M sailplanes, Scroll sanders, videos, and list of tools.

  3757. Dec 99 Michael Volz Photo of Gordy Stahl holding his Psyko which he is taking to Visalia CA

  3758. Dec 99 Kuhlman, B^2 B2Streamlines has automatic mailings of updates of their offerings of hobby books.

  3759. Dec 99 Slates, Judy The RCSD 1 page insert "Getting Started in RC Soaring" receives good comments from readers. A collaboration of 10 contributors can be copied.

  3760. Dec 99 Slates, Jerry Recommendations on what you can do during the non-flying season to help insure the continued successful experiences with your models.

  3761. Dec 99 Slates, Jerry [cont.] Check wiring for cracks, switch, servo leads, gear wear, and linkage slop. Look for loose hinges. Fixing now is best possible time

  3762. Dec 99 Kuhlman, B^2, Savoie, Steve Steve's winter project is the Northrop's X-4 Bantam. Giuseppe Ghisleri has made a 1/6 scale version which works very well. Good history of plane.

  3763. Dec 99 Kuhlman, B^2, Savoie, Steve [cont.] Discussion of design considerations of camber, thickness, twist, CG location, drag breaks, trailing edge effects discussed.

  3764. Dec 99 Vaillancourt, Roy Information about the properties of Brass alloys, Carbon Steels and Stainless Steels. Finishing of 400 series stainless and carbon steels.

  3765. Dec 99 Savoie, Steve The end of the U2 project describes slope soaring testing in November. After adjustments of CG and elevator response, the model flew well.

  3766. Dec 99 Cook, Jim and Nagel, Tom Jim discusses going to AMA's Muncie, IN flying site. There are 1000 acres of land to use, attractions in the area and amenities provided on site

  3767. Dec 99 Stahl, Gordy Gordy and Michael Volz attended the two day contest at Visalia. Gordy made it to the second page of results with his Emerald.

  3768. Dec 99 Johnson, Tim and Register, Dave Fuselage plug construction, making a mold and laying up laminates, install the tail boom, radio gear, and making a wing. Web sites given for help.

  3769. Dec 99 Johnson, Tim and Register, Dave [cont.] Instructions given for installing NiCads in the Hitec III radio. Bridging diodes to allow cycling batteries will void warranty.

  3770. Dec 99 Lehman, Robin GRP Vario allows autonomous control of a tug or a sailplane by GPS receiver and instructions for many details of the flight including take off

  3771. Dec 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] direction, rate of climb, maximum distance from a point, maximum altitude. The system could allow a tug to launch, tow and land without

  3772. Dec 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] control from pilot. It also reports altitude and battery voltage. Scale models can be too light. Robin's 1:4 Discus VI is too light for wind.

  3773. Dec 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] The features described for the telemetry - GPS system sound fantastic. This would be a benchmark in technology.

  3774. Dec 99 Lehman, Robin [cont.] Electric motors for aerotowing are here. Silent launches so quiet that you can hear the models whistle through the air. Feature to find model

  3775. Dec 99 McGeer, Tad Account of the first unmanned Atlantic crossing accomplished by a powered model. The original goal was to provide weather data over oceans where

  3776. Dec 99 McGeer, Tad [Cont.] data is limited about condition variation with altitude. The project was funded by Australian and US sources and active since 1991.

  3777. Jan 00 Lehman, Robin Scale ASK 13 is shown on the cover.

  3778. Jan 00 Slates, Judy and Jerry New Column by Scott Gradwell will focus on cross country soaring. Scott lives in Medford, Oregon.

  3779. Jan 00 Slates, Jerry The 2M Kestrel fuselage of E.O. Wiley broke frequently. Jerry Offered suggestions for making a 100" Kestrel more resistant to abusive landings.

  3780. Jan 00 Ford, Emerson Emerson makes comments on article on the Apogee hints used by Dale Uecker Adding a trip to the wing seemed to help performance and allow less nose wt.

  3781. Jan 00 Ford, Emerson [cont.] Emerson felt the Apogee had good penetration. Lee Murray responded that the model's performance was much better under 15 mph.

  3782. Jan 00 Gradwell, Scott Scott's history with modeling Montague XC Challenge team experience gave Scott experiences which motivated him to begin this column.

  3783. Jan 00 Slates, Jerry A clue in getting interested bystanders hooked on RC Soaring. Describe it Share the TRX Invite to meeting Encourage AMA membership.

  3784. Jan 00 Slates, Jerry Basic Construction tools area listed. Cutting tools, saws, drills, pliers screw drivers and clamps are shown.

  3785. Jan 00 Kuhlman, B^2 Swept wings and the effect of dihedral, Pitch, Roll and Yaw, Lateral Stability are described & illustrated. Great Article (part 1 of 4)

  3786. Jan 00 Savoie, Steve The Northrop X-4 Bantam project advances with a description of how to make a lost foam fuselage using formers between blocks of foam.

  3787. Jan 00 McGeer, Tad Part II of first Atlantic Crossing by an Unmanned Aircraft details events and decisions impacting the several crossing attempts.

  3788. Jan 00 McGeer, Tad [cont.] Out of four models only Laima arrived in Scotland. The model is named after a god of good luck. Model had water in its avionics bay.

  3789. Jan 00 Mitas, Andy Funny story about retrieving a HLG glider model from a frozen pond.

  3790. Jan 00 Simons, Martin Fundamentals of Sailplane Design about full size but relevent to RC models. Translated from German text of Fred Thomas by Judah Milgram. The book has

  3791. Jan 00 Simons, Martin [cont.] non technical sections but also math intensive sections requiring study. Diagrams will be a reference for scale modelers.

  3792. Jan 00 Bullard, Randy and Nagel, Tom The Lump is a mountain slope on the Blue Ridge Parkway of NC near the corner where VA, TN and NC meet. Slope faces south. Lift can be strong

  3793. Jan 00 Bullard, Randy and Nagel, Tom [cont.] enough to go out of site vertically and wide enough to not fly out of slope lift. Aileron ships needed. Check for freq. at top of site.

  3794. Jan 00 Lehman, Robin Frank Oeste reports knowing Edgar with 8000 aerotows. US Public regards our models as toys but not so in Europe where an trip to the flying field

  3795. Jan 00 Lehman, Robin [cont.] is a family affair. Flying events attract crowds. Change in Akro judging rules. Telario Talk altimeter sends back a verbal altitude

  3796. Jan 00 Lehman, Robin [cont.] to a personal receiver in English or Ger. Very popular in Europe at a cost of $400 US. Upon landing you can get statistics of flight.

  3797. Jan 00 Stahl, Gordy Gordy describes the replacement of 600 ma AA NiCads with 1700 ma A NiCads Some modificatins are needed to get the larger batteries in place.

  3798. Jan 00 Williamson, Richard C. The very basic description of what goes on at the flying field. Procedures etiquette, safety are conveyed in a very friendly way.

  3799. Feb 00 Nankivil, Mark Mark suggests making up labels to be placed on kits at a local hobby show with an offer to help the purchaser learn to fly the model and join a club.

  3800. Feb 00 Slates, Jerry A Shakespeare Wonder Pole is a 4 section fishing pole that makes an excellent stand for thin magnetic or Mylar tape to study the wind activity.

  3801. Feb 00 Gradwell, Scott Instructions to help new interests evaluate XC. The Sailplane, a team, a vehicle and lastly equipment. Good source of information on the subject.

  3802. Feb 00 Kuhlman, B^2 Part 2 of series on swept wings and dihedral. Yaw-Roll coupling enables a designer to make a stable aircraft. Aileron drag is less than induced

  3803. Feb 00 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] drag caused by different angles of attack on R & L wings. If the vertical stab is too big, the model will turn into sideslip. Smaller V. Stab

  3804. Feb 00 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] increases spiral stability but harms directional stability. High dihedral causes roll problems in x-winds. Dutch Roll oscillation.

  3805. Feb 00 Stahl, Gordy The FMA Razor is a foamy with a speed 400 motor. The foam is Arcel and is not Styrofoam or EPP. It takes paint and glue directly. Better abuse

  3806. Feb 00 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] resistance. Flight performance is good with 600 ma batteries. Gordy evaluates larger batteries. Comparisons with Zagi.

  3807. Feb 00 Register, David A review of airfoil polars what they say and how to use them. Cl, Cd, Lift Drag, Lift vs angle of attack, Reynolds numbers, Moment Coefficients.

  3808. Feb 00 Murray, Lee & Nankivil, Mark Dymond Modelsport USA was visited and a report made about the wide range of products in stock and available from this multinational company.

  3809. Feb 00 Nankivil, Mark Eastern Iowa Soaring Society Spring Soaring/Electric Contest winners Iowa Aviation Museum has a Curtis Robin Mark plans to replicate in scale.

  3810. Feb 00 Lehman, Robin Comments about park fliers and slow flyers becoming a good way to get new members into RC clubs. These models are particularly well suited to kids.

  3811. Feb 00 Lehman, Robin [cont.] The slow fliers can be used to find and use small pockets of lift. Light air slope soaring opportunities fit these fliers.

  3812. Feb 00 Nagel, Tom TopoZone.Com provides topographical maps & receives honor of being the best site for topographical maps on line. Internet Explorer doesn't work as

  3813. Feb 00 Nagel, Tom [cont.] as well as Netscape. Several sites were located on this page and the information was quite helpful. Print or save views for future use.

  3814. Feb 00 Wilson, Edward Rob Glover becomes the 100th LSF Level 5 flier ever. Follow his 8 hour slope flight at Brookville Dam in Alabama. Six pilots teamed together to

  3815. Feb 00 Wilson, Edward [cont.] achieve the long flight. Ed talks of his dealing with this task and the models he used. It was 18 years after level IV to do this flight.

  3816. Feb 00 En-Huei, Joe Making efficient turns in thermals is important to surviving light lift at low levels. Use of 1 or 2 sticks to control the turns is discussed.

  3817. Mar 00 Garwood, David Cover page shows Dave Sanders and Tom Atwood flying a DAW Foam-51 at Cape Cod, MA. Bob Martin Coyote in foreground.

  3818. Mar 00 Slates, Judy The RCSD Index is updated to include 1999 and is available on the RCSD web page. There is a MAC version of the index on the page now.

  3819. Mar 00 Derstine, John The Elmira Aerotow Banquet is being moved from Friday night to Saturday June 10th. Social hour will begin at 6:30 pm.

  3820. Mar 00 Slates, Jerry Part 1 of the series on the Baby Albatross. 1975 Model Builder Article via Bill Northrop's plan service and photos from Scale Model Research.

  3821. Mar 00 Slates, Jerry Article about the designer of the Baby Albatross - William Hawley Bowlus who worked for Ryan Aircraft and later ran his own sailplane company.

  3822. Mar 00 Slates, Jerry [cont.] 3 view drawing of Bowlus Baby Albatross drawn by Martin Simons.

  3823. Mar 00 Gradwell, Scott Scott talks about Siskiyou County Airport and the sailplane events that are held there including XC and full size. Montague XC Challenge is in June.

  3824. Mar 00 Kuhlman B^2 Swept Wings and Dihedral Pt. 3 Sweep & dihedral change effective dihedral. Less dihedral and more V fin needed for higher speeds. Effect of Wing

  3825. Mar 00 Kuhlman B^2 [cont.] Location, Wing Tip Contour (equation given). Sweep increases effective dihedral. Winglets increase effective dihedral (equation given)

  3826. Mar 00 Kuhlman B^2 [cont.] Swept wing with winglets may suffer from excessive dihedral and is worse at high Cl. Compensation includes angles on winglets.

  3827. Mar 00 Nagel, Tom A build along project called the Flamingoid which looks like a flamingo based on 2M Gnome. 60" and 3M Gnomes are also available from Bob Sliff's

  3828. Mar 00 Nagel, Tom [cont.] model service ( The head is an Am. Yard Flamingo "high head" item. Details on how to get what you need to build along.

  3829. Mar 00 Stahl, Gordy Gordy describes how to mount servos into hollow molded wings. Plywood mounts seem to make the most sence. Heat of 5 min epoxy can distort wing.

  3830. Mar 00 Register, Dave SD7038, SD7035 and RG15 are compared and in the process the tools needed to evaluate airfoil performance on a model are discussed. Cl, Cd, Cm, CP, CG

  3831. Mar 00 Lehman, Robin Handbook of Glider Aerobatics by Peter Mallinson & Mike Woollard is a good resource for students and instructors. Covers all aspects of FS aerobatics.

  3832. Mar 00 Lehman, Robin Tail slide illustrated and more on changes in the Akro-Cup 2000. The task is listed and scoring system described. An unknown routine introduced.

  3833. Mar 00 Savoie, Steve Implementing a Split Flap system can be a problem. Bill Kuhlman suggests a system that can be used. This is Part 2 of the X-4 project.

  3834. Apr 00 Garwood, David Richard Loud's EPP U-2 scale model is shown in a practice launch. Article later in this issue about the model.

  3835. Apr 00 Kuhlman, Bill & Murray, Lee The RCSD Index is available in forms for the Macintosh and IBM PC. The Mac version offers new options that were not available in the past.

  3836. Apr 00 Rogers, Lawrence D. Cy Rahm the builder of world famous winches has retired from Hugh's Aircraft Some work may be done from his home workshop.

  3837. Apr 00 Slates, Jerry Part 2 of series on the construction of Baby Albatross deals with the fuse keel and ribs. Drawing by Martin Simons is included.

  3838. Apr 00 Kuhlman, B^2 Swept Wings and Effective Dihedral, Pt 4 deals with an illustration from Eduardo Molfino (Argentina) who found anhedral improves flat spin recovery.

  3839. Apr 00 Kuhlman, B^2 [cont.] Summary is given about dihedral, directional stability and spiral stability. Long list of articles on the subject is shown.

  3840. Apr 00 Register, David A good analysis and set of recommendations for battery management. Three chargers are compared: Litco Alpha 4, Sirius Elec. and FMA Einstein BMS.

  3841. Apr 00 Lehman, Robin & Oeste, Frank Akro Cup 2000 invitation is given. Rules for competition given. Rules changes are explained. Black bottoms of wings, reflective surfaces,

  3842. Apr 00 Lehman, Robin & Oeste, Frank [cont.] rules for tugs and tug pilots, static point judging at 15 foot dist. Model construction. International Alpin Slope Festival 20-23 July announced

  3843. Apr 00 Murray, Lee A comparison of telescoping vs rubber duck antennas on an Airtronics Stylus. Signal strength plots Diagram of adapter shown. Conclusions

  3844. Apr 00 Murray, Lee [cont.] is that the rubber duck will do the job without getting tangled with launch equipment when you don't need maximum range. Length counts.

  3845. Apr 00 Stahl, Gordy Frequency control at clubs varies. Without having a pin system, the risk is high that a problem will happen. If pin is missing you must use caution.

  3846. Apr 00 Loud, Richard RPV Industries EPP U-2 spy plane foamy kit is reviewed. The model goes together well and is durable. Washout is needed to prevent tip stalls.

  3847. Apr 00 Nagel, Tom H. Directions and instructions for Sentinel Butte, North Dakota. Also Custer Lookout, Black Butte. Good reading and entertaining.

  3848. Apr 00 Gradwell, Scott A new program by Montague XC Challenge team awards pins for XC distances of 25, 50 and 100K. This is above the LSF level 5 task of 10K. Goal and

  3849. Apr 00 Gradwell, Scott [cont.] Return tasks. Rules given. Also inserting the Multiplex Helios vario antenna into a push rod tube using a heat shrink tubing.

  3850. Apr 00 Murray, Lee Cloud names are defined and an explanation of the development of cumulus clouds. Information given by analyzing clouds.

  3851. Apr 00 Savoie, Steve Part 3 of series on the X-4 shows how Rohacell foam bulkheads are made and placed on a 1/8" wire. R-71 or R-110 Rohacell is suggested.

  3852. May 00 Kuhlman, B^2 Large Picture of large flying wing with Bill and Bunny. An interview on pg. 14 with these columnist.

  3853. May 00 George, Peter Review of Oc-Tow-Berfest 1999 150 aerotows completed with no accidents. Advertisement for the 2000 event, Sept 29 through Oct 1 South Roxana, IL

  3854. May 00 Slates, Jerry and Harold, Bob Pt. 3 of series on Baby Albatross construction. Bob Harold comments on other his experiences on his kit built in 1996. Also Arvin CA Fly in.

  3855. May 00 Slates, Jerry and Harold, Bob [cont.] Northrop's plans were modified to agree with actual planes for scale documentation. Comments about the Ray Hayes kit. Get your scale

  3856. May 00 Slates, Jerry and Harold, Bob [cont.] photos before starting since all the home builts were different. The tree existing sailplanes are listed.

  3857. May 00 Nagel, Tom H. Article covers Tom's trip to the Airforce Museum in Dayton, OH. Many of planes are gliders or are related to gliders in some way. Interesting!

  3858. May 00 Gradwell, Scott Global Positioning Satellite, GPS, systems by Garmin reduce the manning requirement of full size sailplane XC contests. Look for uses in RC XC.

  3859. May 00 Savoie, Steve A drill jig is described which will aid in drilling holes in wing roots and other places where precision is important. Source of drill bushing.

  3860. May 00 Slates, J^2 Interview with Bill and Bunny Kuhlman of B^2Streamlines. Their experience begins early in their lives & involves genetics, parents & children.

  3861. May 00 Slates, J^2 [cont.] Bill's interest in tailless aircraft corresponded with the start of RCSD. Others supported Bill's interest in the column and his business.

  3862. May 00 Slates, J^2 [cont.] Some reprints from On the Wing...the book includes some comments about design constraints, approach, structure, aerodynamics, control.

  3863. May 00 Kuhlman, B^2 Listing of BASIC program to draw a flying wing and provide information such as area, sweep ratio, aspect ratio.

  3864. May 00 Savoie, Steve Description of tool to make servo channel melt-outs. A small heater 3/8" dia. allows the creation of servo wire routes in skinned wings.

  3865. May 00 En-Huei, Joe Rodel Discus-2A has an English language manual, sheeted foam wings, 3 deg of washout at tip with thin section. Wing loading is 23 oz/ft^2

  3866. May 00 En-Huei, Joe [cont.] 70% aileron differential minimizes adverse yaw. Comparisons are made to the Roebers Discus.

  3867. May 00 Stahl, Gordy Instructions for packing and shipping sailplanes. Keep the box as compact as possible. Pack it till bulging with bubble wrap. Use doublers in

  3868. May 00 Stahl, Gordy [cont.] sensitive areas. Avoid Styrofoam peanuts. US mail has a good record according to Gordy.

  3869. Jun 00 Garwood, David Alden Ship flies DAW Foamie I-26 on Minooka Park and Wilson Lake, KS Cover Photo

  3870. Jun 00 Slates, J^2 The founder of RCSD, Jim, Gray